Celebrating Disney's 100th Anniversary

Celebrating Disney's 100th Anniversary


Disney100 Special Look

On October 16, 2023, Disney will mark their centennial with a year of festivities and events to commemorate this momentous occasion.

Disney also released a charming 90-second commercial to be aired during Super Bowl LVII that features stories from iconic Disney films, series, stage productions and theme parks as well as words of inspiration from Walt Disney himself - the company's creator.

Theme Parks

This year marks The Walt Disney Company's 100th anniversary, and to commemorate their storytellers, creators, fans and families throughout the year. As part of that celebration, Disney will premier a special commercial during Super Bowl LVII that showcases some of their most beloved stories and characters from years gone by.

This film showcases scenes from Disney films, TV series, stage productions and theme parks as well as inspiring words from Walt Disney himself. It's designed to evoke the kind of escapism Disney has become known for over the years and was created exclusively within their animation studio.

Disney100-themed decor can be found throughout the resort, including a special medallion at the park entrance with a hammered platinum shield featuring the Disney 100 logo on its front.

Disney is also prepping for an exciting exhibition that will showcase hundreds of unforgettable pieces of history. This 10-gallery showcase brings Disney stories to life through cutting-edge, immersive technology.

Tickets for this exhibition are expected to go on sale in February, and Disney plans several locations for the show throughout North America as well as an international trek. Additionally, some portions of the production may travel overseas.

If you're thinking about visiting Disneyland during the holiday, be aware that large celebrations tend to attract crowds. To guarantee yourself a spot in line for rides and an improved overall park experience, book early.

Disney is already working on a special nighttime spectacular that will celebrate their 100-year legacy and debut in 2023. Warner Bros. also plans an upcoming ride, as well as anniversary-themed events from other properties like Marvel and Pixar.


On Sunday's Super Bowl LVII, The Walt Disney Company marked their 100th anniversary with a prime-billing spot called "Disney100 Special Look." This 90-second clip showcases scenes from iconic Disney films, TV series, stage productions, theme parks and fans across North America as well as inspiring words from Walt himself celebrating his company's enduring legacy.

Disney is commemorating a year filled with events to allow guests to relive their favorite memories and delight in new, heartwarming stories and experiences. Highlights include the release of Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania and Disney100: The Exhibition - an immersive 15 thousand square foot gallery experience that brings beloved stories alive through innovative technology.

In addition to film rereleases, several new animated movies are coming to theaters this year. From Pixar's Toy Story franchise installments to Encanto, these upcoming titles promise a Disney-facilitated escape for moviegoers of all ages.

Disney+ streaming service offers the newest installments of Marvel's blockbusters, as well as classics like Star Wars and Avatar. To make the most of your Disney experience, here are our picks for the best movies currently available on the platform:

For even more Disney-facilitated escapism, check out this year's lineup of animated classics being rereleased in select theaters: Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King and Frozen. And if you're ready to celebrate Disney's centennial on October 16th with #ShareTheWonder and #Disney100 on social media using #Disney100!

TV Shows

The Walt Disney Company recently unveiled a commercial during Super Bowl LVII to mark their historic 100th year. This "Disney100 Special Look" spot highlights scenes from their films, series, stage productions and theme parks around the world, with inspirational words from Walt Disney himself to invoke shared memories and nostalgia that have made Disney such an integral part of global culture.

This special anniversary commercial heralds the start of an exciting year of Disney memories and experiences for fans to relive their favorite stories and adventures, as well as delight in new heartwarming tales. Some upcoming highlights include Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania and Disney100: The Exhibition - a 15,000 square foot 10-gallery exhibit taking guests on an immersive journey through Disney's past.

Additionally, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's "Sundays with Oswald" short film premiered during commercial break and a 90-second Disney Company documentary was shown during the game to showcase Disney's core values and philosophies. Additionally, Disney Company unveiled new merchandise collections and collaborations in celebration of their 100th anniversary.

From its inception in 1954, The Wonderful World of Disney anthology television series has been produced under various titles and formats. The original version aired weekly on one of the Big Three networks until 1983; after a two-year hiatus, it returned to ABC in 1997 and continues as a rerun across ABC, Disney+, and other platforms with occasional special presentations.

The anthology series has been a longtime staple of television, and is now the second longest running primetime program on broadcast network in America behind Hallmark Hall of Fame. In addition to its regular telecasts, it has been syndicated internationally in various countries.


Disney's 100th anniversary has spawned an array of merchandise that you can find online, at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. Some items are already available while others will be released in the coming months.

For this special event, there is a wide variety of merchandise available - from traditional mouse ears to park-specific collectibles. Plush toys featuring Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Chip and Dale dressed in their Disney100 outfits are also available.

Discover Mickey and his friends in their festive best with this vibrant Spirit Jersey! It features a festive dye treatment, metallic foil fireworks and puffy glitter Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort logos - plus it's made for pets too - so your furry friend can join in the fun too!

This purple tee is the perfect memento to take home from Disney100. Embroidered Mickey and Minnie ears in ''Disney100' text are featured on the front, while 3D ears with platinum-tone details adorn the back.

These Crocs are the perfect way to show your Disney style while walking around the parks! These Crocs boast an allover print of Disney characters in formal attire and feature Jibbitz charms of Mickey Mouse and the Disney100 logo for added charms.

Keep track of your keys with Disney100 Keychain! Featuring Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy and Pluto in a unique 'Disney100' design printed down one side.

Finally, Disney100 offers a few other items you can get for yourself or someone special as part of its collection. These include a pullover heathered hoodie with "Disney100'' embroidered on the back, as well as a mug featuring an ''ebony' finish Sleeping Beauty Castle miniature.


On their 20th anniversary, Disney is hosting a variety of events around the globe to celebrate. From new live-action films to an original animated film and even a worldwide touring exhibition - there's plenty for guests to experience and explore!

One of DCA's most exciting events is a brand-new musical show called "Disney100," which pays homage to Disney's history of movies by combining music and storytelling in an impressive way.

The show begins with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and the Disney Princesses as it takes us on an animated journey of "dreamers" from different generations. It boasts many stunning projection effects inspired by Disney Animation style that breathe life into classic and recent movie characters alike.

Though the show is certainly picturesque, it doesn't quite captivate my memory like some of Disney Parks other pyro shows. Plus, it seems a bit too corporate synergy mandate to me, which is why I would only recommend it for more casual parkgoers.

Disneyland is adding some festive decorations to commemorate this momentous occasion, including a new wrap on the monorail and fountains in the moat. Although these changes are relatively small, they help the park feel more alive than it has in years past.

Disneyland is debuting a brand-new nighttime spectacular called "Wondrous Journeys," which will run throughout the evening.

In addition to these attractions, Disney is releasing some new merchandise collections. These include a "Platinum Collection" of Disney100 items available on shopDisney and an "Disney100 Decades Collection," featuring products that commemorate classic stories and eras from Disney's history.

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