Cartel De Santa La Kelly - Shorty Party

Cartel De Santa La Kelly - Shorty Party


Cartel de Santa La Kelly  Shorty Party

Cartel De Santa La Kelly - Shorty Party

Babo, the rapper from Cartel of Santa, has released his new single with Kelly Medanie, one of the most popular artists on social media. After only two days since its release, this song has amassed 9.3 million YouTube views.

Cartel de Santa y Kelly Medanie son tanto populares que muchos usuarios estan jugando un bonanza en TikTok.


Two weeks after releasing their hit single "Piensa en Mi," Babo de Cartel de Santa and Kelly Medanie (known as 'La Kelly') have joined forces to release an exciting new single called 'Shorty Party'. The video has just been released and it promises to garner plenty of attention as an exclusive from the duo's forthcoming album.

Monoplug directed the music video which was shot at a studio in Los Angeles, CA. Along with the music, there's also an exciting montage of images and visuals that adds to the enjoyment and energy of the clip.

In this brand-new video, Babo and La Kelly take the stage for the first time to perform "Let It Go." They rehearse the track several times before filming their performance - it's clear they have a great time while performing!

It's no surprise that their latest video has already gained a great deal of attention, and it's easy to understand why: The music is addictive, vocals are smooth, and dance moves are simply adorable. With such an infectious song in their arsenal, there's no reason not to believe this upcoming sencillo will be another big success.

With only a few weeks until Semana Santa, TikTok fans and users are buzzing about 'Shorty Party'. It's no surprise that this song has gained such traction - the rapper has been doing great on the platform with his recent success on this new track! With such an enthusiastic following on TikTok, it seems like he may finally be ready to take off!

It's no shock that Cartel de Santa and Kelly Medanie are fans of each other's work. So it comes as no surprise that they collaborated on a new track, and we're glad we get to witness it! Check out their latest video below, then let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


Lyrics for 'Shorty Party' by Cartel de Santa La Kelly

Following their controversial video musical 'Piensa en Mi', Babo has returned with another energetic track featuring Kelly Medanie as its model and collaborator. So far, the track, which centers around shorty girls, has received many positive responses and looks set to become an instant hit among fans.

At present, the song has received over 3 million views on YouTube and continues to gain in popularity. Within its first week of release, it was viewed more than 1 million times.

Monoplug produced the music for this song, released on March 4, 2023. It marks the first song by Cartel de Santa La Kelly to receive a full music video, which can be viewed below.

"Shorty Party" is an up-to-date song that will keep you informed on all the hottest trends in music. Plus, it's just plain enjoyable to listen to, so don't forget to share it with your friends!

If you like this song, be sure to check out other hits by Cartel de Santa La Kelly such as 'La Mole' or 'Full of Love'. Their videos are also highly sought-after on YouTube - be sure to give them a watch!

Another intriguing detail about this song is that it was composed by Babo and La Kelly, making it likely to become a hit. Furthermore, the video was shot in Mexico and features some stunning scenery which adds an extra special touch.

Cartel de Santa La Kelly's first single, 'Shorty Party,' is their follow-up to their popular polemico video 'Piensa en Mi'. The uptempo song promises to please all their fans with its upbeat nature and fun vibe.

Babo and Kelly have been hard at work to build their fame during their time together. Already, they've achieved some success together and look set to become the next big thing in music.


Babo, the executive rapper of Cartel de Santa, has released a new single that has delighted many TikTok users. Titled 'Shorty Party', Babo features Kelly Medanie - modelo de OnlyFans in her official music video.

No news have broken since March 4th and no fans of TikTok have yet clapped for the singer or the video they presented by Babo. But users continue to tune into the channel as always and enjoy watching her sing and watch the video presentation.

Shorty Party has generated 9.3 million YouTube plays. Rapper and model commit to increasing their fan base in social media networks in order to remove them before celebrations begin.

But Santa Clarita Mayor Eduardo Davalos De Luna acknowledged there had been no discussion before the release of their hit single 'Shorty Party'. Now it has come to a point in which fans realize Babo caused such a stir that more users attended his parties than ever before.

Here we present to you "Shorty Party" featuring La Kelly from OnlyFans- the model model! Let the rapper speak your favorite word or that of that singer who you saw before and learn your voice and tone of voice. I hope that by learning this song you will feel inspired to go out, have fun at parties, and bring friends along for the ride! If you liked this song please let me know in the comments!

Release Date

Now is the moment for Cartel de Santa and Kelly Medanie to release their new single, "Shorty Party". The release date for the track has been set for Wednesday, March 7th 2023 and a Twitter user has accepted that 'Shorty Party' can reach this stage.

"Shorty Party" is a TikTok song with widespread 'booty twerking' trends across social networks. Local rappers gain popularity for singing their lyrics in this video from OnlyFans entitled 'La Kelly - Shorty Party' on TikTok. With such an enthusiastic following, their video has received over 10,000 votes!

"Shorty Party" boasts over 9.3 million YouTube plays and continues to gain momentum across all available audio streaming platforms. Babo and Kelly interpret the line "!moviendo el booty, 'booty'" while their dedicated fandom continues to inspire more women to work.

Rapper Babo and model OnlyFans Kelly Medanie have announced the official release of 'Shorty Party', leaving fans eagerly awaiting its outcome. Rapper 'Babo' announced via Twitter that the song would be available through streaming platform TikTok but wouldn't hit stores until after Thanksgiving.

Shorty Party, featuring collaborations from "Cartel de Santa" and "La Kelly", boasts over 9 million YouTube views and 112,198 followers on TikTok, where they are streaming with all streaming platforms.

Shorty Party', featured in both 'Piensa en mi' and 'La Kelly - Shorty Party', has become one of the country's most popular songs due to its virality; therefore I find no inconvenience with this new tune.

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