Candace Parker is the 1st Woman to Call the All-Star Game

Candace Parker is the 1st Woman to Call the All-Star Game


Candace Parker  1st woman to call AllStar Game Making history

Candace Parker is making history as the first female announcer for an NBA All-Star Game. Additionally, she's an integral part of TNT's NBA coverage.

She's been an integral part of Inside the NBA since 2020, as well as TNT's March Madness coverage. Her infectious personality and ingenuity make her a fan favorite.

TNT’s Brian Anderson

TNT's Brian Anderson was asked to call the NBA All-Star Game this year and eagerly accepted. With experience calling sports from baseball to football and golf, his knowledge made it an easy decision for him. On The Big Weekend he discussed his first call of the All-Star Game, how The Match served as a breeding ground for innovation in broadcasting, as well as some inside baseball broadcasting topics.

On Sunday, Anderson will call the game from Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. He's joined by Candace Parker who will make her All-Star Game commentary debut as well as analyst Reggie Miller. Additionally, sideline reporter Dennis Scott will provide sideline reporting throughout the broadcast.

Anderson has a gift for making people laugh. Not only does he often joke with guests during broadcasts and interviews on his show, but when calling major sports events he usually adds some lighthearted fun as well. As host of The Big Weekend's annual golf tournament, Anderson was always ready to have some fun during those games.

In addition to his broadcasting duties, Anderson also works as a scout for the Chicago White Sox. This allows him to get an up-close view of players. Furthermore, he serves as ambassador for Tampa Bay Rays and takes part in their community outreach initiatives.

For several years, Anderson has been calling NBA games for TNT. He was previously the play-by-play voice of the Golden State Warriors and has also called games for ESPN, CBS and Washington Wizards games.

His style of commentary is informed by his passion for baseball, and he's an expert at the microphone. He picks up on subtle details quickly, making him an excellent listener with endless opportunities to hone his craft.

Parker has become an integral part of TNT's NBA coverage since 2018, taking her position full time in 2018. She's been featured on March Madness and NBA TV broadcasts, and now she will serve as color commentator for the All-Star Game - another milestone in her career which promises to leave a lasting impression as she continues to develop as a broadcaster.

TNT’s Reggie Miller

TNT's Candace Parker is set to make history on Sunday, February 19th when she becomes the first woman to call the All-Star Game. As a two-time WNBA champion and MVP, Parker has been with TNT since 2018. She joins Brian Anderson, Reggie Miller, and Dennis Scott in hosting duties for this historic broadcast.

On February 16th, 2019 in Salt Lake City, the 72nd edition of the NBA All-Star Game will take place with an incredible roster of players. Notable names include Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and Steph Curry.

Kobe Bryant's performance during the 2011 All-Star Game remains one of the greatest moments in All-Star Games history, scoring 30 points, dishing out nine assists and stealing five steals en route to earning him the MVP title for that game.

Though the game was an exciting one, several things didn't go according to plan. For instance, some of the players on the winning team got off to a poor start.

Thankfully, the team was able to come together and pull off an incredible comeback victory - they won the game and made history!

On the contrary, there were some missteps that added to the confusion. For instance, when Los Angeles Lakers faced off against Clippers in their opening game of the season, Reggie Miller said something that didn't sit well with Lakers fans.

At this point, Skip Bayless joined the show and began criticizing Reggie. This wasn't his first time facing criticism over his remarks regarding the Lakers.

However, he didn't renounce his words; in fact, he even shared them on social media platforms.

Although Miller's comments were meant to be encouraging, Lakers fans still took issue with him. They expressed displeasure with his remarks regarding Kyrie Irving.

He lamented the lack of discipline from the Brooklyn Nets after Irving posted a tweet raising concerns about anti-Semitism. Additionally, he lamented the absence of other NBA players who had spoken up about it.

TNT’s Dennis Scott

One of the biggest events in NBA season is the All-Star Game. Here, all the league stars come together to compete for a prestigious title and showcase their skillsets. Fans get to witness some of the most entertaining games of the year as players showcase their abilities and receive recognition. It truly brings out the best in them!

On February 19th, 2019 the All-Star Game will take place in Salt Lake City and be broadcast on TNT. It features a number of stars such as Kevin Durant and James Harden, plus other activities like the Kia Skills Challenge and AT&T Slam Dunk Contest which will both be televised by TNT.

The news of Parker's appointment as color commentator for the All-Star Game is an unprecedented milestone in basketball. She is a two-time WNBA champion and has already achieved many successes during her playing career.

She is an accomplished broadcaster, having contributed to shows such as TNT's Inside the NBA and CBS' March Madness broadcasts over the years. Additionally, she has begun providing limited color commentary for games in recent seasons.

Parker has been a mainstay of the NBA for years, and her success on the court has translated to an equally successful broadcasting career. She's renowned for her insightful knowledge of the game as well as having an engaging personality on camera. Parker truly knows how to put on a show!

At the age of 16, Parker developed a passion for basketball after watching games on television and being inspired by her heroes. Her goal was to become an NBA star, with her dream being to play in the All-Star Game.

Though it took her a long time to make the team, she was determined to overcome all odds and become an All-Star.

Her hard work paid off and she became the first woman to dunk in an All-Star Game. This moment in her life marked a major accomplishment and will surely propel her forward in life.

TNT’s Candace Parker

Candace Parker is a double Olympic champion, WNBA champ, two-time MVP, five-time All-Star and two-time NCAA champion. She shares the screen with Olympic and NBA royalty like Shaquille O'Neal on TNT and NBA TV but her most remarkable accomplishment is how she's become one of the league's most respected and influential voices.

She is a vocal supporter of girls of color and Title IX, having participated in panel discussions and livestreams to explore what it means to be a female sports star. Additionally, she founded her own production company and sold her podcast to Wonder Media Network.

At 36, she is already an inspiration and role model for women athletes across America. Her message to others: Do your best and use your voice to positively impact the world around you.

When she's not hoisting trophies or playing for the Chicago Sky, Parker can be found working as an analyst for TNT, NBA TV and NCAA Tournament coverage. As an advocate for women in leadership positions, Parker recently took part in a panel discussion marking 48 years of Title IX.

Despite her accomplishments, she isn't afraid to acknowledge that there is still work to be done. As a leader in breaking down gender barriers in basketball, she knows hard work is the only way for success to continue.

The former Tennessee women's basketball coach was honored on WNBA's W25 list for her impact as a player, but she is best known as an inspiring sports commentator and champion for girls of color. In recent years, she has worked to emphasize the significance of women in leadership positions and has collaborated with the NBA to encourage more females to pursue these positions.

In addition to her role as a sports broadcaster, she is an author and has created her own production company to highlight Title IX issues and women in sports. She has spoken at TEDWomen Talks and owns numerous books including "The Greatest Gift," which details how her experiences as an international sports icon have motivated her to make a difference in the world.

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