C3 Makes History Winning $25K in a Match-Up!

C3 Makes History Winning $25K in a Match-Up!


Today, Bronx rap queen Remy Ma is making history as her women-only Chrome 23 battle rap league kicks off with its inaugural event! She's giving 16 talented female rappers the opportunity to compete for $25K in a match-up!

Many questions remain unanswered as to how the Queen's private wealth will be distributed following her passing. This includes her royal art collection and stamp collection.

C3 vs. 40 BARRS

C3 has officially joined Remy Ma's all-female battle rap tournament, QUEENS GET THE MONEY. This event aims to promote and develop women's fighting culture and is expected to be a huge success.

C3, a Bostonian battle rapper, has earned praise across all major leagues as one of the most lyrical and expansive fighters in the game. Her intricate wordplay, razor-sharp energy and performance, as well as her unrelenting personals are her trademarks.

However, she wasn't always the dominant force that she once appeared to be. In 2015, Jaz 3-0'd her at QOTR's loaded #NHB card and sent her out of the game for several years.

40 BARRS had a minor slip in Round 1, but she was still at her prime and unstoppable for most of the first two rounds. Her initial punchlines and multi's generated an unbelievable amount of reaction from Hart's opening couple of punches, never giving Hart any room to breathe during any dry spots.

In the third, she demonstrated her versatility as a rapper by giving an intense battle rap performance to Roc. Threatening him with "fuck his face" and sending him back to B-More with her butthole sore, it was one of the most blatant displays of female-to-male disrespect we've witnessed in battle rap history.

Overall, 40 BARRS' performance was truly one of her finest ever; it should cement her place among the top five remaining competitors. While we may wait some time before seeing this lyrical prodigy back onstage again, we can guarantee it will happen eventually.

C3 vs. Chetta

C3 is an accomplished Queens battle rapper with over a decade of experience on the mic. She's earned numerous accolades throughout her career, including being named Women of the Mic by Remy Ma last year. Furthermore, C3 is part of Chrome 23, an all-female battle rap league started by this Bronx native.

Queens Get The Money, the league's inaugural event was live-streamed on HOT 97 back in February. It featured some of the top spitters in the game and had a main highlight - a $25,000 cash prize!

No doubt, QB and Chayna Ashley's first round matchup was the most captivating moment of the night, but perhaps its biggest shock came from within the winner's circle. In The Tournament's initial round, Remy Ma randomly pulled names from a drum to determine who would advance to the next stage.

For the remainder of the competition, the finalists did their best to set the bar with the best performance of the night. Notable among them were E. Hart, 40 BARRS, Chetta and C3. These standout performers showcased an array of punches, rhymes, directness and flow patterns rarely seen elsewhere.

C3 vs. E. Hart

This week's QUEENS GET THE MONEY provided the queens with a chance to make some cash in one of battle rap's premier matches: Ultimate Rap League (URL) and Queen of the Ring (QOTR). Both leagues have become household names due to their elite spitters.

C3 was the first queen to be crowned, her victory over E. Hart making history as she became the first woman ever to win a tournament in battle rap history. Her win marked an important shift for those within the community as men and women began competing together for victory for the first time ever in competitions of this nature.

With money on the line, the queens spent much of their day in the studio and took part in a mini challenge to sell their chosen product on RuVC, an imitation shopping network. From Yara's Pop-It-On ponytail to Raja's personal gaffe, Alexis' hip and butt pads to Manila's cure-all hairspray, all had great success at this task!

At the end of the day, they made it to the main challenge. Each queen was awarded 2.5 million Ru Dollars and given 25 minutes to create a dress from it. The winner takes home one million dollars which they can use towards funding their next dress construction venture.

In the meantime, the queens had to figure out a way to avoid being blocked in this challenge in order to earn themselves a Legendary Legend Star that is awarded each week to the top two performers. Trinity, Shea and Jinkx already possess these Legendary Legend Stars; Monet has remained unblocked thus far.

C3 vs. Yoshi G

On Saturday, February 25th during Remy Ma's Chrome 23 tournament, C3 made history by becoming the first female to ever win a tournament - she defeated Rare Breed Entertainment's first lady Kausion in the finals of QUEENS GET THE MONEY.

This tournament won't be remembered for its enjoyable atmosphere or abundance of trophies it gave out, but rather for creating history. As the first all-girl battle rap tournament ever held, it provided a huge boost to women in this scene.

C3 went on an impressive winning streak against some of the top female pens in the sport, easily defeating Yoshi G, Chetta, and Pristavia to reach the finals of this event.

C3 put on an outstanding performance to secure her victory by a score of 8-0. She utilized her pen to the fullest capacity and delivered a POTN (performance of the night) worthy battle.

C3 may not have a lot of options, but she does possess more versatility than her opponent. For one thing, C3 is more familiar with the intricacies of the 5-Cat system which could give her an edge in the 2nd round against Kausion. Furthermore, she can utilize her stage presence to her advantage which is key in any battle rap battle. Lastly, C3 seems more confident dealing with crowd control issues than Kausion so hopefully she can hold her own on the biggest stage of her career!

C3 vs. Pristavia

Remy Ma has recently unveiled her female-only battle rap league Chrome 23. The inaugural event will take place on Sunday, October 30th and features an array of talented ladies including Ms Hustle, Couture, Casey Jay, Yodhi G., 40 BARRS and Pristavia. Check out the promotional video for the event below! Listen at 170BPM to become familiar with the song while honing your rap skills.

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