Butler Bulldogs Men's Basketball

Butler Bulldogs Men's Basketball


Butler Bulldogs mens basketball  Georgetown Hoyas mens basket

The Butler Bulldogs men's basketball team represents Butler University and competes in NCAA Division I men's basketball as part of the Big East Conference.

Georgetown Hoyas men's basketball program has a distinguished legacy in college basketball, spanning over one hundred years. Their program won the National Championship in 1984 and five times reached the Final Four.

Hinkle Fieldhouse

Butler University's men's basketball team plays their home games at Hinkle Fieldhouse, an iconic Indianapolis arena built in 1928 that remains as the sixth oldest college basketball arena today. A National Historic Landmark, this landmark forms an integral part of Indianapolis' culture and history.

Recently, the facility underwent a significant renovation that increased its capacity and enhanced facilities and amenities for student-athletes. This project included widening concourses to facilitate better access, installing an elevator for public use, creating family restrooms that are ADA compliant, as well as improving seating in the main arena.

Hinkle Fieldhouse, situated northeast of residence halls and main campus, provides students with easy access to athletic competition. Not only does it host the Bulldogs each year, but also Butler women's basketball and volleyball teams each year.

Hinkle Fieldhouse is home to more than just basketball games; it also hosts several other special events throughout the year, such as ice shows, equestrian competitions, marathon bicycle races and other non-basketball Indianapolis activities.

Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indianapolis' largest basketball arena and home to the Butler Bulldogs men's basketball team since 1928, is a National Historic Landmark and one of the country's most iconic venues.

Over its 93 year history, the arena has witnessed many historic moments, movies and basketball games. It remains one of Indianapolis' premier sports venues with regular amateur and professional basketball matches, Olympic trials, ABA/NBA All-Star games and more held there.

Few basketball arenas in the world can rival Hinkle Fieldhouse when it comes to capacity. This venue seats over 9,100 fans in mostly chairback seats.

In 2014, Hinkle Fieldhouse underwent an extensive renovation and now serves as the hub of Butler athletics. It houses eight of their 20 athletic teams as well as most of their administrative offices.

Fans who want to watch the Bulldogs play at Hinkle Fieldhouse can purchase tickets in various sections, including sideline seats and suites. Prices for tickets may differ based on who your opponent is; for instance, a game against one of Big East's top teams like Creighton or Villanova will be more expensive than an encounter with a mid-major college. Luckily, TicketSmarter makes finding the best prices for Hinkle Fieldhouse tickets easy.

The Hoya Way

Butler Bulldogs men's basketball takes great pride in its home court, the Hoya Way. It serves as their main venue and where most of their games take place, plus it's where many of their fans gather to cheer on their beloved squad.

Georgetown's facility opened in 1976 and became the first college basketball court in Washington, DC. It also hosted their first national championship in 1984 and numerous other significant moments for the school over its 41-year history.

It's no secret that the Hoyas have been a perennial contender for years. Under John Thompson, they average 16.5 victories annually and are an unstoppable force in the Big East Conference.

They boast a large alumni base and have won numerous titles over the years. This team is one you don't want to mess with, as its employees care as deeply about the basketball program as its players do. This makes for an exemplary school where everyone takes pride in what they do.

Georgetown excels at relying on its players to get the job done. The Hoyas boast an array of players who can contribute offensively in various ways, plus a strong bench that gives them depth.

The team boasts a strong core of returning starters and it is not hard to envision them making an impact this season. Dante Harris, who started every game last season and led the team in points per game with 11.9 while shooting 28% from three-point range, will be key player on this roster.

Watch for sophomore guard Tyler Beard this season, who was named to the 2021 Big East Tournament All-Tournament team. He's an impressive player who can score and defend well.

He possesses great potential and can have a significant impact on this team. The Hoyas can count on him to lead by example, especially during the early games when they must rely on younger players for success.

Big East Conference

The Big East Conference is one of the world's most beloved basketball conferences. Established in 1979, it has evolved into one of America's biggest basketball-centric conferences and one of college sports fans' favorites.

The Hoyas have an illustrious legacy in the Big East Conference. They have reached the NCAA championship game six times and earned eight tournament titles, while also winning two regular season championships during the 1980s - making them one of its most successful teams ever.

In the early 1980s, Georgetown Hoyas were led by heralded recruit Patrick Ewing - who became the first player ever to start and star on a varsity team as a freshman. With his help, they won their second Big East tournament championship, earned themselves an NCAA tournament No. 1 seed, and made it all the way to the 1985 Final Four.

Since the inception of the Big East in 1979, Georgetown has won 8 tournament championships and never finished lower than eighth in conference standings. Additionally, they have finished in the top ten five times and made six NCAA playoff appearances.

No longer do the Hoyas enjoy their past success, yet this season under sixth-year coach Patrick Ewing they have struggled. On Wednesday night against Villanova they suffered a 73-57 loss - their 25th straight loss against a Big East opponent.

As a result, the Hoyas are 5-11 in the Big East this season and have now lost their last 68 games dating back to March 2, 2021 against Xavier.

Head coach Dan Hurley was able to secure several key players before the 2021-22 campaign. Senior guard Dante Harris, a proven starter and named the conference's most outstanding player after averaging 13.4 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 4.1 assists per game last season. He was joined by fellow guard Ryan Mutombo who averaged 11.8 minutes and 3.5 rebounds per game as a starter last year.

For the first time in over three years, Georgetown has a chance to return to the NCAA tournament with an impressive roster. They must make significant progress this season to achieve this goal; with plenty of potential and some talented transfers added last season, they should be among the top half finishes within their conference this year.


Tournaments are an integral part of Butler Bulldogs men's basketball schedule. They take place throughout the regular season and during March Madness - otherwise known as the NCAA Tournaments - which have been around since 1891 by James Naismith, with tremendous growth since then.

In 1922, the inaugural NCAA Tournament was held in Indianapolis and Wabash was the first team to win it by defeating Kalamazoo 43-23.

Since then, college basketball has had numerous major tournaments. These competitions have produced some of the greatest players in sports history and placed a spotlight on teams that have achieved success.

Some of the most renowned tournaments include Champions Classic and National Invitation Tournament. Furthermore, there are countless other competitions held across America.

These tournaments offer the chance to witness some of basketball's elite, and they can be an entertaining experience. Additionally, some student-run podcasts provide an insightful take on the game of basketball.

As the Butler Bulldogs prepare for their men's basketball season, their focus is on earning a top seed in the Big East Tournament. This is their best shot at making it to the NCAA Tournament and it is an ambitious goal for fans.

As members of the Big East Conference, Butler Bulldogs men's basketball teams regularly face off against some of America's top programs. They have a proud tradition of competing against rivals such as UConn, Georgetown, Marquette and Providence.

Butler plays their home games at Hinkle Fieldhouse, often referred to as "Indiana's Basketball Cathedral". These iconic events are must-see events for all Butler fans.

The Butler Bulldogs men's basketball program has a distinguished legacy that dates back over one hundred years. They boast an impressive list of accomplishments and are renowned for their teamwork and dedication to the game.

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