BTS's J-Hope Releases 'On the Street With J Cole' Official Music Video

BTS's J-Hope Releases 'On the Street With J Cole' Official Music Video


jhope on the street with J Cole Official MV

BTS's J-Hope Releases 'On the Street With J Cole' Official Music Video

BTS's J-hope has released his newest inspirational song, 'On the Street with J. Cole', along with an emotive music video.

J-hope's touching song pays homage to ARMYs and their unfailing support over the years. The words are filled with gratitude, as this part of his journey before joining the military comes to an end.

The Story

J-hope recently released an MV that showcases his past street dance roots and recent enlistment into South Korea's military. As he prepares to join the army, he's written a love letter to his fans that includes several verses thanking them for their support throughout the years.

J-hope always manages to carve out time for creating and recording inspirational music, despite his busy schedule. He is renowned for his lyrical prowess and ability to encourage listeners with messages that inspire them to believe in themselves.

South Korean musician, 27, has released a number of heartwarming tracks over the years. His debut mixtape, Hope World, is a collection of songs that span different musical genres and topics. Featuring literary references throughout, it's been praised for its upbeat atmosphere.

He's an active social media user, often posting photos of himself with friends or his family on his YouTube channel. Additionally, he enjoys vlogging regularly and loves engaging with his fan base on the platform.

Last fall, J-hope released his debut solo single "Rush Hour." Now, he's back with another motivating track featuring Dreamville rapper Drake as a guest feature. Together they create an atmospheric lo-fi hip-hop tune accompanied by captivating whistle melody that celebrates both J-hope's career journey and where it is headed next.

J-hope's lead single, "On the Street," tells of his journey as a street dancer and ultimately led him to join BTS. It serves as an inspiring reminder of all he's accomplished despite facing many difficulties along the way.

J-hope's music career has taken him in new directions, as he's begun to establish himself as an accomplished producer. He's collaborated with numerous artists and musicians such as Joey Badass and Amine, while serving as brand ambassador for luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton.

With an upcoming solo album and Disney+ documentary under his belt, j-hope has plenty to keep him occupied. As part of a popular K-Pop group, he's always surrounded by people who support and encourage him.

The Music

BTS' J-Hope is back with a brand new single that he co-wrote with J. Cole, entitled 'on the street with J. Cole', to mark his impending military enlistment in America. The single is set for release on March 3 at 2PM KST.

This track features a slow, mellow beat with an uptempo rhythm, accompanied by an animated music video. It's simple yet profound - an expression of gratitude from J-hope to his fans for all their support and love over the years.

Over his career, j-hope has consistently released songs that are uplifting and motivating. Whether rapping over a grungy hip-hop beat or flowing on an uptempo synth-pop track, his inspirational messages inspire people to believe in themselves and dance until their hearts' content.

His mixtape, Hope World, was praised for its playful nature and variety of musical genres. Additionally, critics praised his lyrical skillset which included literary references as well as lighthearted treatment of serious topics.

He has also released several ARMY singles, such as "Daydream" and "Mama," both dedicated to his mother. Additionally, he performed at Lollapalooza in the United States where he became the first South Korean artist to headline its main stage.

Recently, in an interview with Disney+ Korea, he expressed his desire to share a song that was special to him with his fans and this was the ideal choice. He added, "This has been something I've been working hard on for quite some time and I truly hope you guys enjoy this."

The song features a soothing, mellow beat accentuated by soft synths. J-hope's vocal range and ability are perfectly showcased on this relaxed track which also keeps things playful at times.

J-hope's song pays homage to his B-boy roots, recalling his early days as a dancer. He expresses gratitude for ARMY's love and support, saying it can be felt in every step he takes. To thank them for molding him into the person he is today, the song serves as an emotional testament of their gratitude.

The Lyrics

J-hope is a rapper and singer renowned for his powerful lyricism, particularly when it comes to inspiring listeners with his words. Whether delivering grungy beats or keeping things subtle with soft synths, his words always manage to inspire listeners to believe in themselves and dance!

Last year, Jack in the Box released his solo album Jack in the Box and followed it up with 'On the Street' featuring J. Cole - a song that expresses his appreciation for his fans' support.

J-hope takes this official music video to express his admiration for ARMY, calling them his "biggest cheerleaders." He acknowledges how they always support him and make him feel "like I'm the only one", even during a period when the group is taking a break from activities. They remain his biggest supporters during this challenging time for him personally.

The uptempo track is accompanied by a music video featuring j-hope joking around New York City's streets, from narrow alleyways to subway stations and rooftops. He wears an infectious yellow suit as he beams with joy - his smile contagious!

With its infectious melody and heartwarming lyrics, 'On the Street' is a song that can be enjoyed repeatedly. It traces j-hope's career journey by looking toward the future while remembering his past street dance roots - all while emphasizing his fandom.

J-hope penned the lyrics to his hit single 'On the Street', as well as creating its choreography for the video. He explained that he wrote'street' to symbolize both his life and dreams, as well as the path that brought him here today.

The rapper wanted to send a heartfelt message to his fans, who have stood by him through it all, in hopes that it will inspire them not to give up on their dreams.

J-hope is gearing up for his mandatory military enlistment process and wants to give a final gift to his fans around the world with this final solo single. He says that he can feel their love for him with every step he takes and they will be by his side throughout every moment of life.

The Video

J-Hope, a member of K-Pop band BTS, has released an inspiring collaboration with J. Cole that's sure to brighten your day. They collaborated on creating a video for their song 'on the street with J. Cole' that serves as an affectionate message to fans.

J-Hope's debut solo album Jack In The Box came out in July 2018, and this track marks his first release since then. The musician revealed that they worked closely on both songwriting and choreography for it. It's a lo-fi hip-hop track with an easy-listening melody and warmhearted lyrics that will surely leave listeners satisfied.

It's a cheerful and upbeat track that will get you pumped for spring! The video opens with the artist walking through an alleyway in New York before he performs several dance numbers.

Through the song, Hope shares his honest feelings about his career and what he hopes to achieve with it. He uses the term "street" as a metaphor for hope for an improved future and a path that will enable him to walk alongside fans around the globe.

He credits his childhood idol, Cole, as the inspiration for this song. As a longtime admirer of Cole's music, this collaboration serves to celebrate their friendship.

The rapper shares that Cole's passion for rap and hunger fuels him to create this song, which will surely ignite conversation and get you moving in your shoes.

Watching J-Hope's music video, you can see his past street dance roots come alive. As he walks through the city, he engages in different dance numbers while looking effortlessly cool.

They shot the video in New York City and it looks like a dream collaboration! The song is an exquisite blend of their styles, with Hope's upbeat energy contrasting Cole's emotive rapping. As such, it's no wonder why this track has become one of the most popular on the Internet.

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