BTS Rapper J-Hope Releases 'On The Street With J Cole Official MV'

BTS Rapper J-Hope Releases 'On The Street With J Cole Official MV'


jhope on the street with J Cole Official MV

BTS Rapper J-Hope Releases 'On The Street With J Cole Official MV'

BTS member J-hope has shared a touching message to his fans with his latest single. Featuring American rapper J. Cole - an inspiration in Hope's career - the song conveys his sentiments perfectly.

The track pays homage to Hope's humble beginnings as a street dancer before joining one of the world's biggest boy bands, as well as paying respect to his adoring fans, ARMYs.


BTS' J-hope is one of the most inspirational rappers today, and his newest track proves it. This ARMY-approved song features a collaboration with American hip-hop star J. Cole, providing listeners with an inspiring message full of gratitude.

Since his debut album, Jack in the Box, last summer, j-hope has made a name for himself with an array of accomplishments. He's won numerous awards and performed at fashion week as well as being featured in a Disney+ documentary about his career. Now he takes another major leap forward with "On the Street," his collaboration with American rapper J. Cole that promises to be an essential listen for fans of South Korean singer and dancer.

On the track, J-hope shares about his life since leaving BTS and how it's allowed him to pursue music full time. He shares some inspiring words that will surely lift your spirits, before concluding the verse by thanking ARMY for their continued support.

As if this wasn't enough, he goes on to speak about his place in hip-hop as well as his desire for more. His lyrical prowess on the track is impeccable, showing you he took time crafting each word carefully.

Furthermore, the video is filled with visual cues to give fans an understanding of the significance behind the song. The opening sequence begins with j-hope bouncing through an alleyway before music starts, then he glides through city streets and into a subway station.

At the end of the video, he leaps on a rooftop with J. Cole - an idol to many in hip-hop. Some fans have speculated this may be a nod to their shared appreciation of hip-hop; other have pointed out that scenes shot in both areas were shot at Bowery Station - the same New York Subway station where Cole's feature film takes place.

J-hope's music often conveys his experience as a street dancer, encouraging listeners to believe in themselves and expresses his admiration for his fans. As he prepares to leave the band for military conscription, he wants his fan base to feel appreciated and supported no matter where they are in the world.


The video for J-Hope's song features him dancing around New York City on a street. It's an enchanting sight, and the rapper exudes cool as he performs several dance numbers with ease.

J-Hope uses the word "street" as a metaphor to convey his desire to travel along with his fans around the world, an image that could also be seen as symbolic of everyone's journey toward fulfilling their aspirations. The lyrics acknowledge J-Hope's fans for always being by his side, encouraging and motivating him to keep doing what he loves.

Throughout the music video, Drake can be seen walking the streets and freestyling in subway stations. It also takes viewers to a rooftop in New York where he meets his idol J. Cole, who's featured in the clip as well.

J-Hope's music video is a stunning showcase of his growth as an artist, showing that his best is yet to come. J-Hope's choreography throughout the clip pays homage to his past experience as a street dancer.

J-Hope's love of dance has become a part of his DNA, and he strives to express himself through this form of art. He showcases his moves even in the hustle and bustle of city life, showing that dancing can help him feel free when insecure about himself or certain situations.

Though not a full rap, J. Cole's song contains plenty of his characteristically thought-provoking bars that have cemented him as one of hip-hop's most respected lyricists. He adds his own distinctive touch to the track, but J-Hope truly shines here.

The music video for the song is an inspiring testament to both artists and their fans alike. It also showcases their undying love and admiration for one another.

With their fans in mind, the duo chose to shoot the video in New York City. Fans spotted references to references to their hometown of Atlanta and it appears that filming took place on top of Seret Studios rooftop in Brooklyn.


J-hope finally released his long awaited solo single, "on the street with J. Cole Official MV", and it serves as an emotional send-off to fans around the world before he departs South Korea for military service.

The song's lyrics express a feeling of gratitude and hope, thanking for all of J-hope's supporters throughout his career. J. Cole even joins J.-hope on the track as a guest rapper - fulfilling one of his childhood desires.

On the Street' is driven by J-hope's upbeat voice and features a mesmerizing whistle melody. This lo-fi hip hop vibe draws from both Korean and American dance music, combined with J. Cole's thought-provoking rap to create something both new and familiar for BTS fans alike.

"On the street" is a song that emphasizes being thankful for any support you've been given, whether from others or yourself. J-hope describes his feet walking forward eagerly with an air of openness and adventure; additionally, "J in the air" refers to his own name as he carries it along for the journey as a constant reminder of who he is as he moves forward.

He continues to express that he's "ready for the battle, ready to fight." These statements demonstrate his confidence in facing any challenges that come his way as a rapper, and show he's prepared to tackle any difficulties that come his way.

As a member of BTS, j-hope has achieved global fame due to his unique voice and captivating rap style. It is only natural that he would want to commemorate this success by working with one of the top rappers in the world - Bryson Tiller.

On Friday, J-hope and J. Cole joined forces for their debut collaboration. The song serves as a reflection of both their past and present - with J-hope looking towards the future while remembering his days as an independent street dancer before joining BTS.

In the video, Cole can be seen performing in front of a crowd while rapping, with the camera focused on his movements. He's also seen dancing in a subway station - fans have speculated this could be seen as a metaphor for him idolizing Cole while still an unknown underground artist.

Release Date

After one year of successful music and performances, BTS rapper J-Hope is ready to take his next step. On March 3 he will release his newest single 'on the street with J. Cole Official MV'.

This singer-songwriter's new release marks his first solo song since his debut album Jack In The Box, released in July last year. The track serves as a heartfelt ode to his fans, expressng gratitude and hope.

J-Hope's final song before joining the army. He will become BTS' second member to enlist, joining Jin who began his 18-month military service in December 2022.

J-Hope has achieved great success despite being only 24 years old, building a career based on his love of music. As such, he's had the chance to collaborate with some of music's biggest names.

He has always been a reliable lyricist when it comes to songs that uplift listeners and inspire them to dance. Whether he's using grungy beats or keeping things soft with soft synths, his songs always feel genuine when he connects with his fans.

His latest collaboration, 'on the street', finds him joining forces with Dreamville's J. Cole - whom he met at Lollapalooza last summer.

According to HYBE, his "lo-fi hip-hop track with an easy-listening melody and warm-hearted lyrics" pays homage to his B-boy roots. The video depicts him dancing around New York City while high-fiving a kid along the way.

J-Hope's music video "Hymn for J-Hope" captures the spirit of his childhood as a street dancer with an urban aesthetic, shot by Lumpens (who previously worked on BTS's videos).

On March 3rd, J-Hope's song will be released worldwide and it comes with a 40 second teaser trailer showing her and Cole walking through New York City streets with an iconic skyline as their backdrop. As a whole, the music video looks absolutely stunning - an homage to J-Hope who has been one of his biggest influences since childhood.

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