BTS' 'On the Street' Tops Billboard New Music Poll

BTS' 'On the Street' Tops Billboard New Music Poll


Fans Choose JHope  J Coles On the Street as This Weeks Favorite New

This week's new music poll has been won by J-Hope's meaningful collaboration with rap superstar Cole! Fans have chosen it as their top choice!

J-Hope expresses his appreciation for fans throughout the song. He encourages them to keep on supporting him and promises that he will always be there for them.

1. J-Hope & J. Cole’s ’On the Street’

J-Hope of BTS fame has joined forces with one of his all time favorite artists for a new single, 'On the Street.' The track earned them an entry into this week's Billboard "Best New Music" poll.

J. Cole's song, featuring a captivating whistle melody, has already amassed over three million streams on Spotify in its first day of release and received 80% of fans' votes in Billboard poll.

At Lollapalooza earlier this year, Hope and Cole had an inspiring conversation. Through their exchange, the two rappers explored their respective ancestry influences and ultimately created a song together with its accompanying video.

On the Street is an insightful look into J-Hope's life and career, taking stock of both his accomplishments while honoring his past as a street dancer. Featuring an exquisite whistle melody performed by J.Cole, this track serves as a testament to both of his talents and successes.

Cole and J-Hope's collaboration is not their first. Their 2013 single, 'Born Sinner,' featured both men on one track and earned them a nomination for Best Rap Album at the Billboard Music Awards.

But for Cole, 'On the Street' is an especially special moment; he frequently shares his admiration of Cole on social media platforms and has often referred to the North Carolina-raised artist as his 'favorite singer.'

The duo's song 'On the Street' is a poetic masterpiece that expresses hope's appreciation to his fans, with an inspiring message about achieving your dreams through hard work and determination. With its uptempo beat and upbeat melody, 'On the Street' will definitely make you want to get up and dance!

Hip-hop and K-pop fans must listen to 'On the Street'. With its captivating whistling melody, and stunning video that showcases Hope's candid thoughts about his future in music, this track is a must-hear.

Despite his recent struggles with the South Korean military enlistment process, 29-year-old rapper isn't giving up on his dreams for a brighter future. During his livestream on Weverse, he shared an inspiring story that touched many hearts.

2. J-Hope’s ’On the Street’ Music Video

J-Hope's 'On the Street' has quickly become one of this week's favorite new songs. Fans are choosing it for its beautiful cinematography in the music video as well.

This video, shot in an alleyway in New York City, showcases several dance moves that appear effortless. It's no surprise why this track has become such a hit.

In addition to its catchy sound and feel-good lyrics, the song also has a deeper significance. It pays homage to J-Hope's past as a street dancer which helped shape his career; additionally, it serves as an appreciation to his fans for sticking by him throughout all these years.

As part of BTS, Cole was an integral collaborator on this release. The two have been admirers of one another since their earliest days together.

According to BIGHIT MUSIC's official release, he had a hand in both songwriting and choreography for the track. Furthermore, he wanted to craft a tune that would express his candid feelings towards his career and express gratitude for all of the support from fans.

That's why Cole chose to title his new single "On the Street." It serves as a double entendre that symbolizes everyone's journey in life and pays homage to his roots in street dance; additionally, Cole shot the music video at the same location used for "Simba" from 2007.

J-Hope's devotion to Cole has been a major influence on his career, so it comes as no surprise that they collaborated. After all, the two have been admirers of each other for years and it was fate that brought them together at Lollapalooza last summer.

On March 3rd, the song released to the top of iTunes charts around the world and quickly skyrocketed to that position. Furthermore, it coincides with Dreamville Festival lineup featuring Cole, Drake, and Usher among others.

The video for 'On the Street' is an incredibly touching and heartfelt tribute to J-Hope's remarkable successes, made possible through his loyal fans. It serves as a testament to his humble spirit and self-awareness, providing us with a wonderful opportunity to pay homage to one of pop culture's iconic artists.

3. J-Hope’s ’On the Street’ Lyrics

Fans of BTS have chosen J-Hope's meaningful collaboration with rap icon J. Cole as their favorite new music release of the week. The song's title draws from both artists' respective career paths and includes an enchanting whistle melody that captures listeners' attention.

On Sunday, J-hope will embark on his mandatory military service in South Korea and must leave behind his fans behind. However, this track serves as a sweet reminder that he's still here.

The lyrics pay homage to J-hope's remarkable career and inspire him that he can still achieve great things. They also reflect upon his own come-up story and current journey as a solo artist, all thanks to his loyal fans who have supported him along the way.

He and Cole have been friends for some time, and their bond has only deepened since they met backstage at Lollapalooza last summer. ARMYs were thrilled to see j-hope finally meet his longtime idol who has had such an immense impact on his career.

Recently, J-hope revealed that he and Cole have been texting back and forth ever since they met. Although he initially felt uneasy due to his limited English abilities, Cole quickly assured him that it would be fine to communicate with him.

At the outset of their relationship, J-hope was actually the one who first asked Cole to collaborate on a song with him. He was so amazed with Cole's talent that he dubbed her his "muse."

After their meeting, J-hope and his friend kept in touch and even went on a road trip together which gave him inspiration for his new single. It's an admirable gesture from two true artists and their fans are deeply appreciative of it.

It's no surprise that fans chose their collaboration as this week's favorite new release. Not only does the song cover a variety of topics, but its mesmerizing whistle melody serves to remind us of j-hope's journey towards becoming the talented musician and singer he is today.

4. J-Hope’s ’On the Street’ Video

Last week, BTS member J-Hope revealed his imminent military service. As such, he's temporarily suspending his solo career until after completion of mandatory service. While fans may be worried about him taking a break, they have one more reason to be thankful: He recently released a new track featuring J. Cole - an important influence on his music.

According to BigHit MUSIC's official release, the two artists collaborated on 'On the Street' as a thank you song for his fans. The track recalls hope's early days as an urban dancer and includes several scenes of him dancing around New York City's subway system; its sound design incorporates a self-recorded whistling backtrack alongside its lo-fi beat.

Though the music video may appear straightforward, its lyrics are profound and poetic. They emphasize the value of gratitude, how much hope's fans mean to him, as well as his enjoyment in being part of ARMY family.

Hope raps the majority of his song in Korean, with occasional English added for emphasis. In his verses, he reflects on his early street dance roots and what inspired him to pursue music professionally. Additionally, he expresses his ambition to leave a lasting impact and maintain an intimate connection with his fans.

J-Hope's music video is an enchanting representation of the song, and it's no wonder fans are loving it so much. The upbeat melody is perfectly complemented by J-Hope's seductive and daring visual style during performance.

With lyrical emphasis on his past, present, and future, 'On the Street' offers an inspiring glimpse into a young man's journey to stardom. It serves as a powerful metaphor for faith and love - with hopes that his journey will lead him towards greatness.

This song is an inspiring expression of hope, and it's evident that both Cole and Hope are taking their time to make this collaboration truly a labor of love. J-Hope's vocals are strong on the track, but Cole adds another layer to make the track even more poignant.

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