BTS' Jimin - Set Me Free Pt.2? Dance Practice

BTS' Jimin - Set Me Free Pt.2? Dance Practice


CHOREOGRAPHY   Jimin Set Me Free Pt2 Dance Practice

BTS' Jimin is building anticipation for the release of his first solo album by releasing pre-release tracks. Most recently, he shared a music video for Set Me Free Pt.2, featuring intricate choreography and an inspiring message about breaking free from society's limitations.


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Choreographers create and direct dance or movement for various performance contexts such as dance, theatre, film, television, opera and live events. They are responsible for selecting dances that will be included in a performance while ensuring all elements fit with the music and overall aesthetic of the production.

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BTS' Jimin showcases his impressive dance skills in this dance practice video clip. Combining ballet and hip-hop, the singer displays precise technique while performing various choreographies. The video was shared to his YouTube channel and other SNS platforms on May 3rd.

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This song is an inspiring example of how talented artists can use their own creativity to craft something fresh and captivating. With its energetic hip-hop beat and urgent Auto-Tuned vocals, it's sure to capture the attention of fans around the world. So whether you're a die-hard BTS fan or just starting out, make sure you check out this track and be inspired to take your dancing to new heights!


Jimin, a member of the legendary K-pop band BTS, recently delighted his fans with an exceptional dance practice. The singer and main dancer mesmerized viewers with his flawless choreography and brand power displayed onstage in a music video that left ARMYs giddy with excitement.

In March, the lead single from his forthcoming solo album FACE was released and was inspired by the concept of freedom. The track symbolizes both the liberating experience of releasing oneself and seeking a fresh start.

In the video, Jimin is seen wearing a black jacket and pants with multiple tattoos on his torso. These intricate designs resemble mazes and have always captivated BTS' fans.

Jimin's inner turmoil is visually expressed through blue light in a maze-like state that symbolizes his struggle for self-determination. Additionally, the visuals reference the stages of the moon as hazy white light fades in and out of focus as time passes.

Jimin's unique vocal technique and range are fully showcased in the music video, including falsetto and messa di voce. Additionally, Auto-Tune was added to the track, providing futuristic vibes with robotic tones.

Directed by Oui Kim in Paris, France, the music video features numerous dancers performing intricately choreographed moves with intense drama.

Jimin will release his solo album, FACE, on March 24th. This marks the fourth BTS member to release a solo project following J-Hope's Jack in the Box, Jin's "The Astronaut," and RM's Indigo.


BTS are keeping the momentum high with their latest single "Dope," taken from their 'Most Beautiful Moment in Life' album. Filled with bold lyrics and uptempo production, it's sure to please BTS' devoted fanbase.

This video showcases J-Hope, Jungkook and Suga in professional outfits (J-Hope as a racecar driver, Jungkook as a police officer and Suga as a naval officer) as they display some of their best dance moves to date. Keone Madrid - an accomplished professional dancer who has collaborated with the boys before - created the choreography for this song alongside other previous collaborations between them.

Jimin's dancing on this song is truly remarkable. Not only does he stay in sync with the rest of the group, but he also adds his own unique touch to each move. As one of K-pop's most talented dancers, it's great to see him continue showcasing his skills.

He exudes confidence when performing his solo black swan routine onstage. It's not often we see male singers and dancers who possess both strength and assurance in themselves.

That is why he's such an integral part of BTS; without him, they would be missing an element that makes their ARMY so popular.

He's an impressive rapper, but his dancing is what sets him apart from other K-pop singers. Despite his background, he still shows off his skills and ability to express himself through dance perfectly. Additionally, his hard work and ability to follow instructions perfectly make him the go-to main dancer in the group with never any threat of losing that status.


BTS have achieved great success through their seamless integration of various genres of music into both their music and dance choreography. Their captivating voices, coupled with incredible dance moves, have allowed them to go from being a hip-hop/rap band catering primarily to male audiences in 2013 to becoming global superstars spanning various music genres within a short amount of time.

Jimin's talent as a dancer is most evident in his ability to defy gravity, particularly during intricate and visually captivating routines. Witnessing him perform his signature (hands-free) cartwheel flip over J-hope during their hit song "We Are Bulletproof Pt 2" is truly an inspiring sight, showcasing his incredible leaping ability and aerial agility.

His dancing perfectly captures the sensuous atmosphere created by their music and lyrics. During performances of songs like "Lie," "Serendipity" and "Filter", his movement serves to extend what's being said in each line, showing off his natural ability for theatrical performance.

As a dancer, Jimin is constantly pushing the limits of his art form and style. From infusing fashion into his costumes to performing with lighters in some of his dance sequences, Jimin's eye for visual artistry can be seen throughout both his performances and song lyrics.

Jimin's artistic talent is also demonstrated through his willingness to advocate for those unable to express themselves fully. It's not unusual for Jimin to wear clothing that supports or protests unfair treatment of certain groups such as women and the LGBT community; in 2014 he even got a tattoo reading "Nevermind" across his lower right rib which was later removed in 2018.

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