Brooks Koepka Rethinking His Career Choice and May Seek a Way Out of the PGA Tour

Brooks Koepka Rethinking His Career Choice and May Seek a Way Out of the PGA Tour


Report Brooks Koepka is rethinking his career choice and may seek a way

According to Alan Shipnuck, author of a new book about Brooks Koepka, four-time major winner Brooks Koepka may be reconsidering his career choice and may look into returning to the PGA Tour.

He left the PGA Tour for Saudi Arabia-backed LIV Golf in June 2017, following his controversial comments at a U.S. Open tournament.

Why Koepka left the PGA Tour

Koepka was a dominant force on the PGA Tour during his prime. He won four majors and regularly featured among the top five of the Official World Golf Rankings. But this season, he has struggled to make an impact at major tournaments; he missed the cut at both Masters and PGA Championship events, finishing 55th respectively.

Koepka may feel left behind as the PGA Tour continues to evolve with more elevated events and a state-sponsored tour, yet he has not made a PGA Tour start since April due to knee and wrist injuries. It is easy to understand why he feels left out; with no starts on the PGA Tour since April, it is clear why.

Koepka has reportedly considered returning to the PGA Tour, which could be beneficial for the league as he would likely bring more star power and leave his mark on it.

Though it remains unknown what caused his change of heart, Koepka avoided LIV Golf questions during media availability before last week's U.S. Open and appeared irritated when quizzed about the tour at a recent LIV Golf event.

The PGA Tour attempted to deter players from joining rival leagues by creating its Player Impact Program, which offers more money to top performers and reduces their incentive to leave. But Koepka's celebrity and social media presence gave him similar clout as Johnson, Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau and others who are joining Saudi-backed LIV Golf.

In 2022, Koepka signed with LIV for an estimated $100 million in guaranteed money - far more than his earnings on the PGA Tour would have been. Furthermore, he earned an additional year's exemption into both Masters and British Open competition, plus lifetime access to U.S. Open and PGA Championship events.

Koepka seems to have chosen LIV for more than the big payday; despite having access to 18 tournaments annually and the freedom to miss some events without impacting his status on the PGA Tour, LIV hasn't quite captured his heart quite yet.

What’s next for Koepka?

Brooks Koepka may have to reconsider his career choice and may seek to leave the PGA Tour. According to various outlets Tuesday, he plans on joining LIV Golf, a breakaway series funded by Saudi Arabia. As one of four-time major winners to leave the PGA Tour and join LIV Golf alongside Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau and Phil Mickelson, Koepka would be one of many high-profile names joining this breakaway series.

Koepka's career and where it will lead him are uncertain. At 32 years old, the 32-year-old is no longer a top-10 player and his best finish in this year's majors was 55th. At year-end, his world ranking will likely be at its lowest ever.

Koepka's future may still remain uncertain, but he has always demonstrated an aptitude for technology and innovation. That is why he was involved with the creation of Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NEXT% shoes - designed for speed and comfort.

Fans who have followed Koepka's career will recall that he began on the European Tour and then the Challenge Tour before earning his PGA Tour card in 2014. On the PGA Tour, he won four majors, but recently announced he would be taking a leave of absence to work on a consulting project with Tom Doak, an architect.

Doak's firm, Golf Design Group, is one of the best in the business when it comes to creating courses. They've designed famous facilities like Pinehurst and Baltusrol - both have hosted major championships - which showcase their talent.

Sam has extensive knowledge and expertise on golf gear and equipment, having worked as a pro for five years. He has an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the game - including driver, ball, irons, wedges and shoes.

He writes industry articles for Golf Monthly and collaborates with manufacturers on product launches. His writing has been featured on ESPN, NBC Sports and CNBC.

He's made a name for himself on the golf course and is now shaping its future with his work. Let's hope he continues to do so.

Koepka’s ego

At his peak on the PGA Tour, Brooks Koepka was considered one of the greatest golfers in history. He won four major championships and finished among the top five in all four majors last season. Since moving to Saudi Arabia for LIV Golf series and cashing out on a substantial payout, Koepka's form has taken a major hit; he hasn't won a tournament since December and currently ranks 78 in OWR rankings.

One of the major obstacles in Koepka's career has been his ego. This was one of the primary reasons he left the PGA Tour for LIV Golf, as it's one of his primary motivators.

Koepka's ego is the driving force behind his career, and he won't compromise it. He believes he is better than everyone else in the game and believes success will come naturally to him in due time.

His ego can also become an issue, particularly when it gets out of control. That was likely the cause of their recent argument on board the plane to Paris after Team USA suffered such a humiliating defeat at the Ryder Cup.

Reports indicate the argument was over Koepka's engagement to Paulina Gretzky. A witness reported seeing them separated after becoming enraged with one another.

It is possible that DeChambeau's recent interview on CBS Sports provided Koepka with the motivation to pursue his chosen profession. In that interview, DeChambeau called Koepka "the best player in the world" and extolled his game.

He also likened Koepka to Rocky and said he was the type of athlete who could "slot in and dominate." And it appears that's exactly what has transpired for him.

Many of the rumors surrounding LIV Golf center around players defecting to the new upstart. However, there are also whispers that Koepka may be reconsidering his decision. One golf insider claims he is "rethinking his career choice" and may seek an exit strategy.

Last June, the former PGA Tour star joined the LIV Golf league. Unfortunately, he has only achieved one victory thus far this season due to injuries which have hindered his game. His dominance from when he won four majors has not returned as fully as before.

Koepka’s decision

Koepka, a four-time major champion, is considering returning to the PGA Tour and may seek out an opportunity.

The PGA Tour has long been seen as a platform to build careers, so it's not surprising that Koepka would be interested in participating. After all, he's on an impressive winning streak since 2017 that includes two U.S. Opens and the PGA Championship; plus, his large social media following has cemented him as one of golf's hottest stars.

Koepka's success has been hindered by an extended series of injuries. Over the course of several years, he's endured knee and wrist injuries, covid break and hip problems; thus missing the Masters last year and now ranking 78th globally.

On the other hand, his reputation as a great player has allowed him to secure lucrative deals. Last year he was part of the PGA Tour Player Impact Program which was created to give more money to the top 10 players, in an effort to reduce their likelihood of joining rival leagues.

He was able to secure a contract with LIV Golf, which is supported by Saudi Arabia and already boasts several of golf's top names. According to reports, Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson each earned reported paydays of $150 million and $200 million after signing with LIV.

These contracts have provided them with significant visibility and a boost to their careers, which has attracted them to the new league. However, some top players have begun questioning if LIV Golf is indeed a legitimate place for them to play.

As a result, some of golf's biggest stars have begun to distance themselves from the Tour. Rory McIlroy in particular has not shied away from calling out several teammates for breaking their previously stated commitments.

Koepka may not be the most renowned player on the PGA Tour, but he is without doubt one of its greatest. After winning four majors and earning himself respect among golf's elite, he has had some difficulty lately and his latest injury has him questioning whether or not he wants to continue playing on the Tour.

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