Braulio Fogon X El Alfa El Jefe Doggy Doggy Video Oficial

Braulio Fogon X El Alfa El Jefe Doggy Doggy Video Oficial


Braulio Fogon X El Alfa El Jefe Doggy Doggy Video Oficial

Doggy Doggy

Braulio Fogon X El Alfa El Jefe Doggy Doggy Video Official

For years now, Doggy Doggy has been a beloved hit song from the Dominican Republic - known for its urban music scene. In this captivating tale of man's relationship with his pup, lyrics paint an exquisite picture that won't let listeners down. Plus, their captivating video will surely make viewers fall in love with this track as much as listeners already have!

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Braulio Fogon

Braulio Fogon, better known by his stage name bfg, has long been a fan of music from the Caribbean and Latin America. As a teenager he attended Luv Injection and Stone Love sound system parties where he discovered reggae and dancehall. That passion eventually led him to discover tresillo drum patterns - which eventually inspired his passion for dembow -- combining it with timba and salsa to create Dominican music in his dreams. His most notable dembow-related achievement occurred in 2021 when his collaboration with CJ and Cherry Scom's "La Mama de la Mama" hit the charts for the first time ever.

El Alfa

El Alfa, real name Emanuel Herrera Batista, has been rapping since he was in high school and has achieved worldwide fame through dembow music. He's collaborated with numerous international superstars like Bad Bunny, Cardi B and J Balvin to name a few, cementing himself as one of the leading artists within this genre.

He has released several successful singles, such as Muvete Jevi and Tarzan. Additionally, he performed at Madison Square Garden and toured across multiple countries.

His style is defined by heavy rapping, rapid-fire rhymes and gritty, thin vocals. He enjoys a large following on social media platforms such as YouTube.

After the release of his debut album Coche bomba in 2017, he quickly gained notoriety and rose to the top of Latin charts. He collaborated with prominent rappers such as Bryant Myers, Miky Woodz and Jon Z on several songs for his songs.

El Alfa's career in music continues to blossom, as he strives to spread his unique style around. His sound has already made an impact in Dominican Republic and other Latino communities, earning him fans who refer to him as the "king of dembow".

He's an artist who strives to perfect his craft and remain at the top of his game. His charismatic performances can make any crowd roar with laughter, and he has a knack for delivering an outstanding show.

On his latest tour, he joined Brazilian singer Braulio Fogon for an EP titled Doggy Doggy. This collaboration proved hugely popular online and garnered millions of views.

On their tour, the duo visited multiple cities in both America and the Caribbean. Their live performance was highly entertaining, and their fans loved their music.

The Dominican artist has a distinct style that blends dancehall and reggaeton elements, earning him an enthusiastic fan base throughout his career. His dembow-styled raps and powerful stage presence have cemented him as one of the biggest forces in Latin music's industry.

His popularity has skyrocketed over the years, with his Spotify audience growing over 13,000% between January 2014 and August 2019. He's renowned for his comedic stage presence and sharp remarks during performances.


It's no shock that dogs play such an integral role in our lives. Not only do they serve as our best friends and protectors of the home, but also loyal companions who we adore deeply. That is why many of us have songs dedicated to our furry friends.

The best part is that most of these songs are surprisingly catchy and oftentimes quite funny. For instance, Doggy Doggy has such catchy lyrics even if you don't have a pup to sing it to! In fact, the tune made it onto one poll's top ten lists for dog lovers worldwide in 2015.

It's no shock that dogs have become an integral part of music of all genres, from rap to rock and choral singing. Doggy Doggy is one such example - a reggaeton song paying homage to the 1970s era while paying a fitting homage to some of its greatest achievements. No surprise then that this track has received widespread press and airplay. Moreover, Doggy Doggy also features an elegant video designed with reference to some of its greatest hits as well as honoring some of its biggest stars.

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