Bradley Cooper and His Mom Attempt A T-Mobile Commercial

Bradley Cooper and His Mom Attempt A T-Mobile Commercial


Bradley Cooper and His Mom Attempt A TMobile Commercial

Bradley Cooper is one of Hollywood's hottest stars, and he made sure to show off his talents in one of T-Mobile's Super Bowl ads. But it's his mother Gloria Campano who steals the show here - her beauty radiates from within!

In the ad, Cooper dresses up as a T-Mobile employee to try to sell his mother on its services. But it's his mother who takes things to another level by poking fun at her movie star son and making him laugh.

The Commercial

T-Mobile recently recruited Bradley Cooper to star in one of their Super Bowl ads, hoping to increase brand recognition and sell customers on the service. The actor and his mother Gloria Campano collaborated for the spot which airs during the first quarter of the game.

Contrary to most Super Bowl commercials that focus on nostalgia or pageantry, this ad is truly heartfelt and intimate. Instead of opting for a glitzy or over-the-top setting, Cooper and his mother engage in friendly banter in a studio as they attempt to sell each other on T-Mobile plans.

The ad begins with Cooper posing as a customer service representative at a T-Mobile store and asking his mother about their plan. As soon as Cooper finishes his first line, her mom laughs out loud by calling out Cooper's T-Mobile shirt--a reference to the bright pink hue often associated with the brand.

Cooper, nominated for nine Oscars, endures his mother's taunts until he finally responds with a clap back. When asked if she has ever won anything, Cooper replies "Yeah but you've never won anything."

As they exchange barbs, Cooper's mother makes fun of her son's wardrobe, acting abilities and script. In particular, she frequently remarks that she doesn't like how he looks in his T-Mobile shirt, saying he "looks like a flamingo" when wearing it.

Cooper attempts to explain that T-Mobile offers "the fastest and best Internet," but his mother isn't so sure about using the service. She repeatedly reproaches him for not winning an Oscar and jokes that he looks like a "little flamingo in this."

At the end of the ad, Cooper and his mother emerged from set with their arms around each other and a smile on their faces. It was an endearing scene that made viewers laugh out loud and want to watch it again and again.

Panay Films' ad has already earned widespread praise on Twitter. Some users commented that it was the first time in a long while they could laugh while watching a commercial. Others expressed how heartfelt this ad truly was.

The Stunts

Many of this year's Super Bowl commercials focused on nostalgia and spectacle, but T-Mobile gave the Super Bowl a more personal touch with their second ad. They recruited actor Bradley Cooper - best known for his role as Rocket Raccoon from Marvel Cinematic Universe - to star in this touching spot that highlighted mother-son bond.

The commercial begins with the pair trying to shoot an actual T-Mobile ad, but their efforts prove ineffective. When "A Star is Born" actor asks his mother for assistance, she replies that she doesn't like how he looks.

She continues to make fun of him in the commercial as he attempts to sell her a cell phone, even calling out her son for not winning an Oscar despite being nominated nine times. She tells him he looks like an angry flamingo wearing his pink T-Mobile shirt and then accuses him of looking like an embarrassed clam when he starts speaking.

Her comments and witty one-liners add an extra layer to the commercial, making it more entertaining than if Cooper hadn't joined in. The commercial ends on a sweet note as Cooper and Campano embrace each other as they depart the set.

Social media users were delighted by the ad, with one Twitter user writing: "Bradley Cooper + His Mom buddy comedy WHEN."

In the ad, Cooper is seen as a T-Mobile customer service representative. When his mother offers to assist him, she tells him "I don't like how your shirt looks."

At another point, Cooper says he doesn't need acting advice and his mother quips, "Yeah, but you never won any awards."

Her words were so clever, they made Cooper laugh out loud. Her jokes even brought tears of laughter from members of the Twitter community.

It's evident that this commercial is a true reflection of Cooper and his mother, Gloria Campano's bond. They have been an iconic family, accompanying Cooper on many red carpets and award shows together. In this clip, Cooper and Campano display their affection by cracking each other up repeatedly.

The Ending

At the Super Bowl, T-Mobile featured Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper and his mother Gloria Campano to advertise its 5G services. Though their commercial didn't garner much attention outside of T-Mobile's social media following, it reaffirmed their bond and demonstrated they still had fun despite all obstacles.

Cooper, 48, dressed up as a T-Mobile representative while his mom played a customer in the store. Immediately, they broke character and giggled together, shattering the awkwardness of the commercial.

After some playful banter between Cooper's mom and father, Cooper's mother pokes fun at her son by saying, "You look like a flamingo in this," which refers to Cooper's bright pink shirt. She continues making jokes about it throughout the spot. Additionally, she remarks that Cooper has never won an Oscar - an incredibly motherly statement.

Cooper's notorious "loser" status came into play, as he failed to convince his mother to buy a T-Mobile cell phone. After the ad aired, Cooper mocked his fans online by sharing an Instagram post about how "loser" he is.

Cooper's mother provided great comic relief, yet he couldn't help feeling a bit down about himself after watching his beloved Philadelphia Eagles lose to the Kansas City Chiefs, 38-35, despite all his enthusiasm and hype surrounding the game.

On Monday afternoon, Cooper was seen out and about in New York City after his Super Bowl spot with his mom aired. Wearing a grey stocking cap to stay warm while sporting the beginnings of his scruffy goatee, Cooper completed his ensemble with grey pants and matching sneakers for an afternoon stroll around town.

In the ad, Cooper and his mother attempted to shoot a T-Mobile commercial, but their efforts proved fruitless. After misplacing multiple takes and struggling to get in character as customer service agents, they managed to crack up viewers with their hilarious miscommunications - serving as testament to both Cooper's acting abilities and devotion to his mom.


T-Mobile has always relied on celebrities to help promote their products, and this year's Super Bowl commercial is no different. T-Mobile's parent company Magenta managed to secure nine-time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper and his mother Gloria Campano for an entertaining yet poignant ad that could go down in history as one of the game's most memorable ads.

This ad, set to air during the first quarter of Sunday's Super Bowl, showcases T-Mobile's Home Internet service - providing high-speed wireless internet access at home. However, unlike previous ads featuring 5G technology from the carrier, this one doesn't focus on it specifically.

In this new ad, Cooper stars as a T-Mobile customer service agent while his mother makes fun of him hilariously. Not only is it full of laughs that fans will love, but it also serves to showcase T-Mobile's Home Internet plans that offer faster speeds at reasonable prices.

It's evident that Cooper and his mom are having a great time in the commercial, even when they mess up several takes. According to Ad Age, originally the two were supposed to adhere strictly to a script before Campano started improvising; the resultant chaotic energy made it into the final cut.

Once the ad starts, Cooper stars as a customer service rep at a T-Mobile store with his mother playing an unsuspecting customer entering the makeshift location. Both characters use humor to great effect throughout the commercial, with scenes of Cooper selling his mother on a T-Mobile plan being particularly entertaining.

At one point, Cooper asks his mother if she can help him with something. She laughs and calls him a flamingo, then proceeds to tell him she doesn't like his shirt (while simultaneously laughing) nor the way it makes him look like a clam. She goes on to explain that these are just her opinions about Cooper as an individual.

After the ad ends, T-Mobile's tagline of "America's Largest 5G Network" is reiterated to remind viewers that connecting is easy with T-Mobile. But most importantly, this hysterical look at family life will remain with viewers long after viewing. Produced by Panay Films -- who has worked extensively with Cooper on various projects -- the ad has gained widespread traction due to its humorous tone.

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