BOSSIP: Tammy Rivera Talks Her B'ecarre by T Rivera Skincare Line

BOSSIP: Tammy Rivera Talks Her B'ecarre by T Rivera Skincare Line


Tammy Rivera Talks Her Becarre By T Rivera Skincare Line

Tammy Rivera, an entrepreneur, singer/songwriter, and television personality has expanded her empire by entering the beauty industry with the launch of her luxury skincare line Beccare. With such success comes great responsibility - both personally and professionally.

Beccare, which is now available online for purchase, encourages both women and men to feel beautiful in their own skin by starting with a fresh face that glows. She celebrated the launch of Beccare with an intimate event in Atlanta where she also unveiled T-Rivera Swim and Resort Wear Boutique.

What is B’ecarre By T Rivera Skincare Line?

B'ecarre by T Rivera, the glamorous singer/actrice/entrepreneur, launched her luxury skincare collection with a bang in Atlanta. The collection includes an exfoliating face wash, daily cleansing face wash, glow-inducing eye cream and anti-aging moisturizer to combat aging.

Beccare stands out with their focus on gender equality in skincare. While many other beauty brands are sexist, Beccare strives for inclusivity and creates products that women of all ages can appreciate.

Tammy's mission with this skincare line is to instill confidence. She believes that when people feel good in their own skin, they will radiate confidence.

To reach her goals, the beauty expert created her own skincare regimen using only top-of-the-line products. This included eye cream that brightens dark circles, a triple peptide complex and algae extract to combat aging.

She also discovered that daily exfoliating wash and mask can help enhance skin radiance. The exfoliating wash gets rid of accumulated oil and impurities for a radiant glow, while the mask reduces puffiness and fine lines while increasing collagen.

As a woman, T Rivera knows the importance of having beautiful skin to feel confident in one's own skin. That is why she created B'ecarre by T Rivera skincare - to encourage women and men alike to embrace their natural glow without resorting to makeup or filters for temporary solutions. Instead, she wants people to look and feel their best without using harmful chemicals.

Why did Tammy Rivera launch B’ecarre By T Rivera Skincare Line?

BOSSIP recently interviewed Tammy Rivera about her luxurious yet effective skin care line that cleanses and conditions without stripping away moisture from your skin.

Entrepreneur, singer and television personality Beccare created this gender neutral luxury skincare line because she believes that every bare face deserves to shine like no other. In a world where makeup and filters are often temporary fixes, Beccare encourages both women and men to find confidence through taking time to appreciate their skin - starting with a fresh face that radiates.

Her line includes Daily Cleansing Face Wash, Weekly Exfoliating Face Wash, Eye Cream and Fade Cream - all fragrance-free with SPF 30 built-in plus anti-aging ingredients.

It's a simple routine that instills confidence in your skin, and boosts self-esteem knowing it's beneficial for you.

Rivera uses her own skincare regime, which involves weekly peelings, eye cream and facial moisturizer. This straightforward approach will have you looking your best in no time; plus it inspires trust in Rivera's line of products since "every nackte face deserves to glow".

At her launch party, I had an inspiring conversation with Rivera about why she decided to venture into beauty. She revealed her motivation behind starting her own line as well as what she has been up to in music, business and film/TV.

She knows how important one's appearance can be when it comes to feeling confident in public. Therefore, she strives to give other moms the tools necessary for healthy skin and confidence in themselves.

She also explains the inspiration behind her skin care line, B'ecarre By T Rivera. It is a play on her first name and "becarre," meaning to shine or sparkle.

What are the ingredients in B’ecarre By T Rivera Skincare Line?

Tammy Rivera, an entrepreneur and multi-talented mom boss, launched B'ecarre by T Rivera: a skincare collection created with natural ingredients to rid skin of impurities while brightening and enhancing its glow. Products like the glamorous B'ecarre By T Rivera Daily Face Wash use guava extract along with other naturally derived components to remove impurities and make skin appear brighter and luminous.

And of course, B'ecarre By T Rivera Eye Cream comes with its own set of benefits including the patented ingredient hyaluronic acid which helps smooth wrinkles while increasing radiance, plus algae extract for antioxidant protection against dark circles and puffiness. Finally, don't forget about B'ecarre By T Rivera Weekly Exfoliating Face Wash which uses all-natural ingredients to deep clean pores and leave skin looking supple and refreshed.

How do I use B’ecarre By T Rivera Skincare Line?

Tammy Rivera, an entrepreneur, singer-songwriter and television personality, has taken her empire to new heights by ventureing into beauty. With the launch of Beccare - her luxury skincare line - she encourages both women and men to feel beautiful from within by starting with a glowing complexion.

BOSSIP recently met up with Rivera to discuss her luxurious yet effective skincare line that cleanses and conditions without stripping away essential moisture from skin. She shared how she has integrated the latest research in skincare into each of her products.

Rivera's B'ecarre By T Rivera Skincare Line features daily cleansing face wash, weekly exfoliating face wash, eye cream and fade cream - all available online now for purchase. She believes that every face deserves to shine so the brand encourages everyone to show their skin some love! Additionally during our interview together, Rivera also shared her plans for opening T-Rivera Swim & Resort Wear Boutique in Atlanta; some exciting things are in the works!

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