BLACKPINK's Jisoo recently released the first visual film for her debut solo single "ME," featuring red and white fur as she looks alluring in this clip. Watch it below and stay tuned to YG Entertainment for her debut single album release date on March 31 at midnight KST! Don't forget to pre-order it here before then - it's set to drop at that time.

YG Entertainment

YG is one of the biggest K-pop companies in South Korea and home to popular artists such as Blackpink, iKon, Winner and 2NE1. Their headquarters are situated in Seoul but they also have offices around the globe.

YG, despite their immense size, remains a family-run firm known for its carefully sourced and curated content. Their employees are located in an impressive office complex on the banks of the Han River in a peaceful neighborhood.

It's an impressive structure that rises like a tower above the street. Inside are multiple floors filled with high-tech displays. Furthermore, the company boasts an experienced team of talent managers.

The company is responsible for training future K-pop stars, and this can be a highly challenging process. Trainees must demonstrate their talent in various areas such as singing or dancing, often facing intense competition from other trainees.

Jisoo began her journey as a trainee for YG in August 2011 and it has been quite the journey thus far. During that time, she has featured in multiple advertisements and TV shows as well as appearing in some dramas.

She made a guest appearance on the hit Korean drama The Producers in 2015 alongside fellow label-mates 2NE1's Sandara Park and Winner's Kang Seung-yoon. Additionally, she has featured in several commercials for brands such as LG, Nikon and Samsonite.

Jisoo received extensive training at YG, learning various styles. She even got the chance to join a dance crew called 'We Zaa Cool'.

Due to this exposure, she quickly rose to become a sought-after K-pop sensation. She even made appearances in music videos by other acts before joining Blackpink as one of their members.

Jisoo had an active schedule after her debut with Blackpink, with promotions and live performances around the globe. Additionally, she served as global brand ambassador for Cartier, filming numerous pictorials featuring luxury jewellery from the brand.

When YG announced Jisoo would be making her solo debut, fans were delighted. They hoped it would be just the start of many big productions from their girl group; after all, she has been working hard to reach new heights.


Jisoo is the oldest member of K-pop group BLACKPINK and renowned for her beautiful voice. In 2011, she was selected by YG Entertainment as a trainee and has since blossomed into one of the biggest stars in the industry.

She is an accomplished actress, having starred in various television shows and commercials. Her acting has earned her a large fan base.

Her personality may be quirky, but that's what makes her special. She enjoys balancing objects on her body and has often been caught doing this during live events or TV shows. In 2017, she even tried to balance a bottle of water on her shoulder during an awards show!

Jisoo's dancing abilities have steadily improved over time, despite criticism about her moves during her debut days. Today, her moves appear much clearer than they did then - something which nobody could say for certain when Jisoo first entered the industry.

She not only has remarkable singing talents, but has also become a highly sought-after fashion muse. She's featured in multiple ads and collaborated with brands such as Calvin Klein. Furthermore, Hera and Gentle Monster both featured her face.

Jisoo loves playing mobile games such as Cookie Run and Brawl Stars, in her free time. She also enjoys spending quality time with her family members. Jisoo loves collecting items like t-shirts, jewelry, and Trevi bottles for collections.

She's an avid fan of Korean dramas and movies. She recently starred in The Producers, a Korean drama, and has featured in multiple commercials for various companies.

Fans are overjoyed that Jisoo is getting her own solo project. Her first visual teaser for "ME," released on Wednesday (March 15), showcases Jisoo in a stunning feathered ensemble composed of black-and-white striped fur. She wears an elegant long white manicure and keeps her makeup minimal with just a pale pink lip and small black lines drawn above her eyelids.


Blackpink is one of the world's most beloved K-pop groups. In four years since they debuted, they've achieved a great deal - winning 13 Circle Chart Music Awards and two MTV Video Music Awards as well as topping charts around the world.

They're renowned for their catchy songs and exuberant dance moves that go along with them. Their most popular song, "Whistle," reached number one on Billboard World Digital Songs chart in August 2016.

Blackpink are an indisputable force in South Korean music. Formed by YG Entertainment in 2016, they consist of Jennie, Lisa, Rose and Jisoo - all former trainees before debuting as BLACKPINK in 2016. Each individual possesses incredible talent that sets them apart from other musicians.

The girls' talent has been refined in the studio, where they collaborate with main producer Teddy Park. Every step of the creative process is involved - from conceptual brainstorming to final styling - and they have co-written many hits as well as solo singles that went viral and reached the top of the charts.

Although their fame has been an incredible accomplishment for the four members, they're still exploring their individual musical careers. Each has solo projects underway and plans for new releases in the near future.

At present, though, they're focused on what matters most to them: creating music they love. Their lyrics often challenge conventional notions about beauty - like their hit single "Lovesick Girls," which rejects all things pretty in favor of toughness and determination.

They're renowned for their fashion sense, which explains why fans flock to fancams that showcase a member's performance at concerts. Some members, like Jisoo, have even been endorsed by high-end fashion brands.

Jisoo has long been the driving force behind Blackpink's fashion aesthetics, serving as their leader and creator of all their looks. Through their expertise in design, they've all become global ambassadors for Dior - something she is particularly proud of.

She's an acclaimed singer-actress and model who has featured in various TV shows and commercials. In addition, she stars as Snowdrop in the K-drama series Snowdrop (available to stream on Disney+).


K-pop sensation Blackpink has achieved a cult following by creating hits like no one else can. To commemorate their five year anniversary, YG Entertainment has organized an intimate celebration for both the group and its fans. Plus, Hollywood A-listers joined forces with YG for this documentary/short film that takes us on an exclusive tour through the best moments from Blackpink.

In addition to the film, YG Entertainment has also included a host of other goodies to keep us engaged for hours on end: new songs, music videos, and stage sets that have been upgraded and improved over time. Notably, they plan on keeping their female-fronted lineup intact for now. They will release their much anticipated debut album Square One on April 5 - you can pre-order it now! Additionally, check out our list of the Best Female Fronted K-Pop Groups To Watch For The Rest Of 2019 and Beyond for even more entertainment!

No doubt, there are many worthy contenders, but YG Entertainment deserves our highest recommendation for consistently delivering quality service at an unbeatable price. Their dedication to providing viewers with the finest content at a cost-effective price point speaks volumes about their dedication.

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