BLACKPINK's Jisoo Teases First Solo Music Release With Mysterious 'Coming S'

BLACKPINK's Jisoo Teases First Solo Music Release With Mysterious 'Coming S'



BLACKPINKs Jisoo Teases First Solo Music Release With Mysterious Coming S

After years of tease posters and videos, Blackpink's Jisoo has finally confirmed she is working on her first solo music release. Her debut album is set to hit stores this October.

YG Entertainment formed the South Korean girl group Jennie, Jisoo, Rose and Lisa in 2011, signing them to their agency. Since then they have been praised as one of the world's most successful girl groups.

'Coming S' Teaser Poster

Jisoo, one of the members of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK, has hinted at her first solo release. She previously released two songs alongside bandmates Jennie and Rose but this will mark the first time that she releases a solo track.

In the 'Coming S' teaser poster, members of Blackpink are seen posing with sweet items such as cupcakes and cherries. The vibrant colours and overexposed photos give off a retro vibe; perhaps this indicates that Blackpink will return to a more cheerful and cute concept for their new single?

At the start of this year, Blackpink hinted that they would be making a comeback with an album later this year. Their label YG Entertainment has since confirmed they will release a pre-release single in August and their debut album Born Pink in September. Furthermore, the biggest world tour ever by a K-pop girl group will commence by year-end.

In June, YG released the first track from their upcoming album "How You Like That." On July 31 they unveiled an announcement trailer for the new album and now BLACKPINK are preparing to release their second single "Pink Venom" on August 19th. After releasing this song, BLACKPINK plan to begin their Born Pink world tour in October.

In addition to their new release, YG also revealed that all four members of Blackpink will embark on solo projects this fall. Jennie will debut her first solo music in 2018, Rose will release her debut song in 2021 and Lisa will release her own mini-album in 2022.

With these exciting updates, fans are eager to hear the debut solo songs from each member of BLACKPINK. They hope that more releases will be announced before their full-length LP is available so they can stay informed when it does drop.

The 'Coming S' teaser is an effective way to get fans enthused about the upcoming release. This strategy is often employed by blockbuster franchises as they build anticipation for major film premieres, and many will eagerly await it.

'Coming S' Video

K-pop girl group BLACKPINK has made a major impact in the music industry, becoming one of South Korea's most successful acts. Their last project, THE ALBUM, debuted two years ago but they are gearing up to release new material soon.

Jisoo, the lead vocalist of K-pop group BTS, has teased her long-awaited solo music release with an intriguing teaser video. As the only member left without releasing a solo track yet, fans are eager to witness how she tackles this musical challenge.

YG Entertainment recently revealed that Jisoo is currently filming her solo music video overseas in secrecy. According to Soompi, they had invested the highest production cost of any BLACKPINK videos yet on this massive project.

In addition, YG also released the group's latest promotional video for "Coming S," featuring Jisoo on a motorcycle wearing a red t-shirt and holding two pairs of sunglasses. This marks Jisoo's first official music video since her debut in 2018.

On January 25, Rose released a teaser video for Blinks fans to give them an exclusive first look at her solo music project. The singer unveiled the 30-second clip during BLACKPINK's virtual concert 2021 THE SHOW, held online on January 25.

After watching the preview of her song, many fans have been eagerly awaiting more information. They've been curious when and where the video will be released; it appears that YG plans on answering those questions shortly.

Jisoo has been busy on social media, tease her upcoming solo release with multiple platforms and even become a brand ambassador for Dior. She continues to promote her music through multiple platforms and it appears that this promotion is paying off as she has gained notoriety among music industry insiders.

On April 5, YG's 'Coming S' video will premiere and feature a dark, mysterious side-profile of Rose against an intense backdrop of flames. Directed by Danielle Kim, the clip can be watched on their official YouTube channel.

Jisoo is gearing up for her solo music project as well as starting a YouTube vlog. She plans on documenting her life as a member of BLACKPINK and sharing tales from their 2019 world tour, 'Born Pink,' on camera.

'Coming S' Album Cover

Blackpink are currently one of the highest-charting female K-pop groups on Billboard 200 and Hot 100 respectively. Backed by their label YG Entertainment, the quartet has been making music together for years and received widespread critical acclaim for their work.

The quartet has seen incredible growth in popularity and are now common sights at fashion weeks around the world. Additionally, they are brand ambassadors for prestigious luxury brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Bulgari and Celine.

Though BLACKPINK are a global phenomenon, each member still has their own music careers to pursue. Jennie released her first solo single "SOLO" in 2018, followed by Rose's -R- and Lisa's "Lalisa."

Jisoo, the last member of BLACKPINK to release her own solo music, is teasing a project for later this year. She revealed on Weverse that she will be recording an album this year and recently answered fans' questions to give fans an indication as to when fans might hear from her.

Jisoo has been eagerly awaiting the release of her long-awaited 'Coming S' album, and she can't wait to share it with fans. To tease fans, she has been tease-ing on social media platforms while releasing an exquisite teaser poster and video.

On September 10th, the girls will release their second album 'Coming S'. Prior to this announcement, the group released their first full-length project in 2020 and have already shared tracklists and promotional photos for both the upcoming album and world tour.

For their new album, 'Coming S', the four members have collaborated with producer Teddy Park to craft an eclectic blend of pop and rap songs that is uniquely Blackpink. It is truly a stunning feat of artistry!

BLACKPINK have achieved worldwide fame through their debut album and world tour, cementing themselves as some of the most prominent figures in Korean music. Furthermore, their glamorous aesthetic has earned them several fashion endorsements alongside their musical success.

'Coming S' Tracklist

Jisoo is the final member of BLACKPINK to make their solo debut, and she's eager to prove herself a star with this long-awaited release. After months of teasers, the singer-songwriter finally unveiled the tracklist on Sunday for her fans.

The 'Coming S' tracklist includes new songs from Phoebe Bridgers, Don Toliver, Travis Scott, Ol' Dirty Bastard and more that have already gained widespread acclaim. Though there is no indication as to what each track will be about yet, the list boasts plenty of exciting tracks sure to please listeners.

Jisoo, a member of the popular K-pop group, has become an iconic and beloved figure in both fashion and music industries. She's an ambassador for various global luxury brands and consistently draws large crowds of admirers at different events.

She's an accomplished actress, having made her acting debut with a cameo role in 2015's The Producers and playing her first leading role in 2021's Snowdrop. As such, she has quickly established herself as one of the rising stars within K-pop and earned numerous awards along the way.

YG Entertainment recently shared an image on Instagram that teased Jisoo's debut as a soloist, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the release of her first solo album. The image features a bright red piece of cloth in the middle of a green field.

Though no official title has yet been revealed for Jisoo's album, it appears her music will be inspired by nature. With this in mind, she's created an array of touching songs about love and life that are sure to warm hearts everywhere.

According to her social media posts, 'Coming S' will be released on March 31. This release date comes after several mysterious teaser posters were released by both the artist and her management team.

In the teaser video, she holds a red satin scarf and lies on a green field covered with grass. This image is similar to her latest single "Shirt," released earlier this year.

Jisoo finally revealed her upcoming album and tracklist in an Instagram video posted last week. The record will include various tracks, including her latest single "Shirt."

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