#Berenberg Analysts Say #MoltenVentures Stock Is "Rare" and "Attractive"

#Berenberg Analysts Say #MoltenVentures Stock Is "Rare" and "Attractive"


This global VC stock has 130 upside and its a rare opportunity analy

Berenberg analysts noted Molten Ventures shares as "rare" and "attractive," despite the tech market struggles.

The investment bank believes Molten has an appealing business model with high growth rates and steady VC deals. Unfortunately, the firm's stock has suffered this year due to weakening in the tech sector.


Berenberg is a German bank with an established presence in London. It's been steadily growing its clientele there over the last few years and now competes against Numis for corporate broking services. Although not among the top tier banks, Berenberg remains relatively well known.

The bank boasts an experienced team and it's one of Germany's largest. If you're seeking lateral experience within a large institution and possess relevant finance knowledge that could benefit a more senior role, this might be the ideal workplace for you.

They have a strong presence in Germany and Switzerland, but have recently shifted focus to London to attract new clients. Their investment banking division is also well-developed; with a mid-tier presence there, you're likely to gain plenty of relevant experience after one year.

It seems like an intriguing company and I can see no reason not to accept an offer if one were presented. Perhaps some more experienced users here can provide more insight on this, but from what I've read so far it appears they are a strong bank with plenty of room for growth.

Another noteworthy point is Berenberg's initiative to differentiate itself from its peers by assessing companies based on their sustainability efforts. It uses the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals as a yardstick for judging a company's quality of sustainable initiatives.

Ultimately, the formula is straightforward - if a company's revenue is at least 45 per cent tied to something worthy of UN recognition, then investing is likely a wise move. On the other hand, if it only has 1 per cent or less tied to something worthwhile by UN standards, then the gap may not be so great after all.

Berenberg has taken a similar approach with shares in CentralNic Group (CNIC:LON) and Molten Ventures PLC (LON:GROW). These internet service providers, with the former focusing on domain name and ad-tech services while the latter operates within high-growth technology sectors.

Peel Hunt

The venture capital world has been rocked by falling valuations, mass layoffs and a funding crunch. Yet there remain plenty of promising investment opportunities for astute investors to seize.

One such opportunity is Molten Ventures (MOLT), whose shares have seen 130% upside over the last year, according to one investment bank. Furthermore, the London-listed tech VC stock boasts several other positive attributes like its recent IPO and unusually high share count.

Its price-to-book ratio is extremely low, meaning the shares are undervalued compared to their book value. This makes it an attractive investment option for those seeking to diversify their portfolio.

Peel Hunt (PEEL), with its relatively small market cap, has some impressive assets to its name. Notable among them is its Fidessa Trading Platform - a cloud-based unified equity market making system that provides real-time trading and risk management capabilities.

Other major achievements of Peel Hunt include its strong business model and suite of innovative technologies. Furthermore, it's one of the few venture capital firms to become publicly listed. Although small in size, the firm operates across Europe and Asia with a reputation for accurately recognizing and capitalizing on industry trends. Its stock has outperformed its peers each year since 2012, suggesting that this trend may continue into the future.


A&L Goodbody LLP is one of the oldest and best-known names in Irish legal business, boasting a number of renowned clients such as Ireland's premier brewer. The firm's investment fund and private equity practice is led by experienced professionals Brian McDermott, Kerill O'Shaughnessy and Laura Butler; making them well positioned to take advantage of all the new start ups that have emerged over recent years.

Legal 500 has ranked A&L as one of the country's top law firms and one of the biggest in Ireland, drawing clients from around the globe. It boasts an impressive roster of lawyers supported by a dedicated team of paralegals, administrators and support personnel - making it a highly efficient organisation capable of providing quality service in this competitive market. As Northern Ireland's largest independent firm with its main client base based around Belfast, A&L makes sense for the region's many financial institutions, banks and insurance companies.


FactSet is a financial data and software company that offers various services to the investment community. It offers research, portfolio construction, trade execution, risk management and reporting.

Cloud-based software from Financia allows its users to access their information from any device. Furthermore, its applications offer tools for investment managers, banks, insurance companies and others in the financial industry to operate more efficiently and effectively.

The company is supported by a powerful group of institutional investors. They comprise an important portion of the company's shareholders and exert significant influence over its stock price.

Institutional ownership is an indicator of a company's growth potential. This group of investors possess large amounts of capital and liquidity that enable them to invest in stocks at higher levels than individual investors are able to afford.

Another important factor for companies is their growth rate. If a business can expand its revenue rapidly while still remaining profitable, it has the potential to generate substantial long-term rewards.

However, recession can pose a downside risk to this type of growth. When the economy suffers, people don't invest as much money as they did previously and withdraw their funds. As a result, fewer institutions require FactSet's services.

Furthermore, the company's business model relies heavily on subscription revenue. A decline in this income could spell major setbacks for the firm.

Therefore, the company's economic moat is an important factor to take into account. Even with optimistic assumptions about growth, the stock may already be overvalued at present.

FactSet's competitiveness is also determined by the quality of its proprietary data sets. As this information becomes increasingly commoditized, companies like FactSet will find it increasingly challenging to stay ahead.

Therefore, the company needs to make strategic acquisitions in order to maintain its economic moat. These investments should focus on gathering as many proprietary data sets as possible.

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