Benny the Butcher Joins I deal On The Crown

Benny the Butcher Joins I deal On The Crown


Benny the Butcher Joins I deal On The Crown

Over the last half-decade, Benny the Butcher has established himself as one of Griselda's most talented rappers. As Westside Gunn's younger cousin and Conway the Machine's younger sibling, his rhymes and captivating storytelling have quickly earned him a loyal following.

He recently launched Black Soprano Family Records in Buffalo, featuring Rick Hyde, Heem B$F, Loveboat Luciano & Duffel Bag Hottie among others.

The Plugs I Met

Benny the Butcher of Griselda Records has been making waves on the mic circuit for some time now. After earning numerous accolades and landing a major label deal, his career is taking off but he still keeps things real when it comes to music making. His latest collaboration with Harry Fraud, The Plugs I Met, showcases this hard-hitting approach beautifully.

The Plugs I Met is a worthy follow-up to Burden of Proof and one of its most enjoyable & entertaining tracks. "The Crown," an ode to Buffalo's crown jewels, will remain in your head for hours on end - making it perfect for your next dance floor filler. Additionally, the album comes complete with an eye-catching visual that should definitely be added to your watch list.

Recently, butcher Adam posted an Instagram post to tantalize fans about his highly anticipated project, Tana Talk 4. If you haven't had a chance to try some buffalo flavor yet, now is your chance!

Long Live DJ Shay

Buffalo, NY rapper Benny the Butcher recently joined forces with I deal On The Crown to release their new single "The Crown." It's an uptempo and catchy track sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Benny describes in the song how he's always being challenged to reach new heights, which is a testament to his dedication and hard work.

On this record, fellow BSF members Rick Hyde, Heems B$F, Jonesy and Loveboat Luciano all contribute their individual talents. Their lyricism is as strong as ever and they're striving forward together as a collective.

In addition to featuring the BSF, this track also features production from Camoflauge Monk, SixFiggaDigga, Alchemist and ILL Tone Beats - marking not the first time these producers have joined forces on a BSF project.

We've also seen them collaborate with Griselda Records, with their debut EP The Plugs I Met being no exception. Benny featured prominently on one of the standout tracks that featured Black Thought from The Roots; it's truly an honor for him to see his cousins work under such a renowned label that helped elevate them and provide them with an opportunity to reach their full potential.

Due to this, we're all eager to hear more from the crew. In addition to their upcoming release Long Live DJ Shay - which honors the memory of late DJ Shay - they've also released a single entitled "Times Is Rough."

An emotional piece that puts B$F in their place and displays their collective growth as a group. It serves as a reminder of how far they've come and how their mentors have molded them into who they are today.

Throughout the song, B$F pay tribute to Shay and reflect on how fortunate they were to have him as their mentor. Furthermore, they discuss how they plan on using his platform to further propel Buffalo Hip Hop forward than ever before.

Even after the tragic passing of DJ Shay, Buffalo's Hip Hop scene has thrived and continues to thrive on his legacy. This is an excellent way to honor him as he made such an impact on the city's hip-hop culture.

Burden Of Proof

After a decade of showcasing his gritty side on Griselda's early works, Benny the Butcher has emerged as an artist unto himself with Burden Of Proof; aligning him as one of hip hop's premier stars alongside Hit-Boy's anthemic production. Filled with old school Pyrex vision rhymes and captivating production from Hit-Boy, this album is packed full of bangers that showcase his lyrical skillset and street hustle. With songs such as "Timeless" and "The Plugs I Met," you won't want to add this one jack to your collection this end-of-year list worthy picks for 2020!

Experience Burden Of Proof below and let the best rapper in the game give you an ear worm that you won't soon forget.

Tana Talk 4

Buffalo, New York rapper Benny the Butcher is on a meteoric rise in the rap game. Recently he inked a management deal with Jay-Z's Roc Nation and released Tana Talk 4, his fourth installment of his acclaimed mixtape series. As such, he's currently riding high on the success of his latest LP.

It felt like bars were being overshadowed, but thanks to COVID 19 and an up and coming artist resurgence of gritty lyricism, bars are back in focus. Recently Griselda has been on fire with Conway The Machine's stunning God Don't Make Mistakes and Benny the Butcher's Tana Talk 4. This album continues Griselda's signature rainswept cinematic groove that we fell in love with on TT3. If you missed it, make sure to check it out now! And while you're at it, check out our full interview with Benny the Butcher below!

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