Benavidez Vs Plant HIGHLIGHTS - March 25 2023

Benavidez Vs Plant HIGHLIGHTS - March 25 2023


Benavidez vs Plant HIGHLIGHTS March 25 2023  PBC on Showtime PPV

Fans will likely remember the fight between David Benavidez and Caleb Plant for generations to come. What began as a friendly rivalry quickly escalated into an intense physical altercation.

Ultimately, Benavidez emerged victorious. He had the bigger puncher, stronger man and overall superior fighter.

Interim WBC Super Middleweight Champion David Benavidez (26-0) vs. Former IBF Super Middleweight Champion Caleb Plant (22-1)

On March 25, Interim WBC Super Middleweight Champion David Benavidez (26-0) and former IBF Super Middleweight Champion Caleb Plant (22-1) will square off in an exciting PPV event in Las Vegas. The victor will move one step closer to securing a match against WBC Champion Canelo Alvarez.

Benavidez is an undefeated fighter who won the Interim WBC title by defeating David Lemieux last year with a third round TKO. Additionally, he defeated Kyrone Davis, Ronald Ellis and Anthony Dirrell in his last two fights.

He hasn't fought since defeating Lemieux, yet he remains the overwhelming favorite for this fight. With odds of -320, his implied win probability is 76.2% and at these odds it would appear that KO or TKO may be his most likely outcomes at -145 odds.

Plant hasn't fought in nearly two years, but his record includes some impressive victories including his Undisputed super middleweight championship win against Canelo Alvarez last November. Plant is a formidable fighter but will need to up his game even more than Canelo did when they last met.

When Plant meets Benavidez in their fight, he must be prepared to take on the toughest opponent he's ever met. Plant is a hard-hitting fighter who will need to stay agile throughout the contest.

The former champion is an experienced boxer who can use his height and reach to his advantage. Additionally, he can get in close and apply pressure to his opponent.

He must also be cautious not to allow his body to crumble under the weight of too many demands. Otherwise, he could find himself in serious distress.

Benavidez vs Plant promises to be an exciting fight and must-watch for boxing fans. As Showtime's only PPV fight this month, this battle promises to draw in a large audience.

Even though both fighters are coming off losses to Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, they remain optimistic about their chances against each other. It all comes down to how they approach the fight and what their focus is on.

Fight Predictions

Boxing is set for a thrilling fight this weekend between two of the world's best super middleweights: interim WBC super middleweight champion David Benavidez and former IBF super middleweight champ Caleb Plant, set to square off on March 25 on Showtime PPV. This fight promises to be an intense rivalry between these two fighters who have been exchanging personal insults for months now.

Benavidez is a highly skilled boxer with an impressive knockout rate. His combination of power and speed have many people betting on him to come out on top in this fight - which could explain why many are picking him to win.

Benavidez faces a major obstacle in trying to control Plant. Plant is an agile and fast boxer who can maneuver around while keeping his guard up. Additionally, Plant has powerful counterpunching, jabs that are unbeatable, and excellent footwork which could stifle Benavidez's progress.

Once they get into the clinch, Benavidez must keep Plant in check and force him to take punches. The Mexican pound-for-pound champion is known for surprising opponents with swift and accurate punches - which could be the difference in this battle.

He boasts an impressive +/- rating of 16.7, the fourth-best mark in boxing, and averages the fourth-most total punches landed per round with 25.6. Furthermore, he allows only nine power punches per round - ranking him ninth overall in power punch landing rates.

Benavidez, who is significantly larger and stronger than Plant, must wear him down and secure a knockout victory. His powerful punches should be enough to do this due to his good conditioning and superior technique.

At present, Benavidez is the overwhelming favorite to win this fight at -330, while Plant is an underdog at +240. This matchup promises to be close and exciting with who ever comes out on top becoming the next great superstar of boxing.

Fight Lines

David Benavidez and Caleb Plant's rivalry has been building for years, and on Saturday night they will finally square off in a Showtime PPV main event. The winner will walk away with the interim WBC super middleweight title as well as an opportunity to challenge undefeated champion Saul "Canelo" Alvarez down the line.

Benavidez has gone undefeated since his debut in 2013 and boasts an impressive 26-0 record. In May of last year, he defeated David Lemieux via 3rd round TKO to capture the vacant WBC interim super middleweight title and is now riding a 5-match winning streak.

Benavidez, also known as the Mexican Monster, is a pugilist renowned for his strength and speed. A former junior lightweight champion before switching up weight classes to compete in super middleweight competition, he holds rankings of #1 with the WBA, IBF and WBC organizations.

His only loss came to Canelo Alvarez in November 2021, but he quickly rebounded with a knockout victory against Anthony Dirrell in October 2022 and is now 21-1 overall.

Plant was a top contender before his loss to Canelo, having won 4 of his 5 professional bouts. Additionally, he had spent years training with some of the top fighters in his division and had won one close decision against Saul "Canelo" Alvarez before falling short against him.

It was a close fight that went the distance, but Plant had the edge in technical skillset. He connected on several hard shots and kept Benavidez off balance with his lateral movement.

He took advantage of Benavidez's jab and hand speed, ultimately paying off for him in the end. He controlled the early rounds by using his lateral movement to keep Benavidez off balance before flustering him with elbows in clinch.

This fight between two of the best fighters in the world promises to be thrilling. If you want to place a wager on this contest, take a look at our betting lines below.

Final Words

Benavidez and Plant have been trading insults for years, but now their feud has reached the mat in an epic super middleweight grudge match. Tune in on Showtime Saturday, March 25 to witness this must-see battle as the winner could potentially face Canelo Alvarez in a highly anticipated unification bout.

As expected, this match was closely contested from the start. But Benavidez began to close in and take control of the contest in the sixth round, landing several impressive shots including a left hook and body shot that signaled his potential threat.

He scored several more strikes in the seventh, including a short right counter that pushed Plant back and then an aggressive left hook that further set Plant back. All throughout this fight, Plant struggled to keep his balance and couldn't put any pressure on him; as such, Clark capitalized with all of his clinch work.

In the ninth round, Benavidez unleashed an intense eight-punch combo that saw him pummel Plant multiple times and send him sprawling onto the canvas. He then finished off with a fierce flurry that sent Plant back down on his heels and severely injured him.

Despite being hesitant in the early rounds, Plant eventually found his rhythm and used his jab to keep Benavidez honest, doing an impressive job of defending himself. In the eighth he threw some more shots before taking time in the ninth as he delivered more body blows to keep Benavidez off balance.

Referee Bayless made an unfavorable call, but Benavidez emerged victorious. Plant had been given more leniency earlier in the round and appeared to have benefitted from it; however, Benavidez capitalized on this with his powerful attack.

Benavidez has emerged as a formidable opponent, and his victory over Plant will give him the motivation to challenge Canelo next year. Despite all his talent, dominance, and devastating knockout wins, he still lacks that signature victory that would put him on everyone's radar in boxing.

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