#BasketballWives? Recap: #Jennifer Makes Messy Accusations About #Malaysia

#BasketballWives? Recap: #Jennifer Makes Messy Accusations About #Malaysia


Basketball Wives Recap Jennifer Makes Messy Accusations About Malaysia

Basketball Wives is a reality TV show that chronicles the personal lives of women who are the wives, girlfriends or fiancees of NBA stars. It follows these women through their everyday struggles and triumphs in life.

This show provides an intimate look into the lives of these women, but it should be noted that it contains plenty of catty behavior and strong language.

Shaunie O’Neal’s Ex-Husband

Shaunie O'Neal is one of the executive producers for VH1's hit show Basketball Wives. Her duties include selecting who joins the cast and ensuring all members are contented and healthy. As a mother to five kids - Shareef, Myles, Amirah, Shaqir, and Me'arah O'Neal - she takes great joy in seeing all her castmates succeed.

She first met her future husband, Shaquille O'Neal, while he was still with the Orlando Magic. They started dating after he joined the Los Angeles Lakers and got engaged in 2002. Together they have four children together: Myles, Shareef, Amirah and Me'arah O'Neal.

Her ex-husband was a 4x NBA champion who had multiple affairs while they were married. It's no shock that he eventually divorced her due to his reputation for cheating.

Following their divorce, Shaq paid a large amount of money to his ex-wife in spousal support and child support. She was awarded $10,000 per month in alimony plus another $10,000 for each child they had.

Shaunie O'Neal was also given her own private jet, a house in New York City and several other properties - making her an instant millionaire.

She was able to pay off her mortgage with the money earned from her husband, and also put some of that towards her children's education. Furthermore, she had the chance to become a full-time entrepreneur after her children had grown up.

Shaunie O'Neal began dating Pastor Keion Henderson after her divorce from Shaq. They got engaged in November 2021, and were married the following May in a tropical wedding at Aurora Anguilla Resort and Golf Club with over 200 guests in attendance.

Evelyn Lozada’s Ex-Husband

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson had been married for 41 days in 2012 when the latter was arrested and charged with domestic battery. Ultimately, Johnson pleaded no contest to the charge and served one year of probation.

Evelyn and husband Carl Leo Crawford had two children: daughter Shaniece Virginia Sabina Hairston and son Carl Leo Crawford, both bearing her last name. The couple got engaged in 2013.

Before she married Chad, Evelyn had been with NBA player Antoine Walker for ten years. Unfortunately, the couple ended their relationship in 2008.

Evelyn and Antoine had some issues throughout their relationship. Ultimately, Evelyn ended it due to his unfaithfulness.

Evelyn had endured so much with Antoine, yet still had the love of her life in Chad. They were said to be considering getting married again and even considering starring on their own reality show together.

However, things got out of hand when Chad was accused of domestic violence against Evelyn; she filed for divorce citing multiple instances of her husband's mistreatment and felt no choice but to leave him.

Evelyn then created her own foundation that focused on domestic violence victims and raised money for charities that assist these individuals.

Unfortunately, Chad's latest comments about Evelyn's past behavior have left her deeply hurt and upset. To express her sorrow, Evelyn recorded an Instagram video for her 4 million followers to express how much it has caused her.

Evelyn feels humiliated by the comments her ex-husband made and they are preventing her from moving forward in life. She was amazed that he would make such a statement after all of his abuse against her.

Jackie Christie’s Ex-Husband

Jackie Christie is a well-known cast member on VH1's Basketball Wives. With over ten years of experience in show business, Jackie Christie stands out for her outspoken personality and inquisitive nature.

She married NBA player Douglas 'Doug' Christie in 1996 and they have two children, Douglas Jr. and Chantel. Despite having been together since 1996, there have been ups and downs throughout their marriage.

The couple are renowned for their unwavering love and devotion to one another, earning them many admiring fans. Unfortunately, as is often the case in couples in sports and entertainment industries, trust issues can arise.

In season eight of the series, Malaysia Pargo and Jackie Christie had a disagreement over rumors she was neglecting her children. Ultimately, they both decided to sit down and discuss matters in season nine.

Jackie and Malaysia have become close to OG Chijindu and Cecelia Gutierrez, but Evelyn Lozada is wary of them due to OG's conduct on the show.

She is a former reality television star best known for her appearance on VH1's 'Basketball Wives' show. Her strong opinions on the show have earned her great fame and fortune.

According to Celebrity Net Worth report, Jackie has an estimated net worth of $10 million. Her primary sources of income come from her authored books, record label company and entertainment firm.

She runs her own clothing line, Slayed by Jackie Christie, which can be purchased on her website. With an expansive social media following and renowned fashion sense, Jackie Christie enjoys a devoted following.

Malaysia Pargo’s Ex-Husband

Malaysia Pargo, a former Basketball Wives LA star, had an interesting ex-husband. She married Jannero Pargo - a Charlotte Hornets player - in 2006 and they were happily married for 10 years before filing for divorce in 2014.

While many of the wives on the show have divorced amicably, Malaysia and her husband handled it with grace. She's candid about the problems in her marriage and has made it known that she always puts her children's needs first.

The couple is parents to three children: a 7-year-old son and 3-year-old twins. They reside in Los Angeles and share a home.

However, they live in a very small space and have recently decided to move into a larger home. The new place will give them more room to move around while being closer to the city.

As her children get older, she hopes to focus more on her career and become a more involved member in the community - something which she is extremely passionate about.

In addition to her role on Basketball Wives, Pargo is also a jewelry designer and entrepreneur. Her e-commerce business, Vanity World, sells various types of dresses.

She is a renowned social media star with an impressive Instagram following of over 2.7 million followers.

One of the primary reasons for her success is her devotion to her children. In an interview with Rolling Out magazine, she revealed that raising her kids is her top priority.

She has earned a substantial fortune through her career and is highly successful in all she does. At present, she focuses on raising her family and expanding her various business ventures.

Jennifer Williams’ Ex-Husband

Jennifer Williams is a reality television star, businesswoman and entrepreneur who has been featured on VH1's Basketball Wives since its premiere in 2010. Additionally, she has starred in multiple spin-off shows and launched her own luxury handbag line called Lucid.

Williams boasts a net worth of $40 million, which she has achieved through her success as an TV personality, entrepreneur and fashion designer. As one of the highest-paid reality stars, her fortune will only increase due to continued earnings from her various endeavors.

Jennifer Williams has managed to carve out time for her family, including her three children. Additionally, she devotes a great deal of energy towards charity work through the Jennifer Williams Foundation.

Her personal life has not been without its share of drama. In addition to her current relationship with Tim Norman, she was previously married to NBA star Eric Williams for 10 years.

Fans were shocked by Jennifer's confrontation with her former husband, but she later explained it was due to misunderstandings and that he was trying to cast demons out of her.

But, it appears he may have gone too far this time. According to Cheat Sheet, he had been stalking her and sending harassing messages. He even attempted to break into her home - prompting her to file for a restraining order against him.

Thankfully, her restraining order was granted and she must now stay at least 100 yards away from her former boyfriend. As for their current relationship, she recently revealed that she's dating a new guy whom she is very content with. Although she won't go into too many details yet about the arrangement, she did say that she enjoys spending time with him and hopes to keep things amicable going forward.

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