Bad Bunny & Kendall Jenner Get Cozy On Romantic Horseback Ride

Bad Bunny & Kendall Jenner Get Cozy On Romantic Horseback Ride


Bad Bunny  Kendall Jenner Get Cozy On Romantic

Bad Bunny & Kendall Jenner Get Cozy On Romantic Horseback Ride

Ever since rumors about a romance between Bad Bunny (real name Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio) and Kendall Jenner first circulated, fans have been excited. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is known for keeping her relationships private, but it appears she may be seeing the Puerto Rican rapper.

They’re spotted riding horses together

On Sunday, Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny were photographed getting intimate on a horseback ride together at Hidden Hills Equestrian Center near San Diego, California. TMZ captured photos of them sitting behind one another as they boarded the animal at Hidden Hills Equestrian Center.

The model has long been known to have an affinity for horses, and Benito has even featured in a few music videos where he rides alongside. Thus, it is only natural that they would bond over their shared passion of equine adventures.

TMZ captured the couple taking turns riding the same horse on their date, which lasted 90 minutes and seemed to be a relaxing time for both. Jenner could be seen giving her boyfriend a thumbs-up as she snapped pictures of them together in the corral.

Rumors of a relationship have swirled since February, yet it wasn't until recently that the public became aware of their newfound affection. Since then, they've been seen together multiple times; including having sushi together in West Hollywood and leaving Beyonce and Jay-Z's Oscars afterparty together in the same car.

However, celebrity relationships rarely go as planned, and when Jenner and Lopez began dating, many assumed it would be temporary. Despite that, she continues to see the Puerto Rican rapper regularly and her feelings for him have grown stronger as they spend more time together.

According to Us Weekly, they're still "not officially together," but they are seeing each other regularly and getting to know one another better. It remains uncertain how long their relationship will last, but it appears they are taking things slow with hopes of something bigger in the future.

No doubt, Kendall and Bad Bunny are set for some thrilling upcoming adventures together. They have been seen double dating with Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber, and now it seems they may be getting cozy on horseback - sure to keep their fans on the edge of their seats!

They’re spotted leaving Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Oscars after-party together

If you're a fan of the model and Puerto Rican reggaeton singer, then you likely keep an eye on their latest romance rumors. Recently, several sightings of them together have made headlines; most recently they were seen leaving Beyonce and Jay-Z's Oscars after-party together on Sunday night.

TMZ reports that Jenner and Bad Bunny were seen leaving an event together, even getting into the same car! The couple has been known to get cozy on several occasions in the past, including when they were seen leaving a restaurant together last month.

The 28-year-old rapper and 27-year-old model were said to have met when they both moved from New York in February. They got acquainted through mutual friends, and have since been seen at several public outings together, according to People magazine.

Kendall donned a gold-and-black Jean Paul Gaultier gown for the Vanity Fair Oscars party on Sunday night, changing into more of a casual ensemble when heading to an afterparty hosted by Beyonce and Jay-Z. For this event, Kendall donned a black faux fur coat as well as dark pants; concealing her face from paparazzi as she made her way out with Bad Bunny.

On Monday morning, Kendall and Bad Bunny further fuelled rumors of a new relationship when they left Beyonce and Jay-Z's afterparty at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood together. As they boarded their Maybach together, both hid their faces.

But the daring couple did get in front of the camera for some photos as they exited the venue together. Both dressed in black, the rapper was sitting in the back while his model companion was at the front.

At both the Oscars afterparty and Vanity Fair party, neither couple made any statement regarding their relationship status. While it could be that they are still dating each other, it appears more likely that they are simply good friends.

They’re spotted leaving a club together

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny have been seen leaving a club together, reigniting dating speculation that they are an item. The 27-year-old model and 28-year-old rapper were seen at Bird Streets Club in West Hollywood, California late Sunday evening. While trying to hide their heads from paparazzi photographers, the duo was seen getting into the same car together - likely trying to keep their romance out of the public eye.

Celebrity gossip site DeuxMoi reported earlier this month that the model and singer "La Jumpa" had been photographed making out at a Los Angeles club. Though details about their relationship were sparse, their presence at the event and the fact they left together in the same car caused widespread internet outrage.

Rumors began to circulate that Jenner and Bunny have been seen out and about on multiple dates. They were seen horseback riding together at an equestrian center, as well as going ice skating together.

In early March, Jenner and Bunny were photographed kissing at Los Angeles restaurant Sushi Fumi. According to Us Weekly, the couple were "openly kissing" and showing signs of affection during their dates.

Following their recent string of dates, Jenner and Bad Bunny have been seen leaving a club together and displaying intense flirtatious body language. In one photo, Jenner could be seen wrapping her hands around Bad Bunny's neck as they left the restaurant.

Days earlier, TMZ reported they were out on a double date with Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber; however, the couple left separately after dinner. Jenner was photographed leaving through the front door while Bunny followed shortly behind through the back entrance.

Rumors of an affair between the couple began swirling in February when gossip website DeuxMoi reported they'd been seen kissing at a Los Angeles nightclub. According to TMZ's pictures published that evening, they were seen making out and even touching bodies in the carpark after their dinner date.

They’re spotted leaving a restaurant together

Rumors swirl about Kendall Jenner and Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny this year, with multiple sightings of them together since January 1. Most recently, they were seen enjoying sushi together in March.

Kendall and Bad Bunny got romantic during a stroll around the restaurant in Los Angeles. Pictures taken with them showing off their arms around each other created the illusion that they were kissing.

According to a source, the couple are now spending time together and "feel very comfortable" with one another. They were introduced by friends and have been hanging out recently.

Rumors about their relationship began earlier this month when gossip site Deux Moi reported an unnamed source had seen them kissing in a Los Angeles club. Soon after, papa shots of them were taken of them at various places such as private clubs, friends' homes and even hanging out with members of Justin Bieber-Baldwin's family.

However, the speculation escalated when fans noticed Devin Booker, Kendall's longtime boyfriend, had unfollowed her on Instagram. Booker is an NBA All-Star point guard for the Phoenix Suns who split from Jenner last year.

Though he hasn't given up on the model yet, it appears she has been set free by her recent romance with Bad Bunny!

Following their appearance together in February, TMZ reported the couple was photographed leaving Wally's restaurant on Valentine's Day. It remains uncertain if they were on a double date with Justin and Hailey Bieber; however, each left through separate exits.

According to People magazine, Jenner and Bad Bunny have been "hanging out" after being "introduced by friends." The couple moved to L.A. a few weeks ago and are having "fun."

Though they've only been together a couple of months, it's evident that the two are much closer than many fans may think. They seem to be getting comfortable with one another and seem genuinely enjoying being in a relationship for the first time in their lives.

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