Australian News Live - Malcolm Turnbull to Be Questioned by the Robodebt Royal Co

Australian News Live - Malcolm Turnbull to Be Questioned by the Robodebt Royal Co


Australian news live: Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will be quizzed by the robodebt royal co. this week throughout the course of his examination on the government's illegal scheme.

The royal commission hearings are taking place in Canberra. You can watch the action live on SBS World News Bulletin each day at 6:30 PM AEST.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will be questioned by the robodebt royal co.

The robodebt royal co has launched an investigation and plans to invite government officials as well as former ministers. They will examine how the Australian government allowed a controversial debt collection scheme to remain undetected for five years, despite repeated warnings it violated laws.

The royal commission will also inquire why a report by the Commonwealth Watchdog into Centrelink debt recovery program failed to raise any legal concerns about its legality. The government maintained that they were given an "effective co-writing" opportunity of the report.

On Monday, it was revealed that a Commonwealth ombudsman's official had written to the Department of Human Services asking for "initial comments, points of clarification or feedback" on an early 2017 draft investigation report regarding Centrelink debt recovery program. Now, the royal commission will examine whether government had knowledge of its legality but failed to take any steps to prevent it.

One of the most egregious aspects of the robodebt scandal was that Australians were allowed to pay back their debts at fractions of what they owed, leading thousands of people back into debt. It's an issue which continues to plague our nation and is now at the center of Labor Party's election campaign.

According to political opponents, Turnbull is likely going to be investigated by the royal commission. This inquiry will uncover how he permitted this scheme to continue for so long despite knowing it was illegal and how he responded when informed, according to those opposed to his government.

The Robodebt Royal Commission is an influential, independent inquiry that will hold hearings and investigate how the federal government allowed a debt collection scheme to run for five years despite warnings it was illegal. It marks an historic moment as this will be the first time ever that a royal commission has examined such an extensive social welfare program.

Participants in the inquiry into the robodebt scheme can share their stories and have their voices heard. Furthermore, the royal commission will decide who should be held responsible for this scandal that caused more than 400,000 victims to incur illegal debts.

A cyclone barreled through Vanuatu

Vanuatu, a small island nation in the South Pacific, has been struck by an extreme cyclone. On Monday morning, it is believed to have devastated Vanuatu's northern islands with its powerful winds.

Cyclone Harold made landfall on Vanuatu as a Category 5 storm, damaging trees and buildings across the north. As it moved eastward toward Espiritu Santo on Monday night, it became the second major cyclone to make landfall there in five years.

Authorities reported that thousands of people fled their homes and sought shelter in emergency shelters as the cyclone continued its path through the country, while others barricaded themselves inside. Schools and businesses were closed, while airlines cancelled flights.

As the cyclone continued to batter the island nation, rescue agencies mobilized to provide aid. A team from Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) sent food, water, blankets, tarpaulins to Port Vila and nearby islands in an effort to provide food security.

Since 2008, CARE International has been aiding disaster-stricken Vanuatu. According to Charlie Damon from their Port Vila office, they have been working with the country's emergency services to evacuate vulnerable communities and establish shelters.

Though the death toll from Pam has been low, the cyclone caused extensive destruction. It was the strongest cyclone to hit Vanuatu in its history and a severe weather event for the region.

According to government reports, at least six people died as a result of the cyclone. However, due to widespread destruction and lack of accurate data, it was difficult to ascertain an exact death toll.

Many villages affected by the cyclone have been completely devastated, with many people now living in makeshift shelters. Some affected have taken to social media platforms to share pictures of their destroyed homes and solicit donations for rebuilding efforts.

Though aid has been delivered to some of Vanuatu's most devastated islands, some remain cut off. The country is still recovering from Pam, the worst storm ever to strike Vanuatu. A new cyclone is forecast for landfall soon and could cause even further destruction.

New Zealand citizen Bryce Barker will finally return to Australia

After spending the past week being held captive by an armed gang in Papua New Guinea's remote Highlands region, New Zealand citizen Bryce Barker will finally make it back home to Australia. After intense negotiations and a complex security operation, the archaeologist was freed on Sunday after weeks of negotiations.

Last weekend, a professor employed by the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) was kidnapped along with two Papua New Guinea nationals by an armed group from Hela Province who demanded ransom for their release. Their release brings to an end days of negotiations and an intricate security operation involving Papua New Guinea police and defence personnel in coordination with Australian and New Zealand governments.

According to Reuters, the research team was working in Fogoma'iu Village near Hela and Southern Highlands provinces when they were taken captive by the gang on February 19.

Their decision to take them hostage near Mount Bosavi was an act of spontaneity by their captors, who had earlier been shot during an encounter with security guards at a logging site. At first, they demanded 3.5 million Kina but eventually accepted 100,000 Kina as compensation for any injuries sustained.

Once the researchers had been relocated to an area with mobile phone coverage, they began negotiations with their captors. Unfortunately, efforts to contact them were foiled when the satellite phone battery died.

USQ vice-chancellor Geraldine Mackenzie expressed her relief that Barker had been released. She described him as an esteemed archaeologist and valued colleague with many years of expertise in the field.

Marape revealed the trio had been released following a "covert operation" involving PNG police and defence personnel, in consultation with Australian and New Zealand governments. Although clearly traumatised after their ordeal, Marape noted they appeared physically undamaged.

Australia’s top intelligence official has purged a number of “highly trained” spies

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) has reported a counter-espionage victory, in the form of an interrupted spy hive. This consisted of operatives using cover identities, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

This network was composed of diplomats and other foreign operatives, including some posing as Chinese officials. ASIO's chief operative Mike Burgess gave a detailed account of the operation during a speech to China's senators.

There is more to this story than meets the eye. A key aspect of this operation was being able to track a large number of targets using advanced technology, which enabled identification both of spies who are now being removed from Australia's system and their handlers.

This operation served as a model of multi-agency collaboration, particularly the National Counterintelligence Working Group (NCIWG), which brings together more than 45 intelligence agencies and law enforcement personnel to discuss counterespionage policies and practices.

One of the most significant aspects of this operation was its capacity to track an individual's movements using satellite technology - an unobservable means of data collection that cannot be seen by ordinary eyes, making it virtually impossible to detect without special training or equipment.

However, it is essential to remember that China poses a much greater danger than many people realize. Their espionage has significantly impaired US capabilities in aerospace technology and the capacity to project military force internationally.

Hot Dog Fingers and a Sex Toy Trophy For Everything Everywhere All At Once

This awards season, A24 film Everything Everywhere All At Once made an unexpected impact. It cleverly blends absurdist humor with an emotional core for a heartwarming story that promises to fill you with warmth and comfort inside.

This surreal, psychedelic science-fiction comedy follows a Chinese-American laundromat owner who can jump between universes. It's unlike anything you've seen in Hollywood and also a heartwarming story about family and the power of love.

Hot Dog Fingers

In Everything Everywhere All At Once, The Daniels' groundbreaking film, one alternate universe features everyone with long, rubbery hot dog fingers. That's no joke - so much so that A24, the studio behind the movie, has now released hot dog finger gloves as a tribute to this hilarious moment.

These gloves are officially merch from the studio and can be purchased online for $36. They even come in a package inspired by Oscar Mayer packaging!

Michelle Yeoh, who plays Evelyn Wang in Everything Everywhere All At Once, recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about her opinion of that bizarre alternate universe. She enjoys how it makes her laugh and now owns a pair of Hot Dog Finger Gloves thanks to A24.

There's plenty of exciting tie-in merchandise being released for Everything Everywhere All At Once, but none quite compare to those iconic hot dog fingers! They serve as both fashion inspiration and now you can purchase your own pair of gloves that perfectly replicate those iconic fingers!

But it's not just a joke. Biology professor and Everything Everywhere All At Once expert Thomas Ries suggests the hot dog finger might actually be an evolved part of humans' anatomy.

He notes that natural selection would favor this kind of evolution, and the wobbliness of these fingers could become appealing to a partner as it indicates they had less blood loss. This way, they could develop greater sensitivity to touch - an invaluable skill during courtship.

Hot dog fingers might even have served as a way for humans to express their social status during early sexual interactions. Furthermore, they would serve as an indication of strength and endurance - traits which might attract potential partners.

The hot dog fingers may have evolved as part of the human body due to a biological process known as asymmetrical growth. This causes fingers to grow in circular patterns instead of straight from the palm of your hand.

Sex-Toy Trophy Fetch

A24 and Joya Candle have collaborated to create a range of movie-themed props, from Hot Dog Fingers lunchbox to the tassel bling tassel that doubles as a sex toy trophy. While the latter is the more entertaining choice, seeing one up close was an awe inspiring sight - something I hadn't even considered until seeing it up close.

The sex toy trophy is truly impressive, especially when displayed proudly on your mantelpiece. If you're feeling generous, why not treat yourself to an exclusive one-of-a kind sex toy trophy bottle of champagne?

The Jobu Tupaki

Jobu Tupaki is Evelyn's daughter, whose mind was fractured after Alpha-Evelyn forced her into verse-jumping in the Alphaverse. It can be a dangerous way for people to access their parallel universe selves' skillsets, memories and bodies - pulling people away from their own grounded reality. Jobu serves as an ally and antagonist throughout the film as Evelyn must battle against her throughout its course.

In one universe, she's a master of Kung fu and an international movie star; in another universe, she's just a frustrated laundromat owner searching for direction.

Evelyn realizes she is facing off against not just Jobu but her own doppelganger's consciousness, too - not only against Jobu but her mother too, who is trying to save Evelyn from Jobu Tupaki's interdimensional chaos.

Evelyn is fighting multiple versions of herself, while Jobu Tupaki (Stephanie Hsu) is in her other world. There, she uses verse-jumping to communicate with other multiverse selves through Jobu Tupaki's ability. Unfortunately, Jobu Tupaki wants to use these abilities against Joy (Stephanie Hsu), Evelyn's daughter and best friend.

Evelyn and Jobu Tupaki square off in a dress made up of remnants from her multiple verse-jumping personas, plus an outfit featuring an Elvis jumpsuit and hot dog fingers as nods to her affinity for hamburgers.

Kurata says her design team of stylists worked to achieve this look, drawing inspiration from various sources such as Korean pop stars and her own fashion expertise.

She then turned to BCalla, creating an explosive display of plush spikes and acid-green feathers reminiscent of Jobu's alter ego Joy. Additionally, there is an eye-catching headpiece featuring Jobu's name as a nod to his ever-present consciousness.

Jobu's clothes are an integral part of her character's omnipotent multiverse-hopping personality, and she uses them to terrorize Evelyn throughout the film. Her stylish ensemble is one of the film's most memorable elements, making her a standout in 2023 Oscar nominee's ensemble.

Final Thoughts

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