@BTS Member Jimin Releases 'Set Me Free Pt 2' Official Teaser

@BTS Member Jimin Releases 'Set Me Free Pt 2' Official Teaser


 Jimin Set Me Free Pt2 Official Teaser

BTS member Jimin has just released an official teaser for his debut solo music video. The clip, for the pre-release track 'Set Me Free Pt. 2', shows him dancing and exuding charisma.

This song is from his forthcoming album, FACE, due out later this month. Check out the music video for it below!

HYBE Labels Releases Official Teaser for Jimin’s ‘Set Me Free Pt. 2’

As March approaches and K-pop prepares to heat up with the release of several new albums, HYBE Labels is gearing up to release the official teaser for Jimin's forthcoming pre-release track "Set Me Free Pt. 2."

This music video serves as a preview for Jimin's upcoming debut album FACE, due out March 24. As the third member of BTS to go solo, Jimin will be releasing an impressive collection of songs that showcase his skills as both an artist and dancer.

Jimin will be joined by a group of dancers in the upcoming music video for "Love Machine". Dressed in gray uniformed tracksuits, Jimin leads them with an authoritative stance as they move through the crowd.

The dancing in this video is intense and exudes energy. Jimin's charismatic dance skills, often featured in their hit singles, are also on full display here.

Jimin may not have as large of a fan base as other members of BTS, but his voice has managed to carve its own place in K-pop history. His ethereal vocals and captivating visuals have earned him widespread admiration among K-pop enthusiasts worldwide.

Jimin was recently honored as a Global House Ambassador for Tiffany and Co., an incredible honor for any Korean artist. The brand noted his unique style and worldwide appeal as making him ideal for this role.

Jimin's upcoming album will include six tracks written by renowned musicians such as RM, GHSTLOOP, EVAN, Supreme boy and BLVSH. This marks a continuation of his solo music career which began back in 2016.

His debut song was "Lie," released in 2016 as part of BTS' Wings album. This dark and brooding piece explored the toxic side of love.

Since then, Jimin has released numerous solo tracks and collaborated with other musicians in the industry such as Taeyang and SM Entertainment rappers RM and Pdogg.

Jimin’s ‘Set Me Free Pt. 2’ Teaser Teases His Charisma

As one might expect, BTS member Jimin has a lot on his plate in regards to his upcoming solo album FACE. Yet he managed to find time for several high profile promotions and events this past month, including pre-release releases of his newest song and video, an extravagant music show at Seoul National University on March 17, as well as the premiere of "Set Me Free Pt. 2," which will be available in full on HYBE's official YouTube channel. All in all, this marks an exciting milestone in the long-storied history of an international superstar!

One of the most captivating aspects of this campaign is the teaser video which has spawned numerous fan videos and memes. This has already led to an announcement for a new BTS tour as well as an exciting reunion with RM, who is currently serving his mandatory military service. Furthermore, Jimin is hard at work writing and recording his own album; we eagerly await to see when he finally makes his highly anticipated debut!

Jimin’s ‘Set Me Free Pt. 2’ Teaser Showcases His Dancing Skills

Jimin is renowned for his captivating dance moves. He also holds himself to be a hard worker, spending endless hours perfecting performances. This dedication to perfection shows in everything he does - which is why fans always praise his work so highly.

Jimin enjoys taking time off from music to pursue other interests. From traveling and exercising, his variety of hobbies keeps him occupied when not performing onstage.

The singer frequently donates to charity, and in July 2020 donated 100 million Korean won to the Jeonnam Future Education Foundation in order to establish a scholarship fund for talented but financially struggling students from his hometown. Furthermore, he has volunteered at Busan Hodong Elementary School by providing summer and winter uniforms since 2016.

Jimin has earned acclaim for his delicate vocals, earning him two consecutive rankings as one of Gallup Korea's most popular idols.

He is renowned for his impressive dancing skills and was named one of the top K-pop dancers in 2018. Critics around the globe have praised his smooth movements and refined style.

Jimin has recorded numerous songs featuring dance breaks throughout his career. These include Run BTS, Fire, MIC Drop, Dynamite, Idol, No More Dream and We Are Bulletproof Pt 2.

Jimin covered American singer Charlie Puth's "We Don't Talk Anymore" with Jung Kook in 2017, offering it as a special gift to their fans on June 2. This duet featured both men working together on the cover.

Though not universally praised, Teen Vogue did give the song some recognition and noted its vocal performance: it "doesn't sound too different from the original."

Jimin has previously collaborated with Taeyang on a song entitled Vibe. This collaboration proved popular among both fans and non-fans alike, earning it widespread recognition.

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