Ashton Kutcher Wants to Apologize to Harry Styles

Ashton Kutcher Wants to Apologize to Harry Styles


Ashton Kutcher Wants to Apologize to Harry Styles

Ashton Kutcher wants to apologise to Harry Styles for making an embarrassing error at a karaoke party. According to Esquire magazine's interview, the star failed to recognize One Direction singer during their initial encounter.

At their A-list neighbor's karaoke party, actor and wife Mila Kunis ran into Styles. Both were thoroughly impressed with his performance and complimented him without knowing who he was.

What Happened?

Ashton Kutcher knows how to treat his guests like royalty when it comes to cocktails, dinner and a night on the town. But when it comes to his office and their nifty folios, the actor is known for being somewhat of a slacker. So when his colleague asks him to put on some suit on regular basis...well...all hell breaks loose! No wonder then that the big hunk of Hollywood hasn't seen his wife in some time - and this refocus has resulted in both of them feeling happier, sane households, greater productivity levels as well as gratitude and sprinkles of pixie dust everywhere they go! It's amazing that they don't find themselves with more trophies than they can handle!

Ashton Kutcher’s Mistake

Ashton Kutcher wants to apologize to Harry Styles after admitting he didn't recognize the pop star when they first met. In an exclusive interview with Esquire magazine, Kutcher recounted how he and Mila Kunis had no idea who Harry was when they attended a karaoke party hosted by their A-list neighbor.

At a party recently, an actor and his wife were in attendance when they heard a guest perform an ABBA song. They were so impressed that they went over to tell the singer how good she had done.

As they returned to their table, they recognized the singer as none other than Harry Styles! The former One Direction member has become an international sensation with his own TV show and tour where he performs classic ABBA hits.

Kutcher revealed in an interview with Esquire that when he and Kunis attended the party, they didn't know who the boy was; instead, they assumed he was an accomplished karaoke singer. In the video below, Kutcher confesses to feeling foolish for labeling Styles a "karaoke singer" when in reality he's an experienced professional musician.

He stressed the importance of taking time to explain his error and apologize to Styles. After all, this is a major deal and he didn't want to do anything that would cause harm to the singer.

Kutcher decided to share his story with Styles in an Esquire article that will be published on Tuesday. In the interview, he recounts a hilarious tale about being at a party hosted by their neighbor when they were shocked to see an ABBA song being performed by an unknown guest.

On their return to their table, they were shocked to realize the singer was none other than Harry Styles! A former boy band member now famous worldwide, it had been an awkward situation for the actor and he wanted to make amends by telling Styles how good he had done.

Ashton Kutcher Wants to Apologize

Harry Styles has issued an apology for an incident that occurred while they both attended a karaoke party. At first glance, 44-year-old had no idea who Styles was and made some embarassing comments.

Kutcher recently explained to Esquire that he and Mila Kunis live next door to an "extraordinarily well-known singer," who is "arguably the best singer today." Together they attended a karaoke party where Styles introduced himself to them.

According to an interview, the actor had never heard of Styles before meeting him, but was so inspired by him that he went up and said, "You can do it!" He also suggested he could sing professionally for a living; however, due to awkwardness he never shared too much information about his career with Styles.

Kutcher struggled with how best to address the situation, but ultimately decided that it was time for him to apologize to Styles. After all, he didn't want another celebrity feeling bad about their mistakes, and knew Styles would appreciate his effort in reaching out.

Ashton Kutcher was clearly embarrassed by his mistake and wanted to ensure that it never happened again. As an accomplished actor and producer, he is best known for his role as Jim on the sitcom Two and a Half Men.

He is an entrepreneur and owns multiple businesses, such as Katalyst, a digital marketing agency. Additionally, he founded the Demi and Ashton Foundation - a nonprofit organization dedicated to combatting child sex slavery worldwide.

The actor is still actively engaged with his career, but has recently undergone some significant life changes. He became a father and is beginning a new company with his wife.

In his most recent interview with Esquire, the Your Place or Mine star revealed that he and his wife were attending a karaoke party at their neighbor's home when Harry Styles made an appearance. The former One Direction member performed an ABBA song for them and left them completely mesmerized by his performance.

Ashton Kutcher’s Response

Harry Styles is one of the world's most beloved singers. He rose to fame while part of One Direction and has since embarked on an incredible solo career that's earned him six Grammy nominations this year, including Album of the Year and Song of the Year.

Recently, Ashton Kutcher revealed to Esquire his awkward experience with pop star Mila Kunis. He explained in the magazine's Explain This episode how they were invited to a karaoke party hosted by their neighbor where they got to watch the singer perform.

The 44-year-old actor revealed that he and his wife were greatly moved by the singer's voice, so they went up to give their compliments - unaware that it was actually Styles singing.

Ashton Kutcher apologized to aspiring singer Harry Styles despite not knowing who he was. He felt like an arrogant jerk and hadn't met Styles before.

The former "MTV: Punk'd" host is well known for his sincerity and humility, so his apology serves as yet another demonstration of how much he cares about his fans. He even took to social media to share a video of himself talking about the embarrassing moment with Styles, prompting many online to react in kind.

Kutcher shared that he and his wife have since gotten to know Styles well, with them even being invited to sing at a karaoke event together.

When Styles was younger, he never imagined himself becoming a music star. Yet his incredible voice has allowed him to achieve great success - so much so that he has been nominated for six 2023 Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year and Song of Year.

Kutcher has long had a fondness for singer Alicia Styles, as evidenced by his new book You Don't Need a Million Dollars to Be a Hit: The Unwritten Rules for Success as a Singer (available on Amazon).

Kutcher may have missed Styles when he first appeared, but he is a huge admirer of his musical talent. He hopes the Grammy winner continues to make progress in his career and cannot wait for him to perform at this weekend's Grammys.

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