Arizona Wildcats Tickets - McKale Center Madness

Arizona Wildcats Tickets - McKale Center Madness


McKale Center madness Arizona Wildcats  men and women  host rare home

Arizona Wildcats basketball program has earned a well-earned reputation for being one of the nation's premier programs, and don't miss your opportunity to catch them live this season by purchasing Arizona Wildcats tickets from Vivid Seats today!

McKale Center is a prominent arena on the University of Arizona campus, hosting men's and women's basketball, volleyball, gymnastics - making it a popular destination among students as well as local fans.

Men’s Basketball

Arizona Wildcats men's and women's basketball teams rarely host back-to-back games at McKale Center, making it an event to remember for fans of both programs - an occurrence almost never seen at any college basketball venue.

Fans who enjoy watching high-level, competitive sports like college basketball in a major arena will never forget the feeling of euphoria that comes from attending a McKale Center game. Something about being there makes everyone feel at peace with themselves and with the world.

McKale Center at the University of Arizona is one of basketball's premier venues and opened in 1973 - home to their athletic teams ever since.

Recently, the arena has undergone several renovations. The initial major project was completed in 2014 and included a new HD video scoreboard, improved seating, a renovated locker room area and expanded restrooms and concessions.

McKale Center may not be one of the newest or most modern arenas, but it still provides plenty of entertainment to those who come to watch a game. The expansive space includes an expansive concourse where fans can socialize and catch up with friends while waiting for their game to start.

McKale Center offers an unbeatable view of the action from any seat, whether it's the main arena or one of its many slanted suites. The arena is spotless and well maintained, providing fans with plenty to do while they wait for their game to start.

McKale Center games offer several ticket options, such as single-game tickets and mini plans. Season tickets also provide access to additional games throughout the year. No matter if you're rooting for men's or women's team, there's sure to be a McKale Center game you can attend during your stay in Tucson!

McKale Center's student section, commonly referred to as the Zona Zoo, is always a popular spot to watch a game. Situated in the north stands, this section is packed with fans who line up before each game to secure a seat and shout various chants and cheers throughout the contest.

McKale Center's Zona Zoo and large pep band and cheerleaders add to the vibrant atmosphere during basketball games. The band plays various chants throughout the match, and sometimes breaks into songs during halftime.

Before the game, the Pride of Arizona pep band divides into four sections on each side of the arena and plays a song called Bear Down Arizona for good luck.

Fans stand in a section and clap along with the music. They also shout "Hello!" to students and coach Tommy Lloyd, who responds with an enthusiastic wave.

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