Arin and Dan Finally Smash Sonic '06

Arin and Dan Finally Smash Sonic '06


Arin and Dan finally smash

Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson are the hosts of YouTube comedy show Game Grumps, which boasts five million subscribers. Not only do they deliver laughs with ease, but they're also genuinely kind people.

In this episode, they play some Intellivision games and find they're actually quite enjoyable! So much so, that they want to play them again soon!

1. Arin is a weretiger

Weretigers are lycanthropes - humans infected with a supernatural virus that grants them the appearance and power of one particular animal species. While they're commonly featured in paranormal romance genres and role playing games, we rarely see them featured on screen in Western media.

Charlene Harris' Midnight series states that weretigers are "born, not turned."28 However, that doesn't guarantee they won't transform on the full moon or become sick from silver. Weretiger mythology provides many captivating stories, and some can be found in U.S. media such as two TV shows.

There are two primary strains of weretiger lycanthropy. One is self-made and thought to be caused by obsession, love or negative behavior; the other results from genetic mutation.

The most widespread strain is genetically inherited tiger lycanthropy. It is considered a sin to grant this form of power to someone unworthy; thus, weretiger clans have strict regulations against allowing their tigers outside their group.

They're also a matriarchal society, with each clan led by a woman/queen. In the United States alone, there are five weretiger clans.

Unlike some lycanthrope societies, weretiger clans don't have a rigid hierarchy. Members of the clan have the freedom to choose who they marry; however they are not permitted to impose marriages upon others.

Some weretiger clans are matriarchal, while others more patriarchal. Regardless, all share an interest in preserving their culture and traditions.

A weretiger can transform into a humanoid or hybrid and attack like one, using two claw attacks as well as the bite attack. They may pounce and make one bite attack too, if they move at least 15 feet toward another creature and hit them with their claw attack on the same turn, that target must succeed on a DC 14 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone.

Weretigers can transform into tiger shape, but they must have at least one tiger ancestor to do this. An ancient weretiger prophecy states that a vampire capable of controlling weretigers will ultimately eliminate both their Father and Mother - the Father of Tigers and Mother of All Darkness.

2. Arin is a guardian angel

A guardian angel is a supernatural being that protects and guides people towards the Kingdom of Heaven. According to the Bible, God has placed guardian angels in each human's life as part of our spiritual family.

Though not everyone is blessed with an actual guardian angel, most people do. Some find comfort in having a guardian angel by helping them through difficult times or simply making them feel loved.

The great thing about having a guardian angel is that you can access them whenever and wherever you need them. For instance, they could help with homework or provide extra encouragement during trying times.

Another advantage of having a guardian angel is that they can keep track of your activities and alert you when something goes awry, which is invaluable when trying to avoid trouble. They may even assist in finding ways out of difficult circumstances like burning buildings or attacks by enemies.

Finally, one of the greatest advantages to having a guardian angel is that they can give you gifts. Additionally, knowing that no matter how hard you try, they will always be there for you is an uplifting feeling.

Testifying that your guardian angel is real is by noting their good deeds for you. If they're making life simpler for you, don't forget to thank them!

3. Arin is a wizard

Have you been following The Game Grumps lately, then you may recall Arin Hanson bringing back some of his childhood magic by playing Magic: The Gathering online. Thanks to a Wizards of the Coast sponsor, he's taken to Magic: The Gathering: Arena - an online interface for tabletop Magic - with co-host Danny Avidan.

Wizards of the Coast had been inviting them to try out Magic: The Gathering in the past, but never actually played it until an email arrived from Wizards asking them to. So it worked!

They even started getting competitive, which was quite enjoyable. Plus, it brought back some of their nostalgia memories for them.

The Grumps also got to try their skills at video gaming. Specifically, they played Duck Wizard - an NES title that allows you to transform into a duck and attack enemies with it. It was quite unique but plenty of fun nonetheless!

During their time playing the game, they managed to eat some of Duck Wizard's minions. This sparked some interesting discussions regarding the morals and ethics of playing a video game.

After they defeated the Duck Wizard, they continued playing the game - but this time with an entirely new twist.

At the bottom of the screen, Dan noticed that the game's main character, the Duck Wizard, had the same pooped-out expression as him! What made the experience even more entertaining was getting to watch his minions fall through his robes and attack them!

His appearance was unsettling, made even more so by his duck-stoma robe. Additionally, it appeared as though his long arms were waving him down.

He had always been a big fan of the game, so when he saw his friends playing it on YouTube, he decided to give it a shot himself. While they may not be experts at it yet, they love playing it - so that was an added bonus for them!

4. Arin is a grump

After playing through Sonic '06 for some time, Arin finally snaps and gets in a rage. His frustration stems from not being able to beat Sonic without him; it's an absolutely hilarious moment that will still have you laughing years later - especially if you're a fan of Game Grumps!

Danny and Arin had never experienced such intense anger before. At first, they tried to remain calm but soon realized the intensity was getting too much for them to contain. That's when Danny started laughing - that's when both of them burst into laughter.

The moment was so hilarious that it quickly faded away, yet it remains one of the greatest Game Grumps moments to watch today. It's one of their most iconic plays and also one of their most dramatic ones.

Dan was amazed when Arin sneezed into his face during this video. When asked why, Arin replied with "It's a good sneeze!"

Later in Sonic '06, Arin experiences an itching sensation but ignores it. Unfortunately, he starts feeling it more and more until he sneezes into Dan's face and receives his blessing: "Bless you!"

This moment is one of the iconic Game Grumps moments, and it's incredibly funny to watch today. It's so incredibly random that it can be difficult to believe how much luck goes into it; especially considering that all 4 times Danny spins, he loses a turn! This also makes this moment funnier than other GRUMS moments since its likelihood is much greater - that something like this will happen so often!

In the episode 'Ninjabread Man,' Arin and Danny had an amusing discussion about a club they used to join that featured male genitals. When they learned it was actually gay-run, both of them were shocked and couldn't stop laughing at each other's reactions.

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