Are Nelly And Ashanti Getting Back Together?

Are Nelly And Ashanti Getting Back Together?


Are Nelly And Ashanti Getting Back Together

After a decade of being an item, the "Foolish" singer and the "Country Grammar" rapper have parted ways. However, now there are reconciliation rumors afoot once more.

Ja Rule and Fat Joe made their return to the stage for the first time in years during Ja Rule and Fat Joe's Verzuz battle, sending social media into a frenzy with their flirtatious performance.

They Reunited For A Performance At The Verzuz Concert

Nelly And Ashanti recently reunited for a performance at the Verzuz Concert, leaving fans of both artists amazed by their onstage chemistry. Since they split in 2014, many had been hoping that they'd get back together again.

Nelly and Ashanti's relationship made headlines after they parted ways, but it appears the two have finally found a way to make things work again. Onstage together at Fat Joe and Ja Rule's Verzuz battle on Sept. 14, 2021, both appeared to be in high spirits.

Ashanti and Nelly had been romantically involved for over a decade, leading many to speculate why they ended their relationship. In 2015, Ashanti even hinted at why she and Nelly broke up on The Meredith Vieira Show.

Despite their breakup, they remain close friends. In fact, they even performed a song together!

The singers were featured on an ongoing vlog about their lives, and are currently working on a project called RSVP.

They formed a supergroup with Ray J, Bobby V, Sammie and Pleasure P. Their music is R-rated and seductively infused, and they plan on releasing it soon.

On March 20, 2021, Triller launched Verzuz, a webcast series featuring battles between musicians from different genres of music. This live video stream and webcast series airs on the Verzuz TV app.

Each episode showcases two artists, who compete against each other in a 20-round Verzuz challenge. These challenges can be streamed live on social media platforms like Instagram or Apple Music in split screen style.

Some of the episodes feature artists like Raekwon vs Ghostface Killah, Mario vs Omarion, Brandy vs Monica and Erykah Badu vs Jill Scott. Plus they host a live concert that includes some of these participants.

In between battles, they also host a live concert featuring all of the participants. Filmed in a theater, it featured pictures of their childhoods with an iconic backdrop: a basketball court surrounded by woven wire fences.

They Talk About Their Relationship On Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Ashanti discussed her relationship with Nelly. The renowned singer and actress answered several questions from viewers regarding their current status with their former rapper boyfriend.

After two and a half decades of dating, Nelly and Ashanti remain friends. Recently, the singer gave Nelly a hug during her appearance at 2021 Verzuz battle between Fat Joe and Ja Rule, as reported by Essence. This reunion provided fans with assurance that Nelly and Hot in Here had not broken up again.

However, she also said they weren't dating and don't intend to restart their relationship any time soon. Additionally, she is too busy with work to dedicate any attention towards personal matters at present.

On a call-in to the show, a fan asked if Nelly and Ashanti could possibly get back together. One caller even expressed her hope that they will end up like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck who married after years apart.

For years, Nelly and Ashanti have been romantically involved, yet have kept their relationship private. Though Ashanti has maintained a close relationship with Nelly since their split, she has never publicly discussed what caused their dissolution or why.

Recently, fans have been eagerly awaiting news of a romantic reunion between them. At their concert together in April, she and her former rapper boyfriend delivered an electric performance of their 2008 hit "Body On Me."

Viewers were intrigued when the two shook their tail feathers during the song, leading some to speculate that they might be ready for a rekindled relationship. It appears they may have found an answer in the next few weeks!

Hollywood Life reports that two fans reached out to Ashanti via video call to inquire about the possibility of her and Nelly getting back together. They asked what her reaction was to their sultry performance, as well as whether or not she thought their romance had any potential for renewal.

They’re Still Friends

If you're a fan of R&B music, Nelly And Ashanti are likely familiar to you as one of the hottest power couples in the industry. Their songs "Country Grammar" and "Foolish" helped propel them to stardom during the early 2000s.

Once the singers made their mark, it became evident that they were more than just friends. Dating for over a decade, they kept their relationship out of the public eye while hanging out often and even posed for photos together (2009's "Body On Me")

Nelly and Ashanti broke up in 2013, leaving fans to wonder if they would ever reunite. Since then, the duo has remained friends while leading separate romantic lives apart from one another.

At Verzuz concert in September 2021, Nelly and Ashanti reunited for the first time in years. It was an iconic moment that captivated social media. As they shared a hug, many fans had high hopes that they would get back together again.

Nelly and Shantel Jackson remain close, but Nelly has recently moved on from Shantel Jackson and is dating Flo Rida. Unfortunately, it appears unlikely that the two will reunite anytime soon.

Since their breakup, the two haven't been seen together in public. Nonetheless, they remain close friends. When they reunited for a performance in December 2022, some fans noticed their onstage chemistry.

Rumors persist that Nelly and Ashanti are dating again, though neither party has confirmed this yet. She did post an Instagram photo with an unknown man in 2021 which led many to believe she was seeing him.

In December, Ashanti appeared on The Breakfast Club Show to discuss her plans to re-record her 2002 self-titled debut album. She explained that she was doing this because she wanted ownership over the masters for it.

Although she didn't mention Gotti by name, it remains uncertain if he is involved. Furthermore, she didn't discuss BET's upcoming Murder Inc. docuseries, leaving it unclear if she plans on bringing her ex-boyfriend back into the picture.

Nelly Says He’s Not Interested In Getting Back Together

For hip-hop and R&B fans in the early 2000s, Nelly and Ashanti were two of the hottest artists in the industry. Their music propelled them to stardom and they are considered one of hip-hop's most influential couples.

After Nelly's debut single, "Country Grammar," reached the top of the charts in June 2000 and Ashanti released her self-titled debut album two years later, they were able to break into the mainstream. Both rappers enjoyed tremendous success with their albums; Ashanti's songs such as "What's Luv?" and "Always on Time" even reached number one on Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Their career successes were well deserved; they received Grammy awards for their albums and cemented themselves as one of the most successful couples in music.

However, it appears their relationship is no longer as strong. Ashanti recently stated she's not interested in getting back together with her ex-husband.

Recently, the 42-year-old singer revealed her current dating situation to The Shade Room. While she remains friends with Nelly, she hasn't been feeling particularly romantic lately.

While they hadn't been seen together in years, Ashanti and Nelly recently reunited at Fat Joe and Ja Rule's Verzuz concert. During the concert, both gave each other hugs and appeared to be on cordial terms.

Fans have been wondering if Ashanti and Nelly could get back together since their separation in 2013. On Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Ashanti stated that while she and Nelly don't plan to reunite, their personal relationship has grown in a positive direction.

Ashanti's relationship with her former husband had been long and complicated, making it difficult to imagine finding love again after all of the heartbreak she has endured. Yet the singer isn't giving up hope.

Even though she may not be ready to reconcile with her former flame, she's still searching for someone new to spend the rest of her life with. In an Instagram Live session with Fat Joe and Ja Rule in 2021, she even admitted that she was dating a mysterious white man; however, no further details about him have been shared yet.

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