Angela Simmons and Yo Gotti - Fans Suspect There's Trouble Between Angela Simm and Bow Wow

Angela Simmons and Yo Gotti - Fans Suspect There's Trouble Between Angela Simm and Bow Wow


Gotti What You Do Bro Fans Suspect Theres Trouble Between Angela Simm

Angela Simmons and Yo Gotti appear to have a relationship, but fans are curious if there's anything amiss between the reality TV star and her rapper partner. A photo posted by Simmons this past Saturday has led some to make some assumptions.

The photo depicts the reality star in a pink-and-white outfit that emphasizes her hourglass figure. Additionally, its provocative caption suggests there may be more to their relationship than just platonic love.

Bow Wow and Angela Simm

Fans have begun to suspect there may be trouble between Angela Simm and Bow Wow. After all, they haven't been together in over 16 years and have a three-year-old son.

It's no secret that Simmons and Bow Wow had several relationships in the past, but none of them truly worked out. Despite their on-and-off again lifestyles, Simmons always maintained they are friends. In fact, she even went so far as to admit she still hopes for another relationship with Bow Wow someday--if she finds the right man.

On February 3, Simmons shared a photo of herself with the mysterious caption "Deep Thoughts," leading to speculation that she was trying to keep her feelings for Miller hidden. Later that day, however, Simmons retracts this tweet and denies having an intimate relationship with Miller.

Romeo Miller has been in a relationship with fellow rapper Bow Wow for some time, but their connection to Angela Simmons is more complicated. According to sources, they've been fighting over her on the show Growing Up Hip Hop and are engaged in an ongoing battle for her attention.

Rumors swirl that Romeo and Bow Wow may be involved in a love triangle. Although both Romeo and Bow Wow have stated their desire to spend time with Simmons, there has been reported evidence of them having some intimate moments together.

Moreover, the rumored love triangle between the two rappers has been a frequent topic of conversation on the show ever since they started dating. Yet despite their disagreement, both have remained kind to Simmons and have attempted to put their differences behind them.

They're both on tour with Bow Wow on his upcoming 2021 Millennium Tour, joining artists like Omarion, Yin Yang Twins, Ashanti and Soulja Boy for performances.

Recently, however, he hasn't exactly been on his best behavior. Last Friday night he reportedly had a breakdown on social media and announced he wouldn't be participating in the remaining leg of the tour. However, to everyone's surprise he got down on his knees and rapped to Angela Simmons at an Atlanta stop of the tour.

Bow Wow’s Instagram Post

When Bow Wow and Angela Simmons first started dating back in 2006, it was a very innocent relationship. At 19 years old, both had lots to learn about dating and relationships; but as adults they have evolved a great deal since then and now have a young child together.

Thus, it seems likely they are ready to settle down with one another and start a family. Additionally, this could lead to an extended relationship; however, as viewers of the reality show Growing Up Hip Hop know all too well, relationships can be messy and challenging.

Recently, there have been reports that Bow Wow and Tina have been struggling with personal issues. His social media account has been inundated with messages from worried fans who worry about their relationship.

Angela Simmons has been open about her admiration of Bow Wow on social media platforms. She posted a photo of the rapper with the message that he has made her feel extremely loved.

The rapper also responded to her post and expressed his joy for her. He continued by saying he is immensely proud of her and wishes her every success in life.

Though Simmons is undoubtedly busy, she still finds time for her friends. That is why it is no shock that she and Bow Wow have maintained a close friendship throughout the years.

In 2020, they revealed their feelings for one another on the show "GUHH." As Simmons has grown older, she has also established herself as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. She recently launched her own clothing line, hosts the popular podcast Growing Up Hip Hop, and is a renowned writer.

Rumors swirled that Simmons was dating Growing Up Hip Hop co-star Romeo, but she recently confirmed her new relationship with CMG Music boss Irv Gotti in a New Year's Eve post. According to Simmons, Gotti is her "rock" and the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Bow Wow’s TikTok Video

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Bow Wow’s Comment

Yesterday night, Bow Wow experienced an emotional meltdown prior to his Atlanta Millenium Tour stop. He informed fans he would not be performing, yet nonetheless went onstage and to everyone's utter surprise, brought Angela Simmons with him! As they stood in awe as Bow Wow got down on his knees and rapped for her in appreciation.

As you might expect, this has caused quite a stir on social media. Many are speculating that there may be trouble between them.

Kevin Hart, star of "Baby Mama," expressed his dissatisfaction about this situation on his Instagram page. In the clip, he and Bow Wow are seen discussing a role on Entourage that Bow Wow auditioned for.

Unbeknownst to Bow Wow, Kevin Hart was up for the same role! Instead he was competing for Charlie Williams on Entourage.

He was a guest on Kevin's podcast "Hart to Heart" this week and shared an experience from that audition room. While feeling nervous, Bow knew he'd make the cut - no doubt!

In the end, he did land the role of Charlie Williams - it was so significant that it even aired on HBO!

But the crisis began when Bow Wow posted a video about his stress in the music industry. The clip went viral, prompting an outcry from fans who wanted him to continue living a stress-free lifestyle.

After further investigation, it was revealed that Bow Wow's comments weren't the first time he had made sexualized trolling remarks. He previously targeted Nick Cannon with claims of having done oral sex on him in an effort to prove his legitimacy.

Fans and celebrities were outraged by Bow Wow's comments, with many writing that it was insensitive and disrespectful towards his former girlfriend Ciara.

Thankfully, Bow Wow has since expressed his thanks for the opportunity he was given in the music industry and regrets not having more time for Ciara. Additionally, he admitted that breaking up with her was one of his biggest regrets in life.

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