Amy Grant Talks First New Music in 10 Years and 'The Gift' of Life's Fourth Quarter

Amy Grant Talks First New Music in 10 Years and 'The Gift' of Life's Fourth Quarter


Amy Grant Talks First New Music in 10 Years and The Gift of Lifes Fourth

Multi-Platinum, six-time Grammy award winner Amy Grant returns with her first new music in 10 years and discusses life's fourth quarter in an inspiring interview.

Grant's announcement comes after a difficult year. She was knocked off her bike last summer and suffered severe head injuries, necessitating her to postpone several tour dates while she heals and recovers.

About 'Trees We'll Never See'

On The Today Show today, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Amy Grant revealed she will release her first new music in 10 years: the song "Trees We'll Never See," written by Michael White and Marshall Altman - producer behind her critically acclaimed 2013 album How Mercy Looks From Here. Fans can preorder/pre-save it HERE.

Grant has experienced both triumphs and challenges over the course of her decade-long career, so her new songs are as honest and heartfelt as they are hopeful. They honor life's beauty, strength and resilience while offering wisdom to help us navigate our own experiences.

She's an expert at condensing life's hard lessons into art that speaks directly to the heart. This lyrical skill can be seen on her latest album, How Mercy Looks From Here, where Grant explores ways in which we can live with more purpose, passion and joy. With a stellar lineup of musicians including James Taylor, Carole King, Sheryl Crow and Vince Gill on board as featured musicians, How Mercy Looks From Here showcases Grant's ability to craft captivating songs that tackle complex questions with compassion and clarity.

One of the most poignant songs on How Mercy Looks From Here is "Shovel in Hand," inspired by Grant's poem about her son Matt when he was 19 and lost a close friend in a car accident. It's an exquisite ballad that captures all the feelings a mother experiences as her child copes with tragedy.

On "Trees We'll Never Seen," which Grant co-wrote with producer Marshall Altman (Natasha Bedingfield, Matthew Nathanson), Grant expresses her deep affection for her husband Vince Gill. The song serves as a powerful reminder that even when life's storms threaten to destroy us, God is always there to provide strength and carry us through.

Grant has overcome all odds to find strength and healing. She's now healthy, content with life and looking forward to making more music in the future.

Her first new album in 10 years, How Mercy Looks From Here is an album of songs that encourage us to live life with more purpose, passion and joy. It explores how we can learn about ourselves and the world by engaging with a variety of perspectives. The ten songs on the record draw on Grant's personal experience to illustrate how our lives can be shaped by choices we make.

About 'The Gift'

Amy Grant has had a remarkable career spanning four decades, earning her place as one of music's greatest icons. From pop star and songwriter to television personality and philanthropist, her name has become synonymous with influencer. Six-time Grammy winner Amy has sold 30 million albums worldwide while having her songs streamed more than 1 billion times. For these accomplishments she was awarded 26 Dove Awards and earned herself a place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Since her debut as a young teenager, Grant has created powerful songs that tackle life's complexities with an open heart and sharp mind. Her talents transcend genre boundaries, propelling her into the spotlight as the first Contemporary Christian artist to have both platinum records and top-five hits on pop charts with "Next Time I Fall".

She continues to create music that tackles life's toughest problems with an unflinching spirit and willingness to be vulnerable. She is a beloved artist whose heartfelt compositions and encouraging words have inspired generations of musicians and fans around the globe.

Grant has persevered through a number of serious health issues to focus on her music and ministry. Recently, she was honored as one of five recipients for the 2022 Kennedy Center Honors, joining U2 and Gladys Knight.

Grant, 62 years old and recovering from multiple surgeries and mishaps over the past three years, is finally ready to release her first new music in a decade. On March 24th she plans to release "Trees We'll Never See" followed by "The Gift," her seasonal Christmas song due out later this year.

Grant says she was encouraged by the idea of using songs as a therapeutic tool in processing her own struggles. She and co-writer Marshall Altman began looking into songs they both had written that have had an impact on them personally.

This spurred a conversation about using her songs as tools for healing and spiritual growth. She is "incredibly grateful" to have this opportunity to craft songs that can help others cope with the hurts, disappointments, pain and struggles of the past 10 years.

She acknowledges that these painful moments have helped her discover her purpose and prioritize family. Additionally, she looks forward to a new chapter in her life which she can't wait to share with fans during her 40th anniversary tour.

As her career has reached its climactic point, she is embarking on a new phase of growth and devotion to family, community and faith has never been stronger. She is immensely appreciative of all those who have supported her along the way and plans on continuing to share her heartfelt music as she has done for years.

About 'The Gift of Life's Fourth'

Recently, Amy Grant revealed in an interview with Craig Melvin on Today that she's ready to return to the studio for the first time in 10 years. The multi-Platinum six-time Grammy winner revealed she's working on a new project with producer Marshall Altman (who produced her 2013 album How Mercy Looks From Here).

Grant reports feeling "elated and rejuvenated to be back." She hopes this marks the beginning of a long journey toward writing and recording new music with her husband Vince Gill - whom she has been married to for 30 years - whom she looks forward to spending quality time with after so many years apart.

After a life-altering summer bike accident last summer, Grant has spent the past several months recovering and working to heal both body and mind. She recently finished spending Christmas at Ryman residency with husband Gill and is eager to hit the road this spring.

Grant shares in her interview that she's also been taking time out to spend quality time with her children. While she wasn't able to spend much quality time with them immediately after her accident, Grant and Gill have been striving to maintain the strong bond they share.

Due to this commitment, the couple has undertaken a range of humanitarian work and is dedicated to giving back to their community. From aiding those in need to raising awareness for breast cancer research, they have supported numerous causes with their funds and time. Furthermore, they serve as ambassadors for the TJ Martell Foundation which raises money and encourages research into cancer treatments.

Grant has been a pioneer of contemporary Christian music since the late 1970s and her albums have sold more than 30 million units worldwide. Her success includes six No. 1 hits, 10 Top 40 pop singles and 17 Adult Contemporary tracks; additionally she earned six Grammy Awards - three of which were for her solo albums.

Grant's career has been filled with accolades, but she also endured some difficult moments over the last decade. From divorce to her children's challenging upbringing to a career-threatening accident, Grant says these have been times of refocusing and self-reflection.

Grant refers to this period as a "10-year tunnel," and she hopes that upon emerging on the other side she will feel closer to God and those who stood beside her during these difficult times. With renewed faith and an ardent devotion for her family and community, Grant is ready to carry on her legacy of creating songs that uplift hearts.

Her life has embodied the values she sings about in her new song, "Trees We'll Never See." She has always been dedicated to her family and community, but these difficult times have brought them even closer together. Through it all she's learned how to be patient and kind even when times are challenging.

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