American Express Reimagines Centurion Black Card Design

American Express Reimagines Centurion Black Card Design


american express black card design

American Express is refreshing its iconic black card, the Centurion Card, with an eye-catching design by Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Rem Koolhaas. This design is inspired by his unrealized Boompjes project in Rotterdam, Netherlands - based on a silkscreen triptych created for this project.

The Centurion Card design has undergone a dramatic upgrade since 2005, replacing the outdated bulletproof metal versions. Featuring silkscreen drawings of Rome's gladiator flanked by OMA and Rem Koolhaas, this modern tribute pays homage to Koolhaas' legacy.

The Centurion logo

American Express, one of the world's largest financial services firms, has a storied legacy that includes its iconic centurion logo. This symbol can be found on many products throughout their portfolio including credit cards, traveler's checks and money orders.

The centurion is a sign of commitment, dedication, integrity and sincerity. Furthermore, it symbolizes a company that puts its customers' needs first and takes great care in fulfilling its promises.

American Express requires its customers to trust and rely on them, making the centurion logo an ideal logo choice. Not only does it reflect the company's environmental commitment and ethical standards, but also its core values.

American Express, one of the twenty largest banks in the US, has an expansive global reach and reputation for providing top-notch service. Not only do they issue cards to its customers around the world but also provide other banking options like checking and savings accounts.

Amex's Centurion Card is their most exclusive and costly credit card. To apply, you must be invited by a member of the American Express concierge team.

To be eligible for the Centurion card, you must have an income that is above average. The threshold is $250,000 annually for personal customers while business users must spend over $500,000 annually.

The Centurion card offers numerous travel benefits, such as complimentary rental car insurance and premium roadside assistance. Furthermore, cardmembers have access to various discounts and benefits from hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and other companies.

Cardmembers have access to a personal concierge by phone for any need during their trip, from rebooking flights and hotel stays to shopping and discovering local events. The concierge also books tickets for concerts or other performances that might be hard to locate elsewhere.

Another major advantage of the card is its status with Delta's SkyMiles frequent flyer program. Holders of this card are eligible for Platinum Medallion status, which typically requires flying 75,000 miles in a calendar year and spending $9,000 on Delta tickets.

The Centurion symbol

The centurion is a familiar symbol found on many American Express credit cards. This stylized representation of the head of a Roman centurion--a senior officer in the ancient Roman army--is often used as the background image for the card's design.

Centurions played an essential role in the Roman army, being responsible for overseeing at least 100 men. Furthermore, they had a prominent place in the New Testament; one centurion even witnessed Jesus' crucifixion!

One of the iconic Centurion symbols is the chi-rho, often thought to represent Christ in Greek. According to Christian legend, Constantine first used this sign as the vexilla or military standard of each cohort in his Roman army.

One symbol of the Centurion period is the scutum, or shield that each legionary soldier carried. This broad elliptical shield had imperial Roman purple trim applied.

These shields were intended to aid soldiers in battle by helping them be recognized and provided them with protection. Constructed out of leather or cloth thongs that were riveted to a metal plate and suspended from a strap over the left shoulder, these scutums served as identification devices as well as battle aids.

The shields were topped by a helmet covered in bear or wolf fur. Each vexilla was marked with its signifer's name and featured an inlaid red inscription on one side.

In the New Testament, centurions were celebrated as those who believed in Jesus. Jesus performed a miracle for a centurion at Capernaum and centurions were present during Christ's crucifixion.

Though the Centurion symbol has an iconic place in ancient history, many still do not understand its significance. This is unfortunate, as this powerful icon symbolizes courage and perseverance for those who battle against overwhelming odds.

Although it is an expensive and exclusive charge card, American Express' Centurion Card offers numerous advantages and unique features. However, in order to apply for the Centurion Card you must meet certain criteria.

The Centurion design

American Express recently unveiled a brand-new card design to its Centurion tier of cards. This design pays homage to Rem Koolhaas' Boompjes project in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The design was created through collaboration between Kehinde Wiley and Rem Koolhaas himself, featuring a large drawing of the Boompjes project with intricate flower patterns in the background.

This card design offers an artistic take on the classic black card design, emphasizing its exclusivity.

One of the standout features is that Centurion comes with a personalized concierge service. According to their brochure, this concierge can assist customers in snagging tickets and accessing exclusive events, making travel arrangements, as well as organizing gift giving.

Another key benefit is its elite status with several rental car and hotel chains. Furthermore, it grants access to over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide, such as Centurion Lounge network and Plaza Premium Lounges.

Furthermore, the card offers insurance coverage and an annual $200 travel credit. However, please remember that this is a charge card, not a credit card; therefore you must pay off your balance each month in full and on time.

Centurion cardholders can take advantage of various travel-related perks, such as complimentary companion tickets on partner airlines and first-class upgrades on international flights. These benefits offer excellent value to card members with high income levels, providing additional value added to your travel experiences.

The card also grants members access to the Private Suite at Los Angeles International Airport, offering a significant savings over regular costs for this service. Furthermore, card members have exclusive access to personal guides and baggage porters at 32 international airports.

Unfortunately, getting the card isn't exactly a walk in the park. This premium product is only accessible to those who spend at least $250,000 annually on Amex cards or make over $1 million annually.

Though the initiation fee for this card can be on the higher end, those with high incomes and spending habits may find it worthwhile. On the contrary, if you don't have sufficient income or spending habits to justify such an expense, then opting for a less costly card that offers more attractive perks could be preferable.

The Centurion card design

In the world of credit cards, there is one card that stands out: American Express' Centurion Card. This exclusive card is only offered to existing Amex cardholders with exceptionally high annual spending habits, excellent credit scores and flawless repayment histories.

The Centurion Card not only looks impressive, but it also provides its members with numerous advantages. For instance, they gain access to personalized concierge services that are said to be among the best in the industry.

The card also offers a number of luxury travel features that can make your journey that much more comfortable. These include Elite Status with certain rental car companies and hotel chains through the Fine Hotels and Resorts Program; additionally, cardholders receive automatic upgrades on fifteen top airlines including Delta and American Airlines at no cost - giving them access to first class, business class and premium economy seats.

Another unique characteristic of the Centurion Card is its special art design. Created in collaboration with Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Rem Koolhaas, this 1982 drawing was part of his high-profile commission to redevelop a district in Rotterdam, Netherlands that had been devastated by bombings during World War II.

On top of it all, the card features botanical motifs from Kehinde Wiley's portraits featured in her An Economy of Grace series. Based on African-American women, Wiley's artwork often incorporates floral patterns into her paintings.

When it comes to rewards, the Amex Centurion card earns one point for every dollar spent and double points when you spend over $5,000. While this is not the highest earning rate in the industry, most people find this rate sufficient enough for them to be satisfied with their card.

The card also offers some special perks, like access to a private suite at LAX. Unfortunately, this service can be pricey if used frequently. If this is an issue for you, other cards offer similar perks without such high fees.

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