ALAMAT Releases the Music Video of Their Single 'Gayuma'

ALAMAT Releases the Music Video of Their Single 'Gayuma'


Music video of ALAMATs single Gayuma released

ALAMAT recently released their debut music video for their single, 'Gayuma.' Filmed in their hometown of Quezon City, Philippines, this clip captures all of their energy and passion for performing.

ALAMAT, a 6-member boy band from the Philippines, seamlessly blends traditional Pinoy elements with contemporary pop and dance influences. Their distinct sound sets them apart from other boy bands in the industry.

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Six multilingual pop artists have come together to showcase their unique talents and culture. Made up of Alas, Tomas, R-Ji, Taneo, Mo and Jao - hailing from various parts of the country - this group has made a name for themselves with their creative interpretations of traditional Philippine cultural elements combined with Western/global influences.

They're an impressive band to watch; their music is always top notch and their choreography truly impressive. They've won over hearts around the world with their sensuous dance tracks and creative concept. These guys could potentially become major stars in Philippine entertainment if they keep producing quality content.

ALAMAT's music video for the single 'Gayuma' is an exciting showcase of their songwriting talents. The clip features a cute, sexy girl dancing the night away - she delivers an absolutely breathtaking performance!

The video showcases ALAMAT's creative use of modern technology during recording sessions. They're especially proud of their new camera and lens, which captures a wide range of angles. While not the most expensive piece of equipment, having access to such an important tool for making music videos. As expected, this video has become one of the most popular things on their YouTube channel since they debuted - we're delighted that they're getting recognition for it!


ALAMAT, a six-member P-pop group composed of members from different parts of the Philippines, has released their debut single and music video titled 'Gayuma'. Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital platforms, this clip shows Alamat members dancing in cinematic settings while dressed as iconic Filipino cultural icons.

ALAMAT's creative director Jason Paul Laxamana explained that their aim is to represent all seven local languages, such as Tagalog and Ilocano, through their music. This is part of their mission to represent America's diverse cultures through music.

They aim to raise awareness of Filipino culture and heritage, which is underrepresented in national media. That is why they chose to incorporate Filipino language into their concept - something Jason Paul credits as being the driving force behind their group.

When we interviewed the members of this group, it became evident that each had a deep-seated desire to promote Filipino culture. Taneo (22 years old from Tabuk, Kalinga); Mo (20 years old), a half-Black American from Castillejos, Zambales; Jao (20 years old), a Waray Waray from Borongan, Eastern Samar; Tomas (24) from Albay; R-Ji (23 years old) another Waray Waray also from Borongan; Valfer (19 years old), Bisaya from Davao City; and Gami (21 years old Malay from Bohol), all came together because they wanted their group to represent all sides of their country - our diverse nation!

We spoke to each member individually and inquired what it means for them to be part of ALAMAT and what goals they had for their music. All expressed a strong desire to see their culture represented through music - something we can all support!

No matter what obstacles they face, these boys remain determined in their mission of bringing Filipino culture into the spotlight. We're honored to be a part of their journey as they pursue this incredible goal!

ALAMAT's success serves as an inspiration to all other groups in the industry, and we can't wait to see what else they have planned. Until then, let us continue celebrating Filipino culture together!

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P-pop group ALAMAT have released the music video of their single 'Gayuma', from their 'Pasulong' mini album. The multilingual group's eclectic style is evident through their six track collection which incorporates elements of Filipino culture alongside Western and global influences.

These seven musicians - Mo, Alas, Taneo, R-Ji, Tomas, Jao and Gami - have only been together for a few months but already received widespread recognition for their artistry, particularly through the promotion of Philippine roots and culture through music. As a result, ALAMAT was nominated as Best P-pop group at the 2022 Awit Awards and featured by The Guardian UK who praised their efforts at addressing sensitive topics through music.

They're renowned for fusing traditional folk dances such as maglalatik and tinikling with modern hip-hop and rap. This eclectic combination has become their signature style, evident in their music videos which showcase this diversity.

Though most of ALAMAT's songs are composed in Tagalog and Ilocano, some of their tracks also incorporate regional languages like Bisaya or Chavacano. This sets them apart from other artists in the industry, leading critics to credit them with making Filipino pop music more globalized.

Aside from celebrating their Pinoy heritage through music, ALAMAT also displays its diverse regions through clothes inspired by these places. Their ensembles are crafted with various local fabrics and textures which have made these cultural details increasingly popular in fashion trends.

Their 'Gayuma' music video showcases the members in their natural environment, capturing the vibrant lighting and stunning backgrounds that captures the essence of Filipino culture. With its catchy tune and impressive choreography, this is a must-watch!

This smooth R&B production emphasizes Alamat's vocals and raps with ease, allowing them to sing with assurance and power without feeling self-conscious. Indeed, this piece may be one of their more mature offerings yet.

ALAMAT's debut EP Pasulong marks an exciting milestone in their musical journey, marking their first extended play since previous singles 'kbye' and 'kasmala.' The sextet's new release marks a bold decision as they strive to gain recognition within OPM music circles.


ALAMAT, an eight-member Pinoy pop group, made headlines before their new music video dropped. They've earned a following by championing Filipino pride through their aesthetics - from the multiple languages used on their songs to their distinct fashion and style aesthetic.

This Hiligaynon lullaby expresses the emotions of children whose parents are away. Inspired by the estimated 1.77 million Filipino workers abroad in 2020, the music video also addresses social issues and discrimination.

In the music video, ALAMAT wears various outfits inspired by Filipino traditions and culture. These include Tayum (indigo-style clothes from Kapampangan), Kalinga tattoed tattoos, as well as colourful sails on Vinta (small boats) from Zamboanga.

They can be seen wearing personalized outfits featuring the Philippines' script, Baybayin, and Cordillera Weaves - a type of weaving which uses resist dyeing before threads are woven to create patterns or designs. In addition, ALAMAT donned apparel made by Hapi Habi Wearable Weaves, a local brand which collaborated with them on music videos and live shows.

The video also features the Aeta people, an indigenous group living in Northern Luzon. As a reminder that ALAMAT stands with them despite all odds, and wants to inspire their generation to believe in themselves no matter what comes their way, no matter what comes their way.

Aside from its upbeat message, ALAMAT also takes great care to use seven distinct Filipino languages on their lyrics - Tagalog, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Bicolano, Waray-Waray, Hiligaynon and Bisaya. This language library adds another poignant layer to their performances in both music video and song.

Alamat members Mo, Alas, Taneo, Jao, Tomas and R-Ji hail from different regions of the Philippines but have come together as one unit through their collective efforts. Since their debut early this year, ALAMAT has achieved some notable career successes.

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