Adam Levine Sisters

Adam Levine Sisters


adam levine sister

Adam Levine is an award-winning singer-songwriter whose songs have achieved number one status and captured the hearts of millions of listeners. Additionally, he served as a coach on American talent show The Voice for several seasons.

He has been married to model Behati Prinsloo since 2014, and they have two daughters together: Dusty Rose and Gio Grace. The couple has been together since 2014.

Sam Levine

Adam Levine has two younger half-sisters named Sam and Liza. Both girls are gorgeous and enjoy spending time with their famous brother Adam when they can.

They enjoy spending time together and have a strong bond with their parents. Additionally, they show great affection towards animals by playing around with them.

Samuel Levine is a Harvard Law graduate and currently works as Director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection. Prior to that, he served as Illinois Attorney General where he prosecuted predatory for-profit colleges and participated in rulemakings and other policy initiatives to promote affordable higher education options.

He previously served as an attorney advisor to Commissioner Rohit Chopra and worked in the Midwest Regional Office of the FTC as a staff attorney. A proud alumnus of City Year Chicago, where he worked as both tutor and after-school program leader before entering law school, Mr. Sharma has an extensive professional background.

Sam Levine is best known for his work with Maroon 5. As a musician, Sam played the saxophone in various bands and groups throughout his childhood and went on to become both a band leader and composer.

His musical influences include David Sanborn, Cannonball Adderly and Phil Woods. He has earned critical acclaim as a saxophonist and released numerous albums within the music industry.

Sam Levine has achieved great success in music and business, founding several companies such as Breathe For Change - a wellness and leadership development initiative.

Sam and his team founded Hone, a startup that offers an app to facilitate personalized meditation sessions. This app was developed with funding from the National Science Foundation.

Sam's passion for entrepreneurship is evident in his businesses, where he has served as a leader and manager at multiple startups throughout his career. Additionally, Sam possesses expertise in digital marketing and product management, as well as being an NLP practitioner and meditation teacher.

He holds a degree in clinical psychology from Columbia University and is a graduate of Cornell University. A passionate advocate for mental health issues, his background also includes social justice work.

Julia Milne

Julia Milne is Adam Levine's half-sister. As a prosecutor, she enjoys an intensely close bond with her famous brother. They have been seen sharing selfies on Instagram in the past.

Her elder sibling Sam is an accomplished socialite with over 40k followers on his Instagram account. He's even posted a photo with Justin Bieber before.

His younger half-sister, Liza, is an adorable young lady who enjoys having fun with her famous brother. She even has a small following on Instagram!

He is married to Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo and they have two children - daughter Dusty Rose (6) and Gio Grace (4). According to reports, the singer and his wife welcomed their third child in January 2019.

Behati and Adam have been together for five years, and recently purchased a mansion in the exclusive Montecito area of California. It features plenty of space to accommodate their growing family.

Behati, a former model herself, has been a regular guest on Victoria's Secret's runway in recent months. Additionally, she took to social media to share a baby bump selfie with her fans.

She and her husband have been together since 2014, and they currently reside in California with their three children. The newest addition to the family joins older sisters Dusty Rose (6 years) and Gio Grace (4 years).

Adam has been dating Behati for four years, and they were recently seen holidaying in Mexico with their daughters last year. Although neither Adam nor Behati have officially announced the gender of their unborn child yet, rumors indicate it will be a boy.

Adam Levine is a member of Maroon 5 and former coach on The Voice, having been in the public eye for over 15 years. His songs have achieved chart-topping status and won him many admirers with their catchy melodies.

He is the son of Fred and Patsy Levine, and has two brothers named Sam and Michael as well as sisters Lisa and Julia. Additionally, he has a stepbrother named Gregory Baer Milne as well as a stepsister named Julia Gail Bartolf.

Liza Levine

Liza Levine is the youngest sister of Adam Levine and an actress, model, and freelance television producer. Born in Los Angeles, she currently resides in New York City.

She has an older sister, Julia Milne, who is also a model and actress. Her mother is an actress and singer; her father works in banking.

Like her brother, she hails from a musical family and has been singing since childhood. She has always had an innate creativity and passion for the arts that have been passed down through generations.

At six years old, she made her public debut at a music festival and quickly gained notoriety. Her parents were extremely supportive of her career as she has since joined various choirs and orchestras across the country.

Her career has taken her around the world, including Australia, France and Canada. In 2012 she even performed at Victoria's Secret fashion show - her first major event!

She began her modeling career at an early age when an agent discovered her while on vacation. Subsequently, Wilhelmina signed her to their roster.

She then traveled to London, where she trained with another agency and gained notoriety. From there, it has been a meteoric rise for the top model worldwide.

Around this same time, she met her future husband Adam Levine. They began dating and eventually got engaged in 2014.

She and Levine have two children from her marriage: Dusty Rose was born in 2016 and Gio Grace arrived two years later, both born to Levine.

During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, she talked about her affinity for babies and how she's always wanted more than one.

She and her husband are delighted with their family, and are currently expecting their third child in September 2022.

Behati Prinsloo

Behati Prinsloo, a Namibian model, has achieved great success as Victoria's Secret Angel. She's been featured in their catalog and advertising campaigns since 2007.

At 16 years old, she moved to Cape Town, South Africa and started modeling. Suddenly famous, she embarked on a high-profile romance with Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine that would last until 2013.

In 2014, Behati married Levine and they have two children - Dusty Rose (6 years) and Gio Grace (4 years). The family resides in Los Angeles with their kids.

Behati and Adam's fame has only grown, as has their net worth. In 2017, the couple purchased an 856 square meter house in Holmby Hills, California which they later sold for more than $50 million.

They own a second home in Montecito, California where they enjoy spending time with their kids and entertaining guests. There's an outdoor pool and gym, plus they've started a dog-sitting business.

Behati and her children enjoy a close bond, often seen together as one unit. Despite her husband's recent cheating scandal, Behati has remained supportive of him and their young children.

Reports indicate Behati is pregnant with their third child. She has been sharing artistic maternity photo shoots on Instagram and sharing baby bump selfies.

Behati was clearly content to be a mommy again despite the recent cheating scandal. In photos taken with her three children on Valentine's Day, she could be seen sporting an even slimmer frame.

When Behati and her husband, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, are not out on tour, they like to spend quality family time together. They especially love playing with their daughters - the newest addition being Sophia who joined their family in February 2022.

Behati and Adam have not shared many pictures of the girls, but they have expressed how much they adore them. In fact, Behati even went so far as to say that their children were the best thing that ever happened to them.

Behati continues to prioritize her daughters' development over her love life, putting it on the backburner in order to prioritize it. Recently, she's been seen spending quality time with both of them and recently posted a photo of herself hugging one of them.

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