A Look at John and Vanessa Lachey's Wedding Video

A Look at John and Vanessa Lachey's Wedding Video


Vanessa and Johns Wedding Video

A Look at John and Vanessa Lachey's Wedding Video

Nick and Vanessa Lachey have been married for more than a decade, yet they continue to strive to strengthen their bond. From co-hosting Netflix's reality show Love Is Blind to raising their three children, they've discovered that communication is the foundation of any lasting marriage.

Their wedding day was truly idyllic - from Coles Garden in Oklahoma City's classic city center venue to Josh McCullock Photography's beautiful photos. This day was truly about them and their love story.

Capturing the Moments

Weddings are one of the most joyful occasions in a person's life. It marks an opportunity for two people to come together as one unit to express their love for one another and invite those closest to them into this momentous milestone.

With an experienced photographer and videographer that captures the moments as they unfold on your wedding day, you will have a wonderful memory to cherish for years to come. Not only will you be able to look back on the memories captured, but you'll be able to relive all the excitement and emotions experienced too!

Investing in a wedding video is one of the most significant decisions you'll make when organizing your special day. It serves to tell the story of your celebration to those who can't be present on-site.

Vanessa and John's Taylors Lakes Wedding Videography is an inspiring example of how to capture those special moments on your big day! The joyous energy this couple had on their special day was contagious - everyone left with a smile on their face!

They donned stunning floral lace gowns for both their ceremony and reception, creating a classic yet stylish theme that showcased their relationship and love for one another. With only 53 guests at the ceremony and reception, it allowed for an intimate and personal experience which they wanted to share with those close to them.

It was impossible to pick a favorite moment from the entire day! From Vanessa and her family prepping for the ceremony, to seeing her dad walk down the aisle, to enjoying an energetic dance party in the hall, there were so many wonderful memories they were able to capture.

Pro Eye Video would like to express our gratitude to Studio 477 Photography for capturing these special moments on Vanessa and John's wedding day! They were an absolute joy to work with, and the Taylors Lakes wedding videography they created will be treasured by all who view it!

Getting Ready

Wedding days can be an enchanting time for couples. But they also come with a certain level of stress as guests rush around, getting ready for the ceremony, and making sure everyone arrives on time. It can be a day full of craziness!

Vanessa and John's special day was filled with fun, laughter, and most of all love. To mark their 13-year anniversary and embark on a new chapter in their lives together, they planned an enchanting and picturesque celebration.

They decided to get married on a Saturday because they wanted the ceremony to be an intimate celebration of their love, with friends and family joining them for the special occasion! This made the morning of their nuptials one of their favorite parts of the day!

Before their wedding, both bride and groom searched for a peaceful space to get ready that didn't feel crowded and had plenty of natural light. They ultimately settled on an adorable room at Native Hostile Hotel that perfectly met their needs.

On the day before their wedding, Jason organized for some props to be set up at the hotel. They had a "hotel staff member" ask them some basic questions on video and then film them walking into their suite.

Vanessa initially declined to take part in the interview. Although Jason persisted in trying to convince her otherwise, after several days Vanessa finally replied to his email and agreed to be interviewed.

This was just the start of an incredible proposal! They then moved forward with planning their big day's details - they had several locations chosen and couldn't wait for this momentous occasion!

They chose to have their wedding ceremony during the daytime, so that they could enjoy more sunlight. Furthermore, they did not want to plan out too far in advance so they had flexibility if adjustments were needed.

Vanessa and John were both feeling nervous leading up to their wedding, but understood it's normal to feel anxious during such a hectic period. To combat these feelings, it's helpful to acknowledge them and replace them with positive ones. Additionally, taking breaks for exercise, meditation or simply taking a moment to focus on breathing can be beneficial; these could include going for walks, taking a moment of zen or simply taking a break from everything else in your life.

The Ceremony

When planning a wedding, it's essential to think about how you want your day to flow. Whether you envision an elegant destination wedding in Italy or opt for an informal beach elopement, select something that reflects both of you as individuals and reflects who you are as a couple.

Vanessa and John may be well-known names in Hollywood, but they wanted to keep their special day away from the spotlight. After co-hosting Love Is Blind for several years together, they decided to celebrate their love and marriage by tying the knot on Sir Richard Bransom's private Necker Island.

Once engaged, they began planning their special day with help from wedding planner Jenan Dakroub of Ladee Designs and photographer Christine Flower. Additionally, they hired a videographer to capture all the momentous occasions and create an elegant video that will tell their story forever.

Their journey to marriage has been unique in many ways, but one thing was certain from the start - they were meant for each other. According to John, they truly are a one-of-a kind couple with an undying bond that cannot be broken.

Communication was initially difficult between the couple, but eventually they managed to come together and make it work. They acknowledge that communication is essential in building a strong foundation for their relationship and are thankful for all of the time spent getting to know one another during this journey.

When planning their ceremony, they wanted a traditional affair with an added special touch. A soloist performed their vows, while readings were shared by both families - the bride's and groom's.

Thus, the ceremony was filled with meaningfulness and significance. It served as an ideal way for them to unite their families in celebration of their love.

In their vows, the couple described each other as "heroes" and expressed their appreciation for making their life together possible. Additionally, they thanked each other for all of the support they've received over the years, wishing that their love would continue to blossom and flourish.

The Reception

John and Vanessa's journey to marriage was unique; from their first meeting to today, they have been able to communicate via video chats throughout the years, even though they may not have seen each other as often as they'd wished. Even though they didn't always get along perfectly, John and Vanessa still found true love along the way.

They've been together for nine years, and despite their busy lives they remain a happy couple. Recently they celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary by sharing some nostalgic Instagram pictures from their past on the platform.

In 2011, 98 Degrees singer Kristine Bellinger and NCIS: Hawaii star Aaron Cross tied the knot on Richard Branson's private Necker Island. Together they have three children - Camden John (10), Phoenix Robert (5), and Brooklyn Elisabeth (7) - born to them during their union.

When planning their wedding, they weren't content with just any old ceremony. Instead, they wanted their big day to be something that truly reflected both of their personalities and vision for the future.

Their team of talented event planners worked their magic on the special occasion, designing a modern reception with an elegant twist. Combining neutrals, blush, and twinkling lights for the ideal backdrop to their elegant equestrian-themed affair.

They used an innovative lighting scheme that created the atmosphere of a moonlit nighttime atmosphere and featured a sparkling dance floor for the couple's grand entrance. Finally, a cold fireworks display concluded the evening on a high note!

This was an awe-inspiring event and a truly momentous milestone for these incredible people. Their meticulous planning of every detail shows their hard work and devotion to making this day truly remarkable.

They were an absolute joy to collaborate with and we wish them nothing but the best in their new life together as husband and wife! Be sure to check out their wedding video above, and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest news and real-life wedding stories.

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