@LukeCombs Has 'Gone' to No. 1 on Country Airplay Chart for a 15th Time

@LukeCombs Has 'Gone' to No. 1 on Country Airplay Chart for a 15th Time


Luke Combs has achieved great success as a country music superstar, reaching the pinnacle of his industry. However, as a first-time father, he's having to learn how to balance work and family responsibilities.

Combs has managed to walk a fine line between his duties as husband and father and his desire for fun. On his new album, Growin' Up, he explores this delicate balance with ease.

Doin’ This

Luke Combs has become a household name in country music since his debut. With fourteen number one singles on country radio, an accomplishment unmatched by any other artist within the genre, Luke Combs has achieved great success.

This week, North Carolina native and country superstar Luke Bryan scored his fifteenth #1 single with "Gone." The song comes off his forthcoming album Gettin' Old, set for release on March 24. Written by Luke with Ray Fulcher and James McNair, it's a breakup ballad that will be featured throughout the year.

The lyrics of the song paint a picture of heartbreak. The singer is infatuated with a girl, yet he can't keep her close. He longs for her back but she keeps rejecting him - ultimately realizing he will never get her back.

It's an honest story, and there can be no denying the pain of having someone you care about turn their back on you. Yet the song reminds us there is hope and a way forward despite these obstacles.

Combs wanted the video to pay tribute to his longtime friend and fellow musician Adam Church. Church has been an integral part of Combs' career since its inception, so this tribute video serves as a fitting way for him to express their appreciation for all that he has done.

At the start of filming, it became evident that Combs intended for Adam to be the focus of attention for the video. Yet as always, he had an unexpected surprise for viewers in store.

Luke wanted the video for "Doin' This" to give fans an intimate look at his crew and what goes into creating an excellent music video. Additionally, he wanted to honor his friend and college buddy Adam Church by featuring him in it.

Luke's production team has been working with Church for years, as well as producing many of Combs' videos, including his first hit "Hurricane." So it was only natural that they would create this video.

Goin’ Gone

"Goin' Gone," Luke Combs' heartbreaking reflection of losing a lover, caps off his critically-acclaimed Growin' Up album for 2022. After an acoustic version was released last week, the singer announced it as his latest single for impact country radio.

Luke Combs' song has become a fan favorite, propelling him to new heights on the Country Airplay Chart. It spent an incredible 67 frames in survey history - the longest run by any song since 2020!

Combs is making history by becoming the first artist to have a song reach #1 on the country chart for 15 consecutive weeks - an indication of his dedication and aspiration of becoming one of country music's top artists. It's an impressive milestone in his career that shows Combs is on track towards fulfilling his career goal of becoming one of its top acts.

Combs has been consistently releasing songs that feel fresh and captivating without losing his fans' devotion. His latest release, Growin' Up, follows up to his debut record and continues this trend.

"Goin' Gone" successfully blends Country-Rock sounds (distorted guitars and pounding drums) with some down home imagery that feels both romantic and fierce. Growing' Up's more delicate, traditional beginnings may seem at odds, yet this song manages to seamlessly combine both elements for an enchantingly memorable tune. Combs has always demonstrated an adeptness at both doing what works and crafting songs that feel fresh. This new release was recorded with collaborators Ray Fulcher and James McNair, who contributed to his previous #1, "The Kind of Love We Make." With this new addition to his catalog, Combs hopes it will see plenty of airplay on country radio as the year draws to a close.

What You See Is What You Get

What You See Is What You Get may be a departure from Combs' debut album, but it still features classic country songs in his own unique style. He doesn't try to break expectations; instead adding layers of gloss and punchier rhythms with the same underlying sound. With guest stars Brooks & Dunn, Eric Church and more on board, the record pays homage to Combs' heritage while also showing him at home in modern country music.

What You See Is What You Get begins with the uptempo "1, 2 Many," featuring Combs inviting Brooks & Dunn to sing alongside him. It's just one of several drinking songs on the record that showcase his vocal range and knack for crafting catchy choruses.

The album then hits a low point with the reflective, stripped-down track "Dear Today." Combs wrote this song for himself as an encouragement to take time for himself and his loved ones.

It's a simple but profound song that speaks volumes. Not only does it encourage people to stay true to themselves and take care of those they care about, but its message also has the power to reach people and stir emotions. This message holds relevance for both young and old alike: be true to yourself while taking care of those you cherish.

Luke Combs' career has taken off since the release of his debut album, This One's for You. Now he boasts six top-five hits and his fans are eagerly lining up arenas to see him perform live.

At a Luke Combs concert, you get to witness him at his most authentic. His stage presence and lack of illusions make for an electrifying live country singer that his fans love so much.

His success and growing fan base assure us this will be an amazing year for him. His success will only continue to rise and his dedicated fans will support him as they have for years. We can only wait and see what this incredible artist has in store! We cannot wait to see what surprises he has in store!

Growin’ Up

This 90s-inspired country rocker follows a man as he attempts to forget the past while still feeling nostalgic for what once was. Combs' vocals resonantly carry his sentimental thoughts as he recounts his longing for her, listing off all of his loves like Friday night slow rides, strong shots of whiskey and broken-in cowboy boots but none quite compare to having his wife by his side.

No wonder why this song has become such a success; its relatable lyrics about a guy wanting to hold on to memories from his past without forgetting about the present make it an ideal choice for your next party. Additionally, its catchy chorus and upbeat beat make it perfect for any celebration!

Luke Combs' debut album, This One's for You, was released in June 2017 and rocketed to #1 on both Billboard Top Country Albums and US Billboard 200 charts. Its second single, "When It Rains It Pours," topped Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts, making Combs a two-time Country Artist of the Year at CMA Awards.

Since then, Combs' career has taken off; in May of 2022 he wed Nicole and in August 2020 he became a father to son Tex Lawrence Combs. These achievements have opened the door for this North Carolina native as he prepares to release his fourth full-length studio album Gettin' Old (due out March 24), which will serve as the backdrop for his headlining 2023 World Tour.

This 12-track album is surprisingly brief, lasting just over 41 minutes. Despite its short runtime, the collection contains quality tracks sure to please a variety of listeners.

In addition to 'Gone,' Combs has several other standout songs on his latest album. 'Outrunnin' Your Memory' and 'On the Other Line' are both energetic songs while 'Better Back When' is a tender ballad that explores the ups and downs of relationships.

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