@GeorgeConway Dusted Off His Long-Dormant Twitter Account on Monday

@GeorgeConway Dusted Off His Long-Dormant Twitter Account on Monday


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On Monday, George Conway, a Manhattan-based attorney, revived his long-dormant Twitter account and posted several tweets that denounce President Trump's travel ban.

Kellyanne Conway, George's wife, is often in the media and an outspoken critic of President Trump. But George himself has largely remained unnoticed until 2018. In 2018, he began taking more assertive stands on Twitter which caught the attention of journalists.

He is a lawyer

George Conway has a distinguished career as both a lawyer and vocal critic of President Donald Trump. His biographical information on Wikipedia states that he has appeared before the Supreme Court and served as counsel to the United States government on various occasions.

After declining a job in the Trump administration, he immediately took to Twitter and began tweeting critical opinions of the president. Additionally, he has organized a group of conservative lawyers to act as checks on some of Trump's actions.

He intensified his criticisms in early 2018, when he started tweeting about an investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller into Russia's election interference. His statements garnered widespread attention and quickly went viral.

In March of that year, he posted over 200 tweets and garnered considerable media attention. Additionally, he penned a 3,500-word essay discussing the legal arguments for and against Robert Mueller being removed from his position as Special Counsel.

Shortly thereafter, he retweeted a controversial piece from Lawfare criticizing the argument against Mueller's appointment. Subsequently, he published an op-ed in The Washington Post calling for President Trump's impeachment using quotes from Mueller's report and the US Constitution.

Though his public comments have been met with criticism, the attorney remains married to Kellyanne Conway and insists their relationship remains strong despite their disagreements on certain matters. Recently, he engaged in an animated discussion with a CNN reporter regarding his political beliefs.

George Conway is currently employed as a litigator at Wachtell Litigation Firm in New York City. He holds memberships in both the American Bar Association and The Lincoln Project, a conservative super PAC that will campaign against Trump in 2020.

On Monday, George Conway took to Twitter to denounce President Donald Trump's gaffes during his Independence Day speech. Recently, he has tweeted multiple times about the president's mental health.

One of his tweets questioned the mental fitness of President Trump, writing that he is "unfit for office" and mentally unstable." Additionally, he referenced diagnostic criteria for antisocial personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder.

He is a Trump supporter

George Conway was a staunch Trump supporter, supporting his wife Kellyanne Conway during her tenure as senior counselor to the President. However, George also publicly dissed Trump in multiple public speeches.

Since 2001, the couple has been happily married and blessed with four children. Although there have been their share of ups and downs over the years, they remain committed to each other.

Many Trump supporters initially rallied around him, yet others began to doubt his leadership abilities and politics. As a result, some in the Republican Party began to doubt Trump's loyalty as well as his capacity to lead them moving forward.

Eventually, a group of anti-Trump Republicans emerged within the Republican Party. Commonly referred to as RINOs (Republicans in name only), these individuals worked to rebrand their party as one that didn't endorse President Donald Trump.

These conservatives believed President Trump to be a racist and lacking the necessary skillset for leadership. This led them to criticize him on various platforms, such as social media.

Furthermore, they utilized the President's Twitter account to attack him and his staff. Specifically, they utilized hashtags such as #WhackJob and #StoneColdLOSER in order to troll him.

As a result, their marriage became increasingly challenging after Trump was elected in 2016. George started calling Trump a 'whack job' and a'stone cold loser', accusing him of being jealous of his wife's success; soon enough they would engage in public disagreements.

The tensions between the Conways escalated when Trump's team announced an impeachment inquiry into him. When House Democrats launched their investigation, George Conway took to Twitter to portray Trump as mentally unstable and corrupt.

He even wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post in which he decried Trump as a "racist president" who poses a danger to America.

After joining the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump Republican group, he began to be increasingly critical of Trump and his policies. On Twitter, he even trotted out that "your boss" believed he needed assistance from Ukrainian officials in order to win the election.

He is a Trump critic

George Conway is a veteran lawyer and one of the most vocal opponents of President Donald Trump in the Republican establishment. He founded the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump political initiative dedicated to defeating Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

He frequently lashed out at the President on Twitter, taking an aggressive stance against his attacks against the rule of law - such as when he fired FBI director James Comey. Additionally, he wrote several op-eds demanding legal repercussions for such actions.

In addition to penning op-eds, Conway has made several television appearances. He has also advocated for clients before the Supreme Court and is a co-founder of The Lincoln Project.

Conway has faced fierce backlash for his Twitter remarks against President Trump. He has accused the President of having narcissistic personality disorder and declared him unfit for office.

According to a news report, President Donald J. Trump and his wife Kellyanne Conway are divorcing. In a joint statement issued Saturday morning, both Conways confirmed they were "in the final stages of an amicable divorce."

Kellyanne and Michael's troubled relationship had been well documented before. In a 2022 memoir, Kellyanne lamented how Michael's criticisms on social media put undue strain on their marriage; that same year she also revealed they weren't wearing their wedding rings.

In a March 2019 interview with Politico, Conway acknowledged her husband and President had had discussions regarding her criticisms of "passing." She clarified that it "wasn't something that affected my job" and noted that they had left it alone for months.

He has leveled numerous other criticisms of the President, such as calling him a racist and liar. Additionally, in The Washington Post he wrote an op-ed which condemned Trump's attacks against progressive Democratic congresswomen of color.

On Sunday, Conway took aim at the President once more. He condemned his tweet that said, "Presidents leave and they take things," despite the fact that he is under investigation. Conway concluded by declaring, "Today marks an incredible day for truth-telling."

It's essential to recognize that Conway's criticism of the President is understandable, yet could also have negative consequences. Setting an unfavorable precedent on social media for other people to start criticizing him could discourage people from discussing important issues with their friends and colleagues, as well as damaging some Republican Party members' reputations - not ideal for either them nor America itself.

He is a husband

George Conway is a lawyer renowned for his vocal criticism of President Donald Trump. He and his wife Kellyanne Conway have recently announced their split in a joint statement on Saturday.

Conway was a staunch supporter of her husband during his tenure in the White House, but George became increasingly disenchanted with his boss and took to social media to vent his ire. Eventually he joined The Lincoln Project - an anti-Trump Republican group - and became one of his harshest detractors.

He castigated Trump in public, noting his disregard for rule of law and disregarding whistleblower reports that suggested Trump may have used Ukraine officials to help him defeat Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in 2020.

On Twitter, Conway frequently takes not-so-subtle shots at Trump, frequently expressing his displeasure with the president's handling of the rule of law. He's even called out Trump for his tweets, often sharing a link to an article which discussed how such remarks would negatively affect him in any potential legal cases against him.

After Kellyanne Conway left the White House in August 2020, George Conway decided to step away from his role at The Lincoln Project and stay at home to focus on their family. In an interview with The Washington Post, George confessed his feelings of guilt over his wife's devotion to Trump; he wanted what was best for them both as individuals.

At their wedding in 2013, Conway and her husband were both Republicans; however, he has since become an outspoken critic of President Trump. On Twitter, he has called him a "whack job" and a "stone cold loser."

In June 2017, George Conway was considered one of the candidates to serve as solicitor general in President Donald Trump's administration, but ultimately removed from consideration.

In their relationship, the couple had a contentious argument over a photo of a woman on a plane with the caption, "Donald Trump, please stand up." In 2018, Conway told The Washington Post she told her husband to "step down" from his position.

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Skip Bayless Is No Longer on Fox Sports

This week, the Twitter world had plenty to say about FS1 pundit Skip Bayless. His tweet after Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field during Monday Night Football garnered widespread criticism.

Bayless' tweet drew the ire of many, including his co-host on Fox Sports, Shannon Sharpe. However, Sharpe was noticeably absent from Tuesday's Undisputed show.

What’s the deal?

Skip Bayless is a sports pundit renowned for his daring comments. He often frustrates athletes and fans alike with his anecdotal analysis of professional athletes, but his arguments are often based on opinion or selective statistics that don't always accurately reflect reality.

Bayless has achieved great success despite his many failings on social media, boasting an impressive Twitter following of over 19 million. He has made a name for himself in sports by sharing stories about his favorite players on his account.

However, he has also made enemies of athletes and sports fans alike. His Twitter account is filled with disparaging remarks directed at prominent figures in the world of sport, such as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

On Monday morning, when news broke of Westbrook signing with the Clippers, Bayless launched a Twitter attack against him. He claimed the Los Angeles-based guard was too slow, sloppy and unathletic for professional basketball competition.

Basketball fans, including NBA stars DeMar DeRozan and Rudy Gay, have taken issue with Bayless' tweet. Both men responded to it by labelling him a clown.

In the wake of his comment, Bayless issued an apology and clarified that he had misunderstood how the NFL could postpone a Monday Night Football game after Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field. He wrote: "No doubt the NFL is considering postponing this game but how?"

Bayless' tweet was both insensitive and scathing, marking him as one of his most insensitive critics on Twitter. Although not his first time criticizing an NFL player on social media, it certainly rankled among his most insensitive.

On Tuesday morning, Hamlin is still in critical condition and expected to remain hospitalized for some time. He was taken off the field during Monday night's match against Cincinnati Bengals with CPR administered while fans, players, and coaches anxiously awaited word on his condition.

On Tuesday night, Bayless' co-host Shannon Sharpe was noticeably absent from Undisputed on FS1. In her support of Bills player Billy Hamlin, Sharpe tweeted her thoughts and prayers.

Bayless has faced considerable opposition for his unfounded opinions on sports, yet he appears to be unstoppable. To maintain his respect and keep from getting into trouble in the future, he needs to tone down the hyperbole and show more consideration for athletes in both professional football and basketball matches.

Is this a good thing?

Skip Bayless is a renowned figure in sports journalism. He has held various positions such as newspaper columnist, radio host and television analyst; currently co-hosting "Undisputed" on Fox Sports 1 with NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe.

Bayless has made a fortune over the years and earned himself a devoted following for his provocative opinions. He's one of the founders and pioneers of debate television, hosting "First Take" on ESPN.

Over the years, Bayless has amassed an adoring fan base that allows him to continue earning millions of dollars annually as a television personality. But lately his tweets have caused some controversy.

This week, Bayless ignited a social media firestorm with his insensitive tweet about Buffalo safety Damar Hamlin's death. This tweet was sent just minutes after Hamlin tragically collapsed during a Monday Night Football game.

This tweet caused a firestorm of commentary and debate. Some thought Bayless was doing his best to be helpful in the wake of Hamlin's tragedy; however, others pointed out how inappropriate it was to focus on such an important matter in such a superficial way.

Many thought Bayless had lost control of his emotions and should stop sending out such insensitive tweets. Furthermore, many felt the NFL should have handled the situation better.

Another tweet that has gone viral was Bayless' comparison of Cam Newton and Tim Tebow to Johnny Manziel and LeBron James. This comparison was an incredibly poor and thoughtless move, considering both players are superstars.

There can be no doubt that Cam Newton and Tim Tebow have had impressive careers. But the way Bayless threw in Johnny Manziel having a better career at Cleveland just made me sad.

Skip Bayless has recently posted an array of insensitive tweets that have caused much debate and disbelief. He has a history of trolling athletes, and this latest one has left some wondering whether or not his reputation and all that money are still worth it.

Is this even a good thing?

Skip Bayless has long been accused of making insensitive remarks on Twitter. But his recent exchange with LA Lakers guard Russell Westbrook took things to another level - whether you like Bayless or not - and serves as yet another example of his success at trolling athletes online. Indeed, some speculate this tweet may even have contributed to Bayless no longer appearing on Fox Sports; time will tell!

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