@CoiLeray Tells Us About Her Come Up

@CoiLeray Tells Us About Her Come Up


Coi Leray Tells Us About Her Come Up

Coi Leray is one of the hottest rising artists in Hip Hop right now. She released her debut album Trendsetter last April and has quickly gained notoriety on the scene.

However, her debut hasn't been without controversy. TMZ Hip Hop caught up with her and she shared details about her rise, songs going viral on TikTok, and more!

She Wants Respect Put on Her Name

Coi Leray is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist, and she's received plenty of criticism. Recently, she appeared on Amazon Music's Bars and Nuggets podcast to reflect on both the successes she's achieved thus far in her career as well as her relationship with her father Benzino.

One of the primary criticisms she's received is that she's a TikTok rapper. While it's true she makes hits on TikTok, she doesn't want to be labeled as such since she also performs live in real life.

Amazon Music's Bars and Nuggets reported that she "only wants respect given to her name" and does not want anyone to think she is famous due to TikTok. Whether performing for camera or in real life, she is an accomplished artist who deserves recognition.

As a teenager, she posted numerous TikTok videos and earned considerable money from them. Now that she's an adult, however, she wants her fame to be more than just from TikTok videos alone.

On April 8, Nicki Minaj's debut album Trendsetter will be released, boasting 20 songs with collaborations from Nicki Minaj, Fivio Foreign, Yung Bleu, G Herbo and Nav.

This record deserves to be heard. It's packed with energetic rap and thoughtful cuts alike.

Even though her album didn't perform to expectations, it was an effective way for her to gain attention from those who may not have heard of her before. Now that the dust has settled and she has big plans for this year, there's plenty to look forward to.

Coi has achieved great success on the music front, but she also boasts an impressive social media presence. Her Twitter following of over one million followers and Instagram following of nearly half a million showcase her success.

She also has her own YouTube channel where she posts many of her videos. Aside from making music, she's an accomplished dancer and producer as well.

She possesses an immense talent, and it looks like she will be around for some time to come. She truly is a gifted artist with the potential to become a major force in music industry.

She Talks About Being Body-Shamed

Coi Leray is a petite rapper with an attractive figure who has drawn the ire of some online trolls due to her size. She has been publicly ridiculed and had to defend herself multiple times.

Despite all the criticism, she doesn't plan to alter her appearance. In fact, she says she's not afraid to flaunt or show off her figure in public.

As she began her journey in 2021, she experienced a barrage of negative comments about her body - including being told she was too thin. Thankfully, she has since grown to appreciate herself more and is now taking time out to fight body shaming on social media platforms.

Recently, she took to TikTok and Instagram to express her opposition to body judging. The 24-year-old rapper hopes that 2021 sees everyone leave their past behind and embrace bodies of all shapes, sizes, and genders.

Due to her rising fame, Coi Leray is getting a lot of online attention. While critics have voiced their opinions regarding her album delays, viral hits, and provocative outfits - the rapper refuses to let that get to her.

On Sunday, she shared a TikTok video of herself dancing in her hotel room with the message, "Let's stop worrying about people's bodies 2022 and forever." Additionally, she shared this video on her Instagram page in an effort to encourage people to leave body shaming behind in the new year.

The rapper's message has gone viral, her words being seen by thousands of people. Through it, she has also been able to provide comfort to many women who have experienced body-shaming.

Coi Leray's TikTok video urges women to stop talking about their bodies and focus on other aspects of their lives. She urges people to prioritize their health, family, and friends; furthermore, she calls out men who are uncomfortable with being women.

She acknowledges Missy Elliott as a major inspiration to her, noting her creativity and "don't give a f**k" attitude. Additionally, Leray wishes to highlight female artists who face similar pressure as herself.

She Blows Up on TikTok

Navigating the world of social media can be daunting. That is why platforms like TikTok have become so popular - they make it easy to stay organized.

TikTok allows users to create short videos with music, filters and stickers which they can share with friends and followers. Content on TikTok usually lasts 15-60 seconds and is curated by an algorithm that recommends what to watch based on user interests.

Most social media apps collect, use and monetize users' personal data for marketing purposes. On the contrary, TikTok prioritizes engagement over collecting that data for commercial gain. Instead of collecting this information for marketing purposes, the platform encourages creators to experiment with creative approaches in order to capture and engage with emerging trends.

As such, TikTok provides users with a vast selection of niches to explore and follow. Some of our favorite topics include 'CatTok,' 'Murder Mystery TikTok,' 'Berries and Cream TikTok,' and 'Marketing TikTok' - each home to content creators who discuss these specific topics in an engaging manner.

Are you searching for a new friend, an opportunity to learn something, or somewhere to showcase your dancing abilities? TikTok has plenty of people who are willing to help out. Even more than other platforms, TikTok encourages positive interactions and an atmosphere of community among its users.

If your child has a TikTok account, be sure to keep an eye on it carefully. The website recently enhanced its privacy settings in order to make it simpler for parents to keep their children secure. For instance, they added a pop-up screen when users under 16 post videos asking who can view their content so parents can review who can view it.

TikTok is an immensely popular app with over 1 billion daily users worldwide, but it's not suitable for everyone. In fact, many people have expressed concerns about the company's practices and the amount of data they collect.

TikTok may offer many advantages over other social media platforms, but it also presents a potential danger for young users. Recent reports indicate that many teenagers are engaging with harmful content on the app despite its age ratings for users aged 13 or older.

She Opens Up About Her Relationship with Her Father

Coi Leray is set to release her debut album "Trendsetter," and recently discussed her relationship with her father. According to 2021 XXL Freshman, Benzino is upset that she revealed he went broke working for The Source magazine in 2006. Additionally, Coi revealed that her parents have threatened her mother after learning he owned half of the publication.

This week, the 22-year-old singer went on a Twitter rant after her interview with the Breakfast Club, alleging her father is making her and her mother feel under threat. Additionally, Benzino wasn't pleased about her album sales figures.

Coi, despite their differences, maintains a close bond with her father. In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Coi shared that they have made amends after Benzino nearly cost her collaboration with Nicki Minaj. When Benzino announced her song "Blick Blick" would be featured on Clubhouse, Coi confronted him about it.

She then reached out to Minaj privately for a private conversation, which helped keep their joint effort from going viral. Benzino and Minaj eventually came to respect each other and are now on cordial terms.

This year, Coi has seen tremendous success with her hits such as "No More Parties," "BIG PURR" and "TWINNEM." As she strives to achieve platinum sales on her album and build an illustrious career, the singer-songwriter continues to gain momentum.

Coi has always had a knack for speaking her mind, which she uses to fuel her music. Her latest single "Medicine," for example, is an intimate one-minute track that explores issues such as anxiety and depression.

She finds this message to be especially meaningful, having had to battle through adversity throughout her career. She has learned the importance of focusing on the positive and not letting hardship get the best of you.

Her lyrics are inspirational and uplifting, which has earned her a large fan base within the industry. Additionally, she lends a helping hand to other artists facing similar struggles through support of other artists.

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