@BadBunny's @SpiderMan Spin-Off Movie Gets Release Date Update

@BadBunny's @SpiderMan Spin-Off Movie Gets Release Date Update


Bad Bunnys SpiderMan Spinoff Movie Gets Release Date Update

At CinemaCon this year, Sony Pictures unveiled that rapper Bad Bunny would star as the lead in their Spider-Man spin-off movie El Muerto. Due to hit theaters in 2024, this will be the first Latin superhero leading movie from Marvel and Sony.

The film follows the journey of Juan-Carlos Sanchez, who becomes El Muerto and inherits his father's role. Trained for this role by his father, Juan was granted a mask that would grant him superhuman strength and endurance.

Sony Pictures Updates Release Date for El Muerto

After the success of Venom and Spider-Man: No Way Home, Sony Pictures is on a quest for more Marvel characters to make movies about. In addition to Venom, Morbius, Kraven the Hunter, Madame Web and Bad Bunny being cast as El Muerto in their upcoming live-action Spider-Man spin-off movie, they recently secured Grammy award-winning music superstar Bad Bunny as El Muerto.

El Muerto is a wrestler whose powers come from wearing his father's mask - part of an ancestral heritage passed down through generations. After his father sacrificed his life to protect him, El Muerto has been striving to prove himself worthy of these abilities ever since. In one particularly intense charity match with Spider-Man, he nearly unmasks Spider-Man before being saved by Spider-Man's own superpowers.

Bad Bunny's casting as the lead in the movie marks an important milestone for the studio, especially given his impressive acting career. He's previously appeared in films like F9: The Fast Saga and Netflix's Narcos: Mexico. Additionally, Bad Bunny is also a singer - his debut album Un Verano Sin Ti will be released late 2022.

Jonas Cuaron is directing the film, with previous works including Desierto. As a director with impressive effects skillsets, Sony will be counting on him to bring the visuals of their production alive.

Deadline reports that Sony plans to release the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming on January 12, 2024 with a theatrical release expected. Additionally, the studio revealed the film will be part of their expanding Spider-Man universe, possibly featuring some crossovers between other Sony and Marvel characters in the future.

Bad Bunny expressed his excitement to play El Muerto and expressed gratitude for being given the chance to collaborate with Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios on this project.

The actor and musician previously portrayed Arturo Paez on Netflix's Narcos: Mexico. Now he will portray El Muerto in Sony Pictures' upcoming movie adaptation. A fan of the comics since childhood, he can't wait to bring El Muerto's character alive.

Sony Pictures continues to expand their Marvel Comics universe, seemingly giving more Latino characters a voice. Bad Bunny will mark Sony Pictures' first Latino lead in a Marvel movie and mark an important milestone for both the studio and MCU itself.

At the presentation, Sony Motion Picture Group president Sanford Panitch hinted that El Muerto will be an "antihero" who may inherit his father's powers, joining other Latino characters in their own movies. This marks an important development for Marvel and their universe, sure to capture audiences around the world.

With a new release date for the film and an experienced director on board, Marvel Comics superhero characters are set to be brought to life onscreen. And with Sony's previous Spider-Man projects showing that it can make great movies with Spider-Man in the title, El Muerto should follow suit.

Updated Release Date for El Muerto

Sony Pictures recently announced Bad Bunny will star as El Muerto, the newest character joining their Spider-Man spin-off universe. This movie is based on Juan-Carlos Estrada Sanchez, a Mexican pro wrestler whose powers are passed down through generations through a luchador mask that grants him superhuman strength.

In the comics, he first encountered Spider-Man as part of a ritual to earn his mask, but the wall-crawler fought back and defeated him. Ultimately, they joined forces and defeated El Dorado - their rival luchador - to earn their rewards and receive his mask.

Sony Spider-Man universe welcomes Bad Bunny to their roster of anti-heroes with a brand-new spinoff movie. At CinemaCon, Bad Bunny expressed his enthusiasm at working on this project.

On January 12th, 2024, Spider-Man: Homecoming will hit theaters for its next spin-off film release after 2018's Venom and 2022's Morbius, as well as upcoming Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web movies.

Sony is taking an innovative step. By exploring unexpected corners of the Marvel Universe, they could potentially unlock a potential crossover with their MCU universe. Until then, this is their opportunity to bring a Latinx superhero to the big screen in a unique way that has not always been done before.

It's also a chance for them to break away from their typical villain-centric mindset, offering fans more exciting material. Hopefully they can come up with a way to make everything work together in the end.

El Muerto in the comics has an interesting family history that could make for some lighthearted comedy. Additionally, his broken English may help the movie make more sense globally without needing to include Peter Parker as a lead character.

Plus, he has an interesting story from Mexico where he battled and defeated Spider-Man - an intense moment in his life.

Furthermore, his fight with Spider-Man had a clear goal in mind: He wanted to earn the coveted luchador mask and believed that he had what it takes. He was willing to risk his life for it.

El Muerto is Spanish for "dead," and while many may not know much about him, his fights in comic books have likely caught the attention of other Marvel characters. This could lead to an influx of new fans as well as a popular movie both with and without Spidey present.

Bad Bunny makes an ideal casting choice, as he is an avid fan of wrestling and has even competed in it before. Additionally, his love for music has seen him showcase his skills as a rapper in several films such as Narcos: Mexico and Fast and Furious 9.


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