7 Reasons Why Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Is Her Best Yet

7 Reasons Why Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Is Her Best Yet


7 Reasons Why Taylor Swifts Eras Tour Is Her Best Yet

Taylor Swift recently embarked on the Eras Tour - her sixth headlining concert tour - due to COVID-19 pandemic concerns and its effects. Swift took this tour as an opportunity to support all her studio albums from Lover, Folklore and Evermore through to Reputation and reputation.

This tour was advertised as an epic three-hour stadium show spanning all her musical eras - which it certainly was, with breathtaking visuals, powerful power ballads, and sparkling costumes to fit each chapter of her illustrious career.

1. The Spectacle

Touring requires spectacle, and Swift's mesmerizing showmanship has long been unrivaled - now on her Eras Tour she raises the bar even higher!

On her Eras tour, Swift has adopted a more robust performance style with enhanced choreography and strong vocals, incorperating non-hit songs that her fans truly adore such as "Bejeweled", "Mastermind" and "Karma".

These songs serve as prime examples of how setlists can be tailored specifically to a dedicated Taylor Swift audience, making the Eras Tour one of Swift's finest to date.

Ticketmaster set an unprecedented sales record during this tour, selling 2 million tickets in 24 hours and oversaturating its servers to sell those tickets - prompting fan lawsuits and an apology from Ticketmaster itself.

JJ Watt, a former NFL defensive end who attended Swift's tour opening weekend with his wife Kealia and friends praised it as a dazzling "spectacle to behold". As an avid Swift fan, he posted on social media his appreciation of her performance and set design.

2. The Show

The Eras Tour, which debuted March 17 in Glendale, Arizona is a three-hour spectacle featuring 44 songs from all of Taylor Swift's 10 studio albums and featuring different costumes, set changes and musical moments for every era of her career.

From her 2019 album Lover to 2010's fairy-tale-focused Speak Now and onward to an autumnal Folklore and Evermore tour eras with their respective folkloric costumes to an autumnal Folklore cabin for Folklore and Evermore performances, this tour felt more like a Broadway production than an ordinary pop star concert. Through innovative stage design and cutting-edge visual mapping technologies she created an incredible 4-D cognitive experience far exceeding modern touring shows' standards.

The impressive scale of her show was testament to her prowess as an albums artist; instead of releasing quick singles or capitalizing on current trends, she consistently releases strong, well-written albums that showcase her skills as an artist.

3. The Music

Fans have become accustomed to anticipating Taylor Swift performances with setlists full of her most-recognized hits. But on her Eras Tour, fans experienced more than that - her entire discography came together into one exciting journey of music.

From Lover's opening number "Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince" to deeper cuts such as "Illicit Affairs" and "Mirrorball," she delivered one of the most captivating setlists ever. Even more striking was that two spots per night were reserved for surprise songs - something few acts have managed.

Rarely has any music star given an extraordinary performance and left everyone completely taken by surprise, yet that was exactly the case last Friday in Glendale, Arizona.

Not only did she showcase her incredible vocals, the show also included stunning visuals and cinematic production values that rivaled those seen at major cinematic productions. Each act felt like a stage play showcasing different elements from each era - from the sparkling pink leotard with matching boots worn during 2019's "Lover" to 2021's moss-covered country shack seen during 2021's "Folklore", every piece on the setlist had its own specific look and feel.

4. The Fans

Last November when Taylor Swift released Eras Tour tickets, her fans scrambled to secure them as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, Ticketmaster was experiencing difficulty meeting demand; eventually this caused a debacle which caught the attention of both federal authorities and Taylor herself.

Swift made sure those lucky enough to score tickets were treated to an unforgettable show as she put her all into it, performing songs from every one of her ten studio albums and taking concertgoers through all stages in her career.

Not only was Adele's music captivating to fans who came, but her visuals also left an indelible mark. The tour kicked off at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona - with memorable moments throughout each performance!

Swift divided her setlist into acts grouped by era for each of her ten albums, giving each an unique appearance through look, feel, costume design and color blocking techniques.

Taylor Swift delivered a spectacular performance for longtime Swifties at her concert this past Thursday.

5. The Visuals

Taylor Swift fans will never forget their experience on her Eras Tour, beginning with its inaugural show in Glendale, Arizona and continuing through each stop along its course. From now until December 13th it has been an unmissable spectacle - every stop being an extravaganza!

At every stop on her tour, Taylor Swift has leveraged every opportunity available to her to turn her performances into major local events. One such community was Tampa, Florida - Hillsborough County changed to "Swiftborough" and offered Swift the honorary mayorship!

The singer kicked off her tour with an impressive 44-song setlist from her 10 studio albums - most are expected to be played during her tour; however, there may also be surprise songs that may surface.

At her first show, Swift surprised audiences by changing up her opening song from "Invisible Sting" to a song from her eighth studio album Folklore called "The 1," an emotional breakup song which references former flame Joe Alwyn. Although it remains to be seen if Swift will continue using this melancholic number or not in her setlists or not, if she does continue doing so it is sure to become one of her more memorable moments from this tour.

6. The Setlist

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour is an elaborate spectacle. A full-scale stadium tour, it includes nonstop costume changes, massive set exchanges and stunts on par with any Las Vegas residency residency.

Fans have long awaited the chance to see "Anti-Hero" singer Sheila E live, and it finally happens around the world. Tickets went on sale November 15 at 10 am local time through Ticketmaster but unfortunately were subject to technical difficulties that caused long wait times and technical glitches that frustrated fans further.

Swift decided to extend her Eras Tour from 50 performances to 52, adding 17 additional dates - leading it to become one of the most lucrative tours ever, according to Billboard Boxscore.

As she had four new albums to cover (Lover, Folklore, Evermore and Midnights) as well as her rerecorded early era material to select from for setlist choices, as well as fans' requests from over five years' past, she wanted to ensure they wouldn't feel neglected by leaving out their favorites from this past decade.

So far on her Eras tour, Taylor Swift has included one or two unexpected songs as part of each set list; something she introduced during her Reputation tour as an awesome way of showing appreciation to her faithful fans.

7. The Final Word

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour made its first stop at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona - temporarily known as Swift City for this two-night event - on March 17 and 18. Across 44 songs that span 10 eras in her career including anthems, deep cuts and fan favorites from each period, fans experienced Swift at her finest!

Swift's Eras Tour proved not only her musical genius but also its success as an event. Running for over three hours, its setlist featured songs from nine of Swift's 10 studio albums.

Taylor Swift's performance outfits have always been one of the highlights of her shows, particularly during her OG RED period. During that period she donned tea dresses, high-waisted shorts and Breton stripes as well as bowler hats with bowler hats worn backwards - an ensemble which she pays homage to with her Eras tour look: an iconic circus ringleader outfit complete with top hat!

At the conclusion of each show, she offered an unforgettable acoustic number - featuring an emotive rendition of her latest single "Mirrorball," dedicated to her fans. Additionally, she brought back a symbol from her Fearless and Speak Now days - her hand heart gesture reminding everyone she's still an iconic pop star that deserves their respect and admiration.

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