6 Big Upgrades For AGNC Investment Corp (AGNC)

6 Big Upgrades For AGNC Investment Corp (AGNC)


6 big upgrades AGNC rises sharply on new buy rating  Pro Recap By Investi

Are you searching to increase the value of your portfolio? Consider AGNC Investment Corp (AGNC). This stock currently holds a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy), due to rising earnings estimates.

Earnings revisions are one of the primary factors influencing stock prices. By tracking these revisions, investors can utilize this trend to make informed investing decisions.

1. Zacks Consensus Estimates

Zacks Consensus Estimates are an invaluable tool for predicting stock prices in the future. When a company's earnings estimates rise, it signals that business conditions may be improving and should propel its stock higher.

Analysts often revise their estimates before an earnings release to take into account the latest business trends. This is because they have access to updated information that could prove more accurate than what they and other contributors to the consensus had predicted earlier.

The Zacks Rank system is an effective way to assess a company's likelihood of beating or missing the consensus estimate. It ranks all Zacks-covered universe of over 4000 stocks based on four factors, such as earnings estimate revisions.

Investors can use a Zacks Rank to assess whether a company's current price is too cheap or expensive compared to its long-term worth. A high Zacks Rank indicates that the business is well positioned for long-term growth.

Additionally, a rising Zacks Rank indicates analysts expect the company's earnings to outpace the market in the future. This could spur investors' interest in buying shares at lower prices.

Finally, Zacks Earnings ESP (Expected Surprise Prediction) is another key indicator of earnings beat potential. This model compares the Most Accurate Estimate to the Zacks Consensus Estimate and gives a more precise indication of how likely a company will miss or beat the consensus EPS estimate. Its predictive power is especially strong for positive ESP readings.

2. Analyst Recommendations

When assessing a company in the stock market, price and valuation are all important factors to consider. But perhaps most importantly, is whether or not it's worth buying in the first place. One way of finding out is by analyzing analyst recommendations. Popular analysts produce hundreds of recommendations annually so having an up-to-date list of who gives you quality advice in a timely manner will save time, money and heartache in the long run. The following table lists some of the most notable high-end recommendations for all equity equities as well as stocks generally. To make finding relevant advice easier, we have organized them by tier.

3. Price Target

Stock valuation is an integral factor when investing. It often determines whether a stock will perform well or poorly over the long haul. You can assess a stock's worth by looking at its Price-to-Book ratio, which compares its book value to its market value; and also by assessing its dividend yield.

Analysts typically assign stocks a rating after conducting extensive research and monitoring the company for several months. This includes studying its financial statements, listening to earnings conference calls, and speaking with executives and customers of the business.

Analysts give stocks ratings, but there are other factors that can help you decide which stock is right for you. One of the most significant is relative price strength, which measures how a stock's share price has performed versus its peers over time.

A high RS Rating usually signals that a stock is poised for major price appreciation, as it has an extensive foundation from which to build upon. Furthermore, analysts may examine the company's historical growth rate and compare it with that of its industry group's.

AGNC is a mortgage REIT offering investors double-digit dividend yields. However, you should only consider investing if you understand the risks involved. This area of the market has seen plenty of volatility recently so don't get carried away by hype.

4. Earnings Report

When it comes to stock market analysis, the quarterly earnings report is often the most crucial and informative document a stock investor will read. Not only do these reports provide useful insight into a company's financial health, but they can also assist in making better investment decisions. Earnings reports typically feature several highlights; most notably, earnings per share (EPS).

Utilizing the earnings report as the foundation for your investing strategy is wise, but to get a comprehensive view of what's happening with a company, you should examine its financial statements. For instance, review the balance sheet to get an overview of assets and liabilities; additionally, pay close attention to income statement which includes EPS; as well as cash flow statement to gain insight into financial performance.

In addition to the financial documents mentioned, you should also pay attention to a company's press release and investor relations (IR) department. This office is responsible for conveying all recent news and developments concisely, timely, and transparently to investors. This may include summaries of recent financial statements as well as key information such as upcoming milestones. Doing this makes selecting stocks for your portfolio much simpler.

5. Analyst Recommendations

Analysts provide stock ratings on companies based on extensive research that includes reading public financial statements, speaking to executives and customers of the company, as well as listening to earnings conference calls. These analysts arrive at their ratings after conducting a detailed examination of a company's numbers; typically they issue four ratings per year.

The average analyst recommendation for AGNC is "Buy." This suggests analysts believe the stock will outperform the market over the next twelve months. However, this average analyst recommendation does not guarantee a future price target or earnings estimate; thus, it's wise to check ratings and forecast data before making your purchase. You can get up-to-date analyst forecasts as well as other key information on our website. Furthermore, we offer a discounted subscription service which alerts you when analysts revise their recommendations - being among the first to know when a new rating is posted! For just $199 annually, you can take advantage of this great offer!

6. Price Target

When investing, stock price targets are an invaluable resource for investors. Analysts use their expertise in a given industry or sector to assign ratings and set price targets for stocks. To do this, analysts typically review public financial statements, speak with company executives or customers, listen in on earnings conference calls, and ask questions about the business operations. With these ratings in hand, investors can make more informed decisions about investments.

Analyst Richard Shane recently upgraded AGNC from neutral to overweight and set a $12.5 price target, making the stock an attractive buy based on his estimates that include earnings per share and revenue growth. He believes AGNC will continue outpace the market by approximately 5% over the next 12 months; further, its dividend yield stands at an impressive 11%. Overall, Shane rates AGNC as being a solid buy through 2023; however, keep in mind this forecast may change over time so always consult your own financial advisor for advice tailored specifically towards your investment objectives and risk tolerance before taking action.

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