5 Tech Tools You Need to Market Your Business on Social Media

5 Tech Tools You Need to Market Your Business on Social Media


The 5 tech tools you need to market your business on social media

To maximize the potential of social media for your business, you need a comprehensive marketing strategy. Fortunately, there are plenty of tech tools that can assist with this task.

Prior to selecting the ideal tool for you, create a list of business objectives and what you hope to accomplish through social media. Doing this makes narrowing down the possibilities much simpler and ensure you select the most suitable option.

1. Buffer

Buffer is a well-known tool for managing social media posts, offering plenty of features to help small businesses get their content out there. It features an intuitive interface that makes connecting with your accounts and scheduling posts effortless, plus insightful insights into audience engagement and analytics.

Buffer's free version allows users to connect up to three social media accounts and schedule up to ten posts per month. However, if your needs exceed those limits, they must upgrade to either the Pro, Premium, or Business plan.

SocialPilot offers a free alternative, enabling you to connect all of your social media accounts and schedule posts on one platform with an intuitive calendar view. Plus, it has access to an extensive library of social media marketing resources so that you can get started with your strategy quickly.

Another useful feature is the browser extension, which enables you to share any webpage directly with your followers. Not only does this save time, but it also means you can add a new post to your queue without needing to return to Buffer's website.

It's also an excellent way to share quotes from articles by clicking the "Buffer Selected Text" button on the right of your browser.

On the Pro tier, you gain access to more sophisticated features such as analytics and audience engagement. You can monitor individual post performance and discover which content performs best across each platform. Furthermore, reports can be exported as PDFs for easy distribution.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management app that lets you manage multiple accounts across various networks. Plus, with it, you can even schedule posts for all of your social media sites simultaneously - saving tons of time!

This software offers a range of features, from social listening to ad management. Additionally, it has analytics which allow you to track your social media performance. This provides an insightful view into how well your campaigns are working and how they compare against other brands in your industry.

Another useful feature is the Streams interface, which displays your social feeds chronologically with the latest posts at the top. This makes it easy to stay abreast of any issues that may arise in real-time.

You can set up streams to monitor competitors and topics that matter for your business. Doing this gives you a better understanding of what your audience is talking about, enabling you to respond faster to them.

For instance, if a customer calls your hair salon and requests directions to your location, you can schedule this information to be sent out via Instagram. Doing so saves you valuable time and makes the job much simpler.

Small businesses especially benefit from this feature, as they can conveniently schedule customer service messages like store hours or directions to be posted on social media at a set time each day.

Hootsuite boasts an array of features, but can be costly for small businesses. With various pricing plans offering varying levels of access to different components, it's important to assess your needs before selecting which plan meets your budget.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an all-inclusive social media management solution, offering teams a streamlined interface to collaborate on publishing, engagement, listening and analytics. It also offers comprehensive reporting for all your accounts on all channels while helping create a unified brand voice across all your platforms.

Its Message Tagging feature is an efficient way to organize and categorize messages, while its Smart Inbox can keep track of mentions from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. This guarantees you never miss a mention or call-out from your followers and helps you quickly address customer service issues.

From within Sprout Social's platform, you can also create chatbots for conversational experiences on Twitter DMs and Facebook Messenger. Doing so will help reduce response times and boost customer satisfaction levels.

Sprout Social offers an intuitive user experience and top-notch support for users. It has a comprehensive help center, FAQ section, and Twitter account that is open about any technical issues that may arise.

Furthermore, it has an integrated social media dashboard that displays all posts for all accounts in one convenient location. This can be incredibly time-saving as it makes it simpler to monitor all activities and respond to customer feedback quickly and efficiently.

Sprout Social's mobile app makes content scheduling and sharing a breeze, with its ViralPost feature that automatically posts at the optimal time for maximum engagement. This is ideal for businesses that must post frequently but want to avoid posting at random times.

4. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is one of the world's premier resources for social media marketing. It assists millions of marketers worldwide in discovering how best to utilize social media to engage customers, increase brand awareness and boost sales.

Michael Stelzner, founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner, is also responsible for creating Social Media Marketing World--the industry's premier conference. This event is designed to hone your social media skills and boost your confidence in using them online.

It's an invaluable opportunity to network and learn from other experts in your field - plus it's free! Plus, the event takes place monthly!

Another excellent resource for learning about social media is the Social Media Marketing Society, created by Social Media Examiner (the same company behind the Social Media Marketing World conference). With this subscription you have access to an archive of workshops on the topic as well as new live training sessions each month plus a supportive community where no question is too small to ask.

You have the option to select either a monthly or annual plan, with several custom pricing options to fit your requirements. Plus, you can try out the service with our 30-day money-back guarantee!

A reliable social media management tool is critical to the success of any campaign on social media. Not only can these tools simplify your workflow and strategy, but they provide access to crucial metrics that enable you to monitor and evaluate results.

If you want to take your social media management to the next level, SocialPilot is a must-use software option. This program saves time and energy by automating posting content to various social networks and allowing for multiple posts per account. Plus, its scheduling capabilities make it ideal for busy professionals with multiple accounts.

5. Social Media Manager

No matter the size of your business, hiring a social media manager is the ideal way to promote it and start engaging with potential customers. Furthermore, keeping up with social trends and algorithm updates is essential for any brand's success.

Social media managers who understand their target audience's needs and how to leverage that insight to cultivate an active online community, create content that resonates with them, and foster relationships by promptly answering queries and addressing worries.

Design Skills: As a social media manager, you'll often need to take pictures and select appropriate images for campaigns. Furthermore, you must know how to craft captions and blog posts that speak directly to your target audience.

Customer Service Skills: As the first point of contact for your audience, it's essential that your social media manager possess excellent customer service and people skills. This could include being able to promptly address customer complaints, questions and issues.

Marketing Strategies: Your social media manager must create and execute promotional strategies for your business, such as creating and managing social ads and analyzing organic traffic activity. Furthermore, they should have a good grasp on measuring the effectiveness of their efforts.

Organization: Your social media manager must have the capacity to manage a large team and multiple projects simultaneously. They'll need to set objectives, delegate tasks, and assess their progress regularly.

As more companies outsource their social media managers, it is becoming increasingly essential for them to have a comprehensive understanding of various tools that enable them to stay organized. These could range from basic scheduling tools up to sophisticated web listening features.

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