5 Big Takeaways From Shakira's Televisa Interview

5 Big Takeaways From Shakira's Televisa Interview


5 Big Takeaways From Shakiras Televisa Interview

5 Big Takeaways From Shakira's Televisa Interview

After an incredible year, Shakira has finally opened up about her breakup with Gerard Pique in a candid interview with Mexican journalist Enrique Acevedo. During an hour-long discussion, Shakira revealed many details from her personal life to Acevedo.

After years together with the soccer star, she decided to part ways last year after discovering his infidelity. Since then, she has moved on with Clara Chia Marti.

1. She’s Empowered

Shakira's fans have been anxiously awaiting an exclusive interview with journalist Enrique Acevedo of Televisa. In their conversation, Shakira opened up about her breakup with Gerard Pique and how it has affected her life.

She admitted to always feeling emotionally dependent on men, believing that a woman needs a man to complete herself and her family. Yet now, with newfound independence, she feels empowered more than ever before. As an example for her children and as an ambassador of Colombian culture, she strives to serve as an inspiring role model to the next generation.

Shakira's vocal style is both distinctive and versatile, incorporating both yodeling-like techniques as well as Arabic influences. She possesses a powerful voice capable of complex meslismas and piercing vibrato. Shakira's voice tends to have an heaviness in the midrange and low belting range; however, she can remove this to reveal a fresher sound that is more youthful and seductive.

Shakira dedicates her free time to supporting women and children who are victims of abuse. As an UNICEF goodwill ambassador, she runs the Pies Descalzos Foundation and travels around the world to raise awareness about child poverty and other social issues.

She is a feminist who believes everyone can achieve success no matter their background or experience. She has a special interest in working with women and children who have suffered abuse, and finds fulfillment when seeing them succeed in their lives. Additionally, as a mother of two children, she appreciates having the support of her family members.

2. She’s a Mom

Shakira recently spoke to Televisa and revealed how much she enjoys being a mother. She has two sons, Sasha and Milan, whom she spends a lot of time with; particularly watching them learn and develop.

Though her career is important, her children come first. She even cancelled shows to be with them when their health declined, making sure that they never feel like they're missing out on anything important in her life. She strives to spend as much time with them as possible so that they don't feel left out or abandoned.

She loves playing with them too, and believes that iPads can be a great learning tool if used properly. She doesn't stop her kids from using iPads either, because she believes these gadgets should be enjoyed responsibly.

However, she does make sure they don't watch TV when they could be doing other activities. She wants them to spend time outdoors enjoying nature and developing as inquisitive learners.

Shakira says her kids treat her incredibly well as mothers. She works hard to ensure they always show their love and appreciation for her no matter what happens. They call her "mama" or "grandma," and they always express pride when Shakira does something good for them.

Shakira isn't afraid to reach out when she needs assistance or support from her kids. She assures them she will always be there for them, providing comfort when someone gets hurt or seeking advice when necessary.

She's never afraid to stand up for what she believes in and fights for her rights with fierce determination. Recently, she even recorded a diss song directed at her ex-mother-in-law Montserrat Bernabeu, whom she believes is interfering in her relationship with Gerard Pique.

3. She’s a Star

Shakira, the Colombian superstar whose 80 million records have sold worldwide, is one of music's most renowned singers. Yet despite her fame, she remains humble and appreciative of all that God has given her.

She was raised in a musical family, with her father being both a dancer and songwriter who encouraged her early on to pursue the arts. From an early age she began singing and soon after began writing poems that later evolved into songs. It is no surprise that this passion for performing has carried through to today.

Her debut album Magia, recorded when she was fourteen years old, enjoyed modest success in Colombia. However, a chance encounter with Sony Colombia executive Ciro Vargas ultimately led to the signing of Sony Colombia and the release of Peligro in 1993.

Since then, she has sold over 80 million albums worldwide and earned numerous awards and accolades for her music. Additionally, she has become a philanthropist, raising millions of dollars to combat poverty and provide education for underprivileged students through her Pies Descalzos Foundation.

She is renowned for her daring dance moves and distinctive style, but even more so for her powerful voice. With the ability to control her vibrato perfectly, she sings with remarkable lightness and clarity.

Her vocal timbre is quite distinctive and versatile, featuring a strong yodelling technique combined with Arabic influences. Her lower range tends to be heavier but her midrange and high range are crisp and clear; she can perform complex melisma with or without vibrato.

She is an accomplished artist who has successfully transitioned from the yodeling genre of her early days to more contemporary pop-rock music. Her sound and personality have evolved, winning over an international audience with infectious songs that bring people to their feet no matter the language spoken. No matter if she sings in English or Spanish, her songs always manage to move listeners along - whether that be through laughter or tears!

4. She’s an Artist

Shakira is an internationally acclaimed artist and one of the biggest pop stars. Her music blends Latin, Arabic and rock styles together beautifully, earning her multiple awards including the Latin Grammy for Best Female Vocal Performance.

Shakira may have a powerful voice, but she remains an incredibly kind and humble individual. She has even done good deeds for those less fortunate than herself by contributing money to charities that assist children.

She possesses a distinct vocal style that blends yodelling-like technique with Arabic influences. She can produce complex melisma melodies and sustain notes with vibrato.

Her head voice is strong and bright, becoming more piercing the higher it rises. Her chest voice is heavier and sultry with a deep throbbing quality.

She can control her pitch perfectly, earning her the title of "queen of Latin Music." Additionally, she's Colombia's highest-selling recording artist ever with sales of over 70 million albums worldwide.

Since her debut album, Pies Descalzos, in 1996, Shakira has gone on to win multiple awards and become a global sensation. Her songs are renowned for their powerful voices and captivating dance moves. Additionally, Shakira founded her own charity organization called Pies Descalzos Foundation which assists children in her native country receive quality education.

Recently, she shared an intimate interview with Televisa that has the social media world buzzing. In it, she revealed a lot about her recent split with Gerard Pique and even made a cryptic comment directed at Pique's new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti.

5. She’s a Human Being

After months of speculation and controversy surrounding her breakup with Gerard Pique, Shakira finally shared her feelings in a Televisa interview last night. In the chat show host's candid style, Shakira spoke candidly about everything going on in her life at that time.

She shared how emotionally dependent on men she had always been, but how her perspective on relationships has now shifted. Additionally, she revealed that having children was no longer a dream but instead an obligation after divorcing Pique. After realizing she needed to become a mother, she said, she realized this need for self-fulfillment.

Shakira shared a song she composed with Bizarrap during her interview with Televisa that she felt helped her heal. The song served as an outlet for her emotions to come out.

Shakira has dedicated herself to making the world a better place, visiting Haiti after its devastating earthquake and supporting Cuban dissidents as an UNICEF goodwill ambassador. Additionally, she's an enthusiastic supporter of early childhood development and education.

One of her greatest assets is her voice, which blends Arabic influences and yodeling-like techniques. She can incorporate complex melisma into songs while maintaining sustained notes with or without vibrato.

She possesses a light voice with an adaptable timbre, which can be enhanced using various vocal styles and intonation. Generally, her voice is heavier in the midrange and lower belting ranges; however, she can remove this weight to create a crisper, lighter sounding timbre.

She's incredibly powerful for someone her age, having once auditioned for The Voice and showing off the strength of her voice with Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball," performed blind in front of an audience.

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