3 Takeaways From the Chicago White Sox Spring Opener

3 Takeaways From the Chicago White Sox Spring Opener


3 takeaways from the Chicago White Sox spring opener

The White Sox entered Spring Training full of optimism and a vision of better times ahead. But they must prove that this season - as well as the 2023 season and beyond - can live up to those expectations.

The starting point in that process was a strong opening game against the Royals. Here are three takeaways from that contest:

1. The Sox’s defense is good

Although it can be easy to focus on the offense of a baseball team, defense is just as crucial. While it can be an unpleasant part of the game, having good defensive players makes all the difference between winning and losing games. The Chicago White Sox have their defense under wraps, which bodes well for their season.

Though the White Sox have had a difficult start offensively, their pitching staff appears to be in excellent form and should help them win many more games. Their starting rotation has been strong thus far, while the bullpen should also be effective if all pitchers can stay healthy.

As the Sox' hitters get healthy and start playing more games, their offense should begin to shine. Their defense remains an issue, however, and will be an ongoing concern if they continue to struggle in that department.

Fortunately, the Sox have some talented defensive players that should help them improve their fielding. Alexei Ramirez is a promising defender and is making progress, while Juan Pierre and Jake Marisnick provide experience on the other end of the ball.

These three players may not be starters, but they all make excellent defenders and give the Sox some much-needed depth in the middle of the lineup. With some natural positions to play, each has a good chance to make good defensive plays on a consistent basis.

The White Sox are still young, so they may experience growing pains as they try to find their footing. But with Andrew Benintendi, Luis Robert and Adam Colas at their disposal, the team should be able to find success on the field.

Furthermore, the White Sox have a solid pair of backup outfielders in Billy Hamilton and Victor Reyes. Both players are decent hitters, and both have shown promise on defense in the past.

If the Sox can develop these three hitters and keep them healthy, they should be able to assemble an impressive defensive unit this season. Furthermore, they have to move other pieces around the board in order to maximize their effectiveness and get them into positions where they have the most chances to shine.

Another positive development for the White Sox is their improved defense at first base with Jose Abreu's return, and second base where Elvis Andrus has been signed this offseason. These moves should give them a stronger overall defensive core overall and make them much better overall in the long run.

Unfortunately, the White Sox' defense isn't nearly as strong as that of the 2016 Cubs, who shifted 4.4 percent of the time and posted impressive defensive numbers throughout the season. To overcome this hurdle, the Sox must find a solution; if they do, their defense should be much improved this year than it was in 2021.

2. The Sox’s offense is good

The White Sox' offense was impressive during their spring opener. This is an encouraging development as they have struggled with offense since Tony La Russa took over the team in 2022.

The Sox have a wealth of talent on their team, yet they have struggled to score runs. Through Sunday, the Sox are ranked 18th in runs scored.

This is a problem because it means the Sox aren't hitting enough home runs to score runs. If they want to win more games this season, they need to improve their hitting.

One way to help is by increasing their walk rate. Walks are like free passes to get on base, and then teammates can hit you for a run. The Sox have been struggling with their walk rate recently, so that needs to be addressed soon.

Another strategy that can help is a more refined plate approach. In 2003, Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill released the movie Moneyball which demonstrated the connection between walks/getting on base and winning baseball games.

This film and teams alike, placed great importance on walk rates, as studies have repeatedly demonstrated that teams with higher walk rates tend to be more successful. With today's advanced analytics at our disposal, this has become an increasingly critical element of winning baseball games.

Teams with high walk rates tend to have better averages on the bases and are more likely to get a base hit than those with low rates.

Teams with higher OPSs tend to hit more singles than those with lower OPSs, as the OPS is a weighted average of all hits a player has on the field.

This is essential as it helps keep a team's strikeout rate down, which the Sox have been struggling with recently. This has allowed them to stay in the American League Central race despite their ineffective power play; they still rank among the top-five teams in batting average and possess an OPS of 10.

If the White Sox can improve their walk rate, they'll likely start scoring more runs and getting better results from their offense. While this process could take some time, it is imperative that they get back on track offensively.

One way the White Sox can improve their offense is by making more sacrifice flies. These occur when runners reach third base with less than two outs and the Sox need to get them up the plate.

Every other team in baseball is at least slightly inconsistent when faced with these types of chances, but it never occurred to us that the Sox would be so lacking. This has been a major contributing factor in their struggles this season and must be addressed quickly so they can make the most of their scoring chances.

3. The Sox’s pitching is good

The Chicago White Sox boast a formidable pitching staff that could potentially build a championship-caliber squad, yet their position is vulnerable to injuries and lacks depth at the back end. Therefore, they must find ways to increase their pitching depth during the 2022 season.

Throughout the 1960s, the Chicago White Sox were a perennial contender with an outstanding pitching staff. Their ERA and RA/G were among the best in the American League due to their pitcher-friendly home park. Despite this success, however, they still finished behind rivals New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles in the pennant race.

However, the Sox' offense struggled to rise above the AL's middle range, with their hitters hitting just.220 over the final two months of the season. Even with such a lackluster offense, their pitching was still effective enough that opponents allowed no more than three earned runs per nine innings.

The Red Sox' starting pitchers were instrumental in this success, with Peters, Pizarro and Horlen leading the team in ERA. Additionally, Wilhelm proved to be an ace reliever for Boston with nearly 30 percent of their relief innings earned by him.

Another key element of the Sox' pitching was their bullpen, led by Fisher and Turk Lown. Together with journeymen Turk Lown and Frank Baumann, these two guys posted an ERA and ERA+ that far exceeded the league average.

These guys were able to limit opponents to one or fewer runs per inning with a variety of pitches designed to mask their knuckleballs from being hit. These included the "shine ball," an unpredictable pitch with fastball-slider combo with top spin rate in the league; and "shineball," allowing hitters to get caught off guard by its movement.

It was especially crucial, as the White Sox' hitters weren't particularly reliable. This coupled with an extreme pitchers' park resulted in one of baseball's weakest offenses during the middle 1960s.

In addition to their knuckleballs, the Sox' pitchers also had a selection of other pitches that could mask different hitting styles. These included the "shine ball" and a slider with 38 inches of verticle drop.

The shine ball was a type of curveball that could fool opponents into believing the ball was spinning in circles when in reality it had only horizontal break and an area near the bottom of the strike zone. Its effectiveness also enabled Boston's rotation to keep runners on base consistently throughout the 1960s - an essential aspect for their success.

Mike Clevinger and a healthy Davis Martin give the White Sox plenty of depth in their rotation for years ahead. Additionally, several players who could potentially fill a spot start role include Jonathan Stiever - whom the Sox selected in the 2020 COVID draft and had an impressive season with Double-A Birmingham last year. If Stiever can return to form this year, it would be an exciting development for the organization.

NBA ROUNDUP Jayson Tatum 3pointer leads Celtics over 76ers

NBA Roundup: Jayson Tatum Scores a Game-Winning 3 Pointer

The Boston Celtics overcame a 15-point third quarter deficit to beat the Philadelphia 76ers, 110-107. Jayson Tatum hit a game-winning three pointer with 2.2 seconds remaining for Boston to secure their victory.

Joel Embiid nearly missed a three-quarter court heave that could've sent this game into overtime, setting himself up for a humbling moment on both ends of the floor. It was an incredible night for Embiid.

1. James Harden and the Rockets

On Saturday at Wells Fargo Center, Jayson Tatum hit a 3-pointer with 1.3 seconds left to give the Boston Celtics an exciting win over the Philadelphia 76ers. Joel Embiid and James Harden hit two free throws in 46.1 seconds to tie it at 107 before Tatum hit his shot off of Joe Mazzulla's one-handed slam dunk off of a screen for his fourth point of the night and seal victory for Boston.

Harden, who scored 31 points on 10 of 16 shooting in Thursday's win against Memphis, had an impressive performance to lead the Sixers offense. He drained multiple step-back 3s, displayed his improved explosiveness with drives and finishes past Grant Williams and made several mid-range pull-ups.

However, the Sixers had trouble in the second half as they relied too heavily on Harden playing isolation and turned over too often. This wasn't enough to keep Boston off their backs though; Horford scored four triples in the third quarter alone to help reduce their deficit to one.

Boston shot 47.3 percent from the field and 20 of 56 (35.7%) from long range in a win that snapped Philadelphia's five-game winning streak. Joel Embiid had 41 points and 12 rebounds but could not keep up with Boston's offensive assault.

After a slow start in the first quarter, the Sixers battled back to take a commanding six-point lead at halftime. Tobias Harris scored 19 points while P.J. Tucker made up for his poor shooting in the second half with another strong showing.

Despite their stellar defensive effort, the Sixers' offense faltered in the fourth quarter. Boston dominance in the paint allowed them to extend their lead to double digits, but the Sixers could not consistently stop Boston's relentless offense.

With Embiid struggling and the ball in Brown's hands, the Celtics began to pull away. Horford hit four triples in the third quarter and Tatum added another step-back 3 for a 86-82 advantage with 6:20 remaining. That was just enough as Brown added three more baskets in the fourth for a 86-82 advantage.

2. P.J. Tucker and the 76ers

On Saturday night, the Boston Celtics made it clear they weren't going to let their opponent get away from them. Jayson Tatum scored a 3-pointer as part of an incredible comeback that gave the Celtics an easy 110-107 victory over Philadelphia 76ers. A key moment of the game came late in the fourth quarter when Boston had pulled ahead by eight points but Philadelphia managed to rally back and take command with just under nine minutes remaining.

In the following sequence, Jayson Tatum hit a long three-pointer to give the Celtics an 112-107 lead with 10 seconds remaining. Joel Embiid had one last chance to tie it at four with four seconds left but failed to release his shot before the buzzer sounded.

Conversely, the Celtics were able to rebound after a slow start. Tobias Harris had an outstanding first half with 12 points on 3-of-3 shooting from the field as he helped them open up a double-digit lead at the end of the first quarter.

However, the 76ers were unable to stop Tatum from attacking the basket and he had his best game of the season - finishing with 31 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists.

On Sunday night, the Celtics received a strong effort from all players but Jayson Tatum stood out the most. He dominated on defense and had an outstanding game in the paint - especially during their 16-4 run in the third quarter.

He made some crucial shots, such as a dunk that put the Celtics ahead 97-96 with just over three minutes remaining in the fourth. Additionally, he scored two more key dunks in the second half to keep Boston in the game.

The 76ers' bench unit had a disastrous day as well. De'Anthony Melton went scoreless and Georges Niang got picked off defensively, potentially setting the stage for what is to come in the postseason.

It's unfortunate that the Sixers don't have more defensive options on their roster for stars such as Paul George, Kyrie Irving and Giannis Antetokounmpo to defend in playoff matches. Having another option available to defend those big men could prove invaluable.

3. Al Horford and the Celtics

Horford's presence in Boston has been a major factor in their success this season. He serves as an inspirational mentor to young players such as Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, helping them blossom into NBA stars. Furthermore, Horford is an excellent defensive player who was integral to the Celtics' run to the NBA Finals last season.

On Thursday night, the Boston Celtics began Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors and Al Horford was a key figure in their victory with six 3-pointers. Though he may be nearing retirement, Horford remains an integral player for the Celtics and will surely garner plenty of admiration from fans as he embarks on his 36th season in the league.

Horford's efficiency during the playoffs has seen him score more points per game than during his regular season average of 10.2. Additionally, he's been able to make more shots from outside of three-point range this postseason, further increasing his overall scoring totals.

Horford has been an integral part of the Boston Celtics' offense this season, though he has not been as productive as he was during his first two years with the team. His rebounding numbers are down from his career averages and shooting percentage has also fallen off slightly, which has slightly affected his scoring totals.

Horford is an important player for the Boston offense and expected to start two more games before the All-Star break. While his usage should increase slightly over the next couple of contests, his main contributions will come in blocking shots and 3-point attempts rather than scoring ones.

It appears the Celtics will continue to employ a predominantly small-ball lineup in the near future, though it's possible they could switch to a bigger lineup as the season progresses. Horford and Williams will be key components of that change, helping the team return to its defensive-minded approach from last season as a result.

4. Jayson Tatum and the Celtics

On Sunday, Jayson Tatum broke out of his 3-point shooting slump with a bang in Boston's win over the Wizards, hitting 9 of 14 attempts from beyond the arc to finish with 51 points and six assists for what would prove to be their biggest win of the season: 116-87 over Washington.

Boston Celtics are one of the toughest teams to beat in the NBA, and that was certainly true of Saturday night's matchup against New York Knicks. Boston led by as many as 15 points early on before the Knicks pulled even. However, Boston scored the final 12 points of the second quarter to take a commanding 50-48 advantage into the third period.

With five minutes left in the quarter, Al Horford's tip-in gave Boston a two-point lead. Jayson Tatum then extended it even more with a 3-pointer from Jaylen Brown; however, Joel Embiid tied it with two free throws with 22.1 seconds remaining.

Embiid then launched a spectacular Hail Mary throw from well beyond the half court line that sent fans at Wells Fargo Center into a frenzy. Unfortunately, it came too late as the ball flew through the net.

At the buzzer, Tatum made a crucial 3-pointer to give Boston the win. Embiid had just scored 41 points - the highest total in the game - but Tatum's shot proved to be enough for Boston to secure their victory.

It was an inspiring example of a true teammate making the difference for his teammates, and it will only get better going forward. The Celtics now hold the top spot in the Eastern Conference with an impressive record and strong chances to make it all the way to conference finals.

This game was filled with exciting moments, such as Embiid's Hail Mary heave that sent the crowd into a frenzy. Unfortunately, he couldn't release the ball before the buzzer. Nevertheless, Tatum made an incredible pull-up clutch 3-pointer to secure victory for his team.

news about korea

How to Stay Up-To-Date With News About Korea

If you want to stay informed about Korea, there are a variety of English-language sources that you can turn to. These include national, international and local newspapers as well as Korean media outlets.

South Korea's cultural influence has grown in recent years, with pop groups BTS and Parasite winning awards around the world and inspiring an international following.

Korea Times

The Korea Times is a daily newspaper that provides political, sports, lifestyle and other news updates to its readers. Additionally, it features an opinion column and readers forum for discussion.

Helen Kim, an English literature professor at Ewha Womans University, founded it in 1949 with a vision to promote Korea's goodwill abroad.

Since then, it has blossomed into a major English-language paper in South Korea, joining other notable papers like Hankook Ilbo and Chosun Ilbo.

For over 65 years, The Korea Herald has been an anchor of international communication in Korea.

Today, it remains a leading English-language publication in Korea with an avid readership. It is widely regarded as an authoritative source for international and business news, particularly with an emphasis on economics and finance.

The global trend toward national selfishness has dramatically reduced the room for maneuvering, especially for countries such as South Korea. Therefore, it is critical for South Korea to continue supporting Kyiv in its battle to protect its people against an invasion while resisting the urge to put too much reliance on Russia.

Chosun Ilbo

Chosun Ilbo, a major daily newspaper in Korea, is widely considered one of the country's best media outlets. It provides news about Korea through various methods and gives readers an understanding of its political, economic, and social conditions.

The paper publishes a range of editorials and advertisements related to news and current affairs, as well as numerous specialty publications and special sections.

Chosun Ilbo, the popular newspaper in Korea during Japan's occupation, often voiced opposition to Japanese policies and actions. In 1920, Chosun Ilbo was suspended for a time due to this stance.

However, it has since been restored. Its editorials have repeatedly denounced Japan's behavior in Korea and its treatment of Korean citizens.

Chosun Ilbo has a significant impact on society, playing an essential role in both political and economic development of the country. With an expansive readership that includes those from higher educational levels, business professionals, as well as upper middle class families; Chosun Ilbo also covers sports events and the arts scene.

Korea JoongAng Daily

The Korea JoongAng Daily is one of the most beloved newspapers in Korea. It collaborates with The New York Times and covers news from Korea as well as other countries such as the United States and Japan.

The newspaper offers an array of English articles on Korean culture, politics, economics and social affairs. Furthermore, it features a 12-page English study guide entitled "Think English" with plenty of helpful information for readers.

Recently, Czech Ambassador Gustav Slamecka spoke with Korea JoongAng Daily about his country's political plans and priorities. Despite the current crisis in his home nation, the government remains dedicated to strengthening ties with Russia and China.

Korea JoongAng Daily recently discovered that many companies in the food industry fail to keep track of how much waste they produce. For instance, one supermarket in Seodaemun District of western Seoul often throws away food without composting it. When checking with 11 companies, none had a system for tracking how much food they throw away or any plans to reduce it.

Korea Herald

Established in 1953, The Korea Herald is the nation's leading English-language newspaper. With a staff of Korean and international writers and editors covering local, national, and world stories with expertise.

The paper has a reputation for accuracy and its reporting is often factual. However, it often uses loaded words in its headlines that elicit strong emotions.

In today's digital-native world, Naver has been expanding its reach by telling stories through social media platforms. Its YouTube channel is growing rapidly, and recently joined Naver's V Live app.

Since 1953, The Korea Herald Company has been a pioneer of the country's knowledge-information industry. It publishes two daily newspapers - The Korea Herald and The Herald Business - as well as an English-language weekly for preteens called The Junior Herald.

It has also invested in the rapidly developing English as a Foreign Language sector, operating hagwons and English villages. Furthermore, it has published several books about South Korea to foster knowledge-based education there; one such title, Insight into Korea, provides an insightful look into how South Korean society has evolved over time.

Yonhap News

Yonhap News is a government-owned media outlet that supplies news articles and pictures to newspapers, television networks and other outlets in South Korea. It strives to be an anchor in the rapidly deteriorating sea of news by sending out timely, accurate and impartial reports.

The news agency strives to bridge the information gap between cities and provinces by placing more than 140 journalists and correspondents in remote places like Yeonpyeong Island, Woodo, Chujado and Biyangdo in Jeju as well as mountainous terrain and other unique geographies.

South Korea's media landscape is defined by strong broadcasters, a newspaper sector struggling to keep up with digital disruption, and powerful Korean-owned online portals and social networks. Major platforms such as Naver and Daum (run by Kakao), which aggregate multiple news sources through their webpages and apps, dominate the market.


The Hankyoreh is a centre-left daily newspaper in South Korea founded in 1988 after widespread purges forced out dissident journalists. It was seen as an alternative to mainstream publications which were perceived to have been unduly influenced by the authoritarian government at that time.

The Hankyoreh newspaper is renowned for its independence from political power and the chaebols [corporate conglomerates that dominate South Korean economy and society]. Since May 1988, readers have chosen their president and managing editor democratically through voting by journalists, employees, and shareholders.

Hankyoreh is the sole Korean newspaper free from political and business influence. It also holds a unique democratic system of public ownership, made possible through an extensive citizen fundraising drive that began in 1987 that saw 27 thousand citizens purchase stock in the company.

Kyunghyang Shinmun

Kyunghyang Shinmun, based in Seoul, is one of the country's oldest and most widely read daily newspapers. It covers national and political news as well as business, sports, and entertainment stories.

In 2021, two major stories were the competitive presidential nomination process and widespread protests over rising housing prices. President Moon Jae-in's administration attempted to contain these increases with measures designed to regulate housing fund loans and real estate speculation; however, these only further inflamed sentiment.

Meanwhile, South Koreans had grown increasingly divided over an increasing populism that threatened to split the country apart and undermine democracy. President Moon Jae-in has responded by strengthening the country's social welfare system and guaranteeing Korea is prepared for any major crisis that arises.

President Moon Jae-in's popularity is rising rapidly as South Korea enters a period of great transformation. This can be partly attributed to Hallyu, or the Korean Wave; popular bands and movies like Minari, BTS, and Squid Game have brought South Korean culture and society to a worldwide audience.

Pulse News Korea

Pulse News Korea is one of the country's largest and most successful English-language news aggregators. Its mobile app offers a wealth of content including headline and breaking stories about Korea's economy, business, finance and market-moving issues.

This website, which looks like an old-school news paper, strives to provide impartial information to readers. It also uses technology effectively by offering multimedia news items across various platforms - card news and subtitled videos with live breaking news from Yonhap TV in real-time.

Pulse News Korea has become the number one newspaper in Korea thanks to its innovative approach to news dissemination. With tens of millions of unique monthly visitors and an impressive social media presence, this free-to-use website showcases augmented reality and video content, including live and recorded stories. Plus, they have a dedicated health department with informative articles and videos on the topic.

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