12 New Mountain Bikes We Want To See In 2023

12 New Mountain Bikes We Want To See In 2023


12 new mountain bikes we want to see in 2023  Our wishlist for YT  Special

Mountain biking is an exhilarating sport that allows riders to get outside and explore vast spaces. There are various mountain bike models available on the market, from beginner-friendly models up through extreme enduro racers - there's something for everyone!

After acquiring Bold Cycles in 2021, Scott has gradually modernized their full-suspension MTB line up with sleek shock absorber technology. We anticipate the updated Ransom will follow suit.

1. Specialized Enduro

If you need a bike that can tackle even the toughest terrain, Specialized's Enduro is likely your only viable option. Their latest 170mm-travel model proved to be one of our most capable tests yet.

The Enduro excels due to its kinematics. A rearward axle path that moves throughout travel and a low, forward-positioned shock help absorb large impacts without taking away your momentum.

Combining its long frame with excellent suspension, the Trail Bike offers exceptional composedness and stability even when taking on some of life's biggest bumps. Furthermore, its efficiency on climbs makes it an ideal option if you need a trail bike that will handle any terrain without breaking your budget - and this bike might just be it!

2. Scott Ransom

13 years ago, Scott unveiled the Ransom, revolutionizing mountain bike riders' views of what a bike could accomplish. By combining downhill technology with climbing components, it created an all-terrain machine capable of going almost anywhere - from enduro racing at the highest levels to traversing mountains and conquering tough descents.

Today the Ransom is back and ready to revolutionize mountain bike performance once again. This 170mm long travel all mountain bike offers superior climbing and downhill performance without compromising.

SCOTT's TwinLoc lever is the key to its versatility, enabling it to ride virtually anywhere with just a push of a button. Not only can you control each shock and fork independently, but you can also switch them into Lockout mode, Traction Control or Descend with ease!

3. Santa Cruz V10

Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes have earned a well-earned reputation for producing top-tier mountain bikes. Their collection of performance machines caters to all kinds of riders, from long distance gravel adventurers to World Cup downhill racers.

The Santa Cruz V10 is a world-class downhill champion that has achieved numerous World Cup victories since 2010. This versatile bike offers all the travel you could desire, an unbeatable feel and won't let you down.

Santa Cruz's success can be attributed to the engineering behind their lower link driven VPP suspension platform. This setup creates a linearly progressive leverage curve that lets riders blast off 50ft drops without missing a beat.

4. GT Reactor

GT Reactor is one of the most intriguing and promising new atomic energy designs. It's a modular gas reactor with helium-cooled graphite moderated core.

It also uses TRISO coated fuel particles, which are designed to keep maximum fuel temperatures below 2 OOOOC during a limiting accident scenario of lost coolant circulation, pressure and all AC power sources.

High temperature helium-cooled reactors will benefit greatly from this development, as even in accidents beyond what was intended, there will be no meltdown of the core due to loss of primary coolant. This represents a major advancement in safety.

5. Trek E-Caliber

E-Caliber is a carbon XC bike equipped with an electric drive system for when you need extra speed. Perfect for riders who want to explore more trails or keep up with faster friends, the E-Caliber offers plenty of power when needed.

This frame is lightweight OCLV Mountain Carbon with 60mm of travel and 120mm FOX Factory 34 Step-Cast fork, along with Trek's IsoStrut FOX Performance shock. Additionally, it has Fazua Ride Trail 50 drive system and 250Wh battery that provides up to 20mph assistance when on and zero drag when off.

The removable Fazua drive unit helps reduce the weight of the bike by over 6 lbs, making it ideal for unassisted riding without any extra strain. And its 60mm IsoStrut rear travel ensures comfort and grip on flowing trails while still providing efficiency when going fast.

6. Cervelo Aspero-5

The Aspero-5 is Cervelo's top-of-the-line gravel race bike. Launched in 2021, it offers an aerodynamic frame with hidden cables for added performance.

It's an agile ride that's incredibly versatile, meaning you can customize it with wide tires and a dropper post, plus all of SRAM's latest eTap and Di2 gearing options. Even those who don't enjoy bikepacking will find plenty to love about this bike: comfortable handling keeps riders focused on enjoying their journey.

Cervelo took a race-oriented approach with their Aspero-5, featuring an aggressive geometry with a lower stack and reach than most road bikes. This provides improved stability when cornering quickly while keeping the Aspero-5's handling nimble.

7. Trek E-Caliber

Trek's E-Caliber E-Mountain Bike is their attempt to provide a lightweight, hard charging e-mountain bike option for riders who don't require midtravel rigs but still want an efficient and lightweight way of powering over difficult trails. Based on Trek's Supercaliber model, it uses IsoStrut technology which embeds the frame into its kinematics system - saving weight by eliminating pivots and linkage components.

Trek claims that its front suspension has been enhanced to 120mm travel and head angle increased to 67.5 degrees, giving users greater control at higher speeds.

This bike is powered by a Fazua Evation motor and 250Wh battery that can provide up to 20 mph when activated, while providing zero drag when off. Additionally, you get Shimano Deore 12-speed drivetrain, dropper post for low descents, and Bontrager Kovee Comp 23 wheels to complete the package.

8. Santa Cruz Nomad

Santa Cruz' Nomad mountain bike offers long travel and plenty of playfulness. Boasting 170mm of travel in both the front and rear, this bike not only climbs and jumps well but also does an impressive job tackling downhill trails and cornering.

The Nomad boasts a slack head angle and long chainstays to easily negotiate tight corners while staying stable and surefooted on the trail. That stability makes it ideal for riders who require the ability to absorb impact when going downhill.

Santa Cruz has enhanced the Nomad with an even longer frame that keeps riders centered and comfortable while still agile enough to grab anything that gets in its path. This new Nomad is ideal for riders who want the option to ride all day without getting too fatigued.

9. Trek Remote 160

If you're searching for an electric bike experience that doesn't scream electric bike, Trek's Fuel EXe with TQ HPR 50 motor is worth considering. This new motor technology is ultra quiet, delivers smooth power delivery and offers decent torque (around 50Nm).

For 2023, Trek has added an app that allows users to adjust the assistance level, pedal sensitivity and range of their TQ drive unit. Furthermore, this application features an in-built tyre pressure monitor as well as a suspension pressure gauge so you can make adjustments on-the-spot.

The TQ HPR 50 motor of the Fuel EXe is lightweight, yet its full carbon frame has 140mm of rear travel and RockShox's latest suspension components - such as a Lyrik Ultimate fork with Charger 3 damper and Super Deluxe shock with lockout lever.

10. Liv Tempt

Liv's Tempt is an entry-level hardtail mountain bike for women that's designed to get you started on the trails. This bike boasts a lightweight aluminum frame and high-performance front suspension fork, making it the ideal trail companion.

It has a low standover height, giving you confidence when traversing dirt trails. Furthermore, it comes in 27.5 or 29-inch wheel sizes for optimal fit and efficiency.

The Tempt also boasts some clever design elements, such as its 3F women's-specific geometry that optimizes balance and control while still offering an enjoyable riding experience. Furthermore, its hydraulic disc brakes offer reliable and smooth braking in wet or dry conditions.

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