11 Most Useless Chicago PD Characters

11 Most Useless Chicago PD Characters


11 Most Useless Chicago PD Characters

We've assembled 11 of Chicago Police Department's most ineffective individuals. From Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller to Chief of Intelligence Alvin Olinsky, here are some of their least effective officers.

Voight sometimes goes overboard when interrogating Ruzek. Nonetheless, he still maintains a friendly relationship with Halstead and is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed.

1. Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller

Samantha Miller (Nicole Ari Parker) is an outspoken supporter of police reform. She wants to assist Voight and Intelligence in adapting to their new reality, yet will hold them accountable if there are breaches in protocol.

She's an integral part of the series, especially when it comes to conversations surrounding race and law enforcement. She brings another level to how NBC tackles difficult topics which can be taxing for actors playing these characters.

She's making a name for herself on this season, and it appears she means business! Voight's arrival may cause some tension between him and Miller, but executive producer Rick Eid assured TV Insider their relationship won't be adversarial.

2. Superintendent Jason Crawford

The Dick Wolf procedural has cast Prison Break alum Paul Adelstein to play the interim Superintendent, replacing John C. McGinley's character who was tragically lost in the Season 6 finale.

TV Line reports that the new chief has "duties and responsibilities" within both the department and Intelligence Unit. He will oversee all cases involving the unit, as well as discovering what crimes are occurring within city neighborhoods.

He is responsible for uncovering and eliminating any corrupt officers working on the case. Although enigmatic and sometimes mercurial, he remains loyal to those he works with as well as dedicated to justice for victims of crimes his unit investigates.

3. Superintendent Brian Kelton

Kelton was an overbearing leader who would break the rules to achieve success. He returned as a villain on Chicago PD for season 6 and became one of Hank Voight's biggest obstacles.

He had a burning desire to disband Intelligence and abolish it completely. His ambitions were so great that he even managed to drag along Deputy Superintendent Katherine Brennan (Anne Heche) into his antics.

However, he was ultimately killed off in the season 6 finale, leading viewers to become suspicious of this character from the start. It is easy to understand why fans had such strong feelings towards him from the beginning.

Following Kelton's passing, Dick Wolf has cast former Prison Break and Shondaland star Paul Adelstein as Interim Superintendent Jason Crawford. It appears that this actor's addition is only temporary until a new superintendent is introduced during the show's Season 7 premiere, but it's worth taking a look regardless.

4. Deputy Chief Tom Doyle

The deputy chief's duties include supervising officers and staff within the department, as well as implementing modern technology.

His accomplishments included the implementation of directed patrols, which significantly reduced crime and improved police efficiency.

He had the foresight to hire a full-time civilian crime analyst, which proved to be a wise decision. Additionally, he utilized cutting-edge software to assist in solving crimes.

He was an outstanding officer who rose through the ranks to become the department's fourth chief. Additionally, he demonstrated excellent communicator, team leader and tactician skills as he battled Proposition 2-1/2 restrictions, civil rights suits and arbitration disputes for his department. It's no wonder why he was consistently voted "best in class" eight years running!

5. Deputy Chief Jim Harper

The Deputy Chief of Field Operations is responsible for coordinating and supervising 31 engines, 14 truck companies, and one heavy rescue unit within his department. Furthermore, he supervises Special Operation Division activities.

Over his 27 year career with AFRD, he has held various ranks such as Firefighter, Command Tech, Fire Apparatus Operator and Fire Lieutenant - just to name a few. Additionally, he received a gold medal for emergency medical services and is certified in all special operations disciplines such as high angle rope work, hazardous material handling and confined space entry.

He has earned a reputation for making the department an even better place to work. As such, he serves as an inspiring role model to all who serve under him. Most notably, however, is his strong belief in public safety and will readily make himself available to any member of the department regardless of rank or position.

6. Chief of Intelligence Alvin Olinsky

Olinsky's duties and responsibilities include overseeing the unit's investigation. He previously served as head of a gang unit and is an Army veteran, having served during Operation Desert Storm.

He is often seen as a calm, reserved officer but isn't afraid to use questionable tactics in order to bring suspects to justice. Additionally, he has shown himself to be an upstanding family man; frequently taking care of his daughter Lexi who has been falsely accused of possessing marijuana.

He is an advocate for smart technology and has provided Intelligence with a beta version of facial recognition software. Furthermore, he maintains a close friendship with Superintendent Jason Crawford, his boss.

7. Chief of Detectives Adam Ruzek

Adam Ruzek is a breezy and impetuous Detective Chief of Detectives recruited by Alvin Olinsky for an undercover assignment. Though he quickly adjusts to his new role, Adam's irrepressible nature sometimes causes friction with Voight and Olinsky.

In Season 2, he becomes friends with Officer Kevin Atwater, who transfers from patrol to Intelligence. They often engage in banter and lighthearted banter between missions.

In Season 4, he engages Dawson in a heated argument when both of them feel that good police work is a waste of time. Eventually, they start sparring over an unsolved drug case that has no leads.

As Ruzek digs deeper, he discovers his father is involved in a drug dealing ring that includes the brutal murder of a young drug mule. Although he resents telling Voight about this information, Upton pushes him into disclosing it to her.

8. Chief of Detectives Justin Voight

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) is the stern-voiced leader of Chicago PD's Intelligence Unit and one of the series' most beloved characters. He's dedicated to locking up the city's most notorious criminals no matter what it takes.

His team consists of some of the most experienced detectives in the department, yet he isn't afraid to go against the grain when it comes to taking down enemies. Additionally, he enjoys spending time with both Senior Detective Alvin Olinsky and Chief of Detectives Erin Lindsay as a great friend.

However, his dedication to taking down criminals often causes him friction with fellow Chief of Detectives Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer). Their first disagreement occurred when Voight attempted to buy off Casey with money in order to absolve Justin of a DUI that could have paralyzed a man from the waist down.

9. Chief of Detectives Erin Lindsay

Erin Lindsay served as Chief of Detectives on Chicago PD from Season 2 through season 4. In this role, she oversaw the Intelligence Unit and led the department through several high-profile cases.

Lindsay Decotis spirals downward after Nadia Decotis is brutally murdered by sociopathic serial killer Greg Yates, encouraged by her narcissistic mother Bunny.

She eventually leaves her position to pursue a career in New York City, but returns home during the season 3 premiere after discovering that her undercover operation had been compromised by an international drug kingpin who is holding Halstead hostage and torturing him.

She joined forces with Sergeant Hank Voight to stop a trafficking ring that was murdering women and children. It was an intense episode that brought together many of the series' iconic characters.

10. Chief of Detectives Jason Halstead

Halstead is an officer with the Chicago Police Department's Intelligence unit. He first appeared on Chicago Fire as an undercover cop assigned to shadow and take down a local mobster harassing Gabriela Dawson - one of Molly's bar owners - for their investigation.

He is a veteran who served in Afghanistan. As an ethical detective, his commitment to keeping the city safe comes naturally; often leading with his heart.

Halstead relies on a dedicated team that includes Officer Adam Ruzek, an expert in covert operations; Officer Kim Burgess - an unflinching former patrol officer who often leads by example; Det. Hailey Upton - an intrepid detective who understands and empathizes with Halstead's tough exterior; and Chief of Detectives Justin Voight, head of the Intelligence unit. Together they protect Chicago from dangerous criminals.

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