10 BTS Choreographers Behind Their Greatest Hits

10 BTS Choreographers Behind Their Greatest Hits


BTS are renowned for their flawless visuals, energetic choreography and captivating vocals. But few realize that these incredible dance moves wouldn't be possible without the hard work of some of K-pop's top choreographers.

Son Sung Deuk has been their primary choreographer from the start and still works on many of their biggest hits. Additionally, when on tour with the group, he helps them block out their performance so everything runs seamlessly no matter which stage they're performing on.

1. Son Sung Deuk

BTS has won over fans around the globe with their stunning visuals, energetic choreography and powerful vocals. Unfortunately, many are unaware that many of K-pop's top choreographers created these moves onstage.

Son Sung Deuk is the performance director for BTS and has helped them to achieve global recognition as one of the best groups in music. He oversees everything that happens onstage and ensures each member has a distinct stage presence.

He provides his members with challenging choreography to practice, ensuring their dances are of high-quality and can be appreciated by audiences around the world.

He takes time to comprehend each song's lyrics in order to craft choreography that captures its message and allows audiences to gain a better insight into what the song is about and develop an emotional connection with its artists.

2. Keone Madrid

Keone Madrid is an American dancer and choreographer whose most renowned works include Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" music video, BTS, ED Sheeran, Billie Elish, Flying Lotus & Kendrick Lamar's animated short "Us Again," Broadway theater shows, nominations for best choreography at both MTV Video Music Awards and UK Video Music Awards, Cirque du Soleil multiple dance competition championships, Timbaland, Nike Beats By Dre Nordstrom Hyundai and several Kpop artists.

He runs a YouTube channel called 'Keone and Mari' alongside his wife and dance partner Mariel Madrid, as well as having written a book called 'RUTH' which is about dance.

Their latest show, Beyond Babel, tells the story of Romeo and Juliet through movement in an unpretentious yet humanistic style that has become their signature style. Their other work addresses social issues such as immigration policy, healthcare workers, feminism and more with an equally creative touch.

3. David Lim

David Lim is the co-choreographer behind BTS' 'DNA' and their hit single 'Boy in Love'. His choreography has been praised for its captivating dance moves and captivating musical performance.

He is a certified speaker and sought-after leadership coach with expertise in negotiation skills, creative teambuilding, and recovering from setbacks. A firm believer in the potential of human potential, he helps others realize they possess more potential than their circumstances suggest.

David was born and raised in San Ramon, California and graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from the University of California, San Diego in 2005. Following graduation he signed on with Ford Models in Los Angeles to pursue modeling and acting full-time.

Lim is currently a series regular on CBS drama S.W.A.T, co-starring Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds. In an interview with DAMAN, he discusses his experiences on the show and what it means to be at the top of your game.

4. MU:E

BTS is a widely popular K-pop group, but many people may not be aware that much of their choreography comes from talented and well-known dancers. These artists have greatly contributed to BTS' success through their creative efforts and collaboration with them.

He is renowned for choreographing many of MU:E's most iconic dance routines and has even helped bring out the best in their vocalists by teaching them how to dance.

He has choreographed many of BTS' songs, such as "DNA," "Dope," and "Blood Sweat & Tears."

He is a well-known and admired name in the choreography world. He has collaborated with numerous renowned and talented performers, such as GOT7, VIXX, 2PM, 2NE1, MONSTA X and BIGBANG.

5. Bora Kim

Bora Kim, born in South Korea, holds an MFA in film directing from Columbia University. Her debut feature film, House of Hummingbird, won the Grand Prix at Berlin International Film Festival's Generation 14plus sidebar.

This highly praised film follows the daily struggles of a teenage girl living in Seoul, paying special attention to the small tragedies that shape us. She guides her characters towards finding happiness and comfort through exploration and young love.

Eun-hee flits through life like a hummingbird, searching for sweet treats wherever she can find them. Despite her parents' neglect and brother's abuse, she finds solace by exploring the neighborhood with her best friend, taking risks, and discovering young love.

Bora Kim is an accomplished filmmaker with an intimate understanding of human emotions. Her delicate renderings of complex moods and feelings have earned her multiple awards and selection to prestigious festivals such as Berlinale, Tribeca Film Festival, and BFI London Film Festival. She possesses a rare gift for depicting complex feelings with grace and nuance.

6. Ghost

BTS have collaborated with a variety of choreographers for their music videos, but Ghost remains one of the most prolific. He serves as both designer and director on many MVs from No More Dream forward.

He's a close friend of Bang's, often seen accompanying them to and from the airport in older pictures.

In addition to his work with BTS, he's a part of the management team, regularly working alongside Sejin and writing them heartfelt letters.

Hobeom, another veteran member of their management team, can be seen accompanying Jungkook to and from school in some older photos as well as attending Suga's basketball game.

7. Andrew Elam

BTS, along with their chief cherub and some talented dancers, enlisted some top international choreographers for their latest release Love Yourself. Andrew Elam in particular is worthy of special mention; his work has earned him many accolades including being included in numerous lists and the top ten. But perhaps most impressively of all is his involvement with Ghost; not only was he featured on their big daddy album but he also created one of their iconic moments - "Chicken Noodle Soup" video clip. Whether it was for a song or video clip that earned Elam such recognition, his team definitely deserve its title as top choreographers in the business today.

8. Sienna Lalau

Sienna Lalau is an accomplished dancer and choreographer whose talent should not be underestimated. With major celebrities like Justin Bieber and Ciara on her resume, she's also worked extensively with K-pop groups.

She recently secured a major collaboration with BTS as the choreographer behind their Map of the Soul: Persona video's powerful Dionysus dance moves. Working closely with The Lab and crew member Andrew Elam, she expertly crafted these complex choreographies.

The 19-year-old phenomenon's song and dance practice videos have amassed millions of views, due to her passion for Korean culture that has drawn her to one of the world's most passionate fan bases: BTS Army.

She moved to Los Angeles in 2017, and since then has been busy with work. To date, her credits include choreographing for Black Pink, Treasure and a visual album with Justin Bieber - among other projects.

9. Ghost

Ghost are a Swedish band that combines metal- and pop-driven hard rock with an intense sermon about horror imagery, Satanic themes and the occult. Frontman Tobias Forge dons demonic Pope costumes while his band of "Nameless Ghouls" hide behind cloaks and heavy makeup for an intensely satirical aesthetic that's both captivating and surreal.

Opus Eponymous' debut album juxtaposed classic rock with 80s hair metal in catchy songs, but it was the band's stunning fifth track Infestissumam that cemented their place as something special. A dizzying explosion of carnivalesque organs and energetic surf-rock beats, Infestissumam inspired a whole new generation of Ghost fans to embrace the band's darker, more aggressive goals.

Even though they've faced legal troubles in recent years, their iconic sound remains one of music's biggest draws. Expect them to continue entertaining audiences for years to come.

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