Zach Bryan Signed With Warner Chappell Music

Zach Bryan Signed With Warner Chappell Music


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Zach Bryan, a full-time Navy enlistee and country music songwriter, has inked an international publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music.

He has achieved unprecedented success as one of country music's brightest new talents, earning himself a 2022 GRAMMY nomination for Best Country Solo Performance and amassing over 1 billion global streams.

Warner Chappell Music

Zach Bryan, a full-time Navy enlistee turned country music songwriting sensation whose video of him singing his soulful track "Heading South" by a campfire went viral in 2019, has inked an international publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music. The Oklahoma singer-songwriter is one of the most successful songwriters in the industry and spent 15 weeks atop MusicRow's Top Songwriters Chart before seeing his single "Something in the Orange" hit Billboard Hot Country Songs and Hot Rock & Alternative Songs charts.

He has released two studio albums, DeAnn and Elisabeth, both of which achieved RIAA Platinum certification and garnered positive response from Red Dirt country fans. Currently on tour with his Burn Burn Burn North American Tour set to commence in May.

Warner Chappell reports that Bryan's music has already amassed one billion streams worldwide. Additionally, he's working on his third studio album which will be released in 2020.

Warner Chappell is one of the world's foremost music publishers, boasting an expansive catalog of over 1 million songs and 65, 000 songwriters. Based in Los Angeles, California and owned by Warner Music Group Corporation, this company continues to set itself apart with their unparalleled expertise and resources.

Warner Chappell boasts an expansive catalog of contemporary hits and timeless classics, featuring some of today's most celebrated songwriters such as Chris Cornell, Taylor Swift, Kacey Musgraves, Luke Combs, Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean.

Carianne Marshall has served as Co-Chair & Chief Operating Officer since January 2019, succeeding her previous roles as President of Music Publishing at WCM and Vice President of Global Promotion at Warner/Chappell Music.

Though the specifics of their agreement remain unknown, Warner Chappell made sense in signing Bryan because his songs boast a wide variety of sounds and his lyrical talent is undeniable. He boasts an impressive catalog of songs that have won multiple awards for their excellence.

Established in 1930, Warner/Chappell Music is a renowned publisher of classical and contemporary pop music. Their catalog boasts hundreds of titles by renowned artists such as ABBA, Celine Dion, David Bowie, Elton John, George Michael and Pink.


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Zach Bryan is a country singer-songwriter who has already achieved great success with his single "Something in the Orange." It was the first single written by one person to reach #1 on Billboard Hot Country Songs since Taylor Swift rereleased "Love Story." In 2021, Bryan released his debut album American Heartbreak which skyrocketed to the top of the country charts and set an industry record for biggest first week sales of any country album ever.

Warner Chappell Music, a division of Warner Music Group, has signed Oklahoma country singer/songwriter Zach Bryan to an exclusive global publishing deal. The company describes Bryan as an "artist." He already boasts an enthusiastic fan base in his home state and is currently working on new album material.

On Wednesday, October 24th, Bryan's catalog will be expanded to include new music from the Oklahoma-based singer/songwriter as well as collaborations with established artists. A press release from the label announced the agreement shortly afterwards.

Bryan has quickly made a name for himself as an up-and-coming star with his raw performances. His first single, "Heading South," went viral on social media while his second single "Goin' South" amassed nearly 20 million views. To support his latest album Burn Burn Burn, Bryan will soon embark on a tour.


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In addition to pop music, RCA also produces recordings in classical, blues, jazz and "middle of the road" genres. Furthermore, they have produced numerous albums of musical revivals.

Zach Bryan is an Oklahoma native who achieved international recognition when his video of him singing "Headed South" by a campfire went viral. Since then, he's secured his first record deal with Warner Chappell Music.

RCA Records, founded as Victor Talking Machine Company over 100 years ago, is one of the oldest and most successful record labels worldwide. Today it's owned by Sony Music Entertainment after many successful decades in business.

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what type of music is zach bryan

Zach Bryan - Country Music Artist From Oologah, Oklahoma

Zach Bryan is a young country music artist from Oologah, Oklahoma. He takes pride in his small-town roots and creates music that expresses his drive to stay true to himself.

Bryan has already achieved great success with his debut album, DeAnn, and follow-up American Heartbreak. His songs are an eclectic blend of folk melody and outlaw country with a raw edge that cuts to the bone.

What is Zach Bryan's style of music?

Oklahoma native Mike Martin is a country music artist with an outlaw country vibe and raspy voice that sounds more like Jason Isbell than anyone else in the genre. His songs are a blend of classic folk tunes and outlaw country with an uncompromising raw edge that cuts deep to the bone.

Bryan's debut album, DeAnn, was released in 2020 and received widespread acclaim. A year later he followed up with Elisabeth; both records being praised for their sincere lyrics and heartfelt approach.

He is a singer-songwriter who has been creating music since childhood. Born in Oologah, Oklahoma, his family's roots have had an influential effect on him; he loves to write songs and sing about his experiences.

His time spent working for the United States Navy allowed him to focus on writing music which has become immensely popular, leading him to develop an international fan base.

Zach Bryan has made music his career and pursued it full time. Since uploading his songs onto YouTube, he's earned himself an impressive reputation for his style of music.

His success is largely attributed to his rise in the country music industry. But he's also achieved stardom by simply being himself and letting his music speak for itself.

Zach Bryan's acoustic songs have helped define a unique sound within country music, earning him recognition as one of the most promising up and coming artists.

He has gained a following among country music fans due to his sincere and meaningful songs. Additionally, his 4.4M monthly listeners on Spotify alone and album "Summertime Blues" have been met with widespread enthusiasm.

In 2022, Bryan's music has achieved new heights of success. His debut album, American Heartbreak, made its way onto Billboard charts and reached number five - an incredible feat for a debut record!

Bryan has also managed to amass an impressive following on social media platforms. His engagement rate is higher than most other country artists', suggesting he may be here for the long run.

In 2022, he has achieved great success by being himself and letting his music speak for him. This success is a testament to both of his incredible talents.

What is Zach Bryan's music about?

Zach Bryan is an up-and-coming country singer from Oologah, Oklahoma renowned for his heartfelt lyrics and uncompromising honesty. His music doesn't just focus on July 4th parties or trucks and girls - it's about love, family, grief, growth, heartache, work and survival all delivered with the same tenor and voice that have won millions of listeners over to his debut album American Heartbreak which debuted at #1 on the Top Country Albums chart in 2022.

He began posting his songs to YouTube in 2017 with little expectation of recognition, posting them as unedited performance videos shot by friends on an iPhone camera in a bedroom, garage or campfire and uploaded directly onto the platform. Since then he has released an impressive selection of original tracks, from the heartbreaking breakup track "Starved" to the captivating ballad "Sweet DeAnn."

His debut single, 'Something in the Orange', has reached the top of Billboard's Hot Country chart and it's easy to understand why; it is an intimate love song that expresses Zach's emotions of heartbreak when he lost the woman he cherished; yet still harboring hope that she will return. Ultimately though, Zach comes to terms with the reality of her departure - this moment of truth being at its center.

"Starved", the follow-up to his major label debut hit 'Something in the Orange', has made an impact on country radio. With an emotionally charged vocal delivery reminiscent of artists such as Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt and Brett Eldredge, it explores the heartache and loss that come from broken relationships.

One such single, "Heading South," recorded by friends in Bryan's home barracks with Bryan singing over guitar strum and acoustic bass guitar, is another testament to the raw, vulnerable emotions at the core of Bryan's songs. In the video filmed by Bryan himself, Bryan is shown sweaty and singing in the heat of day; an intense experience that resonates with fans around the globe.

Heading South" is a song that captures the feeling of missing out on something special, yet Bryan never lets that stop him from following his dreams. With an upcoming new album due out in 2023, fans can expect more of the same from this talented artist.

His latest songs are all about what matters to him most. From 'Late July', an upbeat tune about the well-wishes of a man to his beloved, to 'Sun to Me', an emotional ballad about wanting more sun in your life, Bryan has the perfect message for his fans. Whether it's about celebrating those we cherish in life or appreciating nature's beauty, his music will remain timeless and relevant for years to come.

What is Zach Bryan's music about about?

Zach Bryan is a singer-songwriter who has quickly earned himself the love of many in the country music industry. With his honest lyrics, he's been able to connect with listeners around the globe.

His songs cover a range of subjects, but his talent for love songs shines through. One such masterpiece is "Loom," with its light acoustic guitar melody that allows listeners to get lost in the words and embrace its message.

Another excellent song from Bryan is "Starved." This emotional ballad details a relationship that will end soon, with the poignant line "if you could turn back the clock, you would." It's easy to understand why this track has received such positive feedback - an urge for peace within yourself.

Zach's talent at crafting heartfelt storylines is evident through this song, which truly captures what many experience when in love. This makes the song resonate with a wide variety of listeners.

At first, the song seems a bit slow and reflective of a past relationship, but gradually transforms into an inspiring reminder that no matter how difficult love can be, one should always strive to stay together.

Zach Bryan does a remarkable job at helping us decipher these lyrics, especially with this song which features an acoustic guitar melody and stunning vocals that tell a captivating tale.

Are you searching for a new artist to add to your playlist? Zach Bryan is definitely worth checking out! His acoustic sound makes him instantly appealing, and each record he releases tells an engaging storyline.

Some of Zach Bryan's most beloved tracks include "Something in the Orange," "Burn Burn Burn," and "Dawns." These timeless country tunes have won over millions of hearts, proving to be some of the greatest country songs ever written. These examples demonstrate how his music connects with listeners on a deeper level than most artists can achieve.

His latest album, American Heartbreak, has already made a significant impact on the country music scene and reached number one on Billboard charts - an incredible accomplishment for such a young artist. This success proves that Zach Bryan has what it takes to become one of country music's biggest names.

country singers luke bryan

Country Singers Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan is one of the greatest country singers ever. After facing two life-threatening tragedies earlier in his career, he has made a name for himself in the music industry.

He is renowned for his country music hits and passion for helping those in need. In addition to helping those suffering from AIDS/HIV or cancer, he has also lent a helping hand in the community by hosting several benefit concerts.

1. “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day”

Luke Bryan has become a top country singer since his debut album in 2007, garnering numerous awards along the way. He twice won Entertainer of the Year honors from both Academy of Country Music and Country Music Association, as well as placing 15 singles on Top 10 country radio charts.

He's also an incredible humanitarian, dedicating countless hours to help those in need. In addition to supporting those suffering from AIDS and HIV, he's supported children's disaster relief, health care services, and human rights initiatives. Furthermore, Brett created Brett's Barn - a rescue animal sanctuary named for his niece located in Nashville that he continues to operate today.

Luke Bryan has made an indelible mark on the music industry with his powerful vocals and dedication to giving back - two traits which have contributed to his success.

At the age of 17, Bryan had become a staple on the local scene, performing at Skinner's and other clubs in Marietta, Georgia. Soon after signing his recording contract, he started writing songs for other artists as well. His family and friends, especially older brother Chris who tragically passed away while still in high school, provided much support throughout this difficult time.

Bryan was determined to find solace from life despite the tragic loss, and turned his emotions into songwriting. While attending Georgia Southern University, he formed a band and performed nearly every weekend.

As he grew up, he became increasingly inspired by the lyrics in country songs. He began writing more and more, eventually leading his own band and taking on larger roles within the local music community.

After graduating high school, he decided to pack up his truck and move to Nashville. Though it wasn't an easy journey, he managed to make it work.

Bryan quickly rose to be one of the genre's premier voices, earning himself a place on an influential panel with Katy Perry and Lionel Richie on American Idol. Since then, Bryan has continued his meteoric rise in the industry by winning numerous awards and building an ever-expanding fan base that spans all ages and backgrounds.

2. “Knockin’ Boots”

Luke Bryan has a prolific catalog of hit songs to his credit. His latest album, What Makes You Country, offers an encouraging message of inclusivity that has won over an enthusiastic following. His lyrics often encompass life and love but also emphasize the value of remaining happy and positive even in the face of hardship.

As a child, Bryan assisted his father on the family farm. As an avid country music fan, Bryan decided to pursue it professionally when he was 14.

Unfortunately, his career was put on hold when his older brother Chris tragically passed away in a car accident at 19 years old. This tragic event forced him back to college where he studied business administration; it was also during this period that he met and married Caroline Boyer.

Thomas and Christopher were married 13 years ago in 2006, making their union a success. Together they have two sons; Thomas and Christopher - whom they adore deeply, and enjoy spending quality time as a unit as a happy family.

Bryan is best known as a country singer, but he's also ventured into other genres such as alternative rock. Plus, he collaborated with pop icon Lady Gaga on "Million Reasons," his hit single.

His latest single, "Knockin' Boots," utilizes an interesting sexual euphemism to express his need for love. He begins by mentioning a truck - an idiom that implies it will transport him to his beloved. Afterward, he starts equating the desire for romance with other elements such as ice, bees and sweet tea.

This upbeat song will surely have you tapping your toes! Composed by Jon Nite and Hillary Lindsey, who have collaborated with numerous other country artists in the past, it promises to get everyone moving!

The singer enjoys making music and entertaining his fans with humorous videos. He and his wife often pull pranks on each other as well as others, so they make sure to document their antics on social media pages.

3. “Drink A Beer”

"Drink A Beer" is a song by country singer Luke Bryan that became his seventh number one on the Billboard Airplay Chart in February 2014. The third single from Bryan's Crash My Party album was released as its third single in November 2013 and co-written by Chris Stapleton and Jim Beavers.

This song tells the story of how the singer's brother died, impacting him profoundly and prompting him to move back home to his father's peanut farm in Leesburg, Georgia. Although it was a heartbreaking experience, it also served as motivation for him to pursue music professionally.

Though it may seem strange that a song about beer could be about grief, the lyrics perfectly capture the feelings that come with losing someone close. Whether it's family members, friends or acquaintances who pass away, losing someone can be devastating to deal with. The song serves as a reminder that they are not alone in their struggles and there will always be someone there to guide them forward in life.

Bryan uses 3-line stanzas in the verse to convey his emotions, giving him freedom to express them while also reminding listeners that he's not alone in experiencing these feelings. The chorus follows suit with an identical structure but this time includes harmony parts which further make the song more relatable.

At the end of each stanza, Bryan's voice drops to a lower register to express his feelings of sadness and depression. This is an understandable response to grief; many people can empathize with it.

The chorus begins with a male harmonizer entering the mix to add additional sound and harmony. This helps give the song a more relaxed vibe, making it seem more like an actual conversation rather than formal music.

Bryan's ability to use unexpected imagery in his songs is part of what makes them successful. Despite being only 25, he has already developed an adoring fan base and career that revolves around providing honest country music to audiences. He's won numerous awards and earned the respect of his peers through this work.

4. “Most People Are Good”

One of the standout songs from country singer Luke Bryan's latest album What Makes You Country is "Most People Are Good," featuring a simple but insightful message about life's many blessings. Written by David Frasier, Ed Hill and Josh Kear, the song features three notable songwriters: Josh Kear, Ed Hill and Josh Kear.

The song features a memorable melody that's easy to sing along with. Additionally, there are some cool touches like the light harp-like instrument giving the song some vintage country flavor.

It has a soothing and relaxed vibe to it, helping convey the message that this is an upbeat song that appreciates life's blessings. It is definitely the most upbeat track on the album.

In today's fast-paced world, it can be easy to forget the value of focussing on the positive aspects of our lives instead of letting negative events and news stories distract us from those we cherish. This message is more pertinent than ever before, making this song an inspiring addition to country music's repertoire.

Luke Bryan's songwriting takes on various approaches, from his classic crooning style and acoustic guitar to more modern production techniques. Thankfully, it is also an incredibly high quality recording that is both soothing and enjoyable to listen to.

Another remarkable aspect of this song is that it received some positive press from the LGBTQ community, something which shocked its creator. Typically, LGBTQ individuals do not support country artists much; however, they seemed moved by this song's message and have been singing its praises ever since.

No doubt, this song has its share of shortcomings, but if it succeeds, it could be a giant step in the right direction for country music. And it could mark the beginning of an inspiring trend where more artists are using their platform to advocate for social causes. It's an intelligent move that could help bring country music back from the brink of oblivion.

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