Zach Bryan Is Back on the Road

Zach Bryan Is Back on the Road


is zach bryan touring

American country music singer Zach Bryan made a splash with his infectious single, "Heading South." His sincere songwriting earned him an enthusiastic fan base that continues to grow.

Bryan has declared a boycott of Ticketmaster in 2023, promising to tour without the ticketing platform. His tickets will be sold through AXS instead, which prevents scalpers from purchasing an abundance of tickets and reselling them at a profit.


Zach Bryan's American Heartbreak Tour, currently underway, is his most extensive tour ever. Spanning 25 shows across 25 cities nationwide, this American-made singer/songwriter will take the stage for an electrifying experience.

He'll be joining several top country artists, such as Luke Combs, Willie Nelson and Charles Wesley Godwin onstage for an exclusive performance of his brand new single "Burn, Burn." The tour also provides fans with a rare chance to witness the Oklahoma native perform his new single live.

Bryan has been a global phenomenon since the release of his self-titled record in 2022, captivating millions with his songs. On his latest album, he continues to build upon this success with new compositions as well as fan favorites.

Over one billion streams have made Bryan a global star among country music fans. Gold-certified hits like "Condemned," "Letting Someone Go" and "From Austin" earned him Platinum singles as well as double-Platinum ballad "Something in the Orange."

The American Heartbreak Tour is currently underway as Bryan takes his 34-track debut album on the road for dates that run through November - making it a must-see show for all country music enthusiasts.

His setlist for this tour includes all of his biggest hits from the past few years as well as some new material. Already, tickets to his shows are selling out fast across America.

When not on the road, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids in Oologah, OK. He's an avid sports fan, particularly football - which he enjoys watching play at Pryor Stadium in Oklahoma City as well as cheering on the University of Oklahoma Tigers when they compete.

He's also a member of the Oologah Blues & Roots Society and volunteers at his local children's hospital. Additionally, he spends time at his parents' church in Oologah where he leads an annual Christmas service.

Billboard has described his music as "heartfelt, honest and raw". His songs are an honest representation of himself, written with his unique style in mind. As a result, his music has become immensely popular with both fans and critics alike.


The GRAMMY-nominated country star and fan favorite is back on tour, taking his fans on an exciting journey. The Burn BURN BURN TOUR is a comprehensive multi-city trek that begins in May and concludes in August.

As part of their announcement, Zach Bryan teamed up with comedian Theo Von to create a funny, tongue-in-cheek video that is sure to get fans laughing. This Office-themed infomercial takes an innovative approach to traditional artist announcement videos and serves as an entertaining way to let everyone know what can be expected on their upcoming tour.

In the video, Theo Von emphasizes Zach's team has taken great care to make tickets for his tour affordable for all fans. They've set service fees at $10 per ticket and no higher than $20, as well as keeping credit card and state taxes as low as possible.

Another essential aspect of the process is that there will be a cap on the number of tickets available for each show. This helps guarantee that the tour doesn't sell out and more tickets can be added if there are still fans wanting to see the performance.

Unlike other concerts, Zach Bryan AXS Marketplace tickets cannot be transferred to someone else and are offered at face value to any fan who wants to purchase them. This is an ideal way for fans to get their hands on tickets while helping promote the show.

As with many major concerts, tickets to these shows are in high demand. That means those who wish to attend must act quickly if they plan on seeing the performance live.

Fans can register to buy Fair AXS tickets beginning January 19th and ending on January 29th, and if selected they will be notified via email starting February 13th with all the necessary information to complete their purchases. They must supply a valid email address and name for verification purposes. Registration closes at 10pm ET on January 29th; any suspicious or duplicate registrations will be removed from the system.


Zach Bryan is one of country music's brightest young talents. After releasing his 34-song major label debut AMERICAN HEARTBREAK in May, the Oklahoma native followed up with Summertime Blues EP in July that's sure to please fans.

On his EP, he shares nine more tracks of the same emotionally charged narrative which has already made him a breakout success. Furthermore, he's been touring extensively across festivals like Two Step Inn and Rock the South.

Are you a fan of country music and want to experience the artist in person, then check out the list below for all upcoming Summertime Blues tour dates! These dates are organized by date and city so that it's easy to find your perfect concert.

Take advantage of this great offer and purchase Summertime Blues tour tickets at an unbeatably low price. With these discounted rates, you won't miss out on anything.

For over a century, the blues have been an influential genre in musical styles around the world. They provide powerful ways to convey emotion and tell stories.

Many blues songs explore themes such as love, loss and finding one's identity. This has made blues music such a beloved genre today; Zach Bryan's latest album perfectly illustrates that sentiment.

With his Summertime Blues Tour, Zach Bryan is bringing his unique brand of country music to a crowd that has become accustomed to hearing him live. On this journey, he'll be performing some classic hits as well as some new ones that may surprise listeners.

He's captivating audiences with his distinctive raspy voice, and the results are nothing short of astonishing. His ability to convey emotions in his songs is unmatched by any other songwriter, and the lyrics are incredibly poignant.

Thus far, he's amassed an avid following of fans around the world. A musician with an authentic perspective, his songs often explore themes related to life.


Being featured on a television show can often provide an enormous boost for an artist or band, especially the popular blockbuster series Yellowstone staring Kevin Costner. Notable past artists who have had their songs played include Flatland Cavalry, Isaac Hoskins and Whiskey Myers.

Zach Bryan has been a staple on Yellowstone since its third season and made an impactful performance with 'Condemned', which quickly went viral among fans of the show. This week he took their relationship to another level as part of their county fair band and performed three songs from his 2022 EP Summertime Blues for viewers to celebrate his appearance.

The Oklahoma singer-songwriter has long been a fan of the show and his relationship with Kevin Costner has only grown stronger over time. This isn't his first time having his music played on Yellowstone either; previous appearances of his songs "Motorcycle Drive By" and "Quittin' Time" in Episode 4 of Season 5 demonstrate this fact.

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what kind of music is zach bryan

What Kind of Music is Zach Bryan?

Are you searching for a new country artist to listen to? Zach Bryan is worth checking out. His sound is unlike anything else in the industry and you won't regret checking him out!

He is an accomplished singer-songwriter with a large fan base who has written numerous songs throughout his young career. With such an enthusiastic following, it is expected that he will become one of the biggest names in music industry in years to come.

What Is His Style Of Music?

Zach Bryan is a country music singer whose success stems from crafting songs that are deeply personal to him. This makes his music captivating to listen to, leading to an enormous fan base around the world.

Zach Bryan, despite only being 19 years old, has already made an immense impact on the music industry and deserves to be noticed by all music enthusiasts. He serves as an inspiring example of how young artists can have such a significant influence over their industry and those around them.

Many country artists remain in their comfort zones, but Bryan has made a name for himself with his unique style of music. His sound is raw and he doesn't use any additives or autotune, which has made his style popular with fans and earned him plenty of media attention.

He is also an accomplished songwriter, making his style of music particularly captivating to listen to. His knack for composition has set him apart from other country musicians.

His most iconic song is "Something in the Orange", which has already earned platinum certification. This powerful track has catapulted him to global success as one of country music's most renowned artists.

This song is an emotional ballad that has had a major impact on the industry and gained him widespread attention from listeners worldwide. It promises to be a hit in the future.

No matter your taste in music, Zach Bryan is an incredible musician that you should definitely check out. His powerful performances show how music has the power to unite people and foster positive interactions.

His Style Of Music Is Country

Zach Bryan is an Oklahoma singer/songwriter renowned for his country style of music. He loves folk music and believes the best music comes from within - which explains why he uses his raspy voice to convey emotion through his songs.

Self-taught musician, he has the unique gift of writing songs that are both beautiful and original. His compositions draw from his rural upbringing as well as being deeply personal to him. His music has helped revitalize the country industry, with him remaining one of its top artists well into 2022.

He was born and raised in Oologah, Oklahoma and is proud of his small-town roots. At twelve years old he began writing songs as part of his passion for music; performing at local bars and clubs soon after. Ultimately he relocated to Nashville with hopes of pursuing his dream as a country musician.

He began playing guitar at an early age, inspired by watching country music on television and marveling at its talent. Soon after, he wrote his own songs and started performing them live.

His music is an eclectic blend of modern and traditional country. As a self-taught musician, he has gained a following among music enthusiasts who appreciate his style. As an incredibly talented artist with a bright future in the industry, look out for him!

Though he may not have as many fans as some of the other country artists, he has an adoring fan base. His music is widely popular on social media and streaming sites, giving him tremendous exposure that has continued to grow over time.

His latest song has become a country hit and earned him platinum certification. This sunrise/sunset inspired track has been garnering plenty of attention from his fans.

His Style Of Music Is Rock

Zach Bryan is an Oologah, Oklahoma singer-songwriter whose music blends folk and rock elements. His renditions of classic folk tunes and outlaw country have a raw edge that cuts to the core, making his sound appealing to both new country purists and alternative fans alike.

He's gained a devoted fan base through his energetic live shows that often end with full-throated singalongs. It is an authentic connection he's created with his fans - something not often found in entertainment.

His music reflects his Oklahoma roots and family tradition, making him a popular choice for shows in the area. Additionally, he loves the Northwest Mountains which inspired his songs "From Austin" and "Elisabeth."

The song that got him noticed was "Heading South," recorded on a cell phone in 95-degree heat outside his Navy barracks. Now the video has amassed millions of views and given him his first big break.

Another song that caught his attention was "Something in the Orange," a hit on country radio that has become an enormous success for him. The track has already debuted at number one on Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and reached number three on Hot Rock Songs chart.

He recently released his album American Heartbreak, which debuted at number five on the Billboard 200 and number one on Country Albums chart. This is an indication of his music's growing popularity and helped him break through to mainstream success.

In addition to his music's success, he boasts an impressive social media following. On Spotify alone, he boasts more than 80 followers - almost half of which are dedicated to listening to his tunes.

This is an incredible achievement for any artist, demonstrating that his music has such a devoted following. When compared with other artists with similar numbers of monthly listeners, his success stands out even more.

His Style Of Music Is Blues

Over the last several years, Zach Bryan has earned acclaim with his raw emotion-filled music. His songs often deal with painful or heartbreaking topics that draw listeners from around the world; it is this type of connection which has helped him build an international following and cemented his place in music history.

Writing is important to him and it's his passion. For him, words are a way of sharing the stories of his life with others and keeping them close to his heart.

He believes his words can make a positive difference in the lives of those struggling with their own issues, and he also hopes they help other people discover their true identity.

His music is an eclectic blend of blues and country. With his own unique take on the blues that makes it truly distinctive to him, this talented musician has achieved global acclaim for his music.

One of the things that sets his music apart is his powerful voice. His vocals serve to translate the words he writes with clarity and power, creating powerful music with great impact.

His music stands out due to his passion and willingness to experiment. This dedication and curiosity are essential traits in the industry, which has seen him blossom into such a successful musician.

He is immensely proud of his roots and hometown in Oologah, Oklahoma. He believes that it was these influences which have helped mold him into the person he is today.

He is passionate about learning more about the blues, as it's something he finds to be his strongest passion. With that in mind, he strives to hone his own musical abilities through study of the genre.

The blues is a beloved genre in America, and there are various varieties. Some lean more country while others lean more rock; however, no single type of blues is superior to another.

what kind of country music is zach bryan

What Kind of Country Music is Zach Bryan?

Zach Bryan is a young country singer who has already achieved great success this past year. His music is honest and compelling, providing listeners with captivating lyrics.

Military man, he's captured the hearts of 4.4M monthly listeners on Spotify with his unplugged, raspy sound. His authenticity has resonated with country music listeners who are tired of overproduced pop country icons that fill FM radio stations.

Country Music

Zach Bryan is a popular modern-day country singer renowned for his unique and soothing music. He set an excellent example of what country music could be like.

In a genre which is typically dominated by Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs, it's refreshing to see an up-and-coming country artist such as Zach Bryan stand out. The Oklahoma native's sincere style of music has captured the attention of fans across the board.

He has made a name for himself in the country music industry as both a songwriter and singer, with his distinctive style of music propelling him to success in 2022. His lyricism is powerful, which shines through in his songs. Additionally, he stays true to his hometown roots when crafting lyrics or singing them.

His song "Something in the Orange" has recently made its way onto country radio and already has an impact. This feat is truly remarkable as it usually requires a massive label effort for this to become successful.

After six years in the Navy, he decided to pursue a career in music as an artist. He uploaded his own songs onto YouTube and quickly gained recognition for them; thus far his music has earned him considerable success and plenty of money.

His music has a sincere and delicate tone, which has earned him much praise from the public. Furthermore, he's managed to introduce an uncommon sound of country-tinged softness and sorrow within this genre.


Country music has a rich and complex heritage. Its foundations lie in the ballads and popular songs of English, Scots, and Irish settlers of Southern mountain regions. By the 1920s it had evolved into an increasingly sophisticated style with rock n roll influences as well as progressive artists writing protest songs in response to social and political unrest.

Country music encompasses many distinct subgenres, each with its own personality and characteristics. Country pop is one such subgenre, drawing influence from countrypolitan sound, folk music and soft rock. In the 1970s John Denver popularized this style of country rock by releasing numerous hit records that blended country elements with rockabilly sounds.

Another is country-pop, which emerged in the 1970s and features country artists making their way up to top 40 radio. Notable early stars included Glen Campbell, Bobbie Gentry, Anne Murray, B. J. Thomas, the Bellamy Brothers, and Linda Ronstadt.

Finally, country-pop-rock is a subgenre that blends elements of country music with rock music. This has been an increasingly popular genre since the 1980s, featuring artists such as The Beat Farmers and John Fogerty.

Country music has long been associated with conservatism, yet its most renowned songwriters often explored political topics such as social and economic justice, environmental concerns, and sexuality.

Though often associated with pickup trucks, cowboy hats, and beer, this genre is much more intricate than that. Its key qualities include authenticity, realism, and the capacity to convey complex ideas.

If you're wondering what kind of country music Zach Bryan plays, look no further than his song, "Something in the Orange". This captivating ballad has earned widespread acclaim throughout 2022 and currently sits atop Billboard's Hot Country chart. Streaming has also played an integral role in its success; both versions (original and more contemporary) having received over 131 million streams on Spotify alone - an impressive feat for an artist without mainstream radio support.

Honky Tonk

Country music has become a beloved genre for both young and old alike, featuring various styles to appeal to an expansive audience. Some country songs are upbeat while others take things slower. Some artists even combine various genres together in unique new combinations.

Country singer Zach Bryan's music is a unique blend of honky tonk and acoustic folk. While it may sound more homegrown than traditional country songs, his material still packs plenty of emotion.

His music stands out from other musicians due to the way it's recorded - usually by friends using an iPhone and uploaded directly onto YouTube, leading to a large fan base.

One of his biggest hits, "Heading South," is a song about following your dreams and not letting anyone stop you. Recorded from Bryan's barrack in the Navy, it went viral quickly.

The lyrics of this song are profound, exploring how one's past experiences can shape their present and turn them into something better. Additionally, it serves as a motivational boost when times get difficult.

Honky-tonk music is one of the most beloved types of country music. This style combines fiddle, steel guitar and other instruments to produce a sound that's both lively and intense.

Another type of country song is a ballad. These songs tend to be more emotional, often discussing love or relationships. They may be much darker in tone than other country tunes.

Hank Williams' iconic country song, "It'll Be All Right" (originally recorded in 1949), is one of the saddest. It examines a relationship that had been troubled and ultimately ended with divorce. While this beautiful tune can be difficult to listen to at times, it remains one of Hank's most beloved pieces.


Zach Bryan is an acclaimed country singer-songwriter and rapper renowned for his powerful vocals, poignant lyrics, and genuine personality. Unlike many in the industry, he doesn't alter his sound to please a particular crowd or market.

He has built a large fan base through his music, and they eagerly anticipate hearing more from him in the future. So far, he's released several singles and albums but still has much more to share.

His first breakthrough came when he recorded a video of himself performing the song "Heading South." This simple recording became an instant hit, leading to millions of fans worldwide who are addicted to his songs. His sincerity and passion are contagious; they reach deep into people's souls.

Since then, he has continued to release songs that have amassed millions of streams. His latest single, "Something in the Orange," is one of his most successful tracks to date.

Bryan's song has been a testament to his talent as both a songwriter and artist, becoming the top trending song on Spotify for weeks. Additionally, it reached #1 on Billboard's Country Songwriters chart.

This makes him the hottest songwriter in his genre, which is truly remarkable for a young artist. This suggests that his popularity will only grow and lead to even more awards in the future.

This demonstrates his talent, but also shows he is highly projectable. With this in mind, he has an excellent chance of becoming one of country music's biggest stars in the future. Therefore, following him would be wise, and his songs will remain popular for years to come.

Country Rock

Country music is a genre that emerged in rural areas of the South and West of the United States during the early 20th century. It emphasizes working class Americans, blue-collar life and storytelling. Furthermore, there are various subgenres within country music such as honky-tonk, country rock and country pop.

In the 1980s and 1990s, alternative country and neo-traditionalist artists saw limited commercial success on country radio. However, their popularity surged during the 2000s and 2010s when artists such as Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean achieved widespread recognition.

Nowadays, country music styles range from traditional country and folk to country rock which emerged in the 1970s from these roots. This mix of genres combines elements of both, creating an eclectic blend.

Zach Bryan is an American singer-songwriter renowned for creating a distinctive blend of country and rock music. His lyrics often stir the emotions of listeners, leading to global success in the industry.

His song "November Air," for instance, tells the tale of a man fleeing because of an act of violence he has committed. The lyrics are powerful and the track has won over many admirers with its simplicity and authenticity.

Another song that expresses the heartache of parting ways is "Letting Someone Go," featured on DeAnn's debut album. This poignant melody expresses the pain of loving someone deeply, remembering all their wonderful times together and ultimately parting ways.

The song has been met with a resounding success from fans and listeners, becoming one of Bryan's most streamed tracks. It even became a hit during live performances!

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