Worldstarhiphop: New Worldstar Hip-hop time

Worldstarhiphop: New Worldstar Hip-hop time

Worldstarhiphop: New Worldstar Hip-hop time

Worldstarhiphop.com has over 100 million views in October 2018. This social media platform is one of the most popular in the world with millions of views per day. It was founded by Lee Odden in 2010 with the mission of. "Providing like-minded people with access to the latest independent music, underground rap videos, and everything in-between". They make money mainly through an ad program.

What's Worldstar hip hop?

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Worldstar hip hop was conceived in 2005 as WorldStarHipHop.com to protect WorldStarHipHop's home page from the clutches of unauthorized content. But now provides one of the most informative, provocative, entertaining, and controversial platforms in the world.

Lee O’Denat, known as Q, is the founder of the influential website WorldStar Hip Hop.com. Which grew into the preeminent clearinghouse of hip-hop music videos, entertainment news, and viral videos — died suddenly on Monday in San Diego. He was 43. (Source: www.latimes.com)


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As a third-party media platform, WorldStar Hip Hop's primary role is to provide online content. On a wide range of topics that includes news, movies, sports, lifestyle, music. And more that draws in a diverse readership of hundreds of thousands of users across the globe.

Launched in 2005 by Hollis, Queens, NY native and self-described “Haitian ghetto nerd” Lee 'Q' O'Denat. World Star Hip Hop is a content aggregating video website that features brand-new music videos and provides exclusive artist content. The site’s biggest draw, however, is the public fights caught on tape and then uploaded. WSHH received their first BET Hip Hop Awards nomination in 2009 for Best Hip Hop Blog Site. But scored back-to-back wins in the category in 2010 and 2011. (Source: www.bet.com)

Subliminal Messages in Worldstar hip hop

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While Snoop Dogg might only be the public face of Worldstar hip hop, a closer look reveals a network of celebrities and anti-social verses. The website itself is a social experiment that sends a message to the Black community. Entering Worldstar hip-hop reveals a multi-viral experience.

Amateur videos of fights, sex, and rap fuel this popular website. (Source: abcnews.go.com)


Worldstar hiphop is an online hip hop website featuring both music videos and articles.

The rapid spread of coronavirus is putting many in fear of infection. With people like WorldStar Hip Hop exec Danny Cotton going to extremes to protect themselves. (Source: www.hotnewhiphop.com)

World Star Hip Hop

Worldstar hip hop.com offers music that's popular on the world stage, with the kind of content viewers. Are used to engaging with on Worldstar hip hop.com. The website is for both users, listeners, and music listeners who are interested in hearing more about the industry. With access to more exclusives on music, videos, artists, news, events, and personalities.


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