Why Did Mariah Carey Stop Making Music?

Why Did Mariah Carey Stop Making Music?


Why Did Mariah Carey Stop Making Music?

why did mariah carey stop making music

There's been a lot of speculation over the past couple of years as to why Mariah Carey stopped making music. This is because it has become clear that her voice is no longer as powerful as it once was. Her vocal range has dwindled and she doesn't have the stamina to perform live anymore. While she still does show up on TV and radio shows, her songs are no longer as popular as they once were. And even if she decides to release another album in the near future, there's no guarantee that she'll be able to sing the same way she once did.

Vocal ranges deteriorate with age

Vocal ranges deteriorate with age. These changes can affect normal daily functioning. Fortunately, you can prolong your voice's range through a few simple tricks.

Singing can help you avoid premature loss of range. By maintaining a safe and effective voice exercise routine, you can extend your singing career into your senior years.

A number of factors contribute to the decline of voice ranges. The first is the natural aging process. This includes decreased muscle tone and flexibility of vocal cords and cricoarytenoid joints. In addition, changes in the respiratory system can decrease the volume of your voice.

Another reason for the decline is abuse of your voice. Abuse can include singing loudly and without taking a break. It can also be caused by the use of drugs and alcohol.

Some people have thinner vocal cords, which reduces the range of their voices. You may also notice a change in the pitch of your voice.

Other age related changes include the larynx (the windpipe that produces your vocal cords). This organ is made of a series of cartilages and muscles, and it calcifies as you age. Eventually, this calcification will cause your voice to sound "wobbly".

However, a number of medical conditions can also interfere with the functionality of your voice. For example, a dry mouth from diabetes can reduce the quality of your voice. Similarly, neurological diseases like Parkinson's can have a negative effect on your ability to communicate.

Voice therapy can be helpful for older adults with voice problems. If you're looking for a solution, talk to a speech therapist or ENT doctor about your options. They may suggest a combination of exercises and procedures that can improve your voice.

The most obvious signal of aging is the reduction of your voice range. To minimize this, you must warm up your vocal cords and avoid harsh vocals. Taking a breath through your nose instead of your mouth can also improve your range.

Getting a professional opinion is the best way to determine if you are experiencing an actual vocal problem or just a symptom of a larger health problem. An ENT surgeon can perform a thorough examination of your vocal cords to pinpoint the cause of your voice troubles.

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin was a superstar who died at 76. She was known for her powerful voice, but also as an activist. Her music was a soundtrack for black communities. But Aretha's activism was just as important as her songs.

Franklin's early years were a time when slavery was widespread. Black women were raped, labor was stolen and their wombs were hijacked. The global slave trade made African-American bodies commodities.

While some artists were cutting down their blackness for white audiences, Aretha remained unafraid of being black. Instead, she modeled her style on gospel dynamo Clara Ward, as well as the R&B/jazz chanteuse Dinah Washington.

After moving to New York City in the mid-60s, Aretha Franklin signed with Columbia Records. Her first single, "Who's Zoomin' Who?", was a pop hit that reached number 10 on the pop charts. However, she continued to sing R&B and blues.

In the '70s, she started to make more eccentric fashion choices. During this time, she wore sequined glitz, wigs and processed hair. At the Grammy Awards in 1972, she wore a regal scarlet shawl.

Later, she moved to Atlantic Records and released several albums between 1969 and 1976. Atlantic's staff included guitarist Cornell Dupree, pianist Donny Hathaway and musical director King Curtis. These musicians changed the course of popular music.

Although Aretha Franklin was a great singer, she was also a highly shady individual. She was always in squabbles with friends and loved ones. She never tried to make confessional albums.

Aretha Franklin's most successful album was 1972's Amazing Grace. This album showed how spiritual gospel and emotional pop are interconnected. It also featured guest performers Albertina Walker, James Cleveland and Clara Ward.

Aretha Franklin's influence is seen in the songs of Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston. She also has a strong influence on contemporary singers such as Kelly Clarkson, Yolanda Adams, and Mary J. Blige.

Aretha Franklin's death is devastating. It is a loss for the music industry and for the community.

Patti Labelle

If you're a fan of Mariah Carey, you'll know that she's been performing her soulful songs for more than a decade. She was the first female artist to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100 with her 1995 song "Fantasy," which has been covered by Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Pink, and Mya. It was also used as the theme song for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Patti LaBelle is an American R&B singer who gained popularity in the 1980s. Her music often featured political issues. For example, she wrote a song about Jackie Wilson sexual assault in the 1960s.

Patti LaBelle has also been an advocate for lesbian and gay rights. She founded the Camp Mariah program in Fishkill, New York, to aid the inner city youth. In addition to her music, she is a cookbook author and entrepreneur.

The first Albumle reunion was on the 1991 Burnin' album. This release also included the song "Somebody Loves You Baby" and a cover of Aretha Franklin's hit single, "(You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman". Other notable songs from this album include the song, "Falling in Love with My Baby" with Christina Aguilera.

Labelle's next album, Timeless Journey, debuted at number 16 on the Billboard charts and featured the song, "Gotta Go Solo" with Ronald Isley. These songs paved the way for Labelle's first RIAA gold award.

After the breakup of the group, LaBelle released her third album, When A Woman Loves, which did not reach the Top 40. However, her success continued onto her subsequent albums.

Patti LaBelle's influence has been a powerful force on contemporary Funk and R&B. She has been a voice for AIDS awareness and LGBT rights for 30 years.

Throughout her career, Patti LaBelle has received several awards, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording in 2015. She has toured with artists like Elton John, Prince, and Christina Aguilera.

Her name has become synonymous with class and elegance. She has sold more than a million copies of her albums.


Mariah Carey has faced accusations of lip-syncing several times. Her latest performance was dubbed a train wreck in Times Square and she admitted she was not always singing live.

The singer was in the middle of a live TV appearance when she began to lip-sync. She also stumbled over her words. After she stopped singing, the vocal track continued without her.

Fans of the singer have defended her on Twitter, saying she was not actually lip-synching. However, some claimed that she was forgetting lyrics. Many critics said the "Emotions" song she was performing did not sound as if it was live.

As fans of the singer have pointed out, Mariah's voice is not natural. This may have played a role in her poor performance.

Fans have also accused her of forgetting lyrics. In addition, she has performed songs that require vocal gymnastics. It's not uncommon for artists to not hit the notes when they perform. While lip-syncing may be a viable option in some cases, it is not an authentic experience.

During her New Year's Eve performance in Times Square, Mariah Carey struggled with a number of audio errors. She had trouble with her high notes and had trouble hitting certain notes.

When the ear monitors didn't work, she was ad-libbed on stage. Her performance was interrupted, and her manager told her she couldn't continue. Although she tried to recover, her voice deteriorated.

Some fans said that they saw her perform live. But she was clearly frustrated with her performance. Several videos circulated online showing her standing still.

The performance came days after her trademark application for the title 'Queen of Christmas' was rejected. While she has been criticized for her low-energy performances, it's clear that she is a talented singer. If you want to know why she stopped lip-syncing, you'll have to look deeper into her history.

As Mariah Carey approaches 40, it's likely her voice will age as it does. But she will always be a diva. Ultimately, her fans will be the ones to decide.

Reasons Why Mariah Carey Can't Walk by Herself

why mariah carey cant walk by herself

There are plenty of reasons why Mariah Carey can't walk by herself. Not only is she a diva, but she has adorable kids, she has 19 songs that have topped the Billboard Hot 100, and she has a pretty rough time walking in heels. And while she's a talented singer, she has also a pretty hard time with male dominance over female artistry.

1. She struggles with male control over female artistry

Mariah Carey has become one of the most successful female artists of all time. She has sold more than 200 million records worldwide. And she is the only woman to have 18 songs that have hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

Carey's voice is also very impressive. She has a five-octave range. Her vocals are incredibly creative. But her career has not been trouble free. It has involved a number of high-profile breakdowns and mental health issues.

One of the biggest vocal breakdowns occurred during her annual New Year's Eve special. She was not able to sing for most of the set. That made international headlines.

Carey is now a public speaker on issues related to bipolar disorder and her own racial identity. She has co-written a memoir called The Meaning of Mariah Carey with Michaela Angela Davis.

Although her voice is spectacular, her career has not been without its challenges. In addition to her many chart-topping hits, she has struggled with mental health and record-label contracts.

At the beginning of her career, Carey had a vocal coach. She had her first song, "Vision of Love," released in 1990.

Her mother, a mezzo-soprano from the New York City Opera, helped with her vocal technique. Initially, Carey believed she was meant for the spotlight. However, she began to have difficulty with her male-dominated industry.

After her marriage to Tommy Mottola in 1993, Carey grew tired of being ruled by her husband. They split four years later.

During her time in Los Angeles, she watched 9/11 in slow motion in a detox facility. After that, she spent time in a mental hospital.

2. She's a diva

There's been much debate over whether or not Mariah Carey is a diva. While there is little evidence to support her being a diva, there are many diva-like qualities to her.

For starters, she has an amazing voice. She is also an accomplished songwriter. Her career has spanned 30 years. At one point, she was on her way to being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

One of the more entertaining aspects of her career is her public persona. Mariah has worn diamond-encrusted dresses, been carried by shirtless men, and posed for paparazzi. But as she has risen to fame and fortune, she has been marketed by powerful corporate entities.

However, this doesn't necessarily make her a bad person. A lot of people don't realize that she is an accomplished musician. In fact, she wrote 18 of her 19 Billboard Hot 100 No.1 songs.

On the other hand, she was not well-served when she was younger. Her parents divorced when she was three. And her sister Alison became a drug addict. She also suffered from the common curse of being an attention hog.

Ultimately, she struggled with her personal freedom. She was under contract with several record labels. As she became more successful, she was expected to perform and aspire to more.

While her record-breaking vocals are certainly impressive, her success has been aided by her fans. She has built a fan base of millions of followers. Among her adoring fans, there are those who have been there through it all.

Besides her talent and talent management, there are other factors to consider. When she tours her penthouse, for example, her assistant won't show her some of her favorite parts of the home.

3. She's had 19 songs top the Billboard Hot 100

Mariah Carey is a superstar who's had 19 songs top the Billboard Hot 100 chart over the last four decades. That makes her the first artist to do so across this era of music.

The singer and songwriter is a perennial favorite during the holiday season. Her 1994 song "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is one of the most popular and played Christmas songs of the past decade.

In addition to her chart-topping songs, Mariah also has collaborations with artists such as Aretha Franklin, Jay-Z, and George Michael. She's been awarded three Grammy nominations for her music.

Carey has had a series of comebacks in recent years. This includes her '90s hit "Love Takes Time" and her latest, "Christmas."

"Christmas" is Carey's first number one song of this new decade. It is also the first holiday song to top the chart in the streaming era.

After nearly a decade, Carey's latest number one comes after her last top 10 hit, "All I Want for Christmas Is You." Luckily, Billboard is letting this song return to the top of the charts.

With this latest hit, Carey breaks a three-way tie with Madonna and Madonna's sister, Christina, for the most number-one hits by solo women. All three have accumulated a total of 18 top tens.

Carey also holds the record for most weeks at number one. From 1990 through 2010, she had a total of 77 weeks at the top of the charts.

Despite the long list of achievements, Mariah Carey's artistic impact on the industry remains unappreciated by the media and the critics. While she's had a series of hit covers, she's only had two of her own songs named Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

4. She's had a hard time walking on heels

The singer Mariah Carey is one of the biggest stars of the world. She has sold 160 million albums worldwide, and has had 18 number ones in the United States. However, she is a very busy woman. There are numerous health issues that she is facing, and they may be affecting her health more than she realizes.

One of the things that she's having a hard time with is walking in heels. This isn't the first time she's had a problem with it.

At a recent press conference, she was wearing high platform heels. The shoes were so uncomfortable that she couldn't even walk in them. Luckily, a staff member was able to help her out.

Despite her troubles, she is still doing well. As an actress, she starred in the movie Glitter, and is now enjoying her success as a recording artist. In fact, she won the Breakthrough Performance Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

When it comes to her career, she has surpassed the likes of Elvis Presley and the Beatles. She has won five Grammy Awards, and has sold over 160 million records. But it appears that her weight gain is taking a toll on her health.

When she's not performing, Mariah Carey likes to spend time with her twins. They're currently 5-year-olds, but she wants to raise them to be just as talented as her. It's not uncommon for her to play pool or take a swim. And the singer is known for her love of sexy shoes.

A lot of people aren't aware of how painful high-heeled shoes can be on the body. The shoes can cause muscular tension, and it's easy for them to catch on upholstery and upholstery fabrics.

5. She has adorable kids

Mariah Carey isn't afraid to show off her bling. She possesses a huge collection of baubles in her closet. However, she doesn't always put her best foot forward onstage.

The singer's newest venture is an ongoing Las Vegas residency. She also has a new studio album and a Christmas tour. This has led to a resurgence in her popularity, as fans are eager to see her perform.

One of the newest members of her family is her two twins, Monroe and Rocco. Both girls are the children of "America's Got Talent" host Nick Cannon.

As the two kids grow up, they are beginning to emulate their parents. They are known to dress like their mothers. In fact, their first birthday was a party that was featured in People magazine.

Although her children may look like their parents, Mariah doesn't do all of the choreography. Instead, she has asked the help of dancers.

She is also known for her love of heels. When she isn't touring, she enjoys taking long walks.

In July of 2015, the singer posed for a picture with her twins. They had been dressed in an outfit from Disney's Incredibles.

Besides the twins, Mariah Carey has a daughter, True. While her son is a boy, he is a very relatable little guy. And she wants to talk to him about singing.

After a divorce from Nick Cannon, she is now engaged to media mogul James Packer. During her high school years, she was known as 'Mirage'.

She has a $500 million fortune. But she doesn't like the gym. Her closet has decades of bling.

She also is a fan of swimming.

When Did Mariah Carey and Eminem Date?

when did mariah carey and eminem date

Mariah Carey and Eminem, two of the most successful singers in the world, have been known to spend time together. In fact, they dated for a couple of months before they married. They are now expecting twins.

They were "soulmates"

Mariah Carey and Eminem have been embroiled in a nasty feud since the early aughts. This particular fight has gone down an interesting path, revolving around whether or not the pair were actually in a romantic relationship.

The most recent controversy involves a music video starring Mariah Carey as an Eminem impersonator. It appears as though the video is a veiled reference to their mutual feud.

While Mariah has never directly denied her relationship with Eminem, she has always maintained she had no sex with him. Her rep did not want to comment on her personal life, saying she and her team are keeping it "private."

In response to the rumors, Nick Cannon has said he and his wife, Carey, are on good terms. Although they live separately, they are on the same page in regards to their children. They have two young children, Moroccan Scott and Monroe.

When asked if he has any plans to marry again, Cannon responded: "We're not trying to get married again. We're on good terms and we are very close."

Nick has also talked about his first marriage. He has said he was 21 years old when he married Mariah, making it a very young marriage. His first wife, Tommy Mottola, divorced him in 1997.

The rumor that Mariah and Eminem were in a romantic relationship reached its height with the release of the "Obsessed" song and video. In the video, Carey is seen wearing a hoodie, black sweats, and a goatee, reminiscent of the 8 Mile actor's early aughts look.

Carey's "Obsessed" is a hugely successful track, and it made Eminem look like an infatuated lover-boy. But this wasn't the only time that Carey and Eminem traded jabs on their tour.

Mariah and Eminem haven't been on good terms since 2009. Earlier this month, Mariah and her husband, Jimmy Cannon, announced they were getting married again. And although Eminem has had his own share of ups and downs in love, he's never had the kind of love that Carey is describing in her new song.

According to Eminem, he had one affair with Carey. He even threatened to leak photos of her.

They dated for six months

A couple of months after Eminem and Mariah Carey broke up, the pair went public with a song called "The Warning". The song is written by Eminem, and it is a part of the ongoing feud between the two.

In the song, Eminem blasted Mariah. He compared her to a made-up pop star. And he threatened to release compromising photos and voicemails.

Eminem has been calling out celebrities for years, including Nick Cannon. But his relationship with Mariah has always been a point of contention. It began in 2001, when Eminem claimed he was dating the singer for six months. However, the singer has always denied this.

In the past, Eminem has also rapped about his relationships with rappers such as Jay-Z and Britney Spears. His latest diss track, "Lord Above", also references Mariah.

Mariah's most recent diss track, "Wipe It Down", is soundtracked by the song "Obsessed". This is another track that has been rumored to be about Eminem.

During her upcoming memoir, Mariah Carey is expected to write about her tryst with Slim Shady. According to Us Weekly, Eminem is worried about the book.

Throughout the year, Eminem has continued to call out Mariah Carey. He has rapped about his relationship with the singer in "Superman", and he has also addressed her in "When the Music Stops".

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have had a long history of beef. Although the two have since divorced, the fight has been going on for a decade or more.

Mariah Carey is expected to drop her memoir in September, but she hasn't revealed any specifics. She did, however, confirm that she has had a relationship with Eminem.

Despite the fact that the two stars haven't been seen together in public for a while, it looks as if the pair are getting back together. They are currently dating a man named Kenneth Petty. While their relationship isn't confirmed, there are rumors that they are hooking up with Lil' Wayne and Drake.

It's unclear what this relationship will mean for Eminem and Mariah. Perhaps they will both continue to be a source of controversy.

They married in the Bahamas

Eminem has taken a shot at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon in their new track The Warning. Both celebrities are married, and are raising twins. They have also shared cute photos on social media. In fact, Mariah has written a book about her love life called The Meaning of Mariah Carey, which will be released in June.

For the record, Mariah Carey and Eminem have been linked to each other for many years. They were supposed to be together in the early 2000s. However, they split.

Although Eminem hasn't publicly spoken about the relationship, he did mention Mariah in a couple of songs on his third album. And he allegedly had a six-month relationship with her in 2001.

While Mariah has denied any romantic relationship with Eminem, she's been linked to many other famous people. She's had a romance with Derek Jeter, and even met and fell in love with Luis Miguel.

Before settling down with Nick Cannon, she married music executive Tommy Mottola. Their wedding was held in the Bahamas. It was a private ceremony that cost about half a million dollars. Guests included Mariah's mother, Irish-born Mary, as well as Barbra Streisand.

Following her first marriage, Mariah dated music producer Mark Sudack. But they broke up after four years. During their time together, Mariah gave birth to two sons.

Several sources have also disputed the idea that Mariah and Eminem were dating. While she did make a song about her relationship with Eminem, she didn't mention their relationship in her memoir.

On the other hand, Nick Cannon has spoken about his own relationship with Eminem. He says that he initially hoped to marry Eminem, but after the rapper challenged him to a rap battle, he decided against it.

Mariah and Nick Cannon married in 2008. This is the singer's second marriage. After the wedding, they separated. That was after their twins were born. Nevertheless, they still communicate openly about their kids, and both seem to be content with their lives.

Though they are currently living apart, Mariah and Nick are still co-parenting their children. They have shared pictures of their adorable family on social media.

They're expecting twins

Mariah Carey is expecting twins. According to her rep, the pregnancy was a secret. But it was confirmed by her boyfriend Nick Cannon.

The twins are expected to arrive in the spring. They will be the singer's fifth and sixth children. They are also the singer's first fraternal babies.

It's unclear if there's any romantic involvement between Nick and the mothers. However, the two seem to share a special bond with their children. Despite this, Mariah says she wants to spend more time with them. She hopes Nick will be more willing to help her care for them.

Though they are not ready for more kids, the two are working together to prepare for their growing family. Nick Cannon has children with his ex-wife Brittany Bell and with Abbey De La Rosa. He also has a son with his former actress girlfriend Bre Tiesi.

Nick and Mariah are currently adjusting to their new life as parents. It's a whirlwind of activity. In addition to co-parenting their children, they have also been working on a re-union. Their split was finalized in 2016.

Before their separation, Nick and Mariah were married. They tied the knot on Windermere Island in the Bahamas. After the wedding, they briefly reunited for a while in 2015.

Neither of them has publicly announced their due dates, but rumors suggest the pair could have a baby this spring. That's not surprising because Mariah has been known for miscarriages. If they do decide to start a family, she's the prime candidate for fertility treatments. Luckily, she has the money to get the help she needs.

As for the twins, they're not sure how to deal with multiple births. However, Mariah and Nick are committed to their children's well-being. Both have said they want their kids to be healthy and happy.

When asked if they're going to be sharing a name, the twins replied, "We're not going to have a middle name." This means they don't have a nickname for the babies.

While it's unlikely that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon will reconcile, they're working on finding some common ground. With 11 children, they have plenty of work to do.

Mariah Carey Christmas Special 2021

when is mariah carey christmas special 2021

The upcoming Mariah Carey Christmas Special will be released on December 14, 2021 and will be available on iTunes and DIRECTV Stream. It's being directed by Joseph Kahn and is expected to be a huge hit.

It's coming to Apple TV+

If you're a fan of the music of Mariah Carey, you'll love her upcoming holiday special. It's coming to Apple TV+.

The music superstar's first special was a huge success last year. With more than a hundred countries watching it, it topped the viewing charts. Now, it's announced that she will be coming back to Apple TV+ with a second special. This one will be called "Mariah's Christmas: The Magic Continues," so be prepared for some festive fun.

The Christmas special, which is set to air in 2020, will feature a full cast of performers. Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson, Snoop Dogg, Tiffany Haddish, Misty Copeland, and Kirk Franklin are all part of the special.

In addition to the performers, the special also features cameos from many celebrities. It's a bedazzled treat, with a storyline that revolves around the North Pole and a Christmas cheer crisis.

Mariah Carey is a multi-platinum artist. She has released a holiday album that has been certified 10-times diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America. As a result, she has signed a deal with McDonald's to create a holiday campaign and offer discounts on her merchandise at Mickey D's during the holiday season.

The special, which is being produced by Joseph Kahn and Supply & Demand, is scheduled to premiere in December. The trailer for the special teases the debut of a new song, which is the latest single to be released by Carey.

The special will launch globally on Apple TV+ on December 3. The special will also be available on CBS and Paramount+. Streaming on these platforms will also include a performance of the new single. You can watch the trailer for the special here.

If you're looking for more information about the special, you can find out more at Collider. We'll keep you posted on any updates. Meanwhile, stay warm! And Happy Holidays! From all of us at Collider, have a happy and safe holiday season! Thanks for reading!

Aside from the Christmas special, Mariah Carey will also be hosting a Christmas party on Apple TV+. She'll be joined by Khalid and her twins.

It's being directed by Joseph Kahn

After announcing a new holiday special, Mariah Carey has confirmed that the special will be directed by Joseph Kahn. Kahn is a well-known music video director who has worked with many world-renowned artists.

Mariah Carey's Christmas special will be broadcast on CBS on December 20 at 8 PM ET/PT. This special will be a two-hour primetime concert special. It will also be streamed live via Paramount+. In addition, MTV will offer additional viewing opportunities after the broadcast.

The singer will perform with her twins. They will share some of their favorite holiday memories. They will also sing her newest song, Fall In Love At Christmas. Also joining the show is Snoop Dogg and Jennifer Hudson.

Mariah Carey's Christmas: The Magic Continues is her second festive special for Apple TV+. She has also teamed up with Supply & Demand for her holiday specials. With this collaboration, the famous artist has created a new Christmas single, "Fall In Love At Christmas."

Fans of Mariah Carey will be thrilled to see her return to her enviable position as the Queen of Christmas. Not only will she be performing new material, but she will also share some of her favorite holiday memories.

In addition to performing, Carey will sit down with Zane Lowe for an exclusive interview. In addition, she will also be joined by Kirk Franklin and Khalid for the song, "Fall In Love At Christmas".

Following the success of last year's show, "Mariah's Magical Christmas Special," fans are pumped about this year's special. Mariah Carey is a queen when it comes to Christmas and the special is sure to be a hit. Her next special, "Mariah's Christmas: The Magic Continues," will premiere on December 3.

Mariah Carey has a tradition of releasing a classic Christmas song every year, and this year she is doing it again. Her first Christmas song was All I Want For Christmas Is You, which hit the Billboard charts and stayed on the chart for several months.

Last year's special featured a wide range of performers, including Tiffany Haddish, Billy Eichner, and Jermaine Dupri. Several people have praised the special, which made a positive impression.

It's available on DIRECTV STREAM

If you are an ardent fan of Mariah Carey, you are probably excited to hear she's got another holiday special coming out. This year's offering is a two-hour concert special filmed at Madison Square Garden. You'll get to see her performing a variety of epic Christmas hits and speaking about her new Christmas book.

There are actually a few ways to watch it. One of them is through a streaming service called Paramount Plus. It's a streaming platform that allows you to watch live TV and on-demand programming from the CBS network.

The site is available for computers, Chromecast and Android and iOS devices. However, you can only use the app if you are in the right region. In most cases, you will need to sign up for a VPN, which will enable you to bypass the geo-restrictions imposed by the service.

In addition to being able to watch Mariah Carey's Christmas special on-demand, you can also stream it live. For this, you will need to create an account with Paramount Plus. To do this, you will need to select a server in your home area and provide your login credentials.

Streaming services such as Hulu and DirecTV Stream can also be used to watch Mariah Carey's Christmas show. You can check your local CBS coverage by entering your zip code in the service's search bar. These services also offer a free trial, which means you can test the waters before committing to a monthly subscription.

Another service that can be found online is FuboTV. As with any live TV service, you'll need to provide your zip code and login credentials in order to view live shows. If you do this, you can also check out FuboTV's curated selection of movies and TV shows.

Finally, you can find the best deal on a subscription to Paramount Plus and Showtime by joining a bundle. Depending on your needs, you can subscribe to a plan starting at $7.99 per month. While this isn't the cheapest, you'll save a lot of money and enjoy unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of episodes.

It's available on iTunes

Mariah Carey is back at Apple TV+ with a new holiday special. This year, the star of pop and teenybopper anthems will bring some of the biggest names in music to her show. She will also perform a new song, "Fall in Love at Christmas," with Khalid.

Carey's 2021 Christmas special is available on iTunes and other Apple products. It features a runtime of just 20 minutes, with a classical concert performance feel. The star-studded line up of musicians includes Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, and Jermaine Dupri.

"Mariah Carey's Magical Christmas Special" is directed by Roman Coppola. The special is also written by Caroline Fox. There are several celebrity guests, including Jennifer Hudson, Charleen Manca, and 10-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe.

Mariah Carey's Christmas special will air on Apple TV+ in December. She'll perform her new song, "Fall in Love at a Christmas", with Khalid and Kirk Franklin. In addition, Zane Lowe will interview Carey about her memoir and her upcoming music.

Aside from the Apple TV+ special, Mariah Carey will perform at her own concerts. Fans will get to see the multi-platinum superstar and her 10-year-old twins perform. Also performing are Mykal-Michelle Harris, Tiffany Haddish, and Snoop Dogg.

Apple Music Hits will also broadcast a six-hour holiday hit special in December. All the most festive songs will be played. During this time, the helper will be interviewed by Apple Music's Zane Lowe, sharing memories of her favorite holiday moments.

If you want to catch the Christmas special, you'll have to sign up for an Apple TV+ subscription, which costs $5 per month. You can also try out the service for free. However, if you don't want to pay, you can watch the special on Netflix or Amazon.

On December 4, the soundtrack to the Christmas special will be released on Apple Music. Aside from the star-studded lineup of performers, the album features an exclusive performance of "Fall in Love at a Christmas" by Mariah Carey. It will also be distributed by Sony Music.

This year, Apple has announced a new holiday special, called "Mariah Carey's Christmas: The Magic Continues." After the success of her "Mariah Carey's Magical Holiday Special," Apple has a new Christmas special that will debut in December.

Where Were the Boeing 737 Max Crashes?

where were the boeing 737 max crashes

The 737 Max crashes are becoming a hot topic these days as many of them have triggered an investigation into the airlines. Some of the most recent fatal accidents have taken place as the jets have misfired or malfunctioned. Other crashes have shown the importance of proper oversight.

Sensors misfired

Despite the fact that two Boeing 737 Max jets have crashed and killed 346 people since October, the airline's engineers are still trying to fix their flagship aircraft. And while there is a lot to fix, a key one is a design flaw that may have already tainted Boeing's reputation.

One of the major reasons for the crashes was an automatic flight control system failure that repeatedly pushed the nose of the plane down. In both cases, the problem was caused by a single sensor.

The sensor in question was an angle-of-attack (AOA) sensor. It is a device that is a staple in many aircraft, used to help pilots determine when a plane will stall.

As Boeing learned more about the faulty sensor, the company made a series of changes to the MAX. Initially, the MAX relied on a single external AOA sensor. But a second sensor is now being incorporated into the updated software.

An updated version of MCAS will now take input from both AOA sensors. If readings differ by only 5.5 degrees, the new software will not activate.

This isn't the first time a sensor has failed. Angle-of-attack sensors have been in use for decades. They are reliable but are also subject to damage from bird strikes in flight and on the ground.

During the review, the FAA analyzed hundreds of hours of simulated flying and test flights. Among other things, they considered the Aviation Safety Reporting System, which is a compilation of anonymous pilot reports.

During the review, the FAA also looked at the MAX's other important mechanical and software features. It notably found that the 737 Max's stall-prevention system is not the same as its predecessors.

Poor oversight

When the two 737 Max passenger aircraft crashed, killing hundreds of people, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) did not adequately monitor Boeing. The agency failed to properly oversee the development and certification of the 737 Max, the congressional committee found. It concluded that "flaws were not only in the design of the 737 Max but also in the process of certifying the aircraft."

After the second crash, the FAA issued an emergency airworthiness directive to halt certification of the Max. However, Boeing responded by committing to fixing the problems and requesting the FAA to provide more oversight.

The congressional inquiry appears to be the most complete analysis of the Boeing and FAA roles in developing the 737 Max. It found evidence of "flaws" and "regulatory capture" that compromised the process of safety certification.

The investigation is also looking into a Boeing culture of concealment. The airline failed to provide information on its new flight-control system, MCAS, to pilots and other personnel.

MCAS was designed to counter the tendency of the 737 MAX to pitch upwards. The system was not included in the original flight manual or training materials. However, it was a key component of the new flight control software.

An investigative committee on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure discovered that the FAA "oversight was grossly inadequate." The report blamed the FAA for failing to supervise Boeing workers and for failing to provide enough information about the new flight-control system.

Congress passed legislation that aims to overhaul the FAA's staffing and management. It is now working to develop guidance on undue pressure and communications with Boeing.

The House Oversight Committee recently released troves of internal Boeing documents that highlight the company's safety concerns regarding the 737 MAX. The report highlights instances of concealment, including failure to disclose a warning signal that is not working on most of the 737 Max fleet.

Culture of concealment

A congressional committee has released a trove of internal Boeing documents, highlighting a plethora of issues related to the company's recent Max aircraft. The report, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure's preliminary investigation findings, reveals the nitty gritty of Boeing's relationship with the Federal Aviation Administration, as well as other alleged missteps.

One of the biggest scandals engulfing the venerable aerospace behemoth is its use of a software band-aid to correct a design flaw that caused the 737 Max to crash twice in the space of less than a year. This was done in the guise of a new flight-control system that pushed the nose down based on faulty sensor readings.

Other scandals are the company's reliance on subpar quality control, its reluctance to release details on the aforementioned flight-control system and its inability to share important safety information with federal regulators. Moreover, Boeing's reluctance to publicly acknowledge the existence of the 737 Max's new flight-control system and its role in the two fatal crashes are both baffling and disturbing.

There are several notable facts that the company has managed to conceal, including a secret test of its new flight-control system that reportedly proved a little more difficult to decipher than expected. Also, Boeing has a tendency to overemphasize cost over safety.

It is no secret that Boeing has a vested interest in the Federal Aviation Administration, and its influence is felt throughout the industry. However, the congressional committee's study found that the agency hasn't been able to provide adequate oversight of Boeing's MAX aircraft, which was the primary reason for the infamous Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes.

The most interesting tidbit from the report is that it found that Boeing's "culture of concealment" had the largest impact on the FAA's oversight. In other words, the airline hid crucial information from pilots, passengers and the public at large.

Other fatal accidents

The world's most popular commercial aircraft, the Boeing 737 Max, has been involved in two deadly crashes that have killed nearly 400 people. These two accidents have caused the company to face financial pressure and a loss of revenue.

In the aftermath of the crash, Boeing made numerous changes to its operations and culture. One executive in charge of the Dreamliner plant in North Charleston, S.C., left the company. Another executive was removed from the Max division.

The company admitted to making misleading statements about the Max's safety, and it paid a $2.5 billion settlement to resolve criminal charges. It also agreed to a $200 million penalty.

After the second crash, Boeing was grounded, halting production of Max jetliners. Some airlines, such as United Airlines, have refused to fly Max planes. Others, such as Southwest, have cancelled thousands of flights.

As Boeing works to develop a fix, the company's profits may be hit hard. But it is still in the dark about what led to the two fatal crashes.

According to the FAA's black box data from the two crashes, the flight control system malfunctioned. Investigators discovered faults in the new flight control software and sensors. They believe the misguided rush to put Max in service was the final link in a catastrophic chain.

A congressional committee investigated the two crashes and found that Boeing failed to adequately disclose key safety details to the Federal Aviation Administration. And it cited a "culture of concealment" at the company.

Boeing admitted to making half-truths about the 737 MAX's safety. In addition, it kept the MCAS flight control system out of pilot training. However, most pilots weren't aware of the problem until the first crash.

FAA fines Boeing for exerting "undue pressure" on designated aircraft inspectors

FAA's Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) program allows aircraft manufacturers to perform certain functions on behalf of the FAA. This includes airworthiness certificates and aircraft inspections. Boeing was one of the companies authorized to do these tasks. However, the FAA alleges that the company failed to follow some of the required quality control procedures and that the company's organizational structure does not align with the proper ODA procedures.

The FAA's Office of Inspector General (OIG) made fourteen recommendations to the agency. One of the suggestions was that the agency should consider a "self-regulating system," where the company would handle certification tasks on its own.

The letter also mentions the Boeing's upcoming forensic inspections, where the company will identify and fix structural integrity flaws in its aircraft. In the meantime, the airline has been hit with a $5.4 million penalty for its role in the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has alleged that four senior managers at the Chicago-based company exerted undue pressure on employees performing safety inspections. They pressured them to inspect uninspected aircraft and threatened to replace them.

Although the FAA's proposed fine is small in comparison to the amount of money the company has to spend, it is not unheard of for companies to negotiate a lower sum. But the agency's approach is coming under scrutiny after two deadly crashes.

While the FAA's proposal is only the first of several possible actions the agency will take against Boeing, the agency plans to impose additional penalties in the near future. It also plans to begin implementing the 2020 Aircraft Certification, Safety, and Accountability Act, which will ensure that the agency takes a more active role in certifying aircraft.

Is There a Problem With the Boeing 737?

is there a problem with boeing 737

If you've seen the news lately, you probably heard about a number of crashes of the Boeing 737, especially in Europe. You may have even wondered: is there a problem with the 737? There are many different reasons why these types of accidents occur, but it doesn't seem like there's a problem with the 737.

Southwest Airlines

If you've ever taken a flight with Southwest Airlines, you probably haven't thought about its problem with Boeing 737 MAX planes. You might have only wondered why the airline waited so long to pull the Max from its schedule.

After two deadly crashes, the Federal Aviation Administration grounded the Max. Southwest was one of the biggest users of the Max. It had firm orders for 281 Max jets before Monday's announcement.

Southwest executives say they are working with Boeing to resolve the Max issues. In a press release, they say they hope to see their Max jets flying again before the end of the year. However, they're still not sure exactly when that will happen.

The company also says it's working with the FAA to find out what's causing the problems with the Max. According to Southwest, it's a software system issue that's steering the planes into the ground.

Several airlines have been affected. American, Southwest and United pulled some 737 Max planes from their fleets.

As a result, Southwest's operating costs have soared 7%. They were led by higher labor expenses. And while the company claims the grounding hasn't caused significant incidents, it's not impossible to imagine that they'll be on the receiving end of some penalties from the FAA.

Another big issue is the alleged misinformation Boeing has given the FAA about the aircraft's stability system. Southwest argued that Boeing misled the FAA about the system's capabilities. Specifically, Southwest wanted to install a new flight control safety alert on its older 737s, but was refused.

Meanwhile, the FAA wants to charge Southwest $4m for improper weight calculations. This is a problem because proper weight data is vital to the safety of passengers.

Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines, Africa's largest airline, has an aircraft problem. Their Boeing 737 Max plane was involved in a fatal crash that killed 157 people.

The 737 MAX is still grounded in the United States and across the globe. Its controversial anti-stall system was activated before the incident, which may have caused the crash.

The crash also points to an issue with pilot training. Pilots who flew the Boeing 737 Max were unprepared for the automated flight control system, which sent the plane into a deadly nose dive. This isn't the first time a Boeing 737 MAX has been in the news.

In October, Indonesian investigators pointed to problems with the Boeing 737 MAX's anti-stall system as a possible factor in the Lion Air crash. As with the Ethiopian accident, the system was reportedly activated before the crash.

The FAA issued an emergency notice referencing the MCAS system. Boeing has been working to get its newest jet certified for commercial use. A team of Boeing officials will soon provide technical assistance to the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in its investigation.

Although the flight recorder data shows no evidence that the pilots tried to slow the aircraft, it is likely they were unable to. Turning the tail wheel may have been difficult because of the weight and force on the aircraft.

In addition to its 737 Max planes, Ethiopian has 25 B737 MAX jets on order. But the crash has raised questions about the quality of training and maintenance.

According to a former Ethiopian Airlines employee, the company has a history of shoddy maintenance. Employees have complained that the company has signed off on repairs that should have been done in the first place.

Lion Air

As a result of the deadly crash of a Lion Air 737 MAX in October 2018, Boeing is working on new software and procedures to enhance the safety of the aircraft. It is also considering adding more information to pilot manuals on what to do in case of a problem.

The National Transportation Safety Committee of Indonesia (KNKT) released a report last week detailing the cause of the crash. It blamed the crew for inexperience with the new flight-control system.

According to the report, the captain failed to brief the copilot before handing over the controls. In addition, he was unsure of the procedure. He was also unable to read the checklist. And, the copilot failed to perform an airspeed unreliability check.

Investigators determined that the plane's angle-of-attack (AOA) sensor was faulty. They said it should have been noted in the checklist and the copilot should have engaged the autopilot.

However, investigators found the sensor was not tested before the plane was shipped to Indonesia. The repair shop in Florida, which supplied the sensor, failed to properly calibrate the device.

The flight's first officer was unfamiliar with standard flight procedures and didn't know how to manually counter the MCAS. When he was woken up by a schedule change at 4 a.m., he tried to manually counter the MCAS.

At the time of the crash, the plane was about 12 minutes into the flight. The MCAS system pushed the nose of the airplane down. By the time it slowed down to 450 miles per hour, the crew had failed to stop the nose from falling.

In the final report, the cockpit was a "mess". The captain didn't know how to turn off the MCAS, the crew had trouble handling the system, and the AOA sensor was faulty.

Air China MAX 8

A Boeing 737 MAX 8 has a problem, but it is not yet known whether or not the aircraft is at fault. Air China has 16 of these MAX jets in its fleet. It has not flown one of the aircraft since the March 13 crash in Ethiopia.

Chinese airlines may face a disruption in their upcoming trips, and consumers may not want to fly on the aircraft until the cause of the accident is determined. In the meantime, Boeing is working on the issue.

The FAA said Boeing must make two more computer fixes. One fix would prevent the flight control computer from disengaging the autopilot feature during the final approach. Another fix would fix a possible electrical issue.

Boeing said that the issue was a software one. Its spokesperson declined to discuss the details of the problem.

Chinese air carriers were asked to suspend the operations of their 737 Max 8 aircraft by 6 p.m., which is based on a strict system of preventing safety risks. CAAC notified domestic air carriers of the grounding order on March 11 at 9 a.m.

Chinese aviation regulators have asked the airlines to suspend the commercial flights of the 737 Max 8. They are still investigating the cause of the crashes.

The grounding of the 737 Max has had a serious impact on Boeing's bottom line. Analysts have warned that a significant delay in delivering the jets to China could hamper Boeing's production plans.

China's move to ground its 737-Max stretches out beyond the industry norm. Some analysts suspect that the decision to ground the aircraft may be politically motivated in the face of a trade dispute with the United States.

FAA hands-off approach on certifying the 737 MAX

When it comes to certifying the Boeing 737 MAX, the FAA's hands-off approach is not exactly the most efficient. A report from the MITRE Corp., a federally funded research group, suggests that the FAA's decision to omit pilot alerting on the 737 MAX may have contributed to two fatal crashes.

The report also notes that the FAA has taken a more aggressive approach to certification, including a new test to determine the reliability of an angle of attack sensor. However, the FAA is unlikely to be able to make the aforementioned changes in time for the Max's return to service.

Besides the EICAS requirement, the FAA is largely delegating some of its certification work to the aircraft manufacturers. In addition to Boeing's flight software, there is also a question of whether the airline company can provide redundant electrical buses, which were viewed as contributing to the crashes in 2018 and 2019.

For its part, the FAA has said that it will be conducting tests to address these issues. But it is uncertain whether the agency will be able to make all of the fixes needed to re-certify the 737 by the end of the year.

While the FAA has a clear role to play in overseeing the fixes to the 737 MAX, the bureaucratic nature of its process will make it hard for the agency to complete its job.

Meanwhile, Boeing is trying to avoid a full review of its MAX's safety and capabilities. It hopes to get a waiver to delay the pending review.

On the other hand, Congress has the power to force the FAA to complete the aforementioned certification. However, the agency would have to put up $2 billion more in funding to ensure its staff can do so.

When is the Boeing 737 Max Flying Again?

when is boeing 737 max flying again

The Boeing 737 Max has been in the news lately due to the many problems that it has faced. While most of us have seen the new planes flying on the skies, there are still a few airlines that are not flying them yet. As of this writing, it is unclear when the aircraft will be flying again. Some of the airlines that are not flying the Max are United, Southwest, and China Airlines.

American Airlines

The Boeing 737 Max made its first public flight since its grounding in March. It was flown by American Airlines from Miami to New York LaGuardia. Interestingly, it was the first commercial flight to make the trip.

Boeing announced that its new Max software updates allow pilots to have a more controllable and safer plane. They are also more efficient, providing up to 15%-20% better fuel economy than its predecessor.

As the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lifted its Max grounding order, Boeing and American Airlines worked to prepare for the eventual return of the MAX. For instance, the airline conducted a full maintenance check on each Max, including auxiliary power units, engines, fuel tanks, and other important components.

In addition, the FAA signed a software change that gives pilots more control over the aircraft's functions. Additionally, the Max will be undergoing readiness flights to make sure each one is in good working order.

In a related effort to reassure passengers, American plans to offer credits for future travel if they're unable to take a MAX flight. Also, the airline will provide a hands-on demonstration of some of the software changes during its tour.

Although the 737 Max has been recertified, the Max has not been fully re-certified by Canadian and European aviation authorities. However, several other regulators have also approved the Max, including the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC).

The Boeing 737 Max has been cleared by Brazilian aviation authorities to fly. However, Gol, Aeromexico, and Copa Airlines have already begun flying it.

While American has been the first US carrier to restart a Max flight, United and Alaska Airlines have already taken delivery of Max jets. Southwest Airlines is expected to begin resuming MAX flights on 11 March.

United Airlines

United Airlines plans to bring the Boeing 737 Max back to the skies on February 11, 2021. The airline says it will deploy other aircraft types on the same routes as the Max.

Before the grounding of the Max, the airline had 18 Max aircraft in its fleet. It operated the Max on long domestic routes.

United was one of three US airlines that flew the Max before the grounding. After the grounding, the airline suspended deliveries of the Max. This came after two fatal crashes involving the Max.

Boeing has been working hard to rebuild the order backlog. But reliance on large orders could skew profitability in the years to come.

With demand for air travel on the rise, United Airlines is ramping up its flight schedule. The airline will operate a total of 32 daily departures by the end of February.

The airline will also start flying Max twice a day from Houston to Phoenix and Las Vegas. In addition to these destinations, the airline will fly the Max between Houston and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

United's order is a huge boost for the Max program. The airline has ordered more than 180 jets over the next few years. These will replace at least 200 regional jets.

The Max has already carried thousands of flights. And its average customer satisfaction score is higher than any other big narrowbody aircraft.

United is eager to take advantage of the 15% fuel savings on the Max. The airline will also reconfigure older aircraft with televisions.

According to a United spokesperson, none of the planes in the newly announced order are taken from previous customers.

China Airlines

China's airlines are working hard to get their fleets ready for the Max. But there is still no official date for when Max flights will resume in Chinese skies.

The Boeing 737 MAX was cleared to fly in China in December. This is the first time a Max jet has flown commercially in Chinese skies since March 10, when the second crash of the aircraft occurred in Indonesia.

It's unclear what exactly caused this week's crash. A China Aviation Administration Commission-led investigation is underway, and the cause could take months to be determined.

Chinese carriers aren't rushing to resume the Max in the wake of this latest accident. Still, it's possible that Boeing could be able to return the MAX to Chinese skies before 2020, a year later than originally planned.

One of the big questions surrounding the reintroduction of the Max is whether it will be safe. The Boeing 737 Max has been grounded by Chinese regulators for more than a year, after two fatal crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

But the recertified plane may prove to be a boon to Chinese air travelers, who are eager to add more frequencies to their domestic routes. Airlines are also eager to expand into international markets.

In the meantime, Boeing is working with regulators and customers to address concerns over the Max's crash-prone flight control system, or MCAS. Boeing has received approvals from several countries, including Brazil and Canada, for changes to the Max.

Meanwhile, Boeing is in contact with the US National Transportation Safety Board. While the company hasn't delivered the first batch of MAX jets to Chinese customers, it's working to remarket planes to other airlines.

Southwest Airlines

It's hard to believe, but Southwest Airlines is bringing the Boeing 737 Max back into service. After being grounded for more than 20 months, the aircraft has finally been certified to fly again. But there are still some things to know about its return.

In November, the FAA lifted its grounding order on the 737 Max. Other safety agencies like the UK and Australia have also done so.

Several airlines, including American and Alaska, have begun to fly the aircraft. The first routes include Miami, Seattle, and Houston. Several other carriers have announced they plan to start Max flights as soon as the grounding is lifted.

Southwest Airlines has ordered more than 350 737 Max jets. This is the largest Max order in history. However, it's unlikely it will fly one of these planes in its entirety.

Southwest has announced a new fare class, called "Wanna Get Away Plus," which will allow its customers to earn a better airfare. Customers who book in the new class can change their flight without fees. They can also get a refund on any fare difference, as long as it's within three days of the original departure date.

Southwest's new flight schedule also includes more 737 Max flights than ever before. It plans to operate about 250 daily flights by April. By mid-April, it will have 65 jets in its fleet.

To celebrate the re-entry of the Max, Southwest is planning a special promotion for passengers who will fly the aircraft in the near future. Specifically, those who have a ticket for a non-Max flight can swap it for a MAX one at no cost. If they do, the airline will give them credit for travel in the future.

Chinese carriers that are NOT flying the Boeing 737 Max

While Boeing continues to push for the Max to be reinstated in the skies of China, it's not clear if any airlines will ever accept the jet. China's state-owned airlines operate about four percent of the global fleet, but if Chinese carriers are going to use the Max, they may be in for a rough ride.

Last week, the three largest Chinese carriers formally requested compensation for the losses caused by the Max's grounding. They estimated HK$4.5 billion in losses.

After the deadly crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302, China became the first country to ground the Max. It also delayed allowing it to return to service until late 2020. In the meantime, the Max was recertified for service in Canada, Russia and Europe.

The European Aviation Safety Agency and Transport Canada recertified the MAX after the crashes. China's Civil Aviation Administration of China has a meeting with Boeing in September to discuss how to evaluate the Max and begin recertifying aircraft.

While the Civil Aviation Administration of China has not issued a formal statement on the MAX's evaluation, it is moving forward with crew training. According to Hassan Shahidi, president of the Flight Safety Foundation, China will likely follow the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration's lead and return the Max to service in November 2020.

In the meantime, China Southern Airlines, the country's largest airline, has cancelled two of its 737 MAX flights. One of the flights was scheduled to depart from Guangzhou and arrive at Zhengzhou's Xinzheng International Airport.

Another flight, scheduled to depart from Guangzhou and fly to Wuhan, was cancelled. This was one of a pair of MAX 8 flights that were listed in the airline's schedule. Despite the cancellation, the company's website still shows the flights.

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