Which Ready to Love Couples Are Still Together in 2023?

Which Ready to Love Couples Are Still Together in 2023?


which ready to love couples are still together  2023

Throughout the seasons of Love Island, many strong couples have left the villa, but have any of them split? Check out which of these pairs are still together in 2023.

It might be a little late for some of these couples to find true love, but they are still going strong in their relationships. Whether they've found their dream job or have even welcomed a baby, these couples are going strong!

Shawniece and Jephte

If you’ve ever watched Married at First Sight, you probably know about Shawniece and Jephte. They were one of the show’s most successful couples, proving that sometimes meeting your spouse at your own wedding can lead to long-lasting love.

Although they fought and got into some rough situations on the reality show, the couple decided to stay together. They had their first child together, a daughter named Laura, in 2018.

As they continued to work on their marriage, Shawniece and Jephte tried to get closer and make their marriage work for the long haul. However, there were some issues that caused them to separate in 2021.

While they’re still struggling, it’s great to see that they’re working hard at repairing their relationship. According to Instagram, the pair are spending quality time together and have even attended several weddings in the past couple months.

They’ve also recently taken some big career steps — they’re planning to launch a wig line and a hair salon. Hopefully, they’ll be able to take those big steps and continue to build a strong bond.

While it might seem like their relationship is on rocky ground, they’re actually doing well in 2023. They’re still working on their marriage and have a beautiful daughter together. Hopefully, they’ll be a great example of what can happen when you put in the effort and love.

Jessica and Austin

Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd are one of the few couples still together from Married at First Sight season 10. They’ve got a beautiful baby boy named Westin. And they’re constantly sharing photos of their little family on social media.

During their run on the show, they had a lot of ups and downs, but their relationship seemed to progress throughout the series. They said they “never really had any crazy fights,” and it seemed like they’ve learned to communicate better.

The couple’s marriage is proving to be a success, and they have a strong love for each other. During the series’ reunion, they shared some sweet pictures of their growing family.

Fans of the MAFS franchise are excited to see how these two young lovebirds fare in 2023. They’re the only couple still together from the show, and they’ve certainly overcome some tough challenges.

They’ve also been spotted out and about together, and it looks like they’re happy in their new marriage! If you want to watch their story, be sure to tune in for the Season 10 Decision Day finale this Friday.

The couple has already had a few kids, and they’re hoping to have another child in the future. But before they have a baby, they want to do some traveling. They’re planning to take their family on a trip to Italy and Paris.

Danielle and Bobby

Initially, Married at First Sight couples Danielle and Bobby seemed like they would be an ideal match. But their relationship wasn't always smooth sailing. During their time on the show, the experts thought that Bobby was caving to Danielle's demands and didn't stand up for himself when he felt threatened.

But despite their differences, Danielle and Bobby were able to overcome them, and have become one of the most popular couples from the series. They are also currently parents to two adorable children.

Fans are loving watching them grow their family, and they are enjoying every moment of it! In fact, Danielle recently shared an Instagram picture of her two children on Easter.

The pictures showed that Olivia is now a toddler and their son Robert Elvin Dodd IV is already one month old. The Married at First Sight star is loving her new role as a mom, and she is definitely proud of her growing family.

They haven't ruled out a future together, but are planning on waiting until they are both ready. Luckily, they are both very patient with each other and haven't argued much since the end of their season on Lifetime.

The couple had a rough start on their season, but they're back to being a happy couple and are currently preparing for baby number three. In January 2019, they welcomed a daughter named Mila Rose. They later welcomed their second daughter, Vaeda Marie in February 2021.

Karen and Miles

Married at First Sight season 11 couple Miles Williams and Karen Landry shocked viewers when they said "yes" to each other on Decision Day. Many people thought they would never make it because Karen's lack of intimacy during the experiment made her seem unapproachable, but the husband changed his mind at the last minute and they are now one of the few ready to love couples still together in 2023.

They are currently based in New Orleans, Louisiana and run a YouTube channel. They also travel and attend events, per their Instagram accounts.

Miles and Karen opened up to each other about their mental health struggles during filming, which created a foundation for trust. They have continued to work through their struggles and are still together today, living a happy and fulfilled life.

Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago were one of the few season 15 couples to say yes to staying married on Decision Day, but they struggled to bond in the beginning. Despite their challenges, they are still together and are planning to buy a home in the near future.

Their marriage has come a long way since they first met, and they are enjoying their time together as parents to a son. They have a strong bond and are looking forward to their future together, according to their Instagram.

Miles and Karen also shared their own mental health journeys with their fans in an interview on Couch Conversations, conducted by Tabitha and Chance Brown. During the interview, they also addressed rumors about divorce, saying that they are working on building their foundation of trust and learning to depend on each other.

Amani and Woody

Amani and Woody are one of the most popular couples on Married at First Sight. They displayed such genuine care and levelheadedness throughout their season and were even able to overcome their early arguments.

They are still together in 2023, and Amani has even become a mom. Fans can watch her and Woody’s journey as new parents on their joint YouTube channel.

The couple has a great relationship and regularly go on outings with each other. They have also recently become homeowners.

During the MAFS reunion, Amani and Woody took their fans on a walk to see their home. They said that they enjoyed their time outside and bonded with their neighbors.

This pair is one of the many MAFS couples that have gone on to have thriving marriages after their stint on the show. Amani and Woody were able to enjoy their time together while filming the show, which helped them grow their love for each other and build trust in their relationship.

Their chemistry was evident from the start of the season, and it was clear that they were meant for each other. During Decision Day, they both decided to stay married and make it work.

They were the only couple from their season to stay married, and they made it through the tough times together. They still love each other and are a source of hope to others.

Kris Green and Amber McCray

During the course of season 4 of the ready to love test tube, a few couples stood out from the crowd. One of the more interesting duos was Kris Green and Amber McCray. Despite the pair's frequent spats, they've remained on each others' good sides and seem to be happy to be there. Not to mention, they're both big-time social media stars. They have a social media presence so large that they've amassed a combined following of more than 1 million subscribers. In fact, they're so popular that they've got their own branded credit cards. Not to mention, Kris and Amber are rumored to be quite the couple. The best part is, the two are surprisingly close to one another. They've been spotted out and about in a variety of locales.

is mtv cribs on netflix 2023

MTV Cribs on Netflix 2023

If you're looking to get your fix of celebrity homes, it's time to revisit a classic MTV show from the early 2000s: Cribs.

Cribs was one of the first shows to offer a glimpse into celebrities' multimillion-dollar mansions and penthouses. It was also a major influencer on many YouTube and TikTok series that follow a similar format.

How to watch

If you're looking for a fun, intimate peek into celebrity lives, MTV Cribs is the show to watch. Featuring lavish Hollywood mansions, impressive New York penthouses and grand estates, it's a must-see for anyone who loves the luxe life!

The reality show premiered in 2000, and it's still one of the most-watched shows on MTV. The show focuses on the homes and collections of celebrities, allowing viewers to see where their favorite artists live, sleep and work.

In a time when social media was in its infancy and reality TV was still on the rise, Cribs was one of the first shows to take a voyeuristic look at the wealthy lifestyle. While the show was criticized for its lack of authenticity, it still managed to showcase the extravagant homes and collections of some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

With the show's return, MTV is giving its audience an even more curated look into the homes and collections of their favorite artists. From stand-up comedian Whitney Cummings' minimalist mountain-adjacent house to former NBA player Dennis Rodman's tour bus of love, the new season will feature a wide variety of star-studded homes and collections.

Fans will also get to explore the palatial homes of pro football player Antonio Brown and former Olympic figure skater Tara Lipinski. The show recently aired episode 14 of the season, and it featured a look at both of these star-filled homes.

To watch the latest episodes of the show, you'll need to make sure that you have access to the Internet. However, if you're residing in a country that has geo-restrictions on streaming, you'll need to use a VPN. This will allow you to bypass these restrictions and stream the latest episodes of MTV Cribs without any trouble.

ExpressVPN is a popular choice for streamers, since it offers top-notch service across the globe. Its servers are located in over 20 countries, and they're equipped with premium VPN features to protect your privacy.

Using a VPN is the best way to bypass geo-restrictions on a streaming platform. When you connect to a VPN server, your device gets a new IP address, so you can watch content from around the world.

Streaming options

MTV Cribs is a reality show that takes viewers inside the homes of celebrities and allows them to see their personal belongings, decor, and lifestyles. The show is a favorite among MTV viewers and it's been on the network since 2000. Throughout its lifespan, the show has featured a wide range of stars.

Season 19 of MTV Cribs will premiere on Thursday, October 27, and PEOPLE got an exclusive first look at what celebs will be showing off this time around. The show will include Kristin Cavallari, Nicole Scherzinger, Leslie Jordan, Adrienne Bailon and more as they open up their luxe spaces.

In addition to the new season, MTV Cribs will also revisit past seasons, bringing us back into the lives of celebrities like Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, 50 Cent and Nina L. Diaz, among others.

The premise of the series is that celebrities invite MTV to tour their homes and give viewers an up close and personal look at how they live, shop and entertain. From the food in the refrigerators to stunning jacuzzi designs and even the type of sheets on the beds, the show is a unique glimpse into the lives of some of the most famous people in the world.

Many of the celebrity homes that were featured on MTV Cribs are still available for viewing online, but it's not always easy to find them. You can try to find them on a streaming service, but it's best to do so with a VPN. A VPN will change your virtual location and allow you to access MTV content from anywhere in the world.

There are several streaming options to watch MTV Cribs, including Paramount+, which is a subscription on-demand video service. The service offers two different plans and a seven-day free trial to help you decide which one is best for you.

Alternatively, you can also try out Hulu + Live TV. This service gives you access to MTV and other popular live TV channels, along with the on-demand shows and movies you love. You can read our Hulu + Live TV review to learn more about this popular service.


MTV Cribs has been around for almost two decades, and in the time it has been around, it's had an enduring impact on reality television and programs that center around housing. In fact, it can even be credited for helping inspire hundreds of YouTube and TikTok videos that follow a similar format.

The show is currently on hiatus, but MTV International will be rebooting the venerable series for an international audience early next year. The new show features an impressive line-up of stars, including Caitlyn Jenner, Kevin McHale, JoJo Siwa and British singer Stefflon Don.

Aside from the new show, MTV is also streaming a few classic Cribs episodes on the network's premium service, Paramount Plus. This is a good way to catch up on the series' past glories, especially since many of its most iconic heyday episodes have been lost in the mists of time.

Netflix is also releasing several original series based on the Cribs franchise. The latest is a Halloween-themed spin on the show, which will feature an all-star cast of actors and comedians. The series will also be produced in the UK, which is something of an anomaly for the streaming service.

In addition to its own original programming, Netflix has teamed up with the likes of HBO and CBS to launch several shows that re-imagine the Cribs franchise in fresh ways. The company will also re-release some of the most popular titles in the series' history as new episodes.

The best thing about watching Netflix is that you can watch a variety of movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet without ever leaving the comfort of your couch. The streaming platform has several popular subscription plans available, so you can choose the one that suits your needs best. The streaming company's offerings include a wide range of genres, so there's sure to be something for everyone.

Final Words

It's a shame that Cribs is gone, but if you love houses and reality TV, you can always find new shows on Netflix that are just like the iconic MTV show. There's Floribama Shore, for instance, which takes place in Florida and features young people coming of age in a house with plenty of debauchery. And there's Jersey Shore, too.

MTV was a pioneer of reality TV, embracing it in the early 2000s with lighthearted programs aimed at a teen audience. The first was Jackass, followed by Jersey Shore, which chronicled the lives of eight callow and heavy-drinking 20somethings.

Those shows were cheap to produce--less than $1 million per episode, a third of what scripted shows cost--and scored big ratings. But by 2010 MTV was following its competitors into the world of scripted shows, with attempts that were often poorly reviewed and rated.

But then Chris McCarthy came along, and he refocused MTV on what it does best: reality TV. Using Viacom's international networks as his model, he scrapped a slate of scripted shows that were doing very poorly, including Sweet/Vicious and The Shannara Chronicles.

Instead, he opted to focus on inexpensively produced reality shows aimed at a teen audience. He also forced Viacom to embrace the Web, resulting in increased revenue for the company.

While his strategy might seem counterintuitive, it's working. In 2017 MTV's ratings and operating income rose for the first time since 2013, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence data. And he's doing it all while keeping the network competitive against rivals, including Netflix and Amazon.

That's a feat, considering that Viacom shares have dropped about 50% in the past five years. And it's a feat that's made MTV an unlikely savior in a tough media business.

In many ways, Cribs is a relic of the era when fame and glamour ruled the day. The early 2000s saw the rise of reality TV, which gave the public the power to make anyone a celebrity in the blink of an eye. But the era also brought about a rise in intimacy, and fans began to yearn for more personal connections with their favorite celebrities.

where is tim from moonshiners distillery 2023

Tim Smith Net Worth - Starring in the Discovery Channel Docudrama Moonshiners

Tim Smith is a famous TV personality who has been starring in the Discovery Channel’s show Moonshiners since its debut. He is a moonshiner and has his own distillery called Climax Moonshine.

The show features moonshiners who make their booze in the Appalachian region of the United States. It dramatizes how they try to make their shine without getting caught.

What is Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine?

The Climax Moonshine is an alcoholic beverage crafted from corn, rye and barley malt. It is a relatively low proof spirit that can be enjoyed by the booze hungry, but also by those of less discerning palates, thanks to its clean and natural tasting brew. It is available in a variety of incarnations, including the aforementioned moonshine, but also as a cocktail mixer and on tap for those lucky enough to live in the southern US. It can be sipped on its own or mixed with sweet tea, peach bitters and watermelon rinds. Regardless of the cocktail aficionado’s preferences, the sexiest thing about the drink is that it can be sipped as much or as little as you please. The best part is that you can take a sip while you watch the sun set over the mountains, or while you watch a movie in your local theater. It is a true homage to the old west that will not only make you smile, but will also help you remember why the good ol’ US of A still rules.

What is Tim Smith’s net worth?

If you are a fan of the Discovery Channel docudrama “Moonshiners,” then you might be curious about the net worth of one of its main cast members, Tim Smith. His reality show highlights a group of moonshiners making illegal homemade liquor in the Appalachian Mountains, often hiding out in the woods while trying to avoid law enforcement.

As a third generation moonshiner, Tim has learned the art of distilling from his father and grandfather. He started learning the craft at an early age and witnessed his first police raid at a distillery when he was just five years old.

Eventually, Smith was able to purchase a license to produce and sell his own brand of moonshine. This gave him a boost in his net worth and helped him to make money off of his moonshining business.

Since then, he has been earning a lot of money from his moonshining business and the TV show. He has also recently gone legal, which has opened up his business to even more people across the country.

When he is not working on the show, Tim Smith is also a father and a volunteer fire chief for his local fire department in Climax, Virginia. He is married to Shelby and they have a son, JT.

The couple have been together since 1986 and they reportedly live in the same house and town. They also own a bar and restaurant that they use to serve the alcohol that they make from their distillery.

Tim Smith’s net worth is estimated to be $700,000, which is a lot of money for a moonshine maker. He is a reality television star who has appeared on the show for several seasons and has amassed a large amount of cash through his success. Besides his success as a moonshine maker, he is also a fire chief in his town, which has helped to increase his net worth.

What is Tim Smith’s wife Shelby’s net worth?

As the face of Discovery Channel’s popular show Moonshiners, Tim Smith is a well-known reality television personality. He has made a good net worth from his moonshining career and his role on the show.

Tim and his wife Shelby live in Climax, Virginia, where they also work in the community. He is the Fire Chief of the Climax Volunteer Fire Department, while she works as a School Nutritionist at Gretna Elementary School. She is also an active member of her church and enjoys serving her community in other ways.

The couple married in 1986 and has a son named JT, who was born in 2021. They are also lifelong friends and business partners who operate a distillery together in Climax.

As a third-generation moonshiner, Tim learned all of his skills from his father, and he helped his father run the still when he was young. He witnessed the police raiding his father’s illegal moonshine operation at five years old, but he had the determination to escape the law and keep his family business.

Eventually, Tim started his own legal distillery and distributes his own brand of moonshine. His company is called Climax Moonshine, and it is distributed in several states including Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

He has a great deal of respect for the heritage of his company and the bottle label features a photo of his father on the front. He says he hopes that his son can one day take over the business and continue to make it the best it can be.

Since the show started airing in 2011, Tim has had a huge audience and his popularity has increased his net worth. He has been paid around $30 thousand per episode.

In addition to his moonshine business, Tim owns a bar and restaurant in Virginia. He is an avid sportsman and enjoys hunting and fishing in his spare time. He owns a four-wheeler and enjoys taking it for a ride.

Tim’s wife Shelby also has a good net worth and earns a pension from her time in the Navy. She has a wonderful family and loves to serve her community. She works as a school nutritionist and is also an active member of her church. She is a good wife and mother, and has a lot of love to give.

What is Tim Smith’s age?

Tim Smith is an American moonshiner who has gained a lot of popularity due to his appearance on the Discovery Channel show “Moonshiners” (2011-2018). He was born in Climax, Virginia and is known for his moonshine distillery.

He is a third generation moonshiner who learned the craft from his father and grandfather. He started distilling in his teens and quickly became successful. He also opened his own legal distillery in Kentucky, called Climax Moonshine, which is now available in several states.

Despite his success, Smith remains a controversial figure in the industry and was openly criticized by law enforcement. However, he has never been arrested for his moonshine making activities.

When he was five years old, he watched the police raid his father’s illegal moonshine operation. This gave him the inspiration to create plans to outwit the authorities.

As a result, he went on to become a famous moonshiner in the country. He eventually launched his own distillery, and he even went on to appear in the hit Discovery Channel show “Moonshiners.”

Although he is a popular celebrity, there are no public records revealing how old he is. However, according to online sources, he is a Capricorn.

In addition to his moonshine business, Tim also has a career in the fire service and is a volunteer fire chief. He has created a special moonshine called Fire 32 in honor of firefighters around the country.

On the first sip, this bourbon is super sweet with a very light touch of vanilla and light brown sugar. It is then followed by a very smooth mouthfeel, which is slightly oily but very silky.

The lingering taste is a mixture of buttery corn and typical moonshine flavors, with a touch of oak char and honeysuckle flower saccharinity. The finish is a bit more dry, but not too harsh.

The best way to determine a person’s age is to use the date of birth. This is because many factors can affect the date of birth, including how old the individual was when he was born and his mother’s age.

how much moonshine from a 5 gallon still 2023

How Much Moonshine From a 5 Gallon Still 2023

If you’re looking to start making your own moonshine, it’s important to know how much you can expect to get from a 5 gallon still. The amount of alcohol you produce will depend on the mash and the temperature of your distillation process.

The first 5% of the liquid separated from your distillation process is called foreshots. These are the most dangerous to drink as they contain methanol, which can be harmful if ingested in large amounts. Commercial distillers discard these foreshots.

How to Measure the Alcohol Content

Whether you’re making moonshine for the first time or you’ve been doing it for years, it’s important to know how to proof your moonshine accurately. Getting it wrong can lead to a ruined run and an ill-tasting product.

To prove your moonshine, you need to measure its alcohol content. This is done using a hydrometer. These are a type of measurement device that resembles classic thermometers with mercury inside them.

A brewing hydrometer measures the potential alcohol in your wash (mash), while a proofing hydrometer can measure up to 200-proof or 100% ABV of the final product. Regardless of the test you use, the result will be the same – you’ll know how much moonshine you have and how much more it needs to go through the distillation process before you can sell it.

The best hydrometer to use for proofing is a copper moonshine parrot, which has an inlet and outlet that are designed to receive the distillate from your still and send it out into a collection jar. Once the parrot is full, the hydrometer will float, giving you a quick reading of the proof of the moonshine as it is coming out of the still.

Another method for measuring your proof is to shake the jar in which you poured the mash, and observe the size of the bubbles that form when the water hits the air. The larger the bubbles that form, the higher your proof.

Observing the size of the bubbles will also tell you how long it took for them to dissipate, which can give you an idea of how well your distillation process worked. The bubbles should disappear quickly and evenly if your mash has been properly distilled, so you can be sure that your moonshine has a high alcohol content.

Having a good hydrometer is an important part of the distilling process, but it’s also one of the most overlooked steps. Many moonshiners skip it because they’re afraid of wasting their valuable liquid, but it’s crucial to measuring your alcohol. It’s also a great way to make sure you don’t waste any of your precious mash.

Shake Test

Moonshine is an alcoholic beverage made from any grain or fruit, if available. It is a potent distilled alcohol that has an ABV of around 100 proof. It is typically made from corn, although it can also be made from other base ingredients like apples and berries.

Homemade moonshine can be a great way to get creative and make your own spirits. It is also a great hobby for people who want to learn more about the distillation process and the alcohol industry in general.

The first step in making homemade moonshine is to make a mash, which is the mixture of fermented sugar and water. After the mash has been poured into the still, you can start distilling it. A typical still consists of a heat source, a thump keg, and a condenser.

When you are making a mash, it is important to include plenty of water and sugar so that the yeast can feed on these materials. This will ensure that the yeast is able to create alcohol.

After the mash has been infused with the water and sugar, it is time to start the distillation process. This is where the magic happens.

A moonshine still is an efficient way to produce a large quantity of distilled alcohol at one time. A still consists of a heat source, which is typically a fire, a pot where the mash is placed, a thump keg, a condenser and a container for the vapor that collects in the thump keg.

There are different types of moonshine stills available on the market. Some are made from stainless steel and others from copper. Choosing the right type of still is crucial to producing a high-quality product.

Most home distillers use either a pot or a column still. A column still is a more advanced option that allows the mash to be distilled multiple times at once. The vapors rise up through the cooled plates in the top of the column, and once they reach a certain level of purity, they fall down to be distilled again.


Distilling is a process of mixing and vaporizing ethanol to create alcoholic beverage. This is a complex process because it involves several different alcohols and chemical compounds that separate at different boiling temperatures.

This means that different parts of a distillation run will be more or less desirable for commercial distribution than others. For instance, some of the ethanols will be useful for cleaning and fire starters, while others will be toxic and can make you blind.

When distilling, a moonshiner may run through their still a number of times before they have enough alcohol to fill bottles for commercial sales. Each time they do this, they collect the different components of their distillate and then discard them or re-distill them for commercial distribution.

The first part of the distillate that comes out of the still is called the foreshots. These are the methanol and other volatile substances that come out of the still when you first start heating up the still. These chemicals are not potable and should be discarded immediately.

After the foreshots have cooled down, you’ll notice that some of the other parts of the wash will come out of the still in what are known as the heads. These contain a variety of other volatile and undesirable chemicals that should also be discarded immediately.

These chemicals can cause brain damage, liver disease and other ailments, so they are best discarded. They also have a nasty taste and smell that makes it difficult to enjoy drinking them.

Another portion of the distillate that can be discarded is what is called spent lees. These are the leftovers from the mash. They represent around 25 percent of the mash that was put into the mash tun.

The next portion of the run that can be discarded is what’s called feints. These are the first fractions of the run that come out of the still when you have run it twice. This is a very volatile run that contains a lot of methanol and other volatile alcohols that should be discarded.


When making homemade alcohol, it is important to keep track of how much moonshine you are producing. You can easily measure the amount of alcohol by volume (ABV) with a hydrometer. You can also use a temperature gauge to make sure your still is running at the right temperature during the distillation process.

A 5 gallon still 2023 can produce approximately two to three gallons of moonshine per wash. This is based on the ABV of your wash and your desired proof of the final product.

There are many different mash recipes that you can use to make your own moonshine. Some people prefer to use a traditional corn whiskey mash, while others may be more interested in making flavored moonshine. Whatever your preference, a still is an essential part of the process.

The heads are the first part of your distillate that comes out of the still. They contain methanol and other poisons that you do not want in your drink. They are also the most volatile and can cause a headache after drinking.

This phase is typically made up of around 30% of the spirits that you collect from your run. The next portion, known as the hearts, is made up of mostly ethanol. This is where the flavors of your mash and the sweetness of the alcohol will come out. This is the stage that you should isolate and store in a separate container so you can get the most out of your run.

These vapors are then collected and transferred into the condenser. They are then cooled down to a lower temperature, which will allow them to evaporate into the final moonshine. This can take several hours depending on the size of your still and the amount of wash that you are distilled.

Once the vapors reach a specific temperature, they will start to break down into water and fusel oils. Fusel oils are less volatile alcohols that have a higher boiling point than water. They can be used for blending purposes or to make a neutral spirit.

Once the vapors are completely broken down, they will start to come out of the condenser and will be called tails. The tails contain a mixture of water, proteins, and carbohydrates along with some less volatile alcohols that have a higher vapor temperature than other parts of the distillate. These vapors will not be as strong or sweet as the other vapors. They are not as good to drink, but can be used for blending purposes or distilled again as neutral spirits.

when moonshiners come back on 2023

When Moonshiners Come Back on 2023

If you're a fan of the Moonshiners show, you've probably been wondering when it's coming back on TV. Some fans have even been asking if the show is real or not.

This Discovery Network docudrama follows a group of people who brew their own moonshine. The series shows the brewing process, along with law-evading techniques.

Season 12

The rise of the shine economy is testing America's favorite outlaws like never before. The soaring price of raw materials puts their operations in jeopardy, and the law is hot on their trail. Moonshiners will have to dig deep into their shared roots for secrets to surviving skyrocketing prices and invent clever new ways to make America's favorite backwoods beverages.

Season 12 premieres on Wednesday, November 9 at 8 p.m. on Discovery Channel. Watch online and on demand through your cable provider or with a live streaming service. You can watch with FuboTV (free trial), Philo (free trial), or Sling TV (promotional offers).

In the premiere, Tennessee shiners Mark and Digger face a determined law enforcement officer hellbent on halting their operation as they battle sky high prices for raw materials; innovators Mike and Jerry recruit Solomon Sutton, son of infamous moonshiner Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton, to help them devise new liquor recipes and stay ahead of the competition; Louisiana moonshiner Richard moves his operation to Tennessee and in Virginia, Tickle and Henry must find a new location for their largest ever thousand gallon still, as their partner Josh goes on the lam to avoid being caught by the law.

Jim Tom takes his second shot at becoming a moonshiner, but his wife and son may need to step up as well. Tim and Howard rediscover a lost recipe for log still whiskey invented by a Kentucky teenager in 1836.

Meanwhile, Deputy Sheriff Chuck finds himself on the hunt for moonshiners as the shine economy becomes more volatile. Kenny Law is out to stop them. And a vicious outlaw is terrorizing Kiowa Springs.

In this two-part special, the moonshiners meet in a secluded cabin to share their run-ins with law enforcement, why they let the cameras in, making dynamite and old proofing methods. They also discuss why they're so obsessive about their fans and the perils of life at their still site.

Season 13

Almost 200 years after the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791, America’s thriving backwoods moonshining industry is still a shadow economy in Appalachia. But with inflation and supply chain disruptions causing skyrocketing prices for America’s favorite backwoods beverages, these moonshiners face a new challenge: how to survive a booze market that’s more volatile than ever.

Featuring some of Appalachia’s most legendary outlaws, this reality docudrama explores the secrets of moonshine-making and introduces viewers to the history of this iconic beverage in America. It also shows how brewers can keep their craft alive in the face of legal and economic uncertainty.

This show is filmed in the Appalachia region of Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. It follows a number of distillers who are committed to keeping the tradition alive, despite the fact that it’s illegal to make moonshine and they must hide their craft from law enforcement.

The show reveals that distillers do actually manufacture their own moonshine, but it is often done under the cloak of darkness in woods near their home, where they can tinker with the recipe and try to avoid getting caught. It also takes viewers inside the process of making moonshine, which includes firing up the still and other rituals that aren’t common on TV.

In season 13, the show follows a variety of outlaws, including Mark Rogers, Mike and Jerry Lewis, Tickle Smith and Tim Smith. They travel to different parts of Appalachia to learn the trade and test their skills, while showcasing the challenges they face as a group.

When Mark and Digger uncover the secret behind Popcorn Sutton’s most prolific still, they decide to reverse-engineer a recipe that dates back decades. It’s a major bet that will put them at odds with a rival shiner.

As the seasons close, Tickle and Chico find their still site compromised. Deputy Sheriff Chuck takes a closer look and arrests the suspect, but the culprit is out to get them, too.

During the last episode of season 13, Mark tries to smuggle some of his moonshine to a music festival. But he has to keep it under wraps because of an old feud with one of his former partners. The two men are enlisted by a rival bootlegger to take down the other. But their efforts could cause a major backlash, and they might not be able to keep their shine out of the hands of the wrong people.

Season 14

Across the country, a subculture of distillers carry on a 200-year-old tradition of making moonshine. They distill the illegal beverage in woods near their homes, and law enforcers monitor their activity.

When it comes to this craft, the skyrocketing price of raw ingredients has put shiners to the test like never before. As Appalachia faces economic adversity and supply chain disruptions, shiners must learn to ingenuity to stay competitive and survive.

The episode begins with Mark and Digger attempting to reverse-engineer an old recipe from legend Popcorn Sutton. Ultimately, it puts them at odds with a rival.

Tim reveals the heart-pounding moment that set him back; Jim Tom and Wayne work to perfect their CBD-infused moonshine; Josh tries a new recipe; Bill and Chico sell a surplus of product; Jeff and Mark survey an indoor still site.

In the season premiere, Tim and Tickle reunite for an off-season gathering; Mark and Digger take on a new challenge; Josh and Bill are forced back to their day jobs; and Chico takes a risk that could cost him everything.

The show then jumps forward to the current season, in which inflation and supply chain disruptions threaten to push shiners out of business. The Appalachian moonshiners must find creative ways to survive the rising price of their coveted products and earn a tax-free profit.

They turn to their roots, tracing back to the Great Depression and other times of economic uncertainty. For some, this is an opportunity to rekindle their love of the craft and turn it into a profitable enterprise.

On the flip side, others must struggle to stay in business when their operations run into adversity. A bootlegger offers Mark and Digger an opportunity they can’t resist.

The show airs Wednesday, November 9, 2023, on Discovery Channel at 8 pm ET. You can watch it live online with fuboTV, Philo, and Sling (promotional offers). Streaming plans start at $4.99 per month for ad-supported versions and are only $25 per month for ad-free versions. You can also watch it on Amazon Prime Video, which has one or more episodes streaming with a subscription.

Season 15

A diverse group of moonshiners living in Appalachia carry on a 200-year-old tradition passed down from their forefathers, making their own homemade spirits. They brew their shine in the woods near their homes and avoid the law by running their liquor under the cloak of night.

In this harrowing two-part special, Moonshiners Tim, Tickle, Mark and Digger reveal the friendships, families and rivalries that have formed over the years as they revisit the tradition of bootlegging and discuss their favorite tricks for evading the law. They also share their biggest hauls, shortest brushes with the law and the secret to leading a double life in this spirited look at a subculture that continues to thrive today.

Season 15 opens with Tennessee shiners, Mark and Digger, facing a determined law enforcement officer hellbent on halting their operation as they battle sky high prices for raw materials, such as corn; innovators Mike and Jerry recruit Solomon Sutton, son of infamous moonshiner, Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton, to help them devise new liquor recipes and stay ahead of the competition; Louisiana moonshiner Richard moves his operation to Tennessee; and in Virginia, Tickle and Henry must find a new location for their largest ever thousand gallon still, as their partner Josh goes on the lam to avoid being caught by the law.

As the moonshiners gear up for the fall moonshine season, Patti and David work to double their production; Lance struggles to regain Jeff's trust as he runs solo; Mark Rodgers sets up a new still site without a partner; Josh tempts fate by converting a race car trailer into a mobile moonshine masterpiece; Tim and JT team up with Tickle's mother and daughter to create a surprise Christmas run; and Chico makes a risky decision under financial stress.

When Mark and Digger unearth a decade-old jar of Popcorn Sutton's shine, they vow to recreate their mentor's infamous last run. They reunite with old-timer JB Rader and rebuild Popcorn's pot still. In a special episode, the show will also take viewers back to the infamous Whiskey Rebellion of 1791 when farmer-distillers in Appalachia fought against new federal taxes on making their own spirits.

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