Where is DJ Jelly?

Where is DJ Jelly?


DJ Jelly is a well-known hip hop music producer and tastemaker from Atlanta, Georgia. He's also one of the highest selling DJs in the Deep South region.

His numerous awards include Justo's Mixtape's Dirty South DJ of the Year in 2003, Tjs DJs 2004 "TasteMakers Award", and most recently SEA's 2008 "Dirty South DJ of the Year". Additionally he was nominated for both The Legendary Mix Show Power Summit and The Source Awards.

Dirty South Hip-Hop

Dirty South Hip-Hop is a genre of music that emerged in the southern United States during the 1990s. It stands out with its distinct sound and culture, often associated with cities such as Atlanta or Houston in the south; additionally, many rappers and DJs from these areas are part of its scene.

Rap that celebrates the ghetto lifestyle in southern cities such as Atlanta and Houston is known as Southern Rap. It features heavy bass music and has become a very popular form of hip-hop among southern audiences; Outkast and Lil Wayne being two well-known examples from this style of rap music.

In the 1990s, The Dirty South emerged as a term to describe an underground rap culture that was becoming popular throughout the South. At that time, racism and prejudice were major issues throughout the region.

This was a time when public schooling was extremely poor and poverty widespread in the area. Additionally, many judicial decisions were not fair or impartial.

At this time, rapper Goodie Mob released "Dirty South," which sought to highlight the problems in the South. They sang about racism and highlighted a new culture of observing hip-hop from Black men's perspectives.

In addition to its lyrical content that focused on life in the ghetto, Dirty South rap music had a dance-oriented sound similar to other popular radio hits of that era.

International Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop is a music genre that began in New York City during the 1970s as an outlet for Black, Latino and Caribbean youth to express themselves. Since then it has become one of the most beloved genres across both North America and beyond - supporting an increasingly vibrant cultural movement.

Hip-Hop has many forms, but the core elements remain constant. This includes rapping (also known as MCing), DJing, breakdancing and graffiti writing.

Jelly Roll is an innovative producer who crafts his own brand of hip-hop music. He adds a relaxed, funky vibe to traditional gangsta rap while also including elements such as ghetto gospel music, strings and winds in addition to off-the-hook percussion.

Jelly not only creates original music, but he's also active in the promotion of it. He has produced for artists like Xzibit and Jadakiss, with many of his productions reaching number one on the charts.

His critically-acclaimed mixtapes continue to enchant millions around the world. Additionally, he organizes "Freak Nik" events which have cemented his status as an internationally renowned DJ.

He founded the Southern Style DJs with MC Assault and DJ Montay, who went on to produce hits for Flo Rida, Unk and Ne-Yo before producing albums by Kanye West and Jay-Z.

Hip-Hop music has had an immense impact on countries worldwide, particularly third world ones. It serves as a form of protest that can be used to raise awareness about social issues and fight against oppression.

Hip-Hop was once seen as a passing trend in the early 1980s, but has since blossomed into an enormous industry and influence on music culture. Its core principles of peace, love, unity and having fun remain paramount to many devoted practitioners today.

Old School Hip-Hop

Old School Hip-Hop, often overlooked and forgotten, was the inspiration for today's popular music. Originating in the Bronx during the 1970s, this movement evolved out of parties where DJs would play percussive breaks from funk and dance records.

Contrary to today's generic rappers, these artists took pride in being unique and projected positive messages to uplift the Black community. Additionally, they spoke truth to power, opening the door for artists such as Common and Kendrick Lamar.

Hip-Hop began as a party genre, featuring music that mixed elements such as rap, soul, R&B and pop. These songs would be played on turntables and danced to.

DJ Kool Herc revolutionized dance music when he started hosting parties in the early 70s. His eclectic style blended dance and funk, reflecting his affinity for British prog rock. Other DJs weren't aware of his influences until that point; thus, DJ Kool Herc was able to experiment with new genres before anyone else had.

Herc's parties became a sensation in the Bronx and his mixtapes gained widespread recognition among young people across New York State. He even had his own radio show on Hot 107.9.

He then joined forces with MC Assault and formed Big Oomp Records. Together, the duo made a splash in the city by producing mixtapes and discovering local artists.

Jelly and Assault have done an incredible job of keeping Dirty South Hip-Hop alive in urban culture through their collaborations with other notable Southern DJs to form Southern Style DJs.

This book showcases the groundbreaking photography of Joe Conzo and curator Johan Kugelberg, along with vibrant flyer artwork created by Buddy Esquire and personal contributions from influential creators such as Grandmaster Caz, LA Sunshine, JDL, MARE 139 and Grandwizzard Theodore. Additionally, Afrika Bambaataa provides a foreword along with an invaluable hip hop timeline that documents this momentous period in hip-hop history.


Reggae music originated in Jamaica and spread worldwide during the 1970s. Its upbeat energy and iconic rhythmic structure continue to inspire thousands of artists and subgenres today.

Popular music known as reggae has its roots in Jamaican folk and soul music, mento, rocksteady, ska, calypso and American rhythm and blues. With a 4/4 time signature and offbeat beats, its captivating bass lines and energetic percussion have made it one of the world's most successful dance music genres.

The music is typically sung in Jamaican English, Jamaican patois or Iyaric dialects and utilizes both Jamaican and African nyah-bingi drumming styles. It is typically accompanied by a rhythmically complex bass line, four-beat drum set, hand percussion instruments and brass section.

Reggae often addresses social issues such as poverty, racism and violence through its songs. Most are written in a four-bar format with each bar consisting of three beats.

Reggae also encompasses dub, which developed from Jamaican dancehall music. This type of reggae features heavily processed instrumental remixes of existing songs with vocal and instrumental snippets that may include echo, reverb, and panoramic delay techniques.

Jelly Rolls is an accomplished musician who has made his mark in the entertainment industry. He has released multiple albums, singles, and mixtapes over time and boasts a large social media following on YouTube and Instagram - leading to increased wealth from his popularity.

He has amassed a substantial fortune through his music career, with an estimated net worth near $8 million. Additionally, he is married to Bunnie DeFord and has a daughter named Bailee Ann.


R&B is an expressive musical genre that emerged in urban Black communities of the 1940s and has since grown into a prominent American art form. It has had significant influences on other genres such as soul, funk and hip hop.

R&B has become a worldwide phenomenon, with even those unfamiliar with its history recognizing some of its iconic names. This genre blends elements of soul, pop and funk to create an upbeat sound that has become one of the most successful and beloved forms of music worldwide.

R&B music began as an inspiration of the blues. This genre features blues chords played over a powerful backbeat, often with repetition in rhythms, verses and notes as well as complex instrument blending.

R&B music is known for its powerful lyricism. Although often focused on love, heartbreak and other strong emotional topics, R&B can also explore other subjects like drugs or spirituality.

This genre has its own distinct record production style and drum machine-backed rhythms. Additionally, the vocals are pitch corrected with lush vocal arrangements.

The music can range from soft and slow to upbeat and hard. It features various instrumentals, including electric and amplified instruments. Common instruments in R&B include drums, bass and piano or organ; it often has a horn section consisting of saxophones, trumpets and trombones. R&B is often played at nightclubs and other entertainment venues; its sensual feel makes it popular for dancing as well.

Where is Oomp Camp?

Camp is the ideal environment for kids to disconnect from technology and embrace nature. The time they spend away from their phones and TVs helps them hone their athletic abilities, artistic talents, and adventure skills.

On a recent visit to TheZone, Oorah's summer camp in Gilboa NY, representatives from surrounding counties experienced firsthand how remarkable this program is! Boasting five-star facilities and year round mentorships, TheZone is truly making a difference in children's lives.


Hipcamp provides an easy and intuitive way to locate campsites near you, whether you're searching for a pitching tent or parking your camper. You can search based on location, dates and number of campers - making sure it suits all your requirements perfectly. Filter options further by amenities, terrain and check-in/out times if desired. Once you've identified a potential campsite that looks promising, thoroughly examine its details to make sure it meets all your requirements for you and your family.

At oomp camp, you can choose from spacious cabins for up to six people or sites for camping alone or with friends. Each cabin has a bedroom with bunk beds, bathroom with shower and toilet, kitchen complete with all equipment - all located in a quiet area near reception and shop. Plus there's also a playground available and all cabins are wheelchair accessible! To book one of these cabins or campsites, create an account free of charge and fill out your profile so the owners get to know you better.

Camp Store

The Camp Store, situated on campus in Stough Dining Hall, is a hub of activity. Here you can find everything oomp related and pick up some camp tees to take back home with you. All proceeds generated from sales of merchandise go directly into Camp McDowell coffers to benefit both kids and adults in the community.

No matter if you're new to camp or an experienced camper, our staff is always ready to help find the perfect fit for your individual needs and desires. It's not unusual for you to run into familiar faces throughout the day - that's a good sign! Our camp staff members are passionate about what they do and enjoy spending quality time with summer campers. Get in touch with your local Vice President of Camp and discover all that oomp camp has to offer by reaching out today!


At oomp camp, kids have plenty of chances to have a blast in an organized setting. They can play games, craft items, swim and even attend outdoor education activities. Plus there are evening programs, firesides, dances and more on offer!

On a typical day, children have three activity periods and a rest period in between. They may opt to participate in different activities each time or take advantage of free-time activities like fishing, hiking, ropes course, and laser tag.

Furthermore, children can join their cabin groups for an array of activities like berry picking, creek stomping, skit practice, singing songs and special games. These outings help children get to know their friends better as well as their counselors.

For kids looking for an exciting summer camp, oomp camp has an extreme sports facility that will leave them breathless. This facility features warped walls, salmon ladders, vaults, swings and even a toilet that stands 38 feet in the air!

The ninja room is a popular attraction among kids. Here, they can practice their moves with foam swords or grappling hooks, while those feeling artistic can paint prefab pottery or spin art in the mess hall.

Visitors to ToyLab CAMP can explore an immersive toy experience open for the holidays, featuring a surprise room, game room, character lab, Santa's workshop, racetrack and more!

On a recent visit, we discovered they also have an impressive music room with DJs and Radio Lab where you can experiment mixing sounds. If guests need refreshments, the Milk Bar offers CAMP-themed s'more ice cream!

The camp is managed by professional staff with an average of 20 years in the industry. They're trained in child safety, first aid and development - plus happy to answer questions about the place! And most importantly: they ensure your child has a secure and enjoyable vacation!

Where is Baby D?

Deon Derrico recently shared a picture of the newest member of his family, and fans are thrilled. However, they're uncertain if this is really baby number 15 that he was talking about on Doubling Down With The Derricos.

On April 28, 2021, remains were discovered inside a San Antonio, Texas trailer park belonging to James Avi Chairez - an 18-month-old boy who went missing in January.

Baby D Drops is a Vitamin D Supplement

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that the body naturally produces when exposed to sunlight. It helps your baby grow and maintain strong bones and teeth.

Additionally, it can support immune system function and muscle development. Furthermore, it may reduce the risk of developing certain conditions like multiple sclerosis or heart disease.

Vitamin D is essential for healthy development, particularly in babies in their first few months of life. Without enough of this nutrient, babies may experience soft bones and stunted growth.

To ensure your baby gets the daily recommended amount of this nutrient, you can give them a vitamin D supplement or make sure they eat foods that contain it--such as milk, eggs, fish and orange juice.

Vitamin D deficiency can have serious health consequences for your baby, such as rickets - a condition that affects children's bones.

Baby D Drops are an excellent way to ensure your child gets their daily dose of Vitamin D. Not only are they easy to administer, tasteless, and safe for use, they provide added security in case of an emergency.

These liquid drops can be mixed with water, formula or food for a fast and convenient way to ensure your baby receives the recommended amount of vitamin D each day. They have also been third-party tested and certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO and Gluten Free.

These drops come with a BPA-free syringe that allows you to administer the supplement directly into your baby's mouth. This makes an ideal choice for new parents who are concerned about their baby's health and want to ensure they're getting all of their recommended daily amounts of vitamins.

This liquid vitamin D supplement has been specifically created for infants, with no preservatives, additives, artificial flavors or colors. Each drop provides 400 IU of vitamin D - making it perfect for your little one's needs. Moreover, this liquid vitamin D supplement is vegan and non-GMO.

Baby D Drops is a Natural Source of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for healthy bone and tooth development as well as immune system functioning. Without enough of this vital nutrient, breastfed infants may experience rickets - a condition which causes weak and bowed bones.

Breastfed infants can get vitamin D through their milk supply; however, some require additional supplementation to reach adequate levels. Many baby formulas are fortified with vitamin D to meet this need, though it should be noted that these fortifications may not be enough if an infant doesn't receive regular breast milk or the mother doesn't get exposed to sunlight regularly.

Vitamin D is produced naturally by the body when exposed to sunlight. Getting enough sunshine during winter months, when fewer sunrays reach us, is especially important for maintaining good health.

Vitamin D can be obtained through diet and supplements, including fatty fish such as salmon, egg yolks and mushrooms. However, if you live in a northern region or are at risk for certain medical conditions like celiac disease or cystic fibrosis, your body may not produce enough of this essential nutrient on its own.

In order to fulfill these needs, supplement with 400 International Units (IU). Vitamin D is necessary for proper growth and development of bones and teeth as well as supporting the immune system.

A great way to guarantee your infant gets enough vitamin D is with Nordic Naturals' vitamin D supplement, available in one drop form with no coloring or flavoring. This product provides the recommended daily dose of 400 IU in only one drop and ensures your little one receives only the purest form of this essential nutrient.

This product can be given directly to your baby through a dropper bottle or mixed in with their nipple or pacifier. Not only are the drops easy to administer, but they're free of preservatives, additives, artificial colors and flavors as well as eight major allergens.

Baby D Drops is a Tasteless Vitamin D Supplement

Vitamin D is essential for infant health, particularly bone and immune system development. Additionally, it has been known to enhance brain and nerve growth, boost immunity levels, and even assist with diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Breast-fed babies typically do not get enough vitamin D from their mother's milk and must take supplementation to meet their requirements. Pediatricians therefore recommend that all breast-fed or partially breast-fed infants take 400 IU daily of supplemental form of vitamin D3.

Baby D Drops are a flavorless and odorless liquid vitamin D supplement that can be administered to babies via convenient dropper. Each drop contains 400 IU of vitamin D3 in a carrier oil made from fractionated coconut oil.

Many of the top baby d drops have been third-party tested and NSF certified, so you can rest assured that your child is getting an accurate dosage. Popular options include Nordic Naturals, MaryRuth, and UpSpring.

Each bottle of vitamin D drops for kids is specially formulated with a proprietary blend of essential vitamins and minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, in an oil base to make them easier to absorb. Plus, they're Non-GMO, gluten-free, Kosher certified and free from dairy, nuts, soy or peanuts.

This product is manufactured without pesticides, artificial flavors or colors and has been third-party tested for purity and freshness. This ensures you that the item is both secure and effective.

When selecting a vitamin D supplement, it's essential to go with a brand that has been around for some time and has an established customer base. Doing this will guarantee the company is reliable and can offer excellent after-sales support.

When searching for vitamin D supplements, reading user reviews on products online and in stores is the best place to start. These reviews often reflect actual experiences with the items, making them invaluable when making your decision.

Baby D Drops is a Safe Vitamin D Supplement

Baby D Drops is a safe vitamin D supplement for your child to take without fear of negative side effects. This liquid formula provides your infant with the daily dosage needed for bone growth and development.

This vitamin D is made with organic fruit and botanical extracts that are free from gluten, dairy, soy, and egg. It has also been third-party tested and NSF-certified; making it both organic and parent-approved with hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon.

Nordic Naturals is a supplement company dedicated to providing your family with the highest quality vitamin D supplements. Their selection of products includes these vitamin D drops, which can be an excellent choice for anyone looking for extra protection from UV rays.

These pills are free from preservatives, sugars and dyes and provide a full year's supply of vitamin D.

It's essential to remember that infants require 400 International Units of vitamin D daily. Without sufficient amounts, your baby could develop rickets - a condition which causes weak and deformed bones.

Vitamin D supplements can help prevent rickets in infants. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, all babies should receive a daily dose of this vital nutrient--even those breastfed--so it's important to start taking them as soon as possible to help avoid developing the condition.

To guarantee that your baby gets enough vitamin D, consult their pediatrician before giving them any supplements. Remember, vitamin D supplements cannot replace sunlight exposure; only sunlight exposure will provide true protection.

These drops are suitable for infants and toddlers from 6 months to 3 years old, making them easy to administer directly into their mouths or mixing with food and drinks.

For a safe vitamin D supplement, Mommy's Bliss offers these drops in an organic liquid supplement format that come in a squeeze bottle and have thousands of five-star reviews from happy parents. This organic liquid supplement comes with thousands of happy customers raving about it - make sure to give them a try!

This organic supplement is USDA-certified organic and third-party tested. Formulated with medium chain triglyceride oil from coconut, each drop provides 400 IU.

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